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METROID: SUBSISTENCE | Ch. 2 - Long Silent Night+++[ Ambience_04 ] Samus walked briskly through the corridors of the Tacet Nox. Thankfully, she wasn’t quite as lost as before. Mostly because she had managed to upload a map from the Vessel’s Navigation Room. Sure, it didn’t exactly label anything in an extensive way, but it at least gave her an idea where she was going. She squeezed past a fallen accessway and into a broken open doorway, finding herself in what seemed to be a medical, or science station. It was far from well looked after, but hopefully it had the materials she needed. Stepping near to a workbench against the rightmost wall, Samus placed down her spherical companion, taking care not to stir it so suddenly. Now that she got a good look at it in moderately better lighting, she noted the plush, pink coloration of the creature. Its legs, or rather feet, were beet red, with no clear connection between themselves and the creature’s body. Perhaps it was a trick of the dim luminance of the cargo bay, but she could have sworn it was closer to a dark gray when she had first discovered it. Doesn’t matter, she told herself. She began to pace the room, shifting over knocked free containers and checking their contents. If she was going to get this thing out of here, she needed some sort of pressurized capsule to hold it. Whatever science team was on this vessel was bound to have at least a specimen canister of some kind. Her search turned up good, thankfully. Just within an all but empty overturned storage crate, she found a sealed glass suspension canister. Perfect. Mostly. She didn’t exactly feel good about sticking the alien in a glass and metal tube, but after a quick search around she found what appeared to be a small containment crate of topsoil, likely from the planets the Pirate’s had been surveying before this disaster. Scooping in just enough to create even ground whether the container was sideways or upright, she carried it under-arm back over to the workbench, as the small creature was starting to rouse. “Well, at least I won’t have to wake you myself.” Samus breathed in a low voice. Taking care not to make any large, or sudden movements, she gently set the container against the edge of the workbench as the creature raised itself up on its feet again. It seemed to lock onto Samus’s visor more quickly this time, seemingly familiar with the sight now to register it immediately. “Hey there.” Samus chimed gently through her helmet’s speaker, bending forward a bit to address the creature more directly. “I’m going to try to take you away from here, okay? But I need you to get into this capsule,” Samus gestured with the capsule, holding its glass rim to the edge of the table, “-So I can carry you more easily, alright?”The creature tilted its body as it continued to gaze up at her, a hum issuing from its form. It clearly heard her. But it didn’t seem to understand her words entirely. Or perhaps she was too verbose with her instructions? “Okay,” Samus racked her brain, trying to mentally simplify her command into as few words and as many gestures as she could. “… You-” She pointed at the creature with her free hand, “-In tube.” She gestured once again with the container, this time pointing at it for good measure. The creature’s gaze dropped to the container as she pointed. Good, it’s following along. I will carry-” She placed both hands around the capsule, hoisting it gently in her grip to emulate a visual of carrying something important. Lastly, she pointed at the door she had come through a moment ago, “-Then we leave.” The creature stared up at her again. Then back down at the capsule’s edge. Slowly, it began to waddle to the edge of the table, peering into the container from the top. “Yes! Exactly!” Samus chimed. In truth, she felt silly having to talk to this creature like it was a child, but so long as she didn’t throw it into anger, or cause it to lash out at her, she would do cartwheels if it soothed this thing. She tilted the capsule forward a bit so that the creature had an easier entry; it climbed into the edge and attempted to roll itself forward, spinning a bit as it tumbled onto the soil. With a huff, Samus pulled the container back under her arm as she capped the other end of the seal. As the end met the glass rim, a light shone on the top panel, indicating that the stasis effect of the capsule was activated. The tube pressurized and began recycling its internal atmosphere. Samus held the capsule under her arm for another moment, kneeling down and sighing as she mentally confirmed that the “mission” was complete. She shuffled the