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Max Hansen
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By MeTheObscure   |   Watch
Published: July 23, 2007
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A classic WW2 snapshot of a Sturmbannführer from the Waffen SS.

~~~~~~:butterflytwo: :butterflytwo: :butterflytwo:~~~~~~
The reference pic was bad quality, leaving me to improvise again. Some stronger contrasts would have probably looked better, but I decided to leave them like this to keep that old photo texture.

The reason I drew this is because, to me, it seemed a really nice portrait/ pose, an interesting figure. Maybe his name is familiar and rings a bell for some of you, but I won't get into details that would be of no help to people. PM me for additional information. ;)

Oh, and pleeeeease don't open the 'Are you a nazi?' subject. I will get bored of posting the introduction text over and over again for each drawing. The answer is NO, anyway.
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The Red Skull likes this image, danke.
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hes all like This sucks I wanna go home
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very experienced drawing :O
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CapnJamesTKirk Traditional Artist
Excellent work
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holy shit that's good. and you did that all with pencil and freehand? if so that reallly really fu--ing good.
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That's a really good drawing, great work! ^_^
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Thank you for the fav! :bow: :>
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You are more than welcome, it's a great drawing. ^_^ By the way, I'm *FockeWulf and I told you already in my older comment that Max Hansen is the brother of my grandpa.
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Yes, I remember you. ;)
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I love the pic! I study WWII and the aspects that led up to it and it's conclusion. My girlfriend has grandparents that fought for both the Nazis and America.
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Thank you for your visit! :bow: :cookie:
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That's another great drawing and a coincidence. Some days ago I saw a photo in a book and I thought the soldier looks similar like my grandpa on a old photo and my dad when he was younger, then I saw the name Max Hansen. My dad don't talk much about his family, I just know my grandparents died in Hamburg 1943 during an allied bombing raid. My dad told me that a brother from his dad live in Niebüll and that's everything I know. I think Max Hansen could be my dad's uncle and in the next days I will try to find some old documents.
Best regards
Stephan Hansen
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Well, the names match, that's for sure. Good luck with your investigation!
And thank you for the fav! :bow: :juggle:
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It's my pleasure and thank you for the good wishes. :)
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Just curious, have you found anything? :)
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I couldn't find documents, but I talked to my dad's sister and she said her uncle was a high decorated officer in the SS. Now I'm sure, Max Hansen was the brother of my grandpa. :) Unfortunately I'm too late, I wish I could talk to him.
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MiksTurka Photographer
well done :)
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Nice shading and form.
Who was he?
You should feel free to write in the Artist's comments if you feel its important to the image.
I think the knowledge would add to it.
Don't worry about people's opinions. Da is full of weird Nazi fetishists so nothing either of us write can compete with them anyway.
History is history.
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Thanks. :bow:
It's not the nazi issue. It's just that some people are not that deep into history, especially WW2 stuff and details like that would be of no interest. It's natural.
BUT, since you've asked...... ;)

SS-Sturmbannführer Max Hansen Is the son of a peasant. Born 31th Juli 1908 in Niebüll/Schleswig he became a locksmith. In 1930 he became a member of the NSDAP and also of the SA and an SS-Mann one year later. Already in 1941 Hansen earned the German Cross in Gold while fighting against the soviets. Of his own accord SS-Sturmbannführer Hansen and his battalion advanced in tough street-for-street and house-to-house fighting to the Roten Platz und opend up the path into the inner city, so that the northern Part of Charkow could be seized. In 1944 he was commander of Kampfgruppe Hansen, who took part in the Ardennes Offensive.

I believe you are already familiar with this famous soldier pic: [link] . It has surfed the world almost as much as the photo of the flag raising at Iwo Jima. This soldier belonged to the 2.Kompanie, 1.Bataillon, SS-PanzerGrenadier Regiment from Kampfgruppe Hansen, led by the man whose portrait I've just drawn. That photo was from a newsreel, Ardennes Offensive, Belgium 1944.

Photos and more info about Max Hansen, as well as photos of his men (from the same newsreel):

Hope this gives you a clue. If not, well... I'll see what more I can do.
Thanks for the comment! :thanks:
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