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September 6, 2007
Beautiful Monster by *metro A lovely clear composition of one of Gaia's reminders to us that we are pretty insignificant on this little planet. The use of the old molten lava streams to lead the eye to the summit and to the plumes of steam rising from the crater is excellent
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Beautiful Monster

I can't believe that I have never been to Mt St Helens having lived in Oregon all of my life. I took a road trip today out of boredom and wanted to go somewhere different. Today couldn't have been any more beautiful, but a little nerve wracking knowing that I was only a mile or two away from a VERY active volcano that could erupt at any given moment.

Nikon D70s
ISO 200
C-PL filter

edit: wow, I logged in this morning to check a couple things and saw a TON of messages which only led me to believe one thing.

I'd like to thank :iconslave-screams: for the suggestion and :iconkevlewis: for the feature. I am truly honored.

Dusti, you rock girl.
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Sep 1, 2007, 4:48:47 PM
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Stunning! Would love to travel to Oregon one day!
- rogina-torabinejad
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It'll be exactly 35 years since this monster erupted tomorrow!
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Proud to be a Washintonian, I get to see this everyday. It's very close to me. I love this, beautiful.
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Not lava streams my friends but erosion of the deep ash beds by rainfall. Still a spectacular view.
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wow at first I saw the mountain and the bounty of the pic, then I saw the monster on the mountain and I was suppressed I know the pit said monster but I wasn’t expecting that and that is better then what I was expecting.
Wow, this is one hell of an amazing view.
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After Mt St Helens erupted the in the 80s, my dad and I were on the phone talking about it when the second eruption blew the top off it and it partially collapsed. My dad lives in Kennewick WA and the ash there turned day to night. What an awesome force, and what an awesome photograph you took! Excellent! BRAVO!
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I was there many times even though I don't live anyway close to the Volcano at all! =D Very beautiful picture, well done.
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Thats so beautiful and i know what you mean i live in washington for 13 years and never been there until yesturday. Another beautiful mountain is mount rainer if you have never been there.
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Amazing ow well all the colors fit together... I really had to fave this!
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This work has been featured here! [link]
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This great photo has been featured in my journal [link]
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I was 90 miles away when Mt. St. Helens blew, and we felt our house shaking. I woke up to the noise of a loud bang and though someone had slammed the front door. It's amazing that something so violent could leave a scene this beautiful in its aftermath.
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Most definitely. I hadn't even been a sparkle in my parents eyes at the time since it was a year before I was unleashed into the world to raise hell, but they had some great stories about watching it blow from NW Portland up in the hills around Washington Park. It's wonderful how nature can keep on thriving.

I always argue that the worst thing that happened to Earth is man, especially with how things are starting to get with the environment. It's really too bad but I will make sure to enjoy it with my time on this planet.
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We were fortunate because, while most of Washington was covered in ash, the cloud blew around Port Townsend and traveled on up to Victoria B.C. Driving across the state was like going back in time to a prehistoric era. It was really spooky and caused all kinds of problems with car engines.

The best you can do is enjoy it while you can, and try to make as little impact on nature as possible.
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I featured this wonderful shot here: [link] :)
Wonderful! I'm definitely buying that camera!!
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This is amazing! I've lived here for most of my life but I've NEVER had this view of the mountain....hmmm...maybe I should road trip too :D this is seriously fabulous!! WOW! Good job!
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superb capture! :thumbsup:

a true DD :) :thumbsup:

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what a beautiful picture !!! I love it !
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