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Samus Aran - Slight Redesign by Jalsze
E-Tank Girl... Fun with Metroids! by The-nostalgia-runs
Shine Samus 2020 by UltraSparkseid
Samus Aran - Fanart by bazume
Metroid Masterpieces
E-Tank Girl... Fun with Metroids! by The-nostalgia-runs
Relics 1 by Dice9633
Grab that Metroid! by The-nostalgia-runs
Mega Hand Cannon Cross Fire! by SalamanderArt
Samus Aran - Armored
Samus Fighting Metroids by silentrebel93
Metroid - Samus Aran - Power Suit by ABSOLUTEWEAPON
Hunter's peace by DARKRAGNAROK2000
Dark Samus by DayMae
Chozo and Luminoth
Chozo character reference 2 by Noctis-quarzt
Chozo in Armor by Marx-Wraith7
Chozo Researcher by Marx-Wraith7
Flowers For Daddy by lady-warrior
Coming back? by kritken
Metroid Relatability #2 by LunarSpawnSerenata
Kanbot by RottaC
Spibot by RottaC
Ridley and Space Pirates
Ridley by jnsfw
#SixFanart Challange by LemmyKoopas1FanGirl
The future in my own image by Muridd
Neverending Struggle by Aecholapis
Metroids and other Creatures
Dark Samus by jnsfw
Metroid- Dark Sam by piktips
Grooming Dragotix by Gwan-Thewi
Metroid ambush by Shinwashi
Samus in Maridia by Desgeega
Prime by Pakmanjosh
Zero Laser Vs. Plasma Scream by Screaming-Sheldon
Other Bosses
Metroid - Phantoon by ABSOLUTEWEAPON
Dark-samus- final encounter by kritken
Dark Aether's final moments by kritken
Samus vs Dark Samus- Second Battle by kritken
Other Allies
Fight like a girl by ThePrincessRobotRoom
New Age of Heroes: Mothers Day by LunarSpawnSerenata
Galactic Federation Trooper - Metroid by transgengars
DWOAH: Doppelganger Jack vs SA-X
Deadliest warriors of all historyDoppelganger Jack vs SA-XDoubles with opposing moralsTimothy Lawrence aka Doppelganger Jack info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 160lbsWeapons: Digi-Jacks, Pistol, SMG, Blaster Laser, GrenadesStrengths: As handsome Jack’s body double Timothy has spent years after Jack’s death surviving persecution from those who believe he is the real Jack, Above peak human strength (Can carry multiple Weapons without being hindered, Can physically harm most enemies and damage Shields with physical strikes), Extreme durability (His Shields can tank multiple explosions and dozens of bullets and Lasers, Even without his Shields Timothy can take a fair amount of damage before dying), Above peak human speed, High intelligence/Is extremely crafty (Survived for seven years in Handsome Jack’s casino by making deals with many of the Bandits also trapped there), Has defeated the likes of the Sentinel and Iwajira.Weaknesses: Timothy’s Shields are finite and require a recharge time to reactivate, Timothy suffers from fairly severe psychological damage from his upbringing which can cause him to second guess his own judgement, Timothy is extremely acrophobic and will freak out at high heights, Timothy had a Bomb implanted in his face during his facial construction surgery and whilst it has been deactivated from its normal detonation commands it could hypothetically still be set off.SA-X info: Height: 6 foot 3Weight: 198lbsWeapons: Arm Cannon, Ice Beam, Power Bomb, Super MissilesStrengths: As a parasitic clone of Samus Aran SA-X possesses nearly all of her strengths and Weaponry, Superhuman strength (Is equal to Samus in her Power Suit), Superhuman durability (Is equal to Samus in her Power Suit), Extreme speed (Is equal to Samus in her Power Suit), Possesses all of Samus’s Weapons from her Legendary Varia Suit (Including Power Bombs which are powerful enough to destroy planets), Despite being fairly animalistic in mind SA-X learns and adapts as it hunts, Can transform into a more Monstrous form if damaged enough.Weaknesses: Is weakened by Metroids, Seems to lack most of Samus’s intellect despite copying her memories being just a single minded animalistic killing Machine.Battle begin!“Ok, no more Skags, God I hate Skags” Timothy panted as he reloaded his SMG, the bodies of the pack of Skags littering the dirt in front of him.“Oh come on they’re not that bad, the little ones are cute...kinda” Janey spoke through his commlink “anyway you should head back for your reward since you took the pack out”.Nodding Timothy turned to walk back to his vehicle only to stop when he saw a tall Armoured figured walking in his direction “holy shot…” Janey spoke through the commlink being able to see through the camera on it “is that…?”