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Merry Christmas or whatever winter holiday you may or may not celebrate this time of year. We have a lot to cover, so buckle up, buckaroos.

First – The Metroid Database Bestiary is back.

The MDb Bestiary is one of those massive features our site has that took a bit longer than expected and wasn’t available at launch. After some some re-implementation and more tweaks here and there, we now have Bestiary 2.0 available for your perusal. While the overall look and functionality is basically the same, I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as you did before. You can also access it by clicking on the icon in the far upper right corner of the site.

Second – New Contest.

The #Memetroid Contest was the brilliant idea of our Twitter Editor, Sagi. He wanted to create a contest where we could fully unleash everyone’s dank meme skills. Now it’s time to put those skills to the test. Please go to our contest page to see what the #Memetroid Contest is all about and try to win our awesome prizes!

Third – Prints.

Our store is now offering prints of “The Hunted”, a 12×16 poster print made on thick matte stock paper, that is surely to complement any Metroid fan’s wall. The prints are limited edition, as I only had 50 made, and are individually numbered. The artwork was drawn via commission by Manos Lagouvardos (aka Smolb), one of our talented Bestiary artists, who also happens to be a professional comic artist in Greece. We thank Manos for his talent and his contributions. We hope you can appreciate this print as much as we do. I will actually be rather sad to let them all go. They are really beautiful prints.

Last – Decal Discounts.

Also pertaining to our store: From Christmas until New Year’s, we are offering our Decals at a low low price of $1 each. This price is good through the last minute of December 31. Thank you all and for any purchases made through our store. Your contributions directly help and allow us to offer you more goodies!

We are so happy to be stewards to the Metroid community at large and don’t take any of it for granted. You have stuck with us for 21 years and we’re so grateful to be a part of it all!

On behalf of the rest of the staff of Metroid Database, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season.

Just published today is our review of the ZSS Figma by Max Factory / Good Smile. Tons of hi res photos can be found in the article.
Read all about it in True 3D: Volume 6!
We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Design a Boss contest. Check out all the results here:…

Thanks to all of you who entered!
MAJOR UPDATE! The contest submissions due date has been extended! You now have until December 10th 11:59pm PST to submit your entries!

Along with our 20th anniversary, the Metroid Database has launched its 5th contest: Design a Boss!
Check out our official page for all the details.

Prize List:

First Place:

  • $50 Steam Gift Card
  • World of Nintendo 6" Metroid figurine
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 12x18 Metroid Prime or 12x18 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption poster (your choice)
  • 7 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal
  • Our very last S-logo Keychain!

Second Place:

  • $20 Nintendo eShop card
  • the remaining 12x18 poster
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 5 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal

Third Place:

  • $10 Nintendo eShop card
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 3 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal
The Metroid Database is actively looking for new artists to join our Bestiary team.
If you are interested, please email your 
artwork/portfolio to with "MDb Bestiary Artist" on the subject.

A few things to note:
  • Do NOT take it personally if you we do not get back to you.
  • Those without artwork to show/portfolios will not be considered.
  • The Bestiary is 100% volunteer only and we do not offer any compensation beyond the satisfaction of having your work displayed on our site. (Besides, the Metroid Database makes no money off our site anyway)
Optional: Though it is not required, videogame-related, Metroid-related or creature-related work is beneficial to our consideration of you.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from all you interested artists!
--Infinity's End

This past tuesday, we at the Metroid Database unveiled our latest annual contest, the Stylized Metroid Series Contest!
Click here for the official page

Official Rules:
1.) Create a piece of artwork depicting the Metroid series in a new and interesting way, specifically different from depictions offered in official media of the series.
2.) Take a photograph if physical or submit a high-quality digital version into the email address below by 12/31/2012.
3.) File should be in a standard PC image format: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, etc. Please do not send files over 10MB.
4.) No manipulation of pre-existing artwork. You can use it for reference/inspiration, but not directly used in your entry.
5.) Please, no food-based entries.

