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This calendar explores same-sex affection throughout history.

All of these depictions are based on real people. Most of these historical figures are widely accepted to have been homosexual or bisexual. Some of them, such as Saints Sergius and Bacchus, are known for their unusual closeness, but scholars disagree on whether or not they were romantically involved. History isn't an exact science, and all too often truths are hidden or rewritten after the fact by people who wish to erase gay people from history.

This project wasn't about proving without a doubt whether or not a certain historical figure was gay; but rather exploring same-sex affection when enough evidence existed to at least consider it a reasonable possibility. Some scholars are quick to dismiss the love between men like David and Jonathan as merely "platonic", but ask yourself, if the love between a man and woman were described with as much passion and endearment, would anyone doubt that they may have been romantically involved?

I invite you to ponder these issues, as well as appreciate the depth and breadth of same-sex affection among human beings. Homosexuality has existed in all human cultures throughout time; and men who love men have stood among those who have made the greatest contributions to human civilization.
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Being a good person and contributing to society doesn't justify homosexuality and neither does the fact that it existed in all human cultures.  Good people do things that are wrong.