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Tsunetomo + Mitsushige

Samurai practiced age-structured homosexuality, known as shudō. Ordinarily a Samurai served his daimyo with honor, and was expected to follow his lord in death. However, Mitsushige disliked this custom and asked his beloved samurai, Tsunetomo, to reject it upon his own death. Ironically, this break with tradition led to the samurai code being written down; Tsunetomo lived to retire into the mountains, where he dictated to a young visiting samurai; His commentary became the Hagakure, a seminal guide to samurai culture.
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Great work!!!! But what's more interesting to me he wrote with Indian Ink, the kanji for BIG!!! Should it be a hint *eg* you know for the big thing between...........and............yeah XDDDDD
Was ist intention or just mere chance???? hehe~
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<font><font>Magnifique </font></font>
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Wow, I just love the colors of this. And the drawing of course!
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So basically Shudo is practically the Japanese version of the Greco-roman 'Paiderastia' ?
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This is sort of reminiscent of Hamlet and Horatio....
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