capsule in her hands as she lifted her right arm up to the side of her helmet, pressing back on the indentation she had fiddled with earlier. Static broke in her speaker’s briefly, as she began to speak. “ADAM? Sorry for cutting you off earlier. I’m all good. Creature is secured.” “< I know. >” He does? “How…?” “< I started viewing your progress on your helmet cam the moment you went quiet. >” Right. ‘Baby Monitor’, got it. “Okay. Getting ready to head out now.” “< A word, if I may. >” ADAM started. For an AI, she could feel a lot of judgment dripping from his synthetic voice. “You may…?” “< This plan is awful on a horrific scale. >” “… You may no longer.” Samus said curtly, getting ready to stand. Static rang in her ear quickly, causing her to almost lose balance. “< Lady, I genuinely implore you to think about this. >” He continued. Samus felt her legs stop as she dropped back onto a knee. “< You are barely managing to feed yourself with whatever rations you have left on this ship. We’re running on low power just to have energy to make emergency jumps, and you very much have notoriety in the Inner Galactic Circle. >” Samus huffed, her gaze turning to the side as she received her scolding. “< So please, enlighten me as to where a pet that eats creatures your size can fit in that system. >” “We’re not keeping him forever,” Samus began. “We just need to get him off of the Pirate’s ship and then figure something out after. Maybe set him up on an empty, habitable world.” She gently rocked the capsule absent mindedly as she rationalized. “Or we can bring him back to the system the Pirates took him from.” “&lt; Stop personifying it. >” “Would you really rather we left the thing here instead?” Samus winced at how unnaturally loud and brattish she had sounded saying that. “< Samus, this creature ate a pirate officer in front of you. >” ADAM was beginning to sound genuinely annoyed. At least as annoyed as he could muster in his artificial state. “< It has single handedly torn this ship apart by itself despite being smaller than a football. Your first and last action should have been unloading whatever weapon you can muster in your arsenal against it. >” “Look,” Samus pulled herself to a stand finally, gripping the top of the capsule in her hand, “I am more than willing to sort this out, and come up with a long-term plan, when we get out of here. Right now, this place is dank, ruined, and falling apart as we speak. So can we please shelve this until I get back to the ship?” “< There is one more thing you’ve yet to take care of or mention, Lady. >” ADAM noted. “What is that?” “&lt; The remaining Pirate Crew Members. >” Huuuuuuuurrrrrghhhhh… Oh.” Samus actively deflated a bit in a mix of annoyance and apathy. “< It is technically a part of the contract to ensure the Pirate Crew is secured as well. > ” “We didn’t take a contract,” Samus groaned stubbornly. “We told the Pirate Commander to piss off and have a nice day while we clean up his mess.” “< And I quote, as per Rule 4– >” “Don’t you dare,” Samus started, knowing exactly what the AI was trying to pull. “< -A rescue operation will be met with the neutralization of the hostile force, as well as ensuring the security and safety of any surviving crew– >” “–Spare no exceptions…” Samus grumbled out, her head slacking from her shoulders and slumping forward. Goddammit, I hate being a good person. “Put the signatures back on my HUD. I’ll be over to the most clustered life signs in a minute.” “< Done and ready. Good luck, Lady. >” Kiss my ass, Johnny-5. “Hm.” With that, the static from her helmet speaker ended the communication, her arm falling limply to her side in defeat. “… Maybe I should have gotten paid for this.” She hefted the containment capsule from the finger-grip back under her arm. Glancing towards the door, she sashayed the capsule from the bottom up into her palm. “Note of advice; never do favors for free, especially for bad people…” She turned her gaze back to the creature she had captured. “Solid wisdom, right… Bud… dy?”