“Samus Aran…” Timothy gasped as sheer fanboy joy washed over him “oh my god it’s the galaxy's best Bounty Hunter!”.“Oh my god get her autograph!!!” Janey borderline screamed in his ear making Timothy flinch and hiss at the ache it brought to his ear “I’ve got all of her merchandise! I’ve got posters, action figures and even the first time I had some happy time with myself I was thinking of her!”.“Ok, didn’t need to know that” Timothy replied “but fine I’ll get her autograph, just...let me psyche myself up first….ok, I’m Handsome Jack, I’m confident, I’m handsome, who wouldn’t want to talk to me? Yeah, yeah ok...hey Samus baby! No not even Jack is that douchey” he muttered to himself before sighing and deciding ‘screw it’.Taking a deep breath Timothy put on his best Jack smile before approaching the Bounty Hunter “hey there!” he greeted her as confidently as he could despite flinching as the woman turned to face him “hey listen, big fan of your work, I was wondering if you could do be a big favour and sign something for me” he requested before starting to pat down his jacket and pants and rifling through his pockets for anything for Samus to sign.As he rifled through his pockets the Bounty Hunter just silently stared down at him, the image behind her visor not being the familiar visage of Samus Aran but that of a blank soulless face, the Bounty Hunter then slowly raising her Arm Cannon to take aim at Timothy’s face as he finally pulled out a spare scrap of paper and a pen from his back pocket.“So yeah I was wondering if you could...sign...this” Timothy continued as he looked up and slowly trailed off “uh...Janey…”.“She’s not Samus…” Janey gasped through the commlink before SA-X shot Timothy point blank in the face.Thankfully for the body double his Shields tanked the shot at the cost of them breaking and requiring recharge, Timothy being blasted back by the shot making him land hard on his back “oh god not the face!” he exclaimed, fearing both Handsome Jack’s reaction to if his face was ruined and the Bomb that was planted under his face during the reconstructive surgery.As Timothy scrambled back closing his face SA-X charged another shot before firing, narrowly missing as he rolled out of the way and redrew his SMG spraying the entire clip at the Parasitic Clone to which the bullets just bounced straight off of its Armour.As the bullets pinged off of it SA-X just silently raised its arm again to fire its Cannon again, the beam cutting through the air as it swept its arm horizontally to follow Timothy as he ran to avoid it, keeping his head down as panic cursed under his breath “oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap OH CRAP!!!” he repeated as the Cannon blast narrowly nicked across his back just as his Shields came back, feeling the intense burn of it but thankfully suffering no real damage from it.As the blast from the Arm Cannon stopped Timothy dropped to a crouching stance to reload and shoot at SA-X again, the bullets once again just bouncing off of its Armour as it marched towards him making Timothy yelp in fright and panic throw a Grenade at the Alien which exploded against its body clouding it in a dust cloud only for it to march out near unharmed from it.“Oh come on!” Timothy complained before gagging as SA-X grabbed him by the throat with its free hand, holding him aloft by it before pressing its Arm Cannon to his chest and charging “Jacks! Help me out!” he wheezed as he activated his Digi-Jacks ability summoning two Hard Light Holograms of himself behind the Alien.“This just got a lot more handsome!” the Holograms announced cheerily before starting to shoot SA-X in the back with their Laser wrist mounted Blasters, the attacks doing more noticeable damage if not annoying SA-X more as it recoiled from the shots and dropped Timothy to turn around and shoot the Holograms, destroying them instantly only for them to reform a couple of feet to the left of the original Holograms and start shooting again.Gasping as he was released Timothy coughed for air as he pulled out his Pistol and fired it point black to the back of SA-X’s head hoping for an execution shot only for the bullet to bounce clean off of its Helmet “oh come on!” he protested before SA-X violently shunted its elbow back to strike him in the jaw knocking him on his ass and making him drop his Pistol “oh why the face?!”