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Welcome to the #Metamorphosis-group!
If you are here, I suppose you like transformations (or TF for short). Maybe you like to look at them or maybe you enjoy creating them; it's for people like you that this group was created :)


Some rules about this group:
Already, nothing against the rules of DeviantArt.
After, we accept all kinds of transformations even if there isn't a folder for them (see below). But, there are some transformations we cannot accept because of their content. Those are:
:bulletred:"ADULT" NUDITY AND PICS FORBIDDEN! If you want Adult content, FurAffinity is for you, not this group.
:bulletred:We don't accept Human to Human TF. So if you did a TG, for example, it should be a TFTG (not only transgender!) or it cannot be accepted.
:bulletred:We have a limit of 10 submissions per deviant each week.
:bulletred:Please only contribute your OWN deviations to the group's gallery. If you wish to submit others' artwork, please suggest it to the group's Favorites instead.

We classified the Transformations by kind:
:bulletblue:Shapeshifting, Latex, costume: for a single picture (No stories)
:bulletblue:Story: Well for TF stories
:bulletblue:Photomanipulation: For all kinds of TF based photo manipulation
:bulletblue:Comic/Sequence: For comic and multiple picture transformations
:bulletblue:Character ref:For you Ref. Sheet of OC with transformation abilities.
:bulletblue:Animation: All in the title.
:bulletblue:Photography: Not real TFs, but really close in meaning
If you think your deviation doesn't apply to these folders, don't be afraid to ask for a new folder. We will see what we can do :)

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As contributor, you can:
:bulletyellow:Be in the "about us" page
View the back room and vote on submissions.
:bulletyellow:Put atleast, 10 transformations in the group
:bulletyellow:Do regular art updates (You will not be a contributor if you just add 10 deviations and hide)
:bulletyellow:If you think you can be one, send us a note to talk about that!

As member, you can:
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If you don't want to submit art, you can watch the group to get news and deviations from it as well as suggest a fave :)