[ Ambience_05 ] What stared back at her wasn’t the tired, pink puff she had stowed away from the Cargo Bay. As the world around her had dimmed, Samus’s gaze was affixed, almost hypnotically, to the floating, translucent green form floating just above her hand, bobbing freely in space. Its nubbed teeth clacking and chittering excitedly, as its glowing red nuclei began to idly pulsate within its form. Oh. Try as she might to move, Samus’s muscles were out of her control. Somehow, someway, she was here. In an all too familiar cavern on an accursed, rogue planetoid she had become all too familiar with. A gentle rumble shook her feet as she heard the creature in the air in front of her squeak in content. Oooooooh no. This memory… She didn’t want this. She didn’t want to be here. Not now. Why wasn’t her body moving? Why couldn’t she speak, or think, or even breathe? What– “< Samus…! >” All at once, she was back. Her breathing quickened as she jolted at the noise, staring through the capsule in her palm. She could feel her heart in her ears, her eyes unsteady and unfocused. She looked at the capsule again, seeing the curious face of the small pink alien looking back at her. It seemed confused why it was being looked at so intensely but wasn’t otherwise disturbed or frightened at its position. “I… What is it…?” Samus spoke idly into her Helmet. “< Your vitals just went haywire. Are you alright? >” No. Yeah… Fuck! “I’m alright…” Samus tried to steady her breathing, getting ready to set out of the room. “I… Need to make a stop by the Cargo Bay, probably, but I’ll be proceeding after.” With not a word aside after that, Samus placed the Capsule sideways against her lower back, a light magnetic tether forming between it and her suit to carry it in place. Light shone from her as her trusty cannon reformed around her arm. With an attempt at a relaxing exhale, Samus sauntered from the room, a series of thoughts formulating in her head.+++[ Ambience_06 ] For Space Pirates, it was considered a great dishonor to stake your life on something as fleeting as hope. It was finite, inabsolute, and therefore cowardly to rely on. To the point that a swift death, even at the hands of a comrade, was often favored. But sitting here, in this room for what had felt like an eternity, Security Officer Kuræsh was really starting to think hope just plain didn’t exist. To think his last shift on duty had felt perfectly normal; a routine scan cycle following the Research Team’s latest haul, only for it to quickly and horrifically spiral out of control. Now he was stuck in a Sustenance Ward on the aft portion of the ship, the hall he had taken to get here damaged beyond repair and depressurized leaving no escape, “They have to know we’re here, right? They just have to!” “A ship this large doesn’t just go missing without anyone noticing!” “What if that thing finds us… What it’s already on its way… Dear gods…!” And worst of all, he couldn’t even have the peace of dying alone. He had shacked up with 4 other survivors from this disaster. As far as they were aware, they were the only ones left. Another Security Officer like himself, a Lekrel named Jo-Ahnii, who was green in more than his cybernetics and armor, was currently mumbling in a panic, as he had been the last week or so. Maybe a month? Kuræsh didn’t know anymore, he honestly lost count. The two science technicians he had managed to muster along with him, Ame and Tuvish; a pair of bipedal serpentine aliens, seemed to be locked in a “will they/won’t they” debate about their odds of survival, for all the good it wasn’t doing. The only one he could stomach was the quiet one. He was a tall, smooth shelled alien, something between a crustacean and an insectoid. His body was mostly humanoid, save for the long, trowel shaped head and pointed feet. Its arms were akin to a mantis, an insectoid creature often sighted on Human Populated worlds. His silver skin had an almost iridescent sheen to it, flickering from its gray metallic color to gold in the dim light of the room. Kuræsh huffed, scratching a bulky fist under his chin. To hell with this. I might as well strike a conversation if no one else is making plans. He muscled up, stood sharply, then began to walk toward the silent alien against the far wall, his feet thudding heavily with each stomp forward. “You. Zebesian,” He got as close as his massive frame would allow, his body looming over the thinner Pirate like an ill omen. The Silver Zebesian tilted its head up, opening its eyes to acknowledge the officer before it. “I had heard your ilk once served high command directly, even acting as the personal guard to His Malevolence.” “… I may have, once.” The Zebesian's voice issued in low, gravely hiss. Kuræsh crossed his arms, the plates of his body’s thick shelled skin grinding with a sound skin to granite or marble. “You must have some secure lines or connections to send messages to and from command through, in the event of emergencies.” He huffed, his head nodding towards the rest of the group. “I grow bored of this ceaseless drabble. We need to request aid. Now.” The Zebesian let out a scoff. “You suspect I have access to such lines of communication, yet believe I wouldn’t have tried to hail command by now?” The bladed portion of his arm opened away, revealing a tridactyloid