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Updated Dawnriel by Mew-Universe Updated Dawnriel :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 6 7 Dawnriel, aka Hyper Dawn by Mew-Universe Dawnriel, aka Hyper Dawn :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 1 5 Dancing With Wallid by Mew-Universe Dancing With Wallid :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0 Dawn and Student!McPasta by Mew-Universe Dawn and Student!McPasta :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0 Endowed with Fire by Mew-Universe Endowed with Fire :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0
When I Don't Agree
Hana stepped into the room, her floor-length ballgown swishing across her feet.
Jirard gasped and swept her into a tight hug. “You look so beautiful!” he exclaimed, kissing her head.
“Thank you, love,” Hana replied, snuggling against him. “You always think I’m beautiful, though… even when I don’t agree with you.”
“Well, you always think I’m wonderful, even when I don’t agree,” Jirard replied, staring into her eyes and stroking her hair.
Hana smiled. “I suppose we’re even, then!”
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0
Well, I Am A Robot
“If Ian’s actions truly bother you to that degree,” Kakusu said to Caddy, “you should inform him of how you are feeling and engage in a discourse to work out your conflict.”
Rubbing his head, Caddy chuckled and replied, “Dammit, Kakusu, why must you be so logical?”
“Well, I am a robot,” Kakusu said with a smile, “so logical reasoning is one of my strongest traits.
Caddy kissed Kakusu’s forehead, making her blush. “You’re right, sweetheart; I’ll go work it out with Moosey right now.”
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 1 0
Something Strange - A Scene
“There’s something strange about this,” Layton mused as the dirt crumbled off the medallion and dusted his fingertips.
“Is that symbol the same one as the Golden Garden gate?” Luke asked as he bent over to examine the medallion Layton had found.
“It bears a striking resemblance,” Layton replied as he stood, “but we’ll have to make a visit to Misthallery to know for sure.”
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 0 0
Amber Madison Teaching At Asagao by Mew-Universe Amber Madison Teaching At Asagao :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 3 0 Dawn Rasmussen at Asagao by Mew-Universe Dawn Rasmussen at Asagao :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0 Flora Dreemur sketches by Mew-Universe Flora Dreemur sketches :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0
Kakusu and Hidden Block
An Asagao Academy fanfiction
Humming a happy Nokemon tune to herself, Kakusu grabbed a bottle of apple juice out of the cooler and paid the grumpy cashier for the drink. Chatter skittering about the lunchroom provided a cheerful ambience to her bright mood. Kakusu continued humming waited for Mimi to join her.
“You seem chipper today,” Mimi remarked as she picked up her tray. “What’s the occasion?”
“Kakusu made a new friend today!” Kakusu beamed.
“Oh, yes, that Caddic-whatever his name is.” Mimi rolled her eyes. “I thought he would have been insulted that you picked him up so easily.”
“He was angered when I began to carry him,” Kakusu replied, scanning the lunchroom. “However, that anger dissipated by the time I deposited him at one of the men’s restrooms so he could change into his uniform.”
“Sure didn’t take him long.” Mimi rolled her eyes again and frowned.
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0
Sibling Detectives
Alfendi Layton shut the office window blinds, rendering the floating dust invisible. The room turned from midday sky blue to a dusty blue-grey color. With a sigh, the lanky man flicked on the white electric lights, then turned and collapsed into his wheeled desk chair. A stack of about thirty papers sat before him, printed out forms with empty boxes a plenty. Alfendi moaned and massaged his temples with rough fingertips.
Lucy, his assistant, looked up from the clipboard she was writing on. “Paperwork still gettin’ ya down, Prof?” she asked as she straightened her back in the plush chair she sat in.
“Unfortunately, yes.” Alfendi brushed his boysenberry-purple hair out of his face. “Solving crimes is truly fascinating and exciting, but these blasted forms after the criminal is jailed are, quite frankly, an ungodly abomination.” He growled and hid his face in his hands.
Lucy laughed and shook her head. “Just because ‘is a bit dull don&
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 6 0
Robot Knight
An Asagao Academy fanfiction
Caddy groaned; the kappa suit he wore itched. The humid air clung to his skin as he stood in the grass by the dormitories, holding a sign that read I Steal Things And Let My Friends Get In Trouble For It.
“Louder! I want to hear you scream it to the heavens!” Mai commanded, standing beside him with her arms crossed.
“I’m a bad kappa,” Caddy mumbled.
“I am a bad kappa!” Caddy yelled.
“Mai, what are you doing?” Hana interrupted as she approached Mai and Caddy. Caddy closed his eyes, his hands clenching the sign he held tighter.
Mai sniggered. “You didn’t think I was just going to let him get away with this, did you?”
“But… isn’t this a bit much?” Hana asked.
Mai grimaced. “No way! He gave us WEEKS of suffering!”
“Yeah, but everything worked out okay! You can cut him some slack!” Hana said.
Caddy opened his
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 2 0
All Over Stupid Boots - Part 2 of an Asagao fanfic
Caddy sat on one of the patient beds in the nurse’s office, fingers curling and uncurling on his knees. Jirard sat on a stool nearby and Josh leaned against a wall, watching Caddy and glancing at each other with nervous frowns. Mr. Creeps McPasta prodded the back of Caddy’s head with nimble fingertips.
“OW!... nope…oww… OI BLOODY HELL!” Caddy jerked forward, rubbing the lump on his head.
“I’m terribly sorry about that.” Mr. McPasta gave Caddy’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “It was only to check how bad the damage was.”
“Could you not have—oh whatever.” Caddy ran his hand through his hair. “Anything broken?”
“No, but the bruise will take weeks to heal. Tonight, however, you’ll rest here in case of side effects from the blow.” McPasta pushed a button on the bed which raised the head of the bed. “Mr. Khalil, will you grab me an ice pack from the freezer?”
:iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 1 0
Asagao Academy student self insert by Mew-Universe Asagao Academy student self insert :iconmew-universe:Mew-Universe 4 0
:iconcommentplz: Thank You... by jennyleigh don't cuss on my art stamp by Icy-Snowflakes

