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Windows 10 - VLC (phone)

By Metroversal
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Since Microsoft is listening to feedbacks I decided to try to contribute with some mockups. I hope that it will come to their attention :) (Smile)
I know this isn't a MS app, I just want to give you example of Windows 10 universal app (Xbox version will come later)

What's new:
  • Initial Release
  • Universal app (check desktop version here:… )
  • Side Menu items are vertically centered for an easier experience for all sized hands
  • "Metro UI" 2.0
If you want to see this in Windows 10 please add 3 votes on UserVoice:…
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Great work, as always. Congratz on reaching your goal on the UserVoice.
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Hey guys seems like this mockup was a good inspiration for the VLC team.
I reached my goal! ;)
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so many things could be done that nicely, so many ways wasted by microsoft. shame on them. nice work, all of those concepts r great!
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Microsoft's own concept art also looks very promissing, it just happens to be that not a singe developer cares even a little bit about design in early development stage, and that's where we are with Windows 10 right now. Just wati for it, Microsoft will be changing the Windows 10 interface further. The leaked mockups for Cortana from Microsoft are an amazing example of that.
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+1 to all of this. That's what I hate in most of the devs out there. They're like 'hey, look at this cool pre-alpha design we came up with that you can kiss goodbye in the final release'. No matter if it's an OS or a game, for me 90% of all pre-final stuff just looks better then what we actually get.
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