hand clutching a circular metal device. “I have tried to reach out a dozen times in the past month. And yet have received nothing.” He slumped down, defeat taking over its form. “We are abandoned, much like the ship itself.” “Tsk. So that’s it then.” Not the answer Kuræsh wanted to hear, but what more could he ask for really. He walked over to the wall and slid down next to the Zebesian. “Of all the rotten luck. Not even hope is viable anymore.” “Hm. The terrible situation aside, there is one saving grace.” The Zebesian glared forward at the opposing wall. “You don’t have to worry about hearing voices when it’s coming from other people.” “True. It just comes with the annoyance of other people.” Kuræsh’s head tilted back, bouncing against the wall behind him. “… What name were you born to, Zebesian…?” The Zebesian’s head tilted somewhat, a bit surprised at the question. He looked forward again, exhaling. “I was called… Vesper.” “Vesper… Do you truly believe we can survive this ordeal…?” “Hm. Have you somewhere else to be?” He jested flatly. “Oh… I wish desperately so.” Kuræsh closed his eyes, leaning back a bit further. “On my homeworld, Q’Vash… I have a mate. I have not seen him in so long.” His arms outstretched longingly, wrapped up in a vision of desire. “I had hoped to return once our expedition finished. And now look at us. Stranded.” His head dropped, shaking in despair and defeat. “How can I possibly explain my failure to check in, after so long…?” “Hmph. Think of everything you want to tell them now. Every wish. Every embrace you want to give. Use that as your fire. To keep you alive now, and to carry you home.” Vesper looked away, and out through the room’s series of skylights, lost in thoughts of the world he called home. “Be that person or place. You must focus and carry on your way home.” The two sat in silence for a time, listening idly to the conversations of their comrades. Time marched on for what felt like eternity, the only change in scenery being the size of the debris field around the vessel, and the only noise aside from themselves being the creaks and groans of the crumbling ship. At times, the survivors would find themselves glancing at the access hatch that acted as the only exit from this room. It had remained shut the entire time they had been here, only ever opening to allow them entry when they first arrived. After a time, the group began to notice the room was… More still , than usual. It was hard to describe, but something about the air was wrong. They began to hear noises, emanating from the direction of the hatch, though none of them dare investigate. It was only a matter of time until the noise closed in; footsteps, belonging to a single pair of metal boots of some kind. Kuræsh and the Zebesian both stood, with Jo-Ahnii stumbling into a stand behind them. “It can’t be the creature… Can it…?” “Steps are too heavy.” Kuræsh assured his subordinate. He looked to Vesper to confirm his own suspicions. “Could it be… a Rescue…?” Vesper’s eyes had closed in an attempt to fully absorb the sound of the footsteps. Something about them was… Familiar… Where had he heard it… And why was it hanging so ominously in his mind. “It has to be a rescue!” Ame, the technician chimed behind the trio. “At long last, we’re saved!!” Kuræsh let the idea take him for a moment. Saved? It seemed almost fantastical. Like something from a dream. He looked at Vesper, who was deep in thought, struggling to remember where he had heard these footsteps before. His eyes shot open in realization, his arms extending to usher the Security Officers back from the door. “That’s not a rescue.” A hiss was heard behind the hatch in front of them, indicating the pressure seal had been breached briefly, a set of footsteps indicating whoever it was had entered the airlock. With caution, the party leaders raised their weapons; The Security Officers hoisting their blasters, and the Zebesian preparing its bladed arms. A second hiss confirmed the airlock had repressurized. “What is it…?” Kuræsh gave a low whisper to Vesper. “The Federation…?” A sound like a cannon issued from behind the hatch, the blue glow fading and dissipating as only the deep metallic spiral remained. Vesper glared at the hatch as his blades primed in his grip.