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Saw themagicwalrus's vector and I decided to do something a bit more simplistic for once.

Darker Version
"Midnight" Version
Aged Paper Version

Apparently this wallpaper made it onto Equestria Daily's Wallpaper Compilation.

The Vector of Trixie was done by the impressive themagicwalrus

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oooohhhh very pretty
Meteor-Venture's avatar
schneelocke's avatar
Ooh, nice one! Stylized and simplistic is always good for wallpapers.
Meteor-Venture's avatar
Thanks. Very true.
themagicwalrus's avatar
Looks good, but I do wish next time you'd ask first. Like I said it looks great though and I appreciate you doing this!
Meteor-Venture's avatar
You're right... Sorry 'bout that. ^^;
Glad you like it though.
themagicwalrus's avatar
Its really alright though I'm just letting you know in case another artist may not appreciate it :p
Mithandir730's avatar
This looks really good! :D
Meteor-Venture's avatar
Thanks man. It means lot coming from you. :la:
Mithandir730's avatar
That sounds as if I were good at making wallpapers, so I'll have to thank you too :D
Meteor-Venture's avatar
Don't sell yourself short. :la:
You're just as good as me if not better. You've done stuff I can never figure out.
Mithandir730's avatar
And now I don't know what to say. :shrug:
But I don't like to say "better" on deviantArt, everyone just does what they can.
Meteor-Venture's avatar
Well, in any respect, you're good at what you do. :P
Mithandir730's avatar
So are you and I don't think this discussion leads to anything useful ;)
KrazyKari's avatar
Looks super cool! 
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