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The first quantitative estimate of the speed of light;
one small step for an eye, one giant leap for knowledge.

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Sweet, I would eat it!
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Like other studies, this study is also very nice :)
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so so so nice :)
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this has been featured here with credit and link: [link]

i hope that you don't mind :(
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On the contrary! Thanks for your support!
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nice concept..
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Brilliant typography, colors and concept. I'm a bit sad that it's so little, only 500 px.
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who is coppying who?
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whoever you want. But if you could at least guess that all artists are connected to the same source of inspiration, and you could see that the two works are really not equal (different size, composition, message, perspective.....), you may not have done this question .
I hope I have satisfied your curiosity.
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You are very right on the first part of your message.

I really like the design, i would be pissed if my concept was stolen.

Just trying to create some awareness and the 'orginality' of the creativity.
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Surely you do not have to try because you're doing.
Thanks for your interest and best regards.
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The 'steps' element is very effective. The first thing I saw was stairs, and once I'd read your comment it clicked together.
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thanks for the comment!
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great poster! love the colors.
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Awesome, love the concept and nice execution. :)
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my goodness man!!
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Great piece, elegant and good composition as usual. Featured here [link] , well done mate.
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thanks again! much appreciated
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your design featured here [link]
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