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Hey Lily, thanks for the kind words :D
Fri Aug 11, 2017, 3:29 AM
Hellooooo! I really like your short stories! :D
Mon Aug 7, 2017, 7:00 PM
Have a llama from a creepy-iconed girl
Sat Jul 29, 2017, 6:56 AM
Chapter is coming out today, fret not! I just wanted to make it extra streamlined. :D
Thu May 11, 2017, 11:41 AM
I can't believe we're stuck on a cliffhanger where we are unsure if Merrick will ever drink coffee again :O :D
Wed May 10, 2017, 12:03 AM
Hello! This shout box doesn't get used enough!
Tue May 9, 2017, 12:30 PM
Just want to say hi again :D
Mon May 8, 2017, 1:34 PM
Why do I never see your good mornings till later! Geez, I suck sometimes. haha
Tue Apr 4, 2017, 3:42 PM
I thought it´s time for another happy Good Morning here :D
Tue Apr 4, 2017, 1:41 AM
Good Morning! ;)
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 6:39 AM
Just want to say Good Morning :)
Thu Mar 16, 2017, 2:14 AM
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 2:21 PM
Spam away, I appreciate your enthusiasm :D
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 12:28 PM
...I just realized that I am totall spamming your profile... :D
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 11:31 AM
YAY! I like surprises!
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 2:53 AM



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Artist | Professional | Literature
United Kingdom
Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name's Mark, I pretty much spend all my time writing fiction stories (Fantasy and Sci-Fi) as well as creating whimsical Poems. I've been writing for over 8 years, and I'm currently in the final stages of editing a teen fiction fantasy novel, prior to seeking publication. If you've had a look around (which I encourage you to do so, if you haven't already), then you'll likely have noticed my weekly running story "Memoirs of an Elemental" (I know, I know...Its a bit of a mouthful). Anyway...every Thursday I deliver another chapter for everyone on here to read. It's a fantasy story with delightful bouts of action, romance and of course, elementals! (Honestly, what is not to love about that eh?) A word of advice though, read chapter 1 first! (Seriously, who jumps straight into chapter 3? No wonder you're confused about what's going on).

Also, in my spare time (Haha, spare time....that's a cute notion) I dabble with photography. Oh who am I kidding, I say I dabble but I bought a Cannon 500D a few years back, so I guess its more serious than mere dabbling (now that i'm reading this, dabble is a funny word when used consecutively) OK, back on track because I'm aware I'm now waffling. So photography, yes, so...I focus mainly on nature, landscapes and Macro photography. Although, I'd love to learn how to take portraits and personal photos of people.

I am up for working on commissions and collaborations. Perhaps you're an artist who is seeking someone to help write a story for your comic, or you need someone to create a poem. Whatever it is, give me a shout and I'm sure I can help you out (oh look, it rhymes!). I am also happy to do Critiques and offer writing and photography advice, so don't be shy!

For anyone interested in the Novel writing software I use to create my stories and books, you can find it in the link below. It's called Novel Factory

      With the Night's King conquering the north at an alarming rate, things down south were looking dire. It was only a matter of time till the horde of white walkers arrived, and then what? Who was left to defend the realm of humanity from the frozen and the dead? Who was strong enough to stand up and fight, even when the odds were stacked as unfavourably as they were? 

        Two heroes rose to the occasion.  One of noble birth, her story filled with sacrifice and hardship, of dragons and revenge, of taking her rightful place as ruler of the seven kingdoms. Then there was a boy who'd found his calling in a bakery, remade by flour and butter, and turned into a god of pies. His story was of rags to riches, and his voice carried a meaty weight that few could ignore.

        After the demise of Cersei Lannister at the Annual Tourny, Daenerys Targaryen relocated her army and dragons to Kings Landing. She had expected to be met with hostility, but instead, the city welcomed her with open arms. As it turned out, Cersei was not well loved. 

