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I listen to the absence of noise,
dead summer breeze, I’m inflated with suspicions
seems I’ve identified again the criminal of my intent
imagine exercising that same routine you reinvent
I’m just a cold face on the street slow and somber in my patterns
I’m just a friend you’ll never meet, I am the love that never happens
my days exist in meaningless ways

is £1000/$2000/€1500/aus$2400 a lot of money for a 16-20yr old student?

13 votes
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where will I be in 7 1/2 years?

11 votes
designing indian take-out menus and living in a bedsit in Bradford City. no link between the two intended.
somehow ruling Spain & France, now named 'Sprance' a republic of conceptual dance, fashion & bull fighting.
running a 10 family cult in worship of a religion yet to be, discovered. yes.
re-taking primary school, I was too creepy and gothic the first time around
taking in orphaned children and recieving widespread compliments but in secret the first entirely under-10s sweatshop is under my command. muaha.
still on deviantart, watched by young girls and old pervy men.
writing for My Chemical Romance so for once they can have a geniune track.
claiming I wrote the bible in a previous life and being beaten by the pope with that stick thing he has.
acting as the new face of Coca Cola, even with no teeth though.
staring in my own sitcom on BBC where I sit at a desk in a suit and pull funny faces. RICKY GERVAIS SUCKS! ahem..
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[Re-send] Request for your permission to publish your brushes, Skulls Collection, in our forthcoming book.

Dear meth,

My name is Yoshiaki Matsusawa of Frog Design, Japan.
I'm writing here to ask you for your permission to publish your Photoshop brushes,

Skulls Collection

in the forthcoming book, "Free Brushes Catalog (Scheduled title)", which we are currently preparing to be published by Rutles Inc, Tokyo, Japan. In this book, we don't just list the brushes but show the readers actual art samples which use the brushes in effective ways. The book is accompanied by DVD-ROM wchich contains brush data.

Please note;
1. What are the versions of Photoshop the brush is compatible with?
2. We would list the author's name and the site's URL. Please inform us your preferred name and URL.
3. We'd like to know if commercial use of the brush is allowed and what are the conditions for the use of the brush if any?
4. Do you have any other PS brushes you'd recommend to the readers? We'd like to list as many brushes as you'd allow us.
5. If you wish to receive a copy of the book, please provide us your postal mailing address.
We'd appreciate your consideration and cooperation very much.
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Best regards,

Yoshiaki Matsusawa
Yoshiaki Matsusawa
Frogdesign, Inc.
I don't suppose there is any way I could obtain your infamous brushes, "Grungey Brushes", is there?  I saw them in a listing at Designzz -…
It must have been from an old post.
Please let me know if there is any possibility, please?
Thank you lots!
i saw ur site in a book ;)
meow meow meow meow meow meow
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
Hi my dear ! I've used one of Ur amazing brushes here : [link]
Thanks !!