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Type: Bug/Poison.
Ability: Battle Armor/Poison Touch.
HA: Regenerator.
Species: Strange Bug.
Height: 1,50.
Weight: 60 kg.
Gender Ratio: M: 50% F: 50%
Evolution: Ledyba (Unevolved).
Descrição: Entrando em contato com o Item Thorny Amber o Ledyba evolui ficando muito agressivo. Conseguindo adquirir um poderoso inoculador de veneno, perdendo a habilidade de voo, mas compensando com uma extrema velocidade e letalidade em seus golpes, utilizam suas grandes garras para segurar seus adversários, enquanto ataca-os consecutivamente com seu poderoso ferrão.

Description: Coming in contact with the Item Thorny Amber, Ledyba evolves getting very aggressive. Having managed to acquire a powerful poison inoculator, losing the ability to fly, but compensating with extreme speed and lethality in their blows, they use their large claws to hold their opponents, while attacking them consecutively with their powerful stinger. (Google tradutor).

Inspiração: Escorpiões em geral (Aracnídeos);
Inspiration: Scorpions in general (Arachnids);
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This could work as a regional evolution.

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I'd simplified the name just to Ledorpion.

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Thx for u suggestion =)

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Wow that's cool. The design matches the style of the newer generations with the skinny forearms and legs.

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Thank you very much indeed! I tried to bring a little of the new, but without running away from the essence of the first regions (which are my favorites) (google tradutor)

Awesome dude 👌

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No prob dude 👌

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Muito obrigado!

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Somebody merged Ledian with Ariados?

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I actually just made an alternate evolution of Ledyba with an item I invented that brings primitive characteristics to XD creatures. It would be like a ladybug turning into a scorpion, thanks for the comment! (google tradutor)

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Very impressive. :)

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thx so much! **------**

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