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Hi! I'm in Wall Street's condominium.
I stay until March 9.

It went to SOHO yesterday.
The organic smoothie was delicious.
The sandwich of KAT'Z DELICATESSEN was delicious, too.
I will go an American comic book for search tomorrow.
Is the secondhand bookseller cheaper although it is due to go to Midtown Comics?
I would like to also find the figure of spawn.
In, I purchased the puzzle cube of the movie"Hellraiser" and  DVD Spawn - The Director's Cut  and Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Ultimate Collection
I am happy!
However, I love a Batman.
I would like to get a figure and a comic book. mmm.I bought Pez of the Batman for soothing.hahaha…………
I bought a used CD.
I am a fan of crow!
I am going to go to New York to watch the exhibition of the friend on March 4 (and work). (if a passport is available cheaply)
Is there the interesting place in NY?
space !!!!

31日 東4ム58-b OVER SLEEP WORKS

【sold】poster,post card, illust book
I'm sorry, there is no new publication.

【SILLENT HILL2】Pyramid Head poster /B3/500yen…
event sale Only.

【ORIGINAL】 ALICE poster /B3500yen…

【ORIGINAL】Yusuke Katekari Collection of illustrations  Second/B5/700yen…

【ORIGINAL】Yusuke Katekari Collection of illustrations  First /B5/1200yen…
event sale Only.

【ORIGINAL】Postcard various kinds
event sale Only.

----------------------------------------------------A mail order, bookstore sale  Only

【ORIGINAL COMICS】 Anthology comics 超合金黒光(japaneas only and I drew only a cover.) /B5 840yen
amazon-japan link…

【NOVEL】 Japanese horror novel 籠目  (japaneas only and I drew only a cover.) /B5 660yen
amazon-japan link…

amazon-japan link…



PLZ use translate!!

thank you!
【14日】西2か03b  in me!!  眠い!寝てない!




sorry!not English! I love TF3!!woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
how are you everyone?

It draws now.
Red pyramid thing is my lover....<3
It draws now:)

I'm in comic market!!
West2    8/14(sun) block-03b


Please come for the enjoyment if you are in Japan.

by the name of  嘉弖苅 悠介(Yusuke Katekari) or OVER SLEEP WORKS
It is thought that use working holiday.
I want to study English.
I think that I cannot make the best use of youth even in case of being as it is in Japan.
I went back to my own country!

... surprised at a difference of the culture with Japan goes again!

In the country that was able to greet others readily, it was very pleasant.
And, everybody who lives in the United States.
Please come to Japan by all means. The meal of Japan is really delicious.
LA now!
I will be in Las Vegas tomorrow.
5/14, it released a new book!
I start an overseas mail order. Please use it!…
↑1st book…
↑2nd book…
↑About Overseas shipping
wow!!thank you for DD!
Because silent  Hill likes it very much, it is glad.
I love Red pyramid. he is very lovely!!!! lovely!!
motion to walk unstably is very cute.
Nobody says "he is cute!!!" in Japan..oh..

The 15th the 14th this month.
International ART Event DESIGN FESTA  in  "Tokyo Big Site" of Japan.

I stay "G-179"

illustration collection and the postcard are sold.
As for published, the mail order is also possible.…
The new publication is sold in DESIGN FESTA.

Please come to play in case of being in Japan!!!

I go to Las Vegas by a school excursion in June?
My class observes the company. Other classes sell a picture. I want a picture to sell!

must make a passport!
Up load maiking for RED Pyramid   (*´д`*)…
The meltdown was avoided by the fight of the engineer. However, an explosion happened in the vicinity of a nuclear reactor.
Radioactive material of 1050 microsievert may leak.
The inhabitants within the range of 10 kilos took refuge. I am uneasy.

Japan is tense very much now. I feel healing for the words from each country. Please give warm words to the Japanese of your country and a Japanese tarrier. Please.

Japanese cooperates and confronts a crisis.
Thank you for worry! !
I came from the あcepicenter to the far-off place by work accidentally now.
I live. I thank for your heart.
However, there is the house in Yokohama.
A winged ant is not precocious, but the damage is given greatly.
Means of transportation stop and cannot return to the house. I am very anxious.

I feel very glad as the support from each country, a Japanese citizen.
Really thank you.
There is not time when school life draws a picture very busily.
sometimes watch dA.
I get well very much!

watched the watch men of the movie recently.
I love American comics and a movie. want to tell it sometime.
That reminds me I drew a castle in a cafe.
I checked dA now.
a lot of number of messages! What is the meaning of "DD"?
thought whether I had done a bad thing.
Because I did not understand words, I have done that it was some rudeness.

but, there were words called "love" in the message.

I will go for a job festival tomorrow.

Though I do not understand it well, I perform it for a job festival today first of all.

What do not understand words is irritating
I made the coterie magazine who collected creation illustrations and sold it by comic market (the spot sale society of the private press book).
could interchange with various people and was happy!

An overseas mail order was enabled.
please purchase it.…

A note of much comment is not prosperous in the Japanese illustration community.
Because I can have comment in dA.glad!
but  sorry that there is not a reply in all.