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Jurassic Park Trespasser Remake 4

These are some screenshots from work in progress of Unity3d remake of the game Jurassic park:Trespasser.You can see the full flythrough video here- [link]
short preview trailer of this here -
AI test - [link]
and find out more info on my blog -
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I really hope that they try to use the Jurassic Park T-rex mod instead of what they have now.
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i liked the 1st game even with its issues i hope this one wil be fun
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Oh I would be so excited to play this again!
I really loved Trespasser and this would just be awesome!
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that looks really awesome, the graphics an' all that!
Will there be any T-rexes? XD
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Yeah,I did a rough AI test using a free t-rex model but need to make a nice model of one for the final version
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that's cool! :D
is the game gonna be free?
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yes totally free,It uses Unity engine so no need for any other software to run.Graphically its a bit limited but its easier/faster to use than other game engines.
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that's great :D
can't wait to play it :)
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This is soooo cool! The houses we see on the 4th picture look like the visitor's residence on Isla Nublar seen on artworks of the first film. Did they inspired you for making these?
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yes,I looked at the making of Jurassic park book concept art and made the roof shapes similar to some that I saw there
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Looks awesome! Has my compsognathus been useful at all so far?
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I've had tons of problems with getting rigs working in Unity so haven't had a chance to get it working,I got a basic rig working finally last week which will be the guide for all later rig(used that in the AI test on my youtube).
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I see. If you'd like a higher detailed version, just ask and I will make one. I made it extremely low poly because of its size.
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This is insanely epic!
So cool! Looks amazing
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Looks fascinating :)
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Gorgeous look to it overall :)
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