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Mahmud of Ghazni + Malik Ayaz


Mahmud of Ghazni founded the Ghaznavid Empire and ruled as Sultan. He fell in love with Malik Ayaz, a Turkish slave, and their relationship became widely regarded as the epitome of idealized love in Islamic legend and Sufi literature. As the story goes, Ayaz asked Mahmud who the most powerful man in the kingdom was. When the Sultan replied that it was himself, Ayaz corrected him, claiming that in fact Ayaz was the most powerful, since Mahmud was his slave. the “slave to a slave” became a favorite trope in Persian literature.
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Ayaz had a point! XD
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Absurdity, and nonsense...if they were live today, they put "gays" in their places, in cherry picking them to be homosexuals idols. 
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Absolutely gorgeous artwork illustrating a beautiful story. :)
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unlogical and stereotyping. Both of them were Turkic on ethnicity but drawn like Indian (Dravidian) men. :(
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Hey, this is going around tumblr! It's really lovely, thank you for drawing it!
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Splendid painting of a great love story.
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Whoa.ROMANTIK.. How i wish i have that kind of relationship. It reminds of me of HAMAM. People misinterpret the quran or bible regarding the homosexual people. The chaste love of men for youths has been regarded as something sacred in many Islamic socities, as reflected in the romantic love literature of Muslim Spain and in the Qur'an where Paradise contains beautiful male virgins. God only punish those have multiple sexes without a proper marriage. Most ppl nowadays have go against the law of god especially SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE commandment. Believe me, there are a lot of things in the quran or bible restraining us from doing something that we might think it is right. Homosexual are widely accept in the dharmic religion.So, if you are a muslim gay/lesbian,convert or move to europe. Like, THE BATTLE BETWEEN RACES.
Stupid ass he was not gay u stupid and he didn't fall in love with his slave do some research first then write. His slave marry to sultan daughter. Thats how he become the slave to a slave. Stupid. The correct quote is " sultan mahmood that had thousand of slave he became slave of a slave. And the story is kind of this when he find out that his daughter was in love with his slave. Sultan send his slave to bring the sun and the moon report which was impossible. So on his way his slave meet a man with miracle which made the slave so rich. Afther couple of he went back to ghazni. His face was changed and no one could recocnize that he was a slave. So he give some expensive jeweler as a gift to sultan. So sultan give his daughter hand to his slave also sultan didn't know that he was his slave and the story goes on till the sultan finds out that he was his slave.
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I have this calendar, and am LOVING August. This is a great picture. I love it.
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Wow never heard of this before, it's beautiful
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I heard this story in the documentary "a jihad for love", i think the sultan's and his turkish boy act should be preserved as classic image of LGBTT love
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I love this. Thanks for posting it!
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I like the desperate passion in their faces. And that "slave to a slave" quote and its origin is perhaps the most romantic thing I've ever heard between two men.
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