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Windows 10 - VLC Playing Video

By Metroversal
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Since Microsoft is listening to feedbacks I decided to try to contribute with some mockups. I hope that it will come to their attention :) (Smile)
I know this isn't a MS app, I just want to show you example of Windows 10 universal app (Xbox version will come later)

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Any news on this Skin with Windows 10 ?
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No, unfortunately. Well, at least it was an inspiration (kinda) for the official VLC app in  the Windows Store.
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Well, Sorry to hear that Pal, Real great work anyway, thanks again
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Looks really good!
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Glad you like it! :D
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Looks Amazing! Thought I'd try my own. Take a look…
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OMG, it's quite funny that we had the same idea, your concept is REALLY similar to my new File Explorer concept (V2) that I'm going to post later this week :)
Great job.
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hi i was wondering what software you use to make your mockups? btw this is awesome!! thanks:)
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Adobe Photoshop! ;)
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Still a perfect job
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Thank so much my friend ;)
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Very nice as usual! Is the control area translucent? Does it fade after a bit? It'd be awesome if it did.
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Hi, Yes the control area is translucent and has a nice blur effect! You can't see it in this shot because of the size of the window.
But in the phone version is clearly visible, check it out:
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