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When the Fuehrer is Away....

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Published: January 15, 2007
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The mighty Schutzstaffel was perhaps even more dirty than we know :D...

If you have no clue what i'm chattering about, check [link] .

The pose is inspired by a poster of D&G beachwear (LOL yeah, i know). I used it as one of the reference photos.
I can tell you that the famale body belongs to Gisele Bündchen, but i have no idea who the male in the poster was. I modified him a lot, so it doesn't really matter.

Why would anyone draw anything like that? Well i dunno, i thought it was a hot idea. :-? You need to be a nutsack like me to think like that...

Coloured pencils & ink, A3 paper

p.s: Hope it's clear to everybody that drawing nazis does NOT make me one. This image shows no signs of antiseminism, it does not reflect any nazi ideology.
The last thing i need is to argue about that, so please, dont' be retarded.


:iconaranocelot: has written a splendid essay on this drawing, referring to the feminist ideology in relation to the Nazi party and suggesting some explanations about what lies behind the details of this drawing. It might just surprise you. :)

Preview: [link]
Whole essay: [link]
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I thought they were into each other, mostly.
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Why is the Nazi girl wearing a blindfold?
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I think Hitler gave the SS full permission to "play" actually XD


Not to bore you, but if I remember correctly then SS men of suitable genealogy were allowed to engage in whatever forms of entertainment they wished with the opposite gender, since Himmler wanted a lot of Aryan children to be sired and raised as proper little Nazis.

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HennderHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I don't know about the SS but Wehrmacht soldiers were executed if they raped someone. Even if the victim was the "enemy" (e.g. russian, french and so on)
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The Red Skull likes this image, danke.
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a-pirates-bootyHobbyist Digital Artist
oh god yes..i think i just died.
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AlbertoOfSpainHobbyist General Artist
I'm astonished man! marvelous piece of art of yours is amazing! Thumbs up!
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Thanks for the fav! ;)
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hwo did u get THAT idea? so cool xD
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The things that cross my mind... :no: I should filter them more carefully.

But thank you for favouring! :)
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That's the best thing I've ever seen. You're my favourite person in the world now.
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Thank you for faving this, I appreciate your support.

It's flattering to have your vote. For now, I'm not sure how to use it. Maybe one day we'll team up to make this world a better place. :thanks:
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I may be a poor choice as a comrade in that expedition, but good luck nonetheless.
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Thank you! :thanks:

Hope you didn't get me wrong, I do appreciate you as a team member. It's just that I have no clue how to make the best of it. Blurry, isn't it?
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Course not, I'd just be a poor team member x)
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Naaaah, I'm sure you'd do a great job. Pessimism is the last thing we need.
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I mean in that I would be a poor choice for that specific campaign. I'm not all motivated to make the world a great place :\

I'll gladly be your team's comedic relief.
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Allright, that's fine with me. :)
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i lost this for the longest time. so glad i found it again. :) :)
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haha yes i love it.....
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