[ Crateria - A Dark Omen ] “… Worse.” The hatch squeaked open, darkness filling the airlock. The only thing visible, being a green, glowing shape hanging in space. At once, the Pirates had realized what found them. “Oh no.” Jo-Ahnii breathed. Taking a step back in fear. Ame and Tuvish clung tightly to each other and shrunk back behind the trio of warriors. Kuræsh stood his ground, but the arm holding his blaster faltered for a moment. Guess I won’t find my way home after all. None of them dared speak, and they hardly blasphemed to breathe. Vesper, standing firm in front of his compatriots, was the first to command attention. “What business finds you here, Samus Aran?” The figure stood in the doorway for another moment, before an orange clad foot stepped forth from the shadows. Kuræsh had only ever heard stories of the infamous Galactic Bounty Hunter known as Samus Aran. From all descriptions, he had long envisioned a mechanical nightmare; something that seemed more robotic than human as its physique suggested. But as this… Thing stepped from the dark, and into view, all notions of those visions crumbled away. What had been described as a metallic armor plating was instead a sickening, orange sinew and skin, like exposed flesh bulging out and away from the body. The yellow plating looked more like it was being overtaken by its neighbor material than it looked like the lighter portion of an armor suit. This being as a whole looked less like an Armor-Clad person, and more like a lumbering, wall of flesh and metal with an angry, angular green eye at its face. A reanimated corpse, not unlike His Malevolence. This being, this “Samus Aran”, looked to take stock of the room and its inhabitants, its weapon smoking at one end, from opening the hatch they could assume. Kuræsh gestured with his weapon, attempting to help gain control of the situation. “Speak when addressed, Hunter…” The being merely continued to gaze about the room, barely registering the group was there. After a moment, the doomed ship’s creaks and groans filling the silence, the being finally spoke, gazing directly at the Zebesian, Vesper. “Is this all there is?” The voice called out mechanically, like a recording through a speaker rather than a true voice. “If you wished for a more bountiful hunt, I’m sorry to disappoint.” Vesper said, his feet shuffling to a more ready stance. Another moment passed, when the Hunter began to slowly step forward. The group flinched at the sudden approach; even Vesper took a preemptive step back. The exposed arm of the Hunter reached around itself, pulling free a device at its hip. “What… What is that?? An explosive???” Jo-Ahnii questioned, taking another stride backward. Kuræsh and Vesper shared a glance. That device. The research team had taken several of them down to the planets they surveyed. They were homing beacons . The Hunter calibrated the beacon for a moment, before it lit up and began resounding a rhythmic ping. Standing up, the Hunter turned their head towards Vesper and Kuræsh. “A Mother Ship should arrive in a few hours, sometime after I leave. This beacon will let them know you’re here, and they should send a recovery party to come get you.”With that, the Hunter turned, and proceeded to leave back through the hatch. “Why should we believe you?” Kuræsh asked, stepping forward to hold position next to Vesper. “For all we know, this could be a trap, and the Federation could arrive to arrest us after you leave–” “I don’t work for the Federation anymore.” The Hunter said, having stopped in place. “And I don’t care if you believe me or not. Whether you die of starvation, or the Mother Ship vaporizing what’s left of this vessel doesn’t matter to me.” The Hunter turned their head, their visor visible over their shoulder. “I’m giving you a chance to live. Waste it or take it. It makes no difference.” With that final word, the Hunter stepped through the hatch, the spiraling doors closing behind them. The warrior trio immediately rushed forward, filling the space the Hunter had left. That was it…? One of the greatest adversaries the Pirate’s had ever faced. The lone warrior that bested the might of Zebes’s invasion force in all but a few hours… And she had just saved their lives? She dropped a lifeline at their feet… And just left? Kuræsh peered down at the Homing Beacon on the floor. Had that truly just happened? Was the answer to their problem really just… Resolved in an instant? He huffed, a smile breaking on his face. Hope, huh. Maybe Hope wasn’t as bad as he was led to believe.