.More than annoyed with the Digi-Jack’s SA-X swapped its Arm Cannon for its Super Missiles, opening its Shoulder Plates to reveal the Missile Launchers before launching a barrage of Super Missiles at the Digi-Jacks destroying them outright.With the Holograms dealt with SA-X turned to attack Timothy again only to find him running away for cover, the Alien’s cold unfeeling eyes following his every moment as it then marched after him firing a volley of Super Missiles after him which slammed into his back, destroying his Shields and damaging his back as they sent him flying off of his feet and making him land hard on his face.“Damn it why the face?!” Timothy exclaimed as he wiped the dirt from his cheek and stood up as SA-X marched towards him again charging its Arm Cannon, Timothy drawing his Laser Blaster in response and shooting forward, the burst of Laser fire cutting across the Alien’s chest plate making it stumble slightly.“Ok, Lasers better than bullets” he commented as he then kept firing, shooting Laser after Laser at SA-X making it recoil and stumble before it fired its Arm Cannon again at his feet, blasting dirt and dust up to block his vision of itRaising his arm to shield his eyes from the dust Timothy gasped as SA-X came bursting through the dust cloud rolled up in sphere form, the Alien slammed into him with enough impact to shatter his Shields before it landed and started rolling around him at high speeds kicking up more dust and dirt into the air to further cloud the area.Coughing from the dust in the air Timothy aimed his Laser Blaster in every direction, snapping from side to side to try to catch sight of the Alien, even resending out his Digi-Jack’s into the cloud to hunt for SA-X again.To his horror however the moment they activated and locked onto their target the hard light Holograms were destroyed when the Alien shot passed them in sphere form dropping a Power Bomb as it went, the explosion destroying them outright as well as creating a massive blast crater beneath where they once were, the blast front picking Timothy off of his feet as he cried out from the sheer heat of the explosion, his Shields barely after to recharge before they were broken again as his body was severely scorched by the explosion.Landing hard on his back Timothy wheezed as he felt his clothes burning, his skin scorched as he forced himself to slowly get up “oh god please let the face be fine...Jack’s gonna kill me…” he groaned in pain bringing a hand to his face and gasping at the intense heat that came off of the burn running along his cheek “ah god damn it! I am so dead!”.As if to add to his point a blast of ice cold energy struck him in the legs freezing them in place as SA-X then emerged from the residual dust cloud from the Power Bomb explosion, the Alien swapping its Ice Beam back to its normal Arm Cannon to shoot the Laser Blaster out of Timothy’s hands as he tried to shoot at it before taking aim at him again “oh god Jack I’ll see you in hell you arrogant psychopathic bastard!!!” he screamed as SA-X fired again shooting Timothy straight in the face and without his Shields to block it he could do nothing to lighten the attack.Taking the shot completely to the face Timothy’s head lasted mere seconds before it was burned clean off of its shoulders, leaving his headless corpse still standing as his legs remained frozen, SA-X simply lowering its Arm Cannon and continuing on its way leaving the Doppelgangers body behind.Winner: SA-XAnother quick death battle out of the way and most likely the first one uploaded in years without a thumbnail (honestly screw Eclipse for removing ALL of my thumbnails).So anyway why does SA-X defeat Doppelganger Jack?Well simply since SA-X essentially scales to Samus Aran it simply outdoes Timothy Lawrence despite his impressive feats and kill streak (although because of Borderlands multiplayer encouraged nature none of his major kills can be truly attributed to him as canonically any of the Vault Hunters could have claimed those kills).
Stamps, Pixel Art, GIFs, logos, and Other Apps.
Favorite or Not by scott910
Zero Suit, Armorless Samus
Samus Aran by xuuikie
Metroid VariaDays - Friction Z by Tindyflow
Metroid Collaboration
Metroid Collaboration by DrZime