The contest will be scored based on the following categories:

Originality – How distant is your style from what we've seen already in dozens of fan art before this?
Authenticity – If using a historical style, how well does your piece embrace the spirit of that art style?
Craftsmanship – How well was the work produced?
Funfactor – How funny, cool, or creepy is your style?
Metroidness – How much does it feel like the spirit of Metroid?

Check out the official page for a list of all the prizes we are offering.
Email entries to: mdbcontest[at]gmail[dot]com
Entries will be judged by the MDb Staff.
Announcement date for winners is Tuesday, January 1st 2013.

Looking forward to seeing your entries!  Please direct any questions or concerns to our Contest Help Thread:…
After much pondering and discussion, we decided that having a dedicated fan art page on the Metroid Database was a little redundant and dated. Since our DeviantArt page fills that gap so nicely, it will now become the major source where to find Metroid fan art through our site.  We currently have over 2000 favorites - that's A LOT of Metroid fan art! Furthermore, we are slowly but surely adding some of the old artwork to our DA page. In cases where a single person has submitted more than one piece, we will be compiling it together as one. All of this art was posted at one time in our old fan art section, so if you had any favorites that you've missed looking at, those will surely be back soon!

Please bear with us as we add the old entries to our DeviantArt Page. If you have artwork that you would like to submit to the MDb, that's okay, but you could just upload it yourself by just creating your own DeviantArt page. It's completely 100% free to join. We will probably not be accepting Fan Art submissions from here on out.

Fan Art Compilation - Jack by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Albert Lim by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - TJ Rappel by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Nasan Hardcastle by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Jamie H 1 by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Jamie H 2 by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Alex Ahad by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Daniel Townley by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Jeff De Puy by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - David Quicksilver by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Gonmon 1 by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Gonmon 2 by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Thomas Stubbs by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - Chris by MetroidDatabase Fan Art Compilation - The Switcher by MetroidDatabase
On 10/16/2011, we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of our site. An extremely great achievement, I must say. Can't say there are a lot of fansites out there (yet) that have been online as long as we have, and still kickin' it as hard as us. I don't want to boast, but I am so proud to be a part of this site. Every page, graphic, article, and detail is a testament of the pure effort, passion and love of the Metroid fan community. And what better way to celebrate that, by giving back EVEN MORE.

I'm calling it right now: the Bestiary is the most unique fan-made project of any video game website on the internet. It is an idea that had been brewing in my mind for the last 3 years. And now, with the work of over 20 extremely talented artists and 2 programmers, it is finally a reality. It almost brings tears to my eyes to think of how much skill was brought about in this project. I am so glad to be able to finally release it to you all.

You may also notice it is incomplete. The idea for it had started a while ago, but actual development didn't start until early this year. I originally wanted to release it on the 25th Anniversary, but due to schedule conflicts and work load, I wasn't able to. With time, the MDBB will feature a complete compendium of every single Metroid enemy in existence, but currently we are focusing on finishing the "Classic Series" of games (M, MZM, M2, SM, and MF). Custom artwork and entries for the Prime series as well as Other M will be added at a later time, so please look forward to that. Please bear with us; the MDb Bestiary is in "Alpha" and still a Work-In-Progress. Bugs and errors are very possible. If you find any, feel free to report them here. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy one of the greatest achievements in the world of Metroid fandom (and possibly video game fandom): the MDBB.

We currently have over 130 entries!  The artists have also published a lot of their entries on their respective DA pages.  Here's a few tasty morsels of what to expect:

    Metroid Infant (Metroid Database Bestiary) by Svartluder    Metroid Larva (Metroid Database Bestiary) by Svartluder   Mochtroid  (Metroid Database Bestiary) by Svartluder    Super Metroid  (Metroid Database Bestiary) by Svartluder        Spore Spawn by AzakaChi-RD-17   MDB: SM - Geemers by ravenshield Zoa by AzakaChi-RD-17       The red Zebesian Space Pirate by Joelchan   The fake Kraid by Joelchan    Coven by Joelchan   Zeela X by yedi    Super Metroid - Jumping Chute by Startaft33 Samus Eater by AzakaChi-RD-17 Waver X by yedi Choot X by yedi      Metroid Geemer by Cronoan Metroid Skree by Cronoan   Metroid Bestiary by Phobos-Romulus Zebesian Roach by AzakaChi-RD-17 Phantoon by MetroidDatabase    Zebesian Space Pirate gray by AzakaChi-RD-17   Reo by AzakaChi-RD-17 Fune by AzakaChi-RD-17       Super Metroid Gadora by tomgiest   Metroid Botwoon by Cronoan Wavers - Super Metroid by QubixDesign MDB Bestiary stuff by crovirus Metroid Bestiary entries by Deimos-Remus
In case you guys want to know, the Bestiary is still in progress.  It's coming along rather well, I might add.  We recently got a new programmer on board to help lighten the load, and I've contributed a bit on this end as well.

