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Windows 10 Modern UI Tile Set Updated by Orphydian
VK Desctop by AlexCrusade
Windows 10 Explorador - Iconos grandes by dejesushn
Windows Mobile - Concept (part one) by danielskrzypon
OS interfaces
PhotoshopF by tchiro
Explorer for Windows 10 Dark Redesign by higorsm25
Explorer for Windows 10 Redesign by higorsm25
Renkli by turkerinanmaz
Windows Mobile - Concept (part one) by danielskrzypon
Steam on Windows 10 Mobile - Concept by bannax1994
Friedz Preview by Stracci7
Alternative Start Screen on Windows 10 Mobile by bannax1994
App interfaces
MOZILLA EDGE for Firefox by Wellkins
3ds Max for Windows 10 Concept by higorsm25
Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10 Concept by higorsm25
uTorrent for Windows 10 Concept by higorsm25
Web interfaces
Pizzaro - Food Online Ordering eCommerce PSD by bcubepl
Gravity Studio - Web Design by Shizoy
Striking Interior Design Company Template by Saptarang
Windows 10 Explorador - Iconos grandes by dejesushn
Windows 10 Explorador - Menu archivo by dejesushn
Windows 10 Explorador - Lista by dejesushn
A Modern Media Center / Windows 10 Google: Desktop by wwsalmon
Wallpapers and Screens
Windows 10 Hero Minimal Wallpapers by WarrenClyde
Windows 10 Wallpaper (Minimal) Light 4K by RBatinic
Icons and Tiles
Windows 10 Modern UI Tile Set Updated by Orphydian
Nominal.Soluto.Bld by tchiro
Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309
Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309
Stationary and Identity
Shine CV by khaledzz9
Ultra Clean Resme v1.5 by khaledzz9
White Modern Business Card Template by GreyFoxGR
Global Location Logo Template by BlinVarfi
Happy Code Logo Template by BlinVarfi
MOSiR Konin Logo 4SALE by inn21
ASUS STRIX logo vector by RenegadeAI
LYRA'15 by novoo
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Freebie - Mobile App UI Kit by GraphBerry
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MetroFoundry group avatar/logo by Orphydian

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A lovely group for all those who enjoy, create or develop according to metro design language or to other similar modern concepts.

Our aim is to connect all the interested users out there and to collect the finest deviations in order to become the ultimate dA destination when comes to Modern design.

Our design principles are:

Clean, Light, Open and Fast. Metro takes an approach that its called "Fierce Reduction" to remove any elements in the UI that are felt as unnecessary: both visual elements and feature bloat. It allows us to shine a focus on the primary tasks of the UI, and makes the UI feel smart, open, fast, and responsive.
Alive in Motion. The transitions between screens in a UI are as important the design of the screens themselves. Motion gives character to a UI, but also communicates the navigation system, which helps to improve usability.
Celebrate Typography. Our design inspiration is very typographic, and it felt like it was time for User Interfaces to be uncompromising about type as well. Type is information, type is beautiful.
Content, Not Chrome. Its the content on the screen that people want, not the buttons. Reducing the visuals that arent content will help you create a more open UI, and it also promotes direct interaction with the content.
Authentically Digital. Finally, we believe in honesty in design. A user interface is created of pixels, so in Metro we try to avoid using the skeumorphic shading and glossiness used in some UI’s that try to mimic real world materials and objects.

Join requests are automatically approved.
As you probably  heard the Windows Uservoice Forum will be shoutdown on November 16. In the meantime it will be still accessible, though the voting and comments are disabled.

Microsoft advice us to use the Feedback App instead. The tricky issue with it is that its kinda localised based on your keyboard language so if you want to see the gross of the suggestions you should first switch your keyboard language to English US. Also make sure "My build", "My Feedback"or other sorting option are not checked.

Ive found some interesting suggestions for both functionality and design that I think most of members of this group would agree with and vote upon. Ive even submited my own ones (those marked with the *).

Some are very popular but some are not, some are old, others recent so  you may not find them instantly using the search box and you might need to scroll.  They should be searched in the specified category/subcategory using the exact phrases or word Ive listed them here  and the results should be ordered  by Upvotes if not specified otherwise (like either Most recent or Trending). For most of them youll not find the exact text (Ive couldnt listed the whole or exact text here) but I trust youll identify the idea. It seems there is no voting limit so you can upvote many others that you find similar.

Files, Folders, and Online Storage / File Explorer

Modern file explorer (order by Trending)
Dark theme
Flat 2D design for medium/large Folder Icons (order by Trending)*
Tabbed file explorer
Enable preview for folders (order by Trending)*
Ability to preview Adobe file formats (order by Trending)
Preview items with spacebar like Apple Quicklook (order by Trending)
Support for .rar .7z
Ability to create ISO files
Folder size preview like files
Smooth scrolling
Compare 2 folders feature: Compare 2 folders feature (order by Trending)*
Get rid of the automatic addition of folders to the Quick access list
Change the ugly icon for compressed files (order by Trending)*

Files, Folders, and Online Storage / Copy, delete, and rename

When an action cannot be completed because the file is in use by another program add information on showing what program exactly
Progress bar should adapt to accent color instead of being only green
When doing any file action (copying, moving, deleting) the  window should appear in front of anything else (order by Trending)
Place dialogues (eg when you encounter an error) on top of the windows (order by Trending)
Make a clipboard function for multiple copy and paste (order by Trending)
Ad an option for shutdown computer after completing an action with a file (order by Trending)