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Welcome to the Metroid Group!


The biggest fan group for the Metroid series from Nintendo.
This group is one of few that does not accept vulgar artwork. :thumbsup:

Before you join, make sure you read over the submission rules below.

...and be sure to geek out.


:bulletblue: How to Join

:bulletblue: Submission Rules

:bulletblue: Contests

:bulletblue: How to Run Your Own Group

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Our Group's Metroid Collaboration:





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Thanks to all who entered, voted, commented on and faved the entries!
We hope to see you for the next one!

:bulletblue: Concept  :painter:

Black and White only

Illustrate anything Metroid in only black and white colors.

- Only black and white colors can be used. This includes shades of grey.
---- Exception: if you want to use sepia tones or a "game boy green sheen", that'll be accepted as well.

- Anything Metroid is allowed as your subject. It doesn't have to be from a black and white game.

Gameboy green

- Artwork or literature is allowed. If you're a writer, emphasize the colors of black and white in your work.

- You can draw in any style, any medium. Fan fictions are also allowed.

- Doll makers or bases are not allowed. You must make your art all on your own.

- 3D modeling programs are allowed, but only if you made the models yourself. Otherwise it's unfair to everyone else if you're using someone else's work for your entry.

- Keep it PG13. Nothing vulgar will be allowed, including fetishes. No gore (light violence is okay). No nipples poking through clothing, no boobs the size of Texas.

- Your entry must be one made for this contest. No old deviations are allowed. No deviations made before [09-20-16] will be accepted.

- Please mention this contest in your description! If you don't I won't be sure whether or not you actually meant to enter your deviation in the contest folder. If you don't mention your artwork is for this contest in the description, I'll remove it from the contest folder.

- You can enter if you're not a member. Just be sure to mention this contest in your description and give us a link!

- NO tracing, and TRY NOT TO copy. I've seen like, every Metroid art out there, and if you trace, your entry will not be allowed. And anyway, if you copy you're not going to win. Nobody ever votes for a trace.

- NO smudging of official art to make it look painted. Just... don't use official art, please. You have artistic minds, you can do it!

- Regular group rules still apply. Please read up on them if you're not familiar with them..

- You may have up to three entries.

- When your entry is done, submit it to our Contest 18 - Black and White Only folder in the gallery! And also comment with a link to it in this blog. That way if you accidentally submitted it to the wrong folder, we can still catch it and put it in the right one.

The winners of the contest will be determined by a popular vote. If we get up to 20 entries, an additional three winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

:star: October 31st, 2016 (midnight)
There will not be an extension unless there's a lack of entries. Please use your time wisely!

If anyone is interested in doing an art request for one of the winners, either note the club or comment here~

Features would also be nice if anyone has a subscription!

Three winners will be chosen by popular vote. If we get up to twenty entries, three additional winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.
You can still enter the contest even if you do a prize.

1st place winner gets:

-- A colored drawing request by SirWongIII. Up to 2 characters, must be PG rated.
-- A colored drawing request of any Metroid creature of your choice from: Malicious-Monkey
-- A colored drawing request of anything Metroid related from: RobTromans
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Masterpiece Collection).
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

2nd Place winner gets:

-- A black and white sketch request of any Metroid creature of your choice from: Malicious-Monkey
-- A black and white drawing request of anything Metroid related from: RobTromans
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

3rd Place Winner gets:

-- A black and white sketch request of any Metroid creature of your choice from: Malicious-Monkey
-- A black and white drawing request of anything Metroid related from: RobTromans
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

01.) See you Space Samus by theSadSrook

02.) Black and White by Malicious-Monkey

03.) Contest: Elite Pirate Upsilon by OmusaSteelhorn

04.) :thumb641768589:

05.) Samus by rigigo

06.) Metroid: The Iron Beneath the Snow by CodyLabs

07.) Dark Samus by RobTromans

08.) Nightmare Vs. Zero Suit Samus (B/W contest entry) by urkelbot666

09.) Alone in the Dark by SirWongIII

10.) Emperor Ing by ilovereshiram01
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Zero Suit Lucario by Atticus-Kotch Zero Suit Lucario - Ruins by Atticus-Kotch
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