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NOKIA Lumia 720

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lumia 720 is really release and diiferent
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I got the Phone for almost 8 Months nd i m not impressed. Not a smart phone user per se here, but i find the lack of apps has a tremendious impact on the experience. The Phone itself is like all Nokia quality hardware, the Camera is even better than the one on the 820. However the 512 MB Ram do make problems to play some games, but that's more a WP issue. I got a strange problem Skype doesnt activate the front Camera for some reason, even after the updates it doesnt while all other apps can use it.
The main camera is alright although not as good as the one on the Xperia Phones like SL or V or T. What i really didnt liked is the Windows People feature.

If you need a phone for the basic features, it's fast and simple.
If you want the smart phone experience, its not a good choice.
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What's the thing that is sticking out on the left side? :P
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XBOX pad *-*
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Oh my gosh! *-* AWESOME!!!
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This looks suspiciously familiar... /*Looks at my Zune HD/*
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It's Nokia Z(une- XBOX)eal
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Oh damn, it's real! You just made my day, good sir!
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I did the same thing...
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Honestly, I would buy it id Nokia made it look like this, but the specs leave something to be desired. The phone really needs support for SDXC in order to compete with Androids, and 1024 mb or RAM to give iPhone a run for it's money.
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