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Together Forever (3/7)(Cow TF + Udder Inflation)As the human-turned-cow’s lethargic nature eventually forced her to sleep atop a bed of grass, her dreams once again painted a picture of the Drerian castle. Her previous nightmare showed the former ruler of this castle, now in horse form, sold as property to her own sister, and tonight’s story seemed to pick up right where the previous left off… -Starlet was shown the castle’s courtyard, and more specifically the old stables.-Tydianna had mentioned to her that the Drerian fortress once held its own animals in this pair of ricketty pens, but the cow and sheep, which were purchased shortly after Tydianna became the ruler, mysteriously vanished. They disappeared as quickly as Starlet and Tydianna themselves had.-Now, it seemed that things had returned to normal… -The Drerian princess had never been bothered by rural settings, providing a contrast to the castle’s cleanliness, but now that she was the very horse housed in these conditions, her face was always painted with disgust. Tydianna deeply missed the warmth of her castle walls, which were visible from her new home.-The mare was extremely claustrophobic every time the floorboards screeched against her horseshoes, only providing a few body lengths to roam before bumping into another gate that her hooves were useless to pry open.-It had a familiar smell to a common zoo, with a depressed animal to match. Tydianna paced back and forth in the tiny room, her long face a mix between fury and boredom, anxious, sad, and tired of being treated like a piece of property. The cow wished that she could be there simply so that Tydianna would not be driven crazy by loneliness.-The horse heavily blushed whenever she rubbed her leathery body against the scratching post, legs too stiff to ease her itches in a more dignifying way. The stack of hay had rested there for many years, but she would not be given anything fresher. She even caught herself using the saltlick simply to stimulate herself. Her brain was swarming with the energy of a hyperactive human, while her body was only provided self-deprecating ways to calm her boredom.-Starlet’s heart ached as she watched the poor horse. The person she loved deserved better than this after years of tiring herself out with royal duties day and night! And she couldn’t even leave without a real human’s help.-With her maned neck over the pen gate, and her muscles tensing with rage, Tydianna watched the stained glass window of what used to be her own bedroom. She wanted to slam her big-thighed body into the wall. That was her castle! While the actual ruler of the kingdom was forced to sleep on the same hay she’d eat for breakfast, her servants were resting on those comfortable beds. The entire kingdom mourned the princess’s death, oblivious that they were disgracing her every time they mistreated the unassuming, heavy-breasted steed stuck in this pen.-More importantly, Ardianna slept up there, alone. Even when Tydianna was busy, she always tried to tuck her sister into bed, and now she doesn’t have the hands to hug her… -The horse desperately locked eyes with the servant tending to her. Rhylia, a young serf who cared for the princess every day since Tydianna decided to take her off the streets as a royal handmaid. That girl was always so bright and happy to serve her ruler, but now paid no mind every time the former mistress tried to convey her humanity, only taking it as a series of bratty clops and neighs.-Even more infuriating, as if to tell the horse “you’re nothing more than a domestic animal now,” Rhylia pulled a saddle from a hook and laid it across the princess’s back. -“NEIGH!” Almost immediately, the former girl was sent into a fit, shaking the seat off.-When the servant went to realign the saddle, Tydianna kicked at her. Her big hooves swung so harshly that her iron horseshoes almost went flying off. Starlet could practically hear her raging thoughts through the winnies. How was a literal princess supposed to accept someone riding on her back!? Tydianna owned several horses, each with bejewelled riding equipment, and now this handmaid was trying to dress her the same way, as a pet!?-Rhylia was not an ordinary handmaid, either. While the majority of her servants laboured to provide food and upkeep for the castle, washing Tydianna’s clothes and room, the princess had chosen this one maid to tend to her more private needs. The cute girl was much like Starlet, clearly infatuated despite royal duties preventing her from confessing her desires, so when the monarch asked her to help out cleaning her bare, naked body… once the maid was done blushing, she happily accepted.-At first, their sessions were quick, but as Rhylia found herself staring at the princess’ breasts more often, Tydianna began excusing her from her evening duties to stay in the bedroom with her. Quite often, the more mature woman had a great deal of pent-up sexual strain after long sessions of councils and bill writing for her kingdom, and her servant was eager to help her relieve that stress. The touch of this maid’s soft fingers, and sometimes even her tongue, against her wet slit were heavenly for Tydianna, and she began looking forward to seeing her handmaid on her knees at the end of the long day. -The princess began affectionately calling the little maid her puppy, and the other servants annoyedly referred to Rhylia as Tydianna’s pet rather than just a serf. She would have the girl pant her tongue, lick her legs, and make barking sounds to display her submission to her princess. Tydianna even purchased a cute little dog bed for the adorable handmaid… -But now… -“Bad girl.” Tydianna’s former pet scoffed, buckling the saddle over the princess’ back. “You will need to be obedient, or Ardianna will change her mind keeping such a bratty steed. Throw another tantrum like that and you may find yourself pulling a dirty plow on a mangy old farm...”-When the big horse’s eyes watered over, before lowering her head for the bridle to be attached to her long muzzle, Starlet wanted to scream.-Her true love forced to obey her own handmaid, threatened with an even more cruel life of servitude. Watching her dressed in riding equipment… She had to step in and save her! Starlet’s own degradation was one thing, such an attack on Tydianna’s character hurt a million times worse! The Tydianna she knew would stand up and slap whoever even attempted something so vile, while… -This horse sadly opened her mouth for the metal bit to grind against her jaw, not even attempting to bite. Her face was red and lowly, still begging for recognition from the same handmaid who used to wiggle her butt to “wag her tail” for her. Begging for anything to free her from being her own sister’s transportation… -And she stood still, completely paralyzed in fear, fully acknowledging that these humans could make her life several times worse. The only movement came from her hind legs, which were spread apart as her udder began to stretch. The mare would sweat as that thing sagged downward, heavy and warm, and her situation quickly grew worse… -“Is that… steed ready to be rode?” The weak voice of Princess Ardianna sounded through the courtyard as she approached.