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Unknown Mayan Couple


There is evidence of same-sex couples in the Americas, and several Native American cultures are known to have tolerated or even revered sexual and gender diversity. Yet there is much we do not know, and cannot know, about homosexuality in the New World. When Christian Europeans conquered the Americas they imposed their values on the indigenous peoples and destroyed records of same-sex relationships, which they identified as the “sin” of “heathens”. Knowledge of the lives and loves of many has been lost to us forever.
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Actually, the common

acceptance of same sex relationships was the most shocking revelation to the conquerors right after the ritual sacrifices. It is even to read somewhere that trans people were respected and enabled to marry due to their preferences. The other remarkable cultural achievement would be that of the Native North Americans who found the presence of the genderfluid winkte essential to social, magic, and religious ceremonies.

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Eye Roll This makes me grateful that MOST people have chose to put an end to (or at least reduce) the prejudice that forces homosexuals, pansexuals, and bisexuals (even transexuals and/or transgenders) to hide under the shadows of the jerks' supremacy. Those who disagree with us can just GET A LIFE ALREADY IF THEY KNOW WHAT"S GOOD FOR THEM!
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Actually only north american indians tolerated homosexuality.
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No, almost all of the original American nations Aztec, Crow, Inca, etc, etc, etc, tolerated or even revered what we call today the LGBT community. In South America the evidence is a little bit more scarce because of the Spanish conquests.
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Give me some of those scarce evidence then.
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Also known as Chin, she was the goddess of maize, magic, and a councilor to the kings. She was also closely associated with homo-erotic relationships and homosexuality. According to the priest Las Cassas, she introduced homosexuality to the Maya nobles who encouraged their children to enter into homosexual marriages. She is associated with the moon and, sometimes, is depicted as a male deity." - taken from the Ancient History Encyclopedia ;)
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Some of the evidence can be found here at under Mexico and Latin America: Colonial.

Huacos Eróticos from Peru are a good evidence.

Keep in mind if not for the Spanish conquistadors a lot more evidence would have survived to the present. 
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I know that this culture is one of the most famous Native American ones, but one does get a little tired to see Mexico = All Latin America.

Anyhow, it's just me being moaning me, great pic.
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This one is so sweet, yet so sad....
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this is fantastic
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[link] This link is about Maya's, but Native Americans and how they treated people who were gays and lesbian in their community. It's abit weird too, how they label, but at least it's not hate
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life on Earth would be so much better if the europeans didn't exploit the other continents and kill their inhabbitants, most of nowadays troubles wouldn't exist, greed is the worst of human's defects
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It was actually very common to have same sex relationships among men, and sometimes between women, and was a regularly accepted practice in many tribes and groups. There are still surviving photographs of some men who took up "female" roles in their society.
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This is one of your most beautiful pieces I think. And yeah, it's INCREDIBLE what Christians have done to other cilivizations in the name of their god, and what they do to this day..
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I have read somewhere that not only homosexuality was tolerated back in the past in Africa but that many African male young adult learned sex from their male-elder before they got married to their wives so they knew what to do at their wedding night. But in the present time toleration of samesex couples in African cultures have been destoroyed or worse in South Africa lesbians get raped and many South Africans find it normal or see it as a cure to their homosexuality
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American evangelicals and rightwing politicians are meddling in Africa and making it worse. They can't openly oppress queers in America so they're doing it by proxy over there, and helping to pass laws like the upcoming bill in Uganda that will make homosexuality punishable by life in prison or death.
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...and if you know a homosexual, you have to report it to police within 24 hours if the laws go into effect.

I read about that and got physically ill from crying so hard.

Some people in this world are just... sickening.
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Native american culture always interested me as well as the fact that many of them embraced homosexuality. There's a book called "two spirit people" that talks about it
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Do you remember what the book was called?

I wrote an essay about two-spirit in an art/anthropology class. It's a very interesting and complicated topic.
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