+++[ Hatchling - Escape ] Samus managed to navigate her way down to the Vessel’s hanger, a series of shuttles lined up, with enough vacancy for a larger ship to dock if necessary. Perfect . She motioned a few commands onto her Arm Cannon, a chirp sounding in her ear. Out in the distance of space, she could make out the gentle hum of her ship’s engines coasting up to the Hanger. Briskly but calmly, the purple and silver Starship flew into the Hanger, landing graciously just in front of the Bounty Hunter. Just as an elevator lowered from her ship, she pulled at something on her back. To her eyes, it looked as though her hand was gripping onto the air itself, but after a quick series of scans from her visor, the localized cloak she had put on the Spherical Creature’s capsule dropped, allowing her to see inside at the one again sleeping alien within. Behind her helmet, Samus’s lips curled into a smile. Lowering the capsule back under her arm, she stepped into the elevator and was whisked upward into the bay of the Starship. The ship remained in place for a moment, before the thrusters fired up underneath it, lifting it out of the Tacet Nox’s Hanger. Just as it exited the Hanger opening, Samus’s Starship went full speed, and shot away from the Vessel before jumping to warp. Once warp was established, Samus allowed herself to shed her armor in the back of the ship. Now down to a compression top and pants, the clothing she had worn before donning the Fusion Suit, she circled around to the Sealed Capsule she had placed firmly into a wall mount in the bay. Observing the creature within, she couldn’t help but feel a bit proud at the idea that she had successfully removed it from further trouble aboard the Pirate Research ship. Feelings for another time, however.[ Ambience_07 ] “ADAM, you awake?” “< For you Lady, I never sleep. >” The AI ejected a few viewing drones from various regions of the bay, all of which began circling the sealed tube expectantly. “< I would ask if you wanted me to run a scan of just what this creature is, but I take it even your suit had trouble grappling with its physiology. >” “Yeah, it was weird. It’s not like the suit hasn’t had trouble making sense of foreign biological material, or technology before,” Samus paced behind the drones, dropping into a squat before rolling onto her back. “But that’s usually because it’s so incredibly complicated that it’s impossible to understand without something to bridge the knowledge gap. This though?” Samus peered to the left from her splayed position. “It’s almost like it’s too simple for the suit to understand instead. Like the suit is confused that something so small and… lacking in detail can be so powerful.” Her AI Companion hummed in confirmation, a noise that seemed to echo through the ship. “< Well… Here’s my suggestion. >” One of the drones flew down and hovered gingerly in front of Samus’s face. “< If the complicated scanning technology is having trouble doing scans on something mind bogglingly simple, then maybe what we need is mind bogglingly simple tests. Counteract the weird with the bizarre. I’ll get started on a physical work up, cross referencing with known species and various research documents in the Galactic Bestiary. As for you, Samus… >” “…Me?” Samus sat up curiously. “< Yes, you– >” The Drone gestured with its whole form. “< Try to think of a way to convince yourself and me that this is a good idea before I finish. >” Samus grumbled at the AI’s insistence, turning away as she lay back down against the cold steel floor. She had to admit he had a point. This wasn’t the most considered idea she’d had as of late. And taking into account the earlier… Episode… She was somewhat starting to doubt this had come from a healthy place in her mind. She had hoped she had long made peace with what had happened with the Baby Metroid, but it seemed even a healed wound never truly closes. She lifted a hand up in front of her face, inspecting it for a moment, before placing it against her abdomen with a huff. Maybe closure wasn’t the issue she was facing right now. Maybe the creature's defenseless state was more of a memory than an omen. She pondered for a moment, looking back over at the glass container held up on the wall. Perhaps, after so much time, and so much strife, deep down… She simply wished to try again . Skipping all the struggle, and world ending worry. Maybe it was as simple as wanting to do better, do more than she had before. Samus sat herself up, feeling a weight pull at her shoulders. Well, she knew what she wanted to do, and why. Now all she needs to figure out is the how .A light ping resonated through the ship for a moment, signifying ADAM had finished with his scanning. The Drone eye from before gently floated back over to consult with her. “< Before I tell you what I’ve got, it’s probably best we touch base. >” The Drone turned, peaking back at the creature, which seemed to have taken an invested interest in its own feet. “< So, Lady. What’s the plan? >” Samus gathered her thoughts for a moment before speaking. “Well obviously, the creature is dangerous. Beyond normal limitations. We can’t let the Space Pirates get their hands on it