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Hey Kids!! Whai hai thar :hai: 

So, have you ever had a cat planet cat planet Kitteh or know a friend I love cats with one? Or two or three or four??cat planet 23. Cat Warrior Cats Pixels - Firestar Kit Cat - la 
Well, you know how they always seem to be right under your feet as you get ready to walk and you end up tripping, trying to avoid smashing them with your feet or you do trip, and either way what ever you were holding onto is now scattered all over the place? (Just hoping it's not that sandwich you just made. .: giggle :. lol )

:bademoticon: Seems innocent, right?
Well, I hate to Spontaneous Combustionburst your bubble but they are anything but innocent. :disagree: 

You see, I have 3 Demonic Cat - Update Kasi Smiley  Cat Emoticon Kittehs  (and a dog ''doggymote'' in anticipation  who sometimes acts like a Kitteh) and a while ago I started noticing a lot of really odd behavior. For instance, one time I came into the kitchen and they were all huddled together and I could swear... :paranoid now you're gonna think I'm nuts but... I swear I thought they were whispering to each other!! :imspeechless: 
When they noticed me they quickly broke apart and 2 Day87 - Cat   Cat Toy started playing with string while the ole lady plopped down Cat Static and began cleaning her paw as usual. I shook off the weird feeling it gave me. :Aha. Wait......No.....:
I mean, reallyOh God this again, Kittehs whispering to each other?
Simple Laugh - NaNoEmo 01 HAHAHA!!! That's silly!
Kittehs don't talk. :nope: 

Or do they? :suspicious 

After that day, I was having more and more odd accidents around the house. Watch Your Step 
Random things started being misplaced like my glasses and my keys In search for answers 
and weird tastes started popping up in my food.:yuck: 

Then, about a month later, I came home early from an appointment and... I caught them!!
OMG - Watch that -reverse-      ...        Devilish LaughOH evil grin 2 hMuahahahahaha:twisted: revampKIMb: Go charge my deathrayEvil Laugh EmoticonDevilishScorp rvmpElsie :evillaugh::Devilshakefist:Fella Jump Evil Red :evilMonkey::demonic::evil:zennmwahaha2Devil Emoticon:evil: revampBoo BoggartdevilGoblin Emoticonevil grin animated 
There must have been over 20 Kittehs in my house, all sitting in a circle and plotting my demise!! 

:shocked I was shocked. 
I thought maybe I was hallucinating:bademoticon: ,
that maybe some one had slipped something odd
in my afternoon tea at lunch.
Tea Time 

Shake Fist EmoticonOh, how I wish that were true.

But alas...:saddestthingintheworld far from it.

Here's the truth... :bademoticon: and I had to accept this so I could keep on my toesEmote Awareness Pinand be hyper-vigilant:ohnoesrambo:about my survival.
And it's not just me!Shock And Awe - NaNoEmo Day 6We are all in danger.:redalert: Some of you may have heard of the Illuminati... Exploding Illuminati 
:shh: rvmp A secret organization dating back hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years that actually runs all of our governments and is hell bent on world domination!! freak lunatic hell demon laugh 

:bademoticon: Well, that's just a front...
:whisper:A story leaked to the press years ago to keep the really conspiracy hidden. Exasperation 

:bademoticon: You see, there is no Illuminati... Shock 
It's actually the IlluminaKitteh!!!! Noo 
YES!!! Shock Emote 
All cats, every single one, domestic or wild, from a house cat to a jungle lion, all felines are born into the sacred pact of the IlluminaKitteh!!!:scared: 

I know, I know...Shoulder cry 
it was hard for me too... sigh but once you think about it...:grievingly  it all makes sense.:suspicious 
I'll have to fill you in on details later...:shh v.2they're listening.               
I've started sending messages through Memes to get the word out... :speechless: 
Listening with my eyesso look of the IlluminaKitteh Memes.:bademoticon:    ...    Illuminati spinnin' Kitty kitty - annoyed 
:iswydt And trust no one!!  They're all out to get me... 


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Self taught crochet for 20 years, yarn-a-holic, born and raised near Los Angeles, CA. USA Professional Office Manager, participant in animal rescue and training. Illustrative artist, poet, writer and designer of personalized meditations, Spiritual Guidance. Dabbler in sewing dresses, skirts and plushies.


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