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So... I have finally come around to taking the plunge and getting my work posted online. I've only ever posted a couple of things on reddit before (although even that was just a couple of days ago) and after being given advice that I should pursue this more, and the fact that when being huddled over a sketchbook or with a pencil in my hand, I am never happier, it seemed long overdue to at least start showing people that aren't friends to see what the response is like. 

No matter what job I have had in the past or where I find myself, my creative outlets have always been a huge element of my life and despite the trepidation of showing stuff of publicly, it certainly feels like a positive step forwards.
As I say, I've been doing this for years so have a bit of catching up to get stuff posted here and create a gallery of my odds. If nothing else it will be nice to finally have a space that I can point people to that shows a bunch of work, rather than the usually case of everything being in multiple sketchbooks, bits of random paper and the occasional photo taken from my phone.

Please feel free to say hello, give me feedback or just ask anything that crosses your mind, as I'd be happy to hear from you.
Thanks for looking...
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