again. Moreover,” Samus turned to the Capsule, then over to the locker where her Fusion Suit was stashed away. “… We can’t let the Federation get their hands on him either.” “< A fair judgment. >” The drone hovered gently in place, its unblinking stare creating an uneasy tension in the exchange. “And we can’t exactly drop it off at a Center for Displaced Wildlife.” Samus leaned back against the edge of one of the bay seats. “The… The Etecoons and Drachoras were a special case. They had already had their home taken from them once, and I couldn’t bear the idea of letting the only surviving Zebes Species waste away on this ship.” “< A responsible decision brought about by lack of options. >” ADAM reasoned. “< Also, there’s the risk that the creature would eat the rest of the Displaced Species. >” “Right.” Samus smirked darkly at the jab. The conversation sat for a moment, the woman pondering the word he used a moment ago. Responsible. “So… Seeing as giving him away is off the table, and we can’t just drop him off in the middle of nowhere and hope for the best– “< Too many open variables, including less than scrupulous parties procuring it. > ”“–It may be for the best that… for the time being,” Samus folded her arms in front of her chest. “That he stays here. Where we can monitor him and make sure no one else can either endanger him or endanger anyone else with him.” The two sat eying each other for a moment, before the AI broke the silence. “< Okay. >” The eye backed away, returning to orbit around the container. Samus followed the drone’s path, stunned at the sudden end to the conversation. “Okay…?” She stood promptly; her brow raised at the direction of the container. “What, that’s it? No Doomsday scenarios, or full-life consequences, or… Whatever? Just… Okay?” “< I merely wished to test if you were sure about your own decision. You’ve rationalized this well, and I see no problems in your judgment. >” The blonde woman shuffled in place for a moment. “< A word of advice for the future, however. >” “What…?” The drone from before quickly returned to float in front of her face. “< A simple ‘Because it’s really cute’ would have been more efficient. > ”[ Ambience_08 ] If she didn’t know the force would all but shatter the expensive apparatus, she would have slapped it out of the air right there. With a scowl, Samus walked up to the capsule, her pink friend gazing up at her patiently. He seemed to observe her as much as she did him. He tilted and bobbed curiously at her movements, almost hypnotized by her appearance. She had to wonder, for a creature whose appearance was so simple, like a child’s drawing, was something as complex as a human seen as equivalent to an eldritch overload of visual stimulation. She never felt self-conscious of her appearance before but thinking of every detail of her own face compared to the smooth, almost rubbery looking texture of the ball alien before her made her somewhat uncomfortable. “So… What did you find out…?” “< I’ll start with the basics first: I ran the creature's physiology through everything we have on file. Even took the time to skim some old urban legends and mythology. This thing doesn’t appear anywhere. >” The drones all slowed a bit, ceasing their orbit to instead revolve in a circular pattern around the creature within Samus’s view. The alien seemed to be taken in by the spinning pattern and followed the movements with its whole body before it seemed to get dizzy and sit down. “< Whatever planet the Pirates took this from wasn’t just uncharted, it seems to be completely unheard of. We might just be looking at an entirely new species. >” Samus arched forwards a bit to get a better view. The ovular eyes of the alien within followed her as she approached. It blinked a few times, before its body tilted to the left inquisitively. Without realizing it, Samus’s head mirrored the creature’s tilt, rolling to her right as she squinted down at it. It was clearly cognizant, at least on a basic level. And being able to follow simple instructions meant it had some low degree of intelligence at least. Samus began to make shapes with her mouth, the creature following her lead, before its eyes blinked rapidly, a squeak issuing from it as it started to yawn. In turn, Samus too felt an involuntary yawn take her, as she stepped away from the container. “Okay, so… We still don’t know what it is, but do we have a physical we can work with to get an idea?” “< That’s where things start to get more complicated. >” The drones formed up in front of her and projected an image into the air. It seemed to be in the vague shape of the alien, only with what she could grasp was its interior. The