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Metroid by SendoTakeshi
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Samus Aran by AceDojoFox
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When you finally save enough rupees to hire a pro by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Super Smash Bros. Brawl by AceDojoFox
New Age of Heroes - Howard Malkovich by LunarSpawnSerenata
Well excuse me, Princess! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Metroid Chapter 27: EpilogueThree years had passed since the events on Zebes. The legend of Samus Aran had began to grow throughout the galaxy. The famous bounty hunter had a reputation as a shadowy figure and a living nightmare to any pirate, space gang or warlord. A juggernaut that no living thing could stop. The mutilation of Ridley served as a shining example to anyone who dared cross her path. To the Federation and the lesser worlds, she was a celebrity with statues of her armored form made from any metal they could find. Trade boomed as pirates feared her being on any ship they raided. However, no one knew what she looked like under the armor except for the special few who directly knew her.On Daiban, a grown up Damara from Jigrad was heading to the agricultural academy when she was knocked down by two boys onto the steps. "Watch where ya going, potato girl," one of them sneered at her. She sighed as she picked up her books when one hand grabbed a text that fell out of her pack. "Advanced Extraterrestrial Agriculture," came a voice she thought she heard before. She looked up and saw a robed figure shrouded in a brown robe with heeled boots. Her face was covered save for a few strands of blond hair. "Uh, yes, I'm studying to be a farmer," Damara said, "I was hoping to join the academy to be a soldier but my family was insistent." The figure was silent as she gave back the text. "Better to be bored as a farmer than constantly surrounded by death as a soldier," the figure said as she left. Damara looked confused only to see one human holding flowers coming up the steps towards her. His eyes remained close as he walked up just as one of the senators of the Federation, a skinny three eyed alien, came out of the building. Damara then saw the man begin to twist and squirm before his face twisted into a inhumane form. His jaw opened wide and split into three extra jaws as the flowers formed back into his body which became heavily armored and formed massive multi-limbed claws. He charged at the senator as he screamed for help. One large energy blast was fired knocking the assailant down. Sure enough, Damara gasped as she saw the massive bounty hunter she met all those years ago standing over her. She fired extra shots as the alien predator screamed and spurt out blue and green goo for blood. "A Mimic," Samus said in a monotone voice as the alien finally died, "This will cost you extra, senator." The senator panted as he nodded. Damara looked up at her and grabbed her arm, "Th-thank you." Samus looked down at her and pat her head, "Get to class, kid." Damara could barely see those soft eyes behind the green vizor but nodded as she left smiling as her "Big Sis" took care of the Mimic. Samus had gone through a powerful metamorphosis since that dark day. She began as a three year old mischievous kid with two loving parents only for her life to be shattered by the monster, Ridley. Now she emerged a super soldier capable of destroying any target that she came across no matter how big or intelligent. She remained steadfast and alert though as Ridley's followers were actively looking for her. It was rumored that the pirates had placed a ten million seguru reward on her head. None took the offer for obvious reasons.After she received her pay, she left the planet in her ship for the one planet she hesitated to return to. It was K2-L, her planet where she was born. The forest had reclaimed much of the old village that she was raised in. The mine was rebuilt only with automated robots taking the role of the workers as there was a superstition that any planet Ridley invaded was forever cursed. As she landed she was greet by a group of Chozo who were now living there since they were driven from their home world on Zebes. It was the least Samus could do since the Federation was having trouble finding a world for them to resettle. Old Bird was the first to greet her, "Ah, Hatchling, it's been so long." Pyonchi leaped into her arms which she greeted with a soft petting. "I've been looking at the old Chozo planets on the days I'm not finding work," she said putting the rabillis down, "And I brought you artifacts that I found." She went into the ship and produced several Chozo artifacts. "It was kind of you to do this," Old Bird said smiling as he took hold of one of the small statues. "It's the least I can do for all the kindness you all showed me," Samus