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zz 06

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THEJOHN59's avatar
J'adore l'ambiance et les couleurs
pevexxx's avatar
super photo !!
Epicurien's avatar
Incredible shot. Well done ;)
pgpapas's avatar
Wow, sweet shot!
Seems, I suddenly have a thing for venetian blinds...
Canankk's avatar
Featured in my journal [link] :iconblueheartplz: :iconyellowheartplz:
God...I love this one...well done...congrats!
Cshellzz's avatar
This is Awesome I love it!!!
JeffPrice's avatar
What a brilliant idea, combining the shadows from the blinds with the reflection in the metallic blinds.

I have never seen blinds like this, I really really like the effect.

a great photograph
felixheru's avatar
great lighting !!
XrisGM's avatar
my eyes are amazed!
afplcc's avatar
I love shadow-light patterns and this one is amazing!
ronthegrrrr8's avatar
liking the shadows and they fall and wrap around the body.
DarkLordofCookies's avatar
Such a pretty photo. It almost seems like the model has a dress on
konradmasternak's avatar
jososo's avatar
Its like an optical illusion. Couldn't work out what this was at first. Great idea. Great shot.
BobbieMonroe's avatar
I love the way the stripes of the shade is on her. Very nice piece <3
BlueBoiMartin4's avatar
gabrielx-com's avatar
Nice, I like the coloured lines of color shades in her body (I wonder if that made sense)
Ratladyinked26's avatar
Love the shadow play in this, beautiful! :)
jackdornothing's avatar
mitahav's avatar
el-maky-z's avatar
Guau...! Beautiful!
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