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Painting Tutorial

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Another tutorial! I know I've made some like these before but this one is more in-depth!

Step 1: Flat Colors and Sketch
This step is pretty self-explanatory. Just make a sketch, color it, slap some colors under it and boom! First step done. One tip though: cleaner sketches make Step 3 much easier!!

Step 2: Rough Shading
In this step I block in the general shading and lighting. I mostly use blue/purple on multiply and yellow/orange on overlay.

Step 3: Refining
First I merge all the layers (I usually keep a background on its own layer). Then, blend out and refine the shading. Make sure to leave some harsh lines like the ones pointed out!
(Note: Complex/small markings tend to get lost in this step, so adjust your subject/brush/technique accordingly)

Step 4: Effects
I add some more variation with multiply + overlay. I also add a blob of colors on overlay and low opacity.
(I learned that last technique from @/FluffyGoatDaddy!)

Step 5: Details
Here I just mess around until I think it's done! I changed the saturation, the position and color of the eye, cleaned up the sketch a bit, etc.
(Do whatever you think the painting needs in this step! It can be totally different from what I did for this specific painting)

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thank you for the easy to follow guide! 

even though I roughly follow similar steps as it is, seeing it gave me the boost i needed to pull my tablet back out after a long tough break from art

your style is really smooth and fluid, it's such a pleasure to see your art :)
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Hey, thanks a lot for that guide! It'll definitely help me out c':
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Wow thank you so much for the tip <3
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Woah! Thanks for this great tutorial! :D
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that looks amazing. Id love to learn to use a paint program on the computer pad but some of the programs look a bit intimidating  to a beginner.
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Congrats I saw this on the 24 hr most popular :iconclappingplz:
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I'm definitely going to try this out sometime!
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I've always been intimidated by painting, so I haven't done it much, but this tutorial makes it look pretty fun... Maybe I'll give it a shot!
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This is gorgeous! It also helps me out a little, so thanks for that!
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Thank you so much! This will definitely come to good use in the future! :D

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Thank u very much! :D
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wow this is really helpful

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Good! I love the drawing and tutorial! It will help me a lot in improving the painting. :D (Big Grin) Clap 
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This was perfect to see right as I'm making a clean sketch to attempt painting. Thank you!

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Hi ^^ Good tuto thank you ! What software are you using ? Because I don't know how blend in Photoshop CC (but in Sai yes x') )
Thank ^^

EDIT : Ho ok, Medibang Pro ^^ 
Soo your work is amazing, thank you 
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Ohhh this will help alot! ;0;
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