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The Sum of All

This is a remake of the Heaven and Earth watercolor painting I did a while back, but much more personal because now I'm the earth god and my husband Gil is the sky god (and my friends will all laugh at me because I filled in my patchy beard, which is what I always do in self portraits).

I wanted to move this beyond mythology, so I referenced evolution, and also I was reading me some Dawkins and he theorized that biological evolution can serve as an analogy for change over time in other systems, so for example you can study the evolution of the universe, or of human religions (though you have to be careful, because of course genes have certain properties that other things don't, for example a religious myth that gets passed down through the generations). Basically it fits into his theory of memetics, for further reading.

Anywho, the title comes from that, plus the movie The Sum of Us (starring "fightin' round the world" hottie Russel Crowe. ) Basically the movie talks about children as the "sum of us", that is, children are the culmination of everyone who came before, and gay or straight they are our legacy.

Well that's true of everything, ain't it? Simply because we live in a universe with linear time, and cause and effect. So we aren't just the sum of our ancestors, we are also the sum of millions of years of change and increasing complexity.

This painting was featured in This Is Not Painting show set up by fellow grad student Paul Baker Prindle at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I give :iconbearessentials: full permission to post this in their gallery.
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That is a beautiful piece of work.
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Frikkin amazing dude. I love the abstract-ness of it. And overall just gorgeous. I would totally buy a print if I wasn't totally broke all the time.
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This is so beautiful and the story behind it seems even better.
ALetterToNoOne's avatar
I love it, it's amazing, wonderful, I can't think of enough adjectives. It's so deep, so passionate, and I'm blown away. :heart:

Instant favourite.
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This is so beautiful, you did an amazing job on this :clap:
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This is absolutely gorgeous. Are you making it available as a print?
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Uh... well I did actually ask my husband for permission to sell, essentially, a picture of him with me.

But I still don't know, I might want to tweak the figures so they don't look like us.

Also I might experiment with coloring it.

We'll see, first thing is just to put it in the show.
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Oh, alright. I love it the way it is. I did a series of my partner and I, and they're so special to me, changing them wouldn't feel right. Let me know if you decide to sell it as a print, I'll definitely order me a copy.
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Well shit, if people are going to spend money...

Give me just a few days, I always see little things I want to fix, and then I'll activate it.
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the bed of mountains is pretty cool!
kittenspawn's avatar
damn, you rule ;)

i can't stop giggling at "fightin' round the world"

I want a tugboat.
MeteoDesigns's avatar
"Makin' movies makin' songs!!"
kittenspawn's avatar
the quote that still makes me laugh so hard i snort..

"Lots of minorities here, and they don't take kindly to whitey."
MeteoDesigns's avatar
It's especially funny with the accent: "They don't take koindly to Whoitey."
kittenspawn's avatar
kittenspawn's avatar
well, yeah.

but never poor russell crowe. ;)
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Did you follow the links?!?

My friend Norris and I watched all those and laughed our asses off.

And all I have to do now is quietly, under my breath, sing "making movies, making songs", and Norris busts out singing "AND FIGHTIN' ROUND THE WORLD!!"

Everyone who witnesses it thinks we're really weird.
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Oh this is just beautiful! I love all the symbolism and detail you put into this. I personally like it without colors. It kind of darkens the romantic mood and gives a slightly...forbidden-ish tone. Lovely work here, an instant fav for me! =3
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