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Published: November 19, 2010
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Because: We have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Albert Einstein - [link]
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timmyshantiProfessional Writer
so gorgeous and poetic! a powerful piece.
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yup we expecting more frm you
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WHAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am gonna faint for good. lol...
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man your mind does some wonders... excellent
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Pandeism-FishHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the very essence of Pandeism -- expressed wonderfully here, as in works such as Bernard Haisch's The God Theory and Bernardo Kastrup's Rationalist Spirituality.... we are all of us simply fragments of our Creator!!
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As with many of your pieces i like the thinking behind it more than the image itself, that said, it's a striking image.
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vygoProfessional Interface Designer
excelent qoute and ideology!
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this piece would be superb in motion! very nice! would be great to see it in higher resolution
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Thomas-AustinStudent Digital Artist
Wow, sophisticated, original and looks amazing in plain black and white :o
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There´s some blue "sky" ink there...but with a thin alpha....Thanks for the visit and comment!
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misterhessuProfessional Interface Designer
I love the quote. Very good work. :)
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Actually, this is wrong.

They are the same thing, just flip-flopped from one for to another.

Also, liquid metal is plasma. so actually plasma isn't a state of matter, but a state of atomic setup.

Metal is a sea of electrons right? my point exactly. Albert was kind of one sided. and no, time does NOT slow down when you go faster than light.

What happens is, is that as our kinetic energy increases, it unlocks more, alowing our brains to process things faster, which is why we like to move faster (sport cars anyone?). So if we move at the speed of light, it would just LOOK slower. Einstein isn't an Einstein, Tesla is.
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Much appreciated comment !!!

But let me tell you what that sounds daring to: "Actually, this is wrong".

With the data related to my designs include what I want is to provide new ways, romantic and more comprehensive look at the world around us. I do not care if it is physics of a century or another. But anyway, although I know the differences between the ideas of Einstein and quantum mechanics showing ... but I think both fairly consistent in giving a logical explanation to understand why the matter can be strong even as 99.9999% empty .

But I'm not physic and I can not create more debate than can arise from one's own theories. Anyway no theory is a fact .... for now.
"God Became universe" and "Died for us stars" are also theory. :)

Personally I will adore more Tesla between Einstein when his "ionospheric-electricity" let me send you a message like this. Hopefully someday.

Also will look for your ideas though....there´s no limits on this event stage.
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fluctuemosProfessional Interface Designer
really strong!
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It's so beautiful! It's a wonderful image and a great idea, I keep it in
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that´s the point.
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Muy bueno! ¿has trabajado con 3dMax/Autocad/programa3D para la fotomanipulación?
Metric72's avatar
Para la estructura 3D he usado "Cinema4D" y para la manipulación fotográfica "Photoshop" obviamente.
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RichardTheRoughProfessional Interface Designer
Perfect composition as usual, great piece.
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much appreciated!
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RichardTheRoughProfessional Interface Designer
no prob mate, good work!
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truly amazing!
love the 3D objects!
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