Microsoft Edge and IE / Microsoft Edge

A slimmer UI in the favor of the actual web content display (order by Most Recent)*
Grey theme (order by Trending)
Tree folder structure for favorites (order by Trending)
Auto collapse/expand for favorites folders (order by Most Recent)*
Proper favorites management
Easier favorites rearranging and placing
Export favorites (order by Trending)
Sync also passwords, history, auto-forms and cookies not only favorites
Hold Back button to see history and skip back several pages
Built-in Ad blocker
Tracking protection
“Paste & Go”
Page translation
Undo / redo for web notes (order by Trending)
More saving / sharing options for web notes such as picture or share to One Drive (order by Trending)
Multiple tabs preview on taskbar (order by Trending)

Microsoft Edge and IE / Microsoft Edge - Favorites, Reading List, history and downloads

Download manager
Custom download location
Open download folder window in front of Edge (order by Trending)
Prompt user at closing when you have active downloads in progress
Continue download when Edge is closed
Show download speed, size progress and remaining time
Being able to resume interrupted downloads
“Remove all browsing history on exit” or “do not remember any history” options

Microsoft Edge and IE / Microsoft Edge - PDF

Ability to take notes on PDF page
Ability to edit PDFs
2 page view and page list with thumbnails (order by Trending)
Rotate PDFs
Ability to read PDF while they are still uploading (order by Trending)
Ability to search/find on PDFs (order by Most Recent)

Microsoft Edge and IE / Microsoft Edge - Reading View

Ability to change reading view settings directly from reading view (order by Trending)
Reading mode clickable without the need to wait for the entire original page to load (order by Trending)
Ability to change the default font
Columns for reading mode (order by Trending)
Options to save/share the page in reading mode (order by Trending)

Apps and Games / Groove

Zune-like Now playing, Smart Playlist, Device Syncing, CD Rip and Playback, Metadata editing, Artist Image editing, Artist biography, Album review, Wide Panoramic Artist image in artist Page, Related artist, Ratings, Smart DJ, DLNA, Social features integration, Lockscreen support with Artist image and Zune-like Animations
Minimize to system tray (order by Trending)

Appd and Games / Skype

Skype video should be combined with Messaging
Include screen sharing in the new Skype Messaging/Video apps (order by Trending))

Apps and Games / Xbox

Add a PC version of the Upload studio so we can edit our clips that we record
Game DVR being able to record the desktop
Add support for steam games DVR recording
Same support for PC gamers as for Xbox gamers
FPS counter when recording

Apps and Games / Photos

A consolidated and comprehensive Photos app just like Google Picasa
Microsoft should bring back all of the features of Photo Gallery from Windows Essentials

Apps and Games / Reader

Update Reader so it has a more Windows 10 feel
Add support for EPUB
Sign, merge, split, extract

Apps and Games / Mail

Merge Mail app with Outlook 2016 bringing more functionality while retaining universal app design (order by Most recent)*

Apps and Games / Windows Defender

Bring Windows Defender UI in line with Windows 10
Improve Windows Defender functions (order by Trending)

Apps and Games / Remote desktop connection

Update the appearance of Remote Desktop to windows 10 style
Remote desktop should have similar functionality as TeamViewer*

Apps and Games / Settings

Bring all Administrative tools to Settings app for a quick access *
Redesign the Administrative tools to windows 10 style *
Bring some fresh modern visualizations for parameters in Administrative tools like those in your Power BI app*

Apps and Games/ All other apps

The new Office Snip tool - ability to capture scroll region just like Snagit (order by Trending)*
Universal app for MS Paint (order by Trending)
A more advanced Paint similar to Paint.Net (order by Trending)
Add a native torrent client


Bring back colored icons for Universal apps from build 10547

Desktop/System Tray

OneDrive icon on system tray should have the same style as the other system icons (order by Most recent)*
Add the recycle bin in the taskbar at the right side
Redesign the volume mixer

Desktop / Task manager

Show GPU usage
Show Processor and hard disk temperature
Show current connection speed for network connectivity
Black UI

Desktop / Notifications

Notifications need to clear when the item is opened (order by Trending)

Desktop/Action Center

More choices for pc users (order by Trending)
Music Playback in Action center
Allow One Note 2016 to be the app used by Note button instead of the One Note App

Apps and Games / Game Performance and Compatibility

Dedicated gaming mode (Apps and Games / Game Performance and Compatibility)

Developer Platform / Visual Studio

Office-like Ribbn UI 


Custom Tile images
Bring back windows 8.1 tile coloring
A more structured look for the left side of Start menu bringing back horizontal lines from older builds and/or different color shades (order by Trending)*
Remove 3D tile rotation animation
Horizontal scrolling option
Recently added apps should show all the apps installed in that day
Add ability to select/edit/move multiple tiles
Typing a letter should allow you to jump to that section of the All apps list
Add the Option of having the All Apps menu take up the entire start menu with multiple columns
Desktop programs should not be added in folders and only their .exe added to the Apps list
Sort/Group by Publisher like Programs and Features in Control Panel (Start / All apps list)*

Personalization and Ease of Access

Remove desktop wallpaper compression (Personalization and Ease of Access / Theme, window, and personalization control panel)*
Change the desktop font with a cleaner one and remove text shadow (Personalization and Ease of Access / Display resolution, DPI, and auto rotation)*
Improve font rendering
Windows spotlight as background option
Dark theme
Separate color option for start, taskbar, title bar and action center
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