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Windows File Explorer Concept

By Metroversal
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Hey guys! What do you think of the recent concepts of Project Neon? Looks familiar huh? =)

Anyhow, today I'm sharing a concept that I've started some time ago... Keep in mind that this has no relation to Neon as it strictly follows MDL2 guidelines.
Go here to see how it works:

For the first time the source file is included in the download! You can edit and share it freely as long as you credit me.

Have to inform you that this will probably be my last submission here on DeviantArt =(
Thank you for making my work the most popular Windows 10 concept on DA, also thank you so much the support over the years!

No worries though. Sooner or later I'll let you know what's coming up next!

Alex Heart 
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cool looking


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What is Project Neon??
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It's an upcoming project for the Windows 10 Redstone 3 Update (coming fall 2017). Check out my mockups for more of Acrylic (new design language) goodness :)
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That is really cool!
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MS plans to design icons by making them colorful, I agree!
If you had to redesign them, what would they be?
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How did you do this concept? With what software?
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wow! looks really cool!
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looks pretty good! well done! this is the way a Explorer should look like on Windows 10.
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Awesome! i want this for Wondows! =)
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