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Emperor Hadrian + Antinous


Hadrian deemed Antinous to be the most beautiful young man in all the Roman Empire. Sadly, Antinous drowned mysteriously in the Nile River. Hadrian deified the youth after his untimely death, and Antinous was worshiped as a god; whole cities were founded in his name. As a result of his popularity and statues erected in his likeness, the face of Antinous became one of the most recognizable faces in antiquity. A statue of Antinous and what is believed to be his tomb reside in Hadrian’s luxurious Hellenistic-inspired villa.
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Wonderful work of art! :))

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What about Hephaiston and Alexander?
too well known. I prefer to hear about a little less known people.
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Hadrian's bisexuality was well known. Plus, a lot of Roman rulers and emperors were bi: Caesar, Nero, Caligula...
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Actually, it wasn't Hadrian who deified Antinous - it was the Egyptians. But Hadrian whole-heartedly entered into the worship of Antinous, endorsing and promoting his cult by establishing games, constructing temples, and building the city of Antinoopolis.
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Antinous looks a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch.
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I just learned about these lovers and this is abeautifully evocative image of their relationship!
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Hadrian and Antinous are perhaps one of my favest gay couples of ancient history (them and Harmodius and Aristogeiton). Maybe I'm partial to the emperor and his lover because I had to draw their busts over and over again in order to be accepted to the Athens School of Fine Arts. =P But apart from the fact that Antinous was a looker, I really like their love story and I can't help being reminded of it all the time since Athens is full of monuments built by Hadrian. *feels proud* :D
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I love the series and this is my absolute fav
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