inner body was highlighted with a yellow gold coloration, while at its core was a bright blue dot. It took a moment for her eyes to notice, but she also made out the very edge of the creature’s body, what she assumed was its skin layer, was remarkably thin, and was outlined as a blue purple line. “< I’ve done every form of scan possible. X-Ray, Radio Image, even Ultraviolet Spectral Imaging. This thing doesn’t have any insides. Period. At all. >” Samus looked at the image incredulously. This had jumped from weird to crazy a little faster than she was used to. “< The only thing I could gauge about its physical makeup is that its body seems to be made of a cocktail of adipose, basic fluids, and an unknown energy. >” Adipose…? So, like… It’s fat…? Samus pressed a button near the top of the capsule, the glass tubing lowering to just the edge of the dirt she had filled it with to act as a soft ground. Gently, she reached her unprotected hand up to the creature and, a bit sheepishly, pressed the side of her palm into it. Almost immediately, the two surfaces of her hand and the creature squished plushly together, a warmth passing between the two. The creature seemed puzzled for a moment at the contact, before it seemed to lean into her hand, its eyes closing as if it was comforted by her touch. “That energy. That’s what my suit’s Hazard System picked up back in the Cargo Bay, wasn’t it?” Now that she thought about it, maybe handling this creature without her suit may not have been the best idea. “< It was, but rest assured, it’s mostly harmless. >” Noting Samus looking back at the drones, he continued. “< The energy seems to be similar to the Background Radiation emitted by young stars in the early stages of Fusion Reaction. Normally that would be cause for concern, but after doing some scans on the output over time, its generation looks to be thousands of times less than that generated by a full-blown sun over the span of several hundreds of years. >” The projection the drones showed highlighted the bright blue dot at the core. “< As you’re handling it now, it should feel something like a sunny day at the peak of Spring, only localized over a single spot. >” Samus looked back at the creature, contently nuzzling into her palm. “How is it even generating energy like that…?” She gently upturned her hand, laying it against the edge of the dirt. The creature took the invitation, and climbed into her palm, its body squishing somewhat like a ball of dough. Pulling up and away, she brought up her other hand to properly hold the creature in front of her, its eyes opening to gaze curiously at her in response. “&lt; That is actually the easiest thing to explain here: >” The drones altered their projection; this time showing an image of Sol, the celestial body at the center of the Origin System of Old Earth. “< Matter-to-Energy synthesis. >” Samus looked at the display, then down at the creature in her hands. Her brow furrowed, looking back at the projection, followed by her eyes going wide as she looked back down at the creature once again. “… Fusion.” She turned back to the drones, completely dumbfounded and taken aback at the insinuation. “Like… Nuclear Fusion???” “< You yourself watched the creature swallow an entire Pirate Soldier at once. >” ADAM posited, the drones ceasing their projection. “< Considering the lack of any sort of digestive or internal organ system, we can only surmise that the creature is directly converting the material it ingests into energy, and is using that energy to both constitute itself, and continue to sustain itself as its life goes on.>” Samus stared down at the sphere, bewildered. One of the drones drifted up to her shoulder, gazing down at the creature with her. “< Congratulations, Lady. You’ve made friends with a star. >” On cue, the pink creature blinked a few times, before its mouth curled up into a U-shape, indicating it was smiling up at them. Samus breathed out a laugh, her own mouth donning a dazed smile. Well. This was certainly a day.+++
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As with every major release, the guys at Digital Foundry have already prepared a video analysis of Metroid Dread, in which they talk in detail about the technical aspect, such as resolution and frame rate per second. Here you can take a look at it, although I'll tell you once and for all, Dread is practically flawless in this area.
Well, it was to be expected that Metroid Dread would perform really well on the Switch. As always, Nintendo's first-party games hardly ever have any technical hiccups, and this new offering is no exception.
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