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Curly - PS CS2 Action-Tutorial

Curly is a tutorial and action for Adobe Photoshop CS2, the reason is only for this platform is due to the introduction of an advanced warp transfor tool to create the effect.

The action can be used for both landscape and portrait images. Plus the complimentary 1 page pdf tutorial on how the action can be followed manually or modified to your taste.
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thanks for you
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thanks for you
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Really thanks for your kindness
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verry happy
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nice one.. thaaaaanx
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Hi, you've been featured in this news article

Hope you don't mind it^^
ps. i remembered this one from a lot of time ago, i actually still have only CS!, but it always looks amaizing :D
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Thanks so much for the gorgeous page curl action!! I've been DYING for one of these!!! So funny...everyone is grousing that they couldn't download this action....I couldn't download the other 20 I tried to dl today, but I got yours just fine! LOL

Don't know if you'd like it, but I keep a list of free digital design resources....I'd love to give it to you as a thank you. Email me at and ask for the list, and I'll send it to ya!

Thanks again!

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:hmm: This looks very good... Do you think it would work for CS3?
is there anyone know
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Nice PS action.....had downloaded it from Xchange,sometime back, thanks for sharing! :)
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Thank you very much, I am glad you liked it and also downloaded it from the exchange. It's been a while since I put anything there. And most importantly thank you so much for your watch. :hug:
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sigh...sigh...i have cs1 and it doesn't work ç___ç
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My gosh, I am so sorry. Lots of people have told me the same, but that one feature in CS2 is a killer one. I wish somehow I could come up with a work around.
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if you do it i'll certainly download it^^
cause as i see on your example, the final effect is amazing!
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