I have a mix of artwork, cosplay photography, poetry, and short prose pieces here in my gallery. I'm a much better writer than I am an artist, though, (at least in my mind) so I recommend reading my stories and poetry before looking at my art or photos.

If you find something you like, fav it - and please leave a comment, especially on my writing! :D

Random Favourites

Mane 6 by Sailor-Serenity Mane 6 :iconsailor-serenity:Sailor-Serenity 520 130 TLM: Ariel by Sailor-Serenity TLM: Ariel :iconsailor-serenity:Sailor-Serenity 150 49 Arianna and Shurei by Sailor-Serenity Arianna and Shurei :iconsailor-serenity:Sailor-Serenity 123 41 Born in Night by m-chloe Born in Night :iconm-chloe:m-chloe 1,801 135 Light up my face by MariaForHisGlory Light up my face :iconmariaforhisglory:MariaForHisGlory 1,528 93 Neku Sakuraba - Scanning (Non-Animated) by Sonikku0691 Neku Sakuraba - Scanning (Non-Animated) :iconsonikku0691:Sonikku0691 41 5 Rapunzel 2 by VendySmile Rapunzel 2 :iconvendysmile:VendySmile 20 11 .: C'est la vie :. by Sincity2100 .: C'est la vie :. :iconsincity2100:Sincity2100 152 47 Raoden God by CrisMarVaz Raoden God :iconcrismarvaz:CrisMarVaz 1 0 Goldfish Family Ponikemon by Almairis Goldfish Family Ponikemon :iconalmairis:Almairis 2,083 121 YGO: Bonds Beyond Time by darkangelatem YGO: Bonds Beyond Time :icondarkangelatem:darkangelatem 86 80 Up Top by Mahersal Up Top :iconmahersal:Mahersal 32 18 .../Inner Workings\... by UNIesque .../Inner Workings\... :iconuniesque:UNIesque 15 4


If you'd like to talk with me or get in touch, you're much more likely to succeed by sending an ask or DM to my Tumblr account on this handy clickable link. Other than that, however, uploads and interaction here will be super sporadic as I move into a chapter of my life where I'll be busier in real life.

In the years since I joined, I got married and soon will be moving to another part of the country, bringing much more adventure (and hopefully more writing) with it! Thanks to those that have stuck around after all this time, and hopefully we can still hear from each other in the future. ^_^
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
You can call me Mew for short :)

I am:

-A Latter-Day Saint (aka Mormon)
-A fan of these anime/manga: Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardcaptors, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Magical DoReMi, Mew Mew Power, Princess Tutu, Pokemon (the first couple seasons), Clannad, FMA:Brotherhood, Gurren Lagann, Blue Exorcist
-A fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and TMNT
-A fan of Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, Splatoon, and Asagao Academy
-Proud to be an American!
-A conservative
-A writer
-A cosplayer
-A doodler
-A daydreamer

Current Residence: Somewhere in the land of the free
Favourite genre of music: Pop, 80's, rock, alternate, religious, Celtic
Favourite cartoon character: YUGI!, Wilbur Robinson, Link, Zelda, Sakura (Tsubasa & CCS), the Sailor Scouts, Leonardo (TMNT)
Personal Quote: Telepathy is a very useful skill once you learn it.


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I'd like to keep a stack of points so I can buy commissions or adoptables from other artists here. In addition, I'd love to be able to extend my subscription.

You can simply donate points to me, or, if you'd like me to copyedit a written piece of work for you, I can do it for 5 :points:

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