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2018.06.23 It's Time
2018.06.23 It's Time
For a thousand thousand tears
in, a thousand years
I was there
Through a dozen hundred years
for, hundreds of fears
to be fair
so were you.
But now, in merely weeks
without you - just there
I realize I'm not gonna make it
I cannot, do this
for much longer.
for a thousand thousand years
of us, drying each others tears
healing each others fears
please my dearest friend
my unspoken love
come back
at least
to say goodbye
It's time
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2017.06.19 Tell Her
If you see my baby tonight
if you see the star in my sky
if you see why i couldnt love you
tell her its true, oh please please
tell her its true.
tell her i tried to forget her
tell her i know she said its through
tell her i know that  i had to let her
even though it ripped us in two
if you seeing her standing
looking up at the sky
tell her she doesnt have to wonder
tell her it was always true
tell her i couldnt forget her
tell her, i know im through
tell her i know what I have to do
ever since she ripped us in two
if you see my baby tonight
tell her to look up in the sky
tell her im waiting there
tell her its true oh please please
tell her its true
true I'll see her someday
on the other side of the veil
not to be sad, we'll always be together
tell her thats always been true
oh please please tell her
our love will always be, its true
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2017.04.24 Coffee
Up through haunted dreams
Nerves thrumming with aching need
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2017.04.18 all those things
2017.04.18 all those things
I wrote thousands of words
so very much, I had to say
and with halting pen in hand
I never wrote all those things
I wanted to every day
We spoke hundreds of times
we talked about everything
and with all those words
I never said all those things
I thought to say
when our talking became difficult
when understanding crept away
I wondered time and again
if it was the all those things
I didn't say
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2017.04.18 Razored Shadows
2017.04.18 Razored Shadows
What sweetness did you whisper
What was it you said
voice so softly slipping
the words I needed to hear
deeper deeper into my brain
Slicing my soul
with razored shadows
deeper into my heart you wormed
you slipped your blades in 
and made me hollow
nothing can ever be the same
I look to Her, 
just one more 'Another'
I can't bring myself
to tell Her I love Her
From my hollowed heart
come your razored shadows
The sweetness I long to whisper
are the words you said
voice so softly slipping
the words I need Her to hear
deeper deeper inside my brain
I fear I'd Slice Her soul
with your razored shadows
deep in my heart are your worms
and I cannot slip your blades in Her
make Her hollow
nothing can ever be the same.
nothing can ever be the same.
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2017.04.05 Mute That Volume
Mute that volume!
You're too much
Too loud
Too intense
Settle down
Quit squirming
Why are you rocking?
The movement sets place-time
Wounds All
Seared memories
Scars thicken
Movement slows
Waiting is
A mistake
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2017.04.04 a hat
2017.04.04 a hat
you tried us on
like a hat
to see if you liked
the cut of it
the dashing airs
the trim, sexy, look
just to see
if the we, ended up
somewhere, you
wanted to be
you wore us well
it suited you
blossoming in light
one day, you just
took off the hat
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2017.01.25 walking at 334AM
im out walking, walking again
the streetlights
soft hazy dandelion shrouds
sucking away the darkness
from before my feet
milky way floods my mouth
while pink floyd taffy's my head
together again, and
we are out walking, walking again
i can smell your skin again
feel the brush of your hair again
your hand lays lightly on my arm
but oh! your laughter taffy's our heads
together again, and
its 334am and
im out walking, walking, again
dreaming im us again
longing for you
while out walking at 334am
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Kid Charlemagne  (Charlie) by Metatetron Kid Charlemagne (Charlie) :iconmetatetron:Metatetron 2 0 Johnny  by Metatetron Johnny :iconmetatetron:Metatetron 3 0
2017.03.22 Enfolded
2017.03.22 Enfolded
Ah! The very cells of my flesh
The fibers, fascia, gristle and sinew
Remembers being wrapped, enfolded,
nested in the warmth of loving you
being loved, by you.
We, all of me, from thoughts in my head
to the memory of toes curled
Remembers you.
Ah! The very essence of me
Call it what you will
Longs to be wrapped, enfolded,
Nested and warm just one more time
Before being without you.
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2009.11.05 Time
2009.11.05 Time
there was a time
when there was time
then there was a time
Now there is no time
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2017.02.19 Breathe you in
2017.02.19 breathe you in
Breathe you in
breathe you out
holding you close
knowing the coming of the long night
We loved blazing new trails
wine and roses scattered behind
I saw the darkness ahead
a bittersweet knowing
I think it's strange
You couldn't see it
eyes clogged with wine and roses
now scattered behind
I still breathe you in
breathe you out
my mind holds you close
I'm a creature of the long night
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2017.02.19 I'm never comin down
2017.02.19 I'm never comin down
After our love was over
I knew I'd never love another
it's just not gonna happen
We went so high together
I know
I'm never comin' down
We became something
bigger than we ever knew
it can't be like that forever
except in our heart and our soul
I know
I'm never comin' down
You tore us apart forever
You walked away from me
took something less for a moment
forgot it couldn't matter to 'we'
And yet, you know
I'm never comin down
never comin down
never comin down
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2017.01.23 closing the loop
2017.01.23 closing the loop
I seem to be well around the bend
rather more behind me, than, ahead
my eyes film over with tears, and
moving in the shadows,
is you on my bed.
and above beyond behind
I hear you singing to yourself
Gently, The Song of Becoming
closing the loop
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2017.01.25 Choking
2017.01.25 choking
choking down another cigarette
brain fires burning regret
how could I have been so blinded
by our Love
by our Eternity
that I missed our here and now?
come to me
across time, oh I know you will
come to me
youll come again you see
so many times across eternity
there is always ever only you and me
just not now....
Time for another cigarette
oh sweet sister, help me forget
the fucking betrayal of Promises rescinded
all that fucking pain
all that Eternity and we're
Nothing at all, to you, here and now
Come to me
across time, I know you will
come to me
youll come again you see
so many times across eternity
there is always ever only you and me
just not now....
Noooooooww (screams)
two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in
Not now.
two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in two in one in....
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2018.06.23 It's Time

For a thousand thousand tears
in, a thousand years
I was there

Through a dozen hundred years
for, hundreds of fears
to be fair

so were you.

But now, in merely weeks
without you - just there
I realize I'm not gonna make it
I cannot, do this
for much longer.

for a thousand thousand years
of us, drying each others tears
healing each others fears
please my dearest friend
my unspoken love
come back

at least
to say goodbye
It's time


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I am male, human.
The first, gives me claim to nothing special.
There is nothing gender specific about failing,
Despite what both genders would have you believe of the other...
Despite what a multitude of self-help and couples manuals tell you....

To fail, is human.
To forgive?
There is none, inside oneself.

But the gaps in my writing, is simply explained - I just didn't post what I wrote. Why, is as complex as the years between.

Perhaps it still, does not matter if I share my work, or not.

But, for the first time, in a long dark time, I don't know.

So I will bring them here.

Write well.



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