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Really cool! Good luck!
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She looks cute. And you drw a great hand. :) I think the eyelashes of here eyes are a bit to black. everything is so smooth blue,purple and there this black..It doesn´t fill my opinion. :D
I wish you good luck for the contest :)
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Ah thank you <3 I tried to make her eyes stand out more. I'll keep that in mind ^^
Much appreciated :D
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Your biggest problems are in anatomy,color, and texture.
First off, your anatomy isn't THAT bad. Other than the fact that it's rather stickish, the only problem is in the hips and the torso. I know this is a princess dress, but instead of it being like this:

A tube.
The hips.

It should be more like this:
An upside down triangle.
Another triangle that creates a sand clock shape with the other triangle.
And the hips should be just as wide as the boobs. 
Now for the color:
The main problem is that the Kyria's (that's her name right?) color palette is mostly blue/purple. You drawing her in a field might give a dainty and princess like air, but the blue sky distracts a lot from the main character. My suggestion is that if you are to use neon colors as backgrounds, you should either:
Compensate by using dull colors for the character (like this)
Or you can use a very contrasting color compared to the color of the character (like this)
Finally, the texture:
I suggest you use more layers and you play around with the opacity of them. 
Also, I recommend you try out other brushes!
TsaoShin Brushes by TsaoShin
brushes by Mar-ka
Etcetera. These are for photoshop but you can probably get some for Sai or GIMP.

I hope this helps you!
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Thank you for the critique. I agree with you on most points but I disagree with the point about the background. The examples you showed had rather eye-blinding colors and tones that I would rather avoid.
Have a nice day.
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Aah, I used those as an extreme example. Im glad the rest of my advice helped you though!
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Hello, from Project Comment here.
Im a big fan of fairies when it comes to fantasy, the butterfly wings look cute!
But as Im checking the art, I noticed some problems

First, unfilled spaces of color. I have done that before and maybe not noticing Im still doing it, but some of the edges of the character seems to have unfilled colors that would look like white bits. I would suggest inspectingeach line carefully and fill them to avoid this.
Second, the neck to shoulder part. It seems that you have made a sudden shift of line direction in the neck to the shoulder, generally it should curve towards the shoulder, keep that in mind.
Third, is the clothing. her right sleeve seems to be a bit wide compared to the left sleeve, but that might be a dress style. The fur that connects to the drees does not also look like furry texture, they should look fluffy and soft-lookking, try looking at references of fur dresses at the internet for accuracy.
Fourth, is the eyelashes, the left eye seems to have an extra eyelash, symmetry in the eyes should also be focused. inspect both of them if they look the same at most.

Overall, fixing some overlooked mistake in coloring, neck-shoulder anatomy fix, dress correction, and eye symmetry should be looked upon.
I hope you like the review!
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Thank you for the critique! :nod:
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I really like the colors :D
The background is really nice too!
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I love the outfit so much! I'm sure Frozen will love it too!
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Thank you c: I tried to make it extra cute ;)
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Its absolutely gorgeous 
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Thank you! How nice of you to say so :blushes:
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Your welcome ^^ its just bloody gorgeous it is
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