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Nothing To See Here Folks

All I can say

This show has meant so much to me since I started watching it when it first aired. It really helped me cope with moving to a new state and also having a show for my husband and I to bond over and theorize what would happen in the plot. 

As the show progressed more of my friends got into it and we all loved discussing the show and what it meant to us. 

This show was created by a unique and brilliant person and I just wanted to say thank you Alex! I hope you move on to bigger and better things! :) 

Goodbye Gravity Falls! <3

GIF Gravity Falls -  Bill 
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*looks at this then looks at tv, keeps doing this*
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simplistic but effective, i like it.
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Thank you very much! 
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Yeah I hear you....It's gotten to the point with both GF and Steven Universe that I have to buy the ep on iTunes. 
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I just wanted to let know that I used this in my FAREWELL GRAVITY FALLS AMV (… ) Mostly because it's the best way to say goodbye to a great show.

(Telling you this because I think you should know that I used your drawing that you worked so hard on)
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Oh wow! 

That vid was amazing! Thank you so much for featuring my work! :) 
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No Prob. Glad you enjoyed it. Hug 
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Yeah, this was really one of the best shows Disney ever aired.  Let's hope Disney continues this trend and lets more talented people like Alex Hirsch create masterpieces like this for people to enjoy.
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I really hope so too! :)
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A amazing show.
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Yeah it was pretty great ^^
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it looks like an inscription on a tomb stone XD  THE FEELS!  Amazing job tho :D
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That wasn't my intention...but that is sad to think....lolBunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4]

It is sad that it is ending...but the way I see it I'm glad it has and on such a good note.

I feel like with shows like The Simpsons or Supernatural they are just beating a dead horse with a dead horse and the show loses its magic and special attachment... 
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sadness ;-;

yeah, it ended on a good note.  The only bad thing is that now we don't know what the character have in stall for their future XD  I agree with you on that the show would lose its magic if it just kept going...... so it is good that it ended.  It stopped while it was ahead.
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I am so sad that it's all over! * sob*
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hug Stay strong soldier! 
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Alex is a genius. And Gravity Falls was a masterpiece.
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Yes...It was a gem! :) 
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"Never mind that." I will always mind this.
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I only started watching this show 6 months ago, and I've been hooked ever since. I caught up on every episode well before the finale aired... now, I really wish I'd been there since the beginning. If I'd known what I'd been missing out on...

I'm gonna miss Gravity Falls a lot. One day, I hope Alex will take Dipper and Mabel- and us- back to Gravity Falls for one more summer.
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