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Oh, you lovely hidden treasure

Its a matter of fact that the only huge mystery left in the Team Fortress 2 "universe" lies behind the mask of one single person. or thing. who knows.

in any case, I am part of the people who believes(or prefers to believe) that the pyro is in fact a girl. although at this point is just a matter of fan speculation.

this was inspired on ~dalicius. 15 colors / 28 frames.
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:iconheavyplz: PYRO IS.....what in hell???
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I think the pyro might be a guy with just a childlike mind. I do hope its a female though xD
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ahahah :la: we will never see the pyros real gender :P. but its nice to speculate.
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em todo caso D: no me lo había puesto a pensar así
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pensar como?
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que podría ser una mujer the pyro
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yo creo que si el pyro no llega a ser mujer, van a estar todos decepcionados
pero de todas formas el fandom nunca morirá ` -´)9

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la especulacion es lo que le da el toque de personalidad al pyro, claro esta. yo prefiero pensar que es alguna chica pelirroja, que le gustas los pajarillos, ama los detalles de la vida y que en el fondo es increiblemente apasionada.

eso suena mejor que un gordo fofo envuelto en ule.
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I have high expectations that the Scout's mother is the Pyro,seeing as she is the only woman capable of carrying a purse and doesn't serve a purpose other than being the Red Spy's lover.
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I can guarantee you that we will never know the pyro's gender. after all, thats the catch behind it.
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Sería asom que fuera mina. Y en todo caso, es extraño que en el equipo del Team Fortress no haya una mujer.
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la hay, esta la administradora.
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un..... pollo azul!
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