        The first thing Danny did as queen of the seven kingdoms was to improve King Landing's defences. Her unsullied covered the walls like a spikey impenetrable shield, while her Dothraki guarded the surrounding land.  The walls were fortified and a second wall was built around the first, creating a second barrier. Next, Danny commisioned the city's greatest blacksmiths to create armour for her three dragons. If they were going to protect the city, then they needed protection from the Night King's deadly spears.

        The city quickly grew, and more walls were built around the last, each time expanding King Landing's territory. To a raven high above the city, it looked like a vast maze of stone and mortar. Survivors from across the land flocked to the city in droves.

        One such survivor was Hot Pie.  His Inn had been attacked by the white walkers, forcing him to abandon his bakery business and travel south. Luckily for him, Kings Landing was every bit the jewel he had imagined it to be, except it was ruled by a crazy lady who was obsessed with dragons. Watching her prance about the streets made him wonder what life would be like if he sat on the iron throne.  For who else could care for the great people of the Seven Kingdoms than a simple baker. The contentment of the heart lay in a full stomach, after all. 

        Time moved on, and the war slowly crept closer and closer. Reports of white walkers were coming in from towns across the border, and it was only a matter of time till the final battle was at hand.  Hot Pie had been busy these past few months, planning his ascension to the throne.  Using his culinary skills, he had wowed the dragon queen and managed to not only get a place as her head bakery chef, but also a knighthood for exemplary bakery skills. Now in a position of power, all he needed to do was remove her with a pie so devilishly delicious that to consume it would spell death.  

        The day came around quickly, and the killer pie was made. Sitting under a silver tray, it sped off to the queen's chambers. Two hours later and she was declared dead. Hot Pie wished he'd seen the queen's face as she passed. To view the joy on her lips, intermingled with despair. But alas, it was not meant to be. The only thing left to do was to manoeuvre himself into a position to take the throne. That meant eliminating the competition. He was a noble now, so anyone of higher status was a threat. 

        Little did Hot pie know, but those same nobles he was murdering happened to also be in charge of the city's defences.  Without proper leadership, the city was at risk. And at risk, it was, as the white walkers attacked one week later. The siege began with a great mist descending upon the city, making visibility impossible. Next, the dead rose from their graves and began to attack the city internally. Each death made the problem worse, and whole sections had to be cut off and barricaded.  The defenders were spread thin, and it was only a matter of time till they lost control.  To make matters worse, the Dothraki who'd camped outside the walls had all disappeared, only to return a day later as ravenous undead monstrosities. The city was close to falling; there was no doubt about that now.  Even Daenerys' dragons knew how hopeless it all was, as they quickly left for warmer climates.

        Abandoned and under siege, the city quickly became overrun. The once oppressed paupers turned into a tide of undead death, killing all those who'd once dared to live above them. Mothers and fathers turned on their children, and the stench of decay was palpable on the wind. Hot Pie sought refuge in the throne room, the last bastion of the city. It was empty here, the guards long gone and the nobles a distant afterthought. At least he had the throne, the one thing in life he'd wanted more than anything.

        The door to the throne room suddenly creaked open, startling Hot Pie from his troubled thoughts. Peering through the murky darkness, he spotted a tall man carrying a spear, and a small woman beside him. The pair walked into the dim light, and Hot Pie's blood froze. It was the Night's King and his wicked bride.  The couple grinned, and an undead Daenerys stumbled forward, hungry malice glittering in her murky grey eyes. Hot Pie squealed like a pig and tried to run, but Daenerys was upon him, raking at his flesh with her decaying fingertips. She yanked and bit at him, causing great wounds upon his smooth skin.  Hot Pie died in utter agony, at the hands of the woman he'd killed.

        The Night's King stepped forward, ice covering every inch of the room, and sat down on a throne made of ice and swords. His queen stood beside him, and as the last of humanity faded, the reign of the white walkers began.

        The Night's King has taken the Iron throne, surviving the game and conquering all in his path. The world is now a barren ice sheet, stretching from north to south, and all across the ocean to Esos and beyond. 

1st place: The Night's King Lara-Lei 
2nd place: Hot Pie MKConan 
3rd place: Daenerys Targaryen calicocatx 
Special mention: Tyene Sand LeilaAscariz aka the Nights Queen, who killed a sizeable chunk of characters off.

1st Place wins A pop Vinyl of your winning character, 500 points, and a free haiku poem commission from me. 50 points from Yrdenne 

2nd Place wins A pop Vinyl of your character (or in this case a character of your choosing as Hot Pie doesn't have a pop vinyl made of him) + 100 points, 50 points from Yrdenne 

3rd place: A pop Vinyl of your character, 50 points from Yrdenne

Special mention gets 50 points. Your savagery was truly impressive.

Please get in contact with me and I will sort out how to best send out your pop vinyl gifts, along with your free Haiku commission. Again, congratulations to the winners!


Hi guys and gals, sorry I've been quiet lately. I've been super busy these past few weeks with boring life stuff (fixing a shed roof for example). I'm going to try and be a bit more active, although I won't be participating in any competitions as I really want to focus on my book and get it done and dusted by February. 

I hope everyone is ok. I'll post a journal entry sometime this week giving everyone a proper update. :)
Hi guys, for those reading my ongoing novel I thank you for your patience. This latest chapter took ages to write as I've never been to Miami but had to represent it as if I had. A lot of google maps and watching videos later, and I'm finally happy with it.  

Sorry, it took so long; and I hope you all enjoy it! 
Competition is back on with regular updates. I will also be getting the next chapter of Memoirs out soon, so look forward to that.

To those in the competition, sorry for the lack of updates.  I had a creative block that seemed to last forever.  Work has been stressful, which took a toll on my motivation to do anything aside from rest up.  I hope to make it up to you guys as you've been super patient with me. You're all awesome! :D 
Can I have everyone's honest opinion about the title of my current novel, please? 

1. Does the name 'Memoirs of an Elemental' catch your attention in a positive way that makes you want to read the book? 

2. Would you buy a book with that title?  If so, why?

3. Do you think I should pick a better title that's more punchy, shorter etc.

4.  If you think it should be changed, do you have any ideas? 

I appreciate any responses given as you'll not only be helping me out a ton, but also influencing the final look of the book.  Many thanks!



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PennedinWhite Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the watch, Mark! :heart:

I hope you have a great day! 
Meterious Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2018  Professional Writer
It's a pleasure. It's just a shame I didn't do it sooner. :)
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Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for visiting my profile and enjoying my work (:
I'm truly happy to know what you found spoke to you.

Have a lovely rest of your week,
Warm greets, Kiyo
Meterious Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Professional Writer
You're welcome. You have lots of lovely pieces that I intend to read over the coming weeks.

If you don't mind me asking, what influenced you to get into writing poems? 
Lady-Yume Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018   Writer
Thank you, that's wonderful to hear! I hope you'll enjoy them (:

Awh, truly, that's fine (:
Truth be told, I've been both drawing and writing since I was a child, often trying my hand at stories but never quite seeing a project through to the end (I was fairly easily distracted as a kid :giggle:). In my high school years, I grew a love for poetry and how you could use it to convey something in as much, or little, words you needed, and started to read more and more. But it wasn't until I started working freelance in design and illustrating that I began to explore poetry as a means to express the other part of myself that still longed to write. It was here on dA, on an older account, that I plucked up the courage to post my works, and the lit-community played a big part on how my style/voice developed and dared me to try my hand on different forms (:

What influenced you to start writing?
Meterious Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018  Professional Writer
That's fantastic! It's great to see you doing what you enjoy. The lit community on here is super supportive, and a lot better than other sites I've been on (where writers tend to backstab each other)  :)

I got into writing at a young age as well. It started in my English literature lessons at primary school and blossomed after I finished film school. I originally wanted to get into film work, but after writing a short story for a friend of mine, I realised I had a passion for writing. It was my mum who encouraged me during the early days, and since then I've been writing novels.  I have one finished at the moment that needs editing, and I'm working on my second venture.  I learnt a lot of lessons (some terribly difficult ones), and this second story is a culmination of that.

Sorry for the late reply.  I haven't been on the site much these past couple weeks. 
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Yeah, I took a hiatus. Too much irl stuff.
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