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Meteorite in a Nutshell
what the hay

If you didn't already know, the person behind the MLP in a Nutshell series, Round Trip, recently put out a call for people to send him stick pony versions of their OCs for his S8 finale video.  So that's what I did.

I'll be honest, I thought about fixing this up, in order to almost exactly emulate Round Trip's style, but since one of his rules was to 'draw it yourself', I felt that would've gone against the spirit of it all.  So following his (rather catchy) guide on how to draw a stick pony, I quickly whipped up this stick pony version of Meteorite.  And I can't help but be proud of it.  There's just something... so earnest about this silly little stick pony, that I think trying to polish it would lose something.

(also I totally didn't forget to draw the wing at first and ended up having to send Round Trip a second version)

Update! Video's out, and this silly pony is there at around 1:58 in the seventh row from the front!  I'm very happy~  Giggle 
A Second Chance - Cover Image

Okay.  So.  I've been kinda busy since the start of the year.  Busy with what?  Well, what you see above is the cover image I put together for a story I've written.  It's about Meteorite... and the fact I haven't really done anything with her story since I started it back in 2011.  So yeah, it's kinda meta in that regard.

Also, Rarity's involved.  It's a romance/drama kinda thing, with some comedy sprinkled through.  So, here it is if that sounds like your cup of tea.

But back to the cover art.  Pretty pleased with this one!  Obviously Rarity is from Desktop Ponies as usual (with some minor editing) but the rest is all me!  I will admit, the thought 'wait, how the heck do I draw a book?' filled me with horror, but I think I sussed it out pretty well for a Paint-like program!

The turning page didn't turn out exactly how I first imagined it, but I like it a lot where it is now.


MeteoriteShower's Profile Picture
Why yes, yes I am.  Despite the lack of activity in the last four years.

Wow.  It didn't seem that bad until I said that just now. :dead:

Anyhoo, I suppose that's not a complete lie.  The last couple years have seen plenty of favouriting art from me.  A few of them are ponies, yes.  Okay, a lot of them.  Most of them.  OKAY IT'S ALL PONIES PONIES EVERYWHERE HELP

*ahem*  Sorry.  Some part of me feels the need to initially deny all of this to you lot, despite I've gotten over the embarrassment of liking MLP yoinks ago. :shrug:

So yeah, My Little Pony.  What can I say that hasn't already been said everywhere else?  Well, hm.  I guess it is reviving my creativity, as seen by my latest submission.  Does this mean more art from me now on?  Will we see more Black Mage, Lisa, and Amy?  Oh ho ho my, no.

I dunno.  I'm trying to pour this creativity run into a story of mine, but sometimes it spills into other areas.  Sometimes it's other drabblings, other times it's comics.  And other times it's "Sod that, I'ma gonna dig a big hole in Minecraft."

Sooo... I just thought I'd say something, let y'all in on what's going on.

Besides, I'm tired of seeing that last journal entry, anyway.
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