All the talent and those who have volunteered to help are really giving it their all in this project.  I'm really proud of everyone's contributions thus far; when this goes public - I assure you - it's going to really astound and amaze you guys.  The passion, effort, and just sheer, raw skill seen in this artwork is truly phenomenal.  Gets me a little choked up how good some of it is! ;_;

If you want in on a little secret -- everyone currently listed as "friends" viewable on the front page is part of our team.  You won't find any of the artwork in their galleries though, they've all been sworn to secrecy until it's unveiled. ;)  

Look forward to it, folks!  It will be worth the wait, I assure you.

One last thing -- I promise to do a new drawing for this gallery when we reach 50k hits.

The Metroid Database is planning on adding a new section to the site in the near future: The MDb Bestiary!  

What this means is we are in dire need of custom fan art of all the Metroid enemies from those willing to help us.  We only need art for the Main Saga (M1-4, sans OM) and currently have 8 artists that have volunteered to help.  If you are interested, shoot me a Note and we can discuss your opportunities.

Before you click, please realize that we are looking to display only high quality, well-rendered art.  Take a look at Metroid Other M's gallery as an example of the quality we aiming for:…

Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you eager artists!

*This job does not lead to compensation in any form or fashion, other than the pleasure of having your art on display as a permanent part of the Metroid Database.
The contest is over, and winners are in!…

Congrats to ChozoChild, MaiAriSquee, and Sasuke1986 for their excellent entries to our contest.  We will be sending out the prizes to them very soon!

And a big thanks to everyone that entered.  The competition was stiff, but I think everyone who entered is a winner.  Cheers!

Just another quick reminder that our second contest, the Design-An-Enemy contest, is still underway!  You still have a REALLY GOOD chance of winning!  Please don't delay!  Enter today!…
Hey everyone,
I just added a bunch of new favorites to the gallery today.  I can't believe there were so many that weren't in there!

Anyway, we are currently over 8400 hits.  I just wanted to let it be known that I will personally draw some Metroid-related fanart in celebration when we hit 10,000.  Look forward to it!

--Infinity's End
(copied from the MDb front page)
The results are in! Our Make-a-Metroid contest was very successful, and after a very long, tough discussion with the fellow staff members, we were able to narrow it down to three lucky winners: Kevin Rayner with 1st place, Jay Field with 2nd, and Alvin Gordian with 3rd. Check out the wining entries as well as all the others on the official contest page Congratulations to everyone and again, thank you all so very much for participating and making this contest a great success!
Stemage of Metroid Metal fame has generously donated 3 albums to our contest as well as some awesome Metroid Metal stickers!  Now the contest is totally more awesome.  Less than 3 weeks left...better get working on those entries!
There's a full month left to get workin' on those Metroids.  I want to assure you guys that the odds are still looking REALLY good right now for winning.  So make those 'troids, and send those entries in right away!  Looking forward to seeing them!

The official contest page can be accessed from our main banner on the front page of the MDb.
Well, this is it, folks! For the first time in its 13 years of being online, the Metroid Database is holding a contest. And what a contest it is! The Make-a-Metroid Contest will be held for 2 months, until the end of the year. That's plenty of time to get as creative as you can and make the most awesome possible Metroid ever, right? Check out the official contest page for all the details as well as a full run down on all our great prizes!

Good luck, and we can't wait to see all your entries! Special thanks to :icontransfuse: for his contributions to the contest!

--Infinity's End

Make-a-Metroid Contest