-“All bridled up.” Rhylia smiled at the other young woman, jerking the restrained mare’s reins, forcing her to choke on a metal bar.-The horse’s eyes grew wetter when her younger sister, holding back tears herself, wouldn’t recognize her as anything more than an ordinary animal.-“All… alright…” Ardianna hung her head as she was handed Tydianna’s reins.-As the servant opened the gate, the princess looked over every feature of the white-furred animal... except for her crying eyes. -When the maid was about to leave the two sisters alone, Ardianna tapped her shoulder.-“Yes, my princess?”-“She’s dripping.” Ardianna sighed, “It is not healthy for a mare to run with her breasts full. Get a bucket and tend to her first, please.”-The servant looked at the horse nervously, indeed noticing how her milk tank sank to her knees. The horse’s moans were silenced by the bridle, but she clearly was in anguish each time a drop seeped from her breasts. If it had not been noticed, Tydianna would have been forced to carry it around for her entire riding session.-“Of course, your majesty, my leader. I humbly apologize for not having noticed it beforehand..”-The horse was biting down on the lead bar in boiling anger, but as her sister pulled a leather whip from the wall, she once again hunkered down in submission.-“Thank you, Rhylia… b-but I am not our leader. Tydianna would never abandon us.”----- Starlet awoke to a heavy rumbling from her belly, yielding an annoyed groan as she slowly lugged her fattened body up to all fours. Yet another day trapped in this pen, mooing and stomping her hefty torso around.-The flop of her empty udder reminded her of the previous day, and the sad cow shivered. She would never submit to gnawing on grass again. It tasted disgusting compared to her royal feasts, and only sentenced her to a distasteful session of having her breasts grabbed. Plus, this new body already weighed more than ten barrels of ale - the last thing Starlet wanted was to fatten herself up even more.-She mooed this over and over… no more grass… Princess Starlet could never… just the mere sight made her gag… even as her belly began to hurt...-...but after a couple of minutes, Starlet lowered her head and opened her jaw over the turf. Her body operated autonomously the first second she lost focus. When her consciousness returned, she was already halfway through chewing a large load of plant matter.-Every time Starlet tried to resist her body’s hunger, she would find her neck tilting on its own, and she chomped down. Holding herself back required every ounce of the girl’s attention, which seemed to flee on its own. Similar to her carriage rides, Starlet felt like she was a passenger on a vehicle that she couldn’t decide the destination of. A cow’s body was designed for grazing on dozens of pounds of grass a day, and no matter how awful the taste was for the human mind living within it, that was what it would do… -While chewing on the bite, Starlet remembered her staffers telling her to eat only enough to keep her desired princess's body, and not one pound past that. She also remembered having her waist and hips measured every week just to make sure she was still in shape. She wondered what they would think now.-Drerian had clearly been in panic over the loss of their primary ruler, but Starlet was only one figure in an entire family of puppets. Her diplomats were probably more concerned with how this would reflect on their kingdom than they were her safety. They would likely send a modest number of search parties, but after less than a week, decide to cut their losses and return home without the princess… -Starlet swallowed the green mush before leaning down for another mouthful of turf. These thoughts distracted her from the taste.-The foreign prince, her nameless groom, would instead marry another noble without any tears shed over the incident. They had not met anyway. She supposed that her parents would be saddened, but with the standard of a royal baby tri-decadely, Starlet could be quickly replaced. -Perhaps, in fact, her mother and father were hopeful that she escaped the chains of royalty, knowing that she liked girls but was ordered to marry a prince. Maybe she ran off while no staffers watched, found a pretty farm girl and now lived beside her under a new identity. They often conveyed such wishes to the stars, hence her name, so Starlet wished that they had worded it more carefully… -On the bright side… if nobody particularly cared about her in the first place, nobody was distraught over her vanishing. The only one suffering was her, while her family and friends’ lives resumed as normal. -Such thoughts were meant to help...-When her belly was so stuffed that it bulged out a couple of inches, the door to that cozy little cabin creaked, and once again Eristacia stepped out, clean and beautiful while Starlet was a gross animal eating from the same grass her fur was covered with.-“Hmmm…” Without even offering a word to the cow, that witch obtained a large milk pail and entered her neighbour’s pen. That goat’s eyes lit up happily, as its breasts had been full and leaking over the entire night.-“You cannot simply keep me in this form forever, you know! I’m absolutely sick of gnawing dirty grass!” The bovine, used to being the center of attention, called out to the sorceress in a tired “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”-“Looks like my beautiful dairy cow is done with her breakfast,” Eristacia smirked as she gripped the goat’s teats, causing its eyes to roll back in its head. “She must look forward to being siphoned next.”-“Listen to me, you sadistic monster! I am a human princess, people all over the kingdom admire my beauty, and every second you keep me here seals your fate even more!” Starlet snorted out specks of grass and stomped her hooves, tired of her fat folds bouncing with every movement. “MOOOOOOOOOO!” “Princess Ardianna will find Tydianna and I, and the second she d-does…” -Her breasts lowered a slight amount, a chilling feeling coming through her stomach… no, not again… come on! She hated this big, fat body!-The princess’s elongated nipples went stiff, dripping with white liquid. She was caught off guard with pleasure as the stress on her hind legs increased.-Seriously!? The princess had eaten only a few minutes ago, and already she is lactating again!? Is every meal she eats going to lend her heavy breasts!? Her teats still stung from Eristacia’s hands the night before - a second session of violation was way too far!-But it bubbled up in her body, warming up the pink flesh of her sack. She took a step forward, and her leg pushed one of her desperate teats like a lever, causing a gush to squirt out. Starlet grit her teeth with rage. Her own body was acting against her! She had no desire to convert grass into milk, especially not at the benefit of this evil witch! -“Oh dear…” That sorceