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Welcome to the Game

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m e t a p h y s i c a l
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Every tale has a "once upon a time," but not every ending is happy. Each comatose princess and one-shoed servant has a journey that led to their downfall. Yet they rose from the ashes... or so the legends claim. Some destruction cannot be healed, regardless of the beautiful facade painted over time-touched decay, or glamorous weddings for a rags-to-riches royal. Metaphysical was born of magic, and it died in magic. Only you can write this story. Will our embers suffocate us, or will we take flight from the ruins?

all are welcome, including non-members!

p r o m o t i o n
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r u l e s
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I. - Anyone may join this group who has an interest in Metaphysical, even if they are not a member of it, but please be aware we only accept deviations related to our forum. It is alright if your image doubles for another purpose, such as art of a character that belongs to multiple sites.

II. - If you are a Metan, please include your OOC name in your group joining request, and also post in our Loot 'n' Booty thread to claim your reward (link will be included here once we launch).

III. - Descriptions of each folder can be found on the upper left side in our gallery. Always ensure you are submitting to the correct folder.

f e a t u r e s
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This section features members who have purchased a corresponding Agora item or earned the appropriate reward through other means. All USD transactions help support the site and the least we can do is showcase the wonderful deviants who have given such gracious assistance!

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s t a f f
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Founder - Administrator.
Co-Founders - Managers.
Contributors - Moderators.

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