said looking down, "For teaching me how to fight... and giving me purpose again." Old Bird lifted his hand up to her helmet and removed it, "Before I met you, our kind had not one child to continue our legacy... and I never got the chance to raise a strong and kind daughter like you." Samus smiled as she hugged him giving tears of happiness then gave his cheek a kiss. She then remembered the other reason she came here.She walked over to an opening in the forest where she found a massive cemetery. It was filled with the graves with the names of all those colonists killed by Ridley years ago. She went through meticulous research to find every name including the children who met that gruesome fate. Finally, she found two granite gravestones: "Virginia Aran: Beloved Mother" and "Rodney Aran: Proud Father." She knelt down and spoke: "Hi guys. It's me again... Hehe sorry for not coming any sooner but the Federation wanted me to be a bodyguard for some senator but I only gave him a limited amount of my time. The pay was good though. Some 3500 seguru. You remember, dad, how much you said the afloratite would sell for more than that if the Federation didn't have its thumb up its... well you know. I know you guys are wondering what I'm going to do now that I have a dangerous job like this. I assure both of you that I'm fine. A few cuts and bruises but I'm fine. Oh, momma? You remember that Mystic Mountain nebula you said you wanted to take me on a trip. Well, I just got back from it and... yeah, it wasn't that grand but maybe next time we.... Oh... right. Well, I'm sure maybe you guys are with me in spirit. (she wiped a tear from her eye) I ran into a young girl I saved some years back. She's studying to be a farmer. I'm sure she'll succeed in that. She's a strong girl like I was.... I.... heh, I-I-I don't know what else I can say to you guys now. Just that.... I'm doing well. And that..."She then felt Old Bird's hand on her shoulder noticing her tear filled eyes. "And that she's making the galaxy safe for so many innocents," he said warmly. She smiled wiping her eyes of tears as she got up, "Thank you, Old Bird." "Now come and have a good meal," he said, "You're getting way too skinny." She laughed as she went to have a meal with her friends. After a long night of eating a revelry, Samus ultimately got up and made her departure. As she flew out into space, she began looking through any Federation transmissions for possible pirate activity when she came across a distress beacon. She couldn't understand what ship it came from but found the location: Tallon IV, a former Chozo world. She flew the ship to the world ready for anything. Even for the unknown insidious forces she would fight soon and in the far future.She is the ultimate bounty hunter.The Protector of the Galaxy.She is Samus Aran
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While many of us were expecting to learn more about Metroid Prime 4 during Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct presentation, we were more than happy to see Nintendo instead reveal Metroid Dread: a 2D Metroid title from the same studio that brought us Metroid: Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS!
The reveal of Metroid Dread stunned many fans who were prepared for just about every announcement besides this one, but the news has come as less of a shock to those who have been following Metroid Dread‘s development for over 15 years.

Yes, Metroid Dread is the resurrected version of a previously canceled Metroid project, and the story of how it got from there to Nintendo’s E3 2021 showcase is absolutely fascinating.
Metroid Dread reports first began to spread in 2005 when the title was briefly mentioned in Game Informer magazine and appeared on a leaked list of upcoming Nintendo releases. At that time, the only things people knew about the project were its name, the rumor that it would be based on Metroid Fusion‘s gameplay, and the fact it was being developed for Nintendo DS. Most fans expected the project to be formally revealed at E3 2005 or E3 2006.
That’s when things got weird. Not only did Metroid Dread miss E3 2005, but by October, some outlets were reporting that it had been canceled. However, that news was soon contradicted by IGN and Official Nintendo Magazine who each suggested that the game could still be released sometime in 2006.
We did get a DS Metroid game in 2006, but that game turned out to be Metroid Prime Hunters (which was modeled after the 3D Metroid Prime series and not the classic 2D Metroid games). The fanbase was soon split between those who thought that Metroid Dread was just a working title for Hunters (and that some of those early leaked details were simply wrong) and those who thought that Dread was a separate project that could still be released that year. The latter group was proven wrong as the calendar turned to 2007.
