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OK ! :) So... what came in my mind is to do a druid... Since WoW updates are so annoying to wait... Refering at the new skins Blizz did for druid's skin =) ... I came up with my own kind of druid thinking :) It's a progress in my learning art and photoshop and mostly :) Imagination working out :)

Took me 2 days, a total of almost 12 hours :) It was fun to do it @_@

I'm hopping to progress more and get to a stage where i can really impress people :\

Till then... childs play :(
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Aug 3, 2009, 8:57:34 PM
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muh thats actually pretty good. just some colouradjustment and it goes boom. and you obviously can do some brush adjustments.
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i know i know xD
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Excellent work! Consider me impressed an who ever told you about talent please for your own sake read Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" I think it will really help you if your looking to progress it covers a diverse range of topics relating to progression of art, sport, business, science, everything! and its told in a way that is entertaining and informative! Also check out

=One-Vox he has a number of great video tutorials on youtube and his pod cast WIP [link] is really informative if your looking to make the switch into digital art as a profession. and of course [link] is another great resource!

Also I think your doing wonderfully! Cheers you have earned another watcher! :D
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:O ! omg hello there! Yes I will check up the info you gave me.

And i have on an account I just don't talk that much on forums :<

But again tnx a milion for your suport and watch!
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Your more then deserving, and welcome!
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Stunning! The background supports the druid perfectly. Some very nice, earthy colours with lovely detailing all over!
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Stunning piece, from the fur to the feathers. I feel as though it could jump out and bite my head off. :heart:

The gold hoop seems a bit flat but I'm beeing really pickey there.

This is lovely!
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<3 Ty for always comenting on me work ^_________^
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Keep cranking out good stuff like that, and I'll have plenty to talk about!
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Haha! Sure :P new one coming soon ;)
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That is BEAUTIFUL! I'm currently learning techniques in PS (ignore most of the crap in my gallery xD) but... just WOW. I love this. Really do. Plus I love druids. Win win for me (: Stunning. Wish my dr00d looked like this <3
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My boyfriend has a saying "Practice gives skill, but talent is something that you are born with"
And mostly i love a scene in naruto.. where lee says something like "I admire those that are gifted from birth.. No matter how much I work.. my progress that i did in years.. some with talent.. that was born with it will always progress in less than a year."
I hope i wrote it in a way that you'll understand :)
I wish to be good.. but i wonder.. will i ever be?

Good luck and always follow your dreams!
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Wow, very enlightening, I love it :D! Oh and thank you for the watch in return! :heart: :love: I feel so special and honoured :3

And all the same to you :)
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cute! zici k e din wow :D
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Superba pisicuta :D :heart:
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:glomp: cu multa placere!
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Not child's play- amazing!
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