However, 2007 did bring us Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the next major piece of the Metroid Dread puzzle. See, there’s a hidden message in Corruption that reads “Experiment status report update: Metroid project ‘Dread’ is nearing the final stages of completion.” While it seemed like a pretty obvious nod towards Metroid Dread and its apparently impending release, Corruption director Mark Pacini tried to write the wording off as a coincidence. More than a few fans suspected he was lying, but Nintendo informed GamesRadar later that year that they were “not making the 2D Metroid at this point in time.”
While the history of Metroid Dread‘s reported development is fairly well-documented up until this point, this is where we enter the realm of speculation.
There are a lot of theories about what happened to Metroid Dread between 2007 and now. Some still claimed the game never really existed, but most suspected that it had at least existed at one point in some form. In fact, one of the most popular Metroid Dread theories suggested that Nintendo simply wasn’t impressed by the game’s early demos and decided to scrap the project indefinitely. It was even reported that the game was going to be picked up at one point by Nintendo Software Technology, but that Nintendo decided to drop them as a possible developer after Project H.A.M.M.E.R. was canceled. Again, though, a lot of that information is based on a series of fairly loose reports and some educated guesses based on quotes and investigations.
Even those who were seemingly close to the Dread project during its reported development period would sometimes contradict each other when discussing what happened to it. For instance, series designer Yoshio Sakamoto noted in 2010 that Dread did exist at one point but that Nintendo would need to essentially start the project from scratch if they ever wanted to return to the idea. However, IGN co-founder Craig Harris (who had been following Dread‘s development closely over the years) reported that he had seen the game’s completed story and believed that Nintendo could bring it back whenever they wanted. That led some to believe that the game may have actually been close to finished at the time it was canceled or abandoned. However, it could just be that Dread‘s story was one of those elements of the project that Nintendo was happy with and that the rest of the game is what needed retooling.
One idea that has remained fairly consistent over the years is the belief that Nintendo remained willing to resurrect Metroid Dread if they ever felt that people really wanted a new 2D Metroid game. While that was generally accepted to be true, nobody was entirely sure what it actually meant. How could Nintendo tell if people wanted a new 2D Metroid game if they refused to release more Metroid games? Fans spent years practically begging for Nintendo to give them either a new 2D or 3D Metroid game in the style of previous entries, and those pleas hadn’t resulted in much until that point.
Interestingly, one of the fans that tried to convince Nintendo to revive 2D Metroid games during that time was Sakamoto himself. Actually, Sakamoto was apparently 2D Metroid‘s biggest champion over the years and had spent quite some time looking for a way to revive that concept. Eventually, he approached developer MercurySteam to make a new 2D Metroid game following their work on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. MercurySteam reportedly wanted to remake Metroid Fusion, but Sakamoto suggested that they remake Metroid 2 instead. Obviously, that suggestion eventually became 2017’s Metroid: Samus Returns.
And that’s about how we arrived at this point. Following the success of Metroid: Samus Returns, Nintendo was seemingly finally convinced that people wanted more 2D Metroid games and decided to let MercurySteam lead the development (with assistance from Nintendo) of the now-revived and recently revealed Metroid Dread. It’s not currently known how much DNA this new version of Dread shares with the old one, but Sakamoto recently said that it is based on an idea that began 15 years ago, so it certainly sounds like it’s going to be fairly close to the game that the Metroid team wanted to bring us years ago.

So why wasn’t Metroid Dread released years ago? Well, Sakamoto says that Nintendo DS technology simply didn’t allow the team working on the game at that time to complete the experience they envisioned. That would seem to support the idea that some version of Dread had been developed and showcased internally at one time, and that there may be something to the reports that the early builds of the title simply weren’t impressing the right people. Still, there are many unanswered questions that remain regarding why the project wasn’t revived sooner (especially for Nintendo 3DS).
For now, though, it’s enough to know that we’ll finally be able to play Metroid Dread when it’s released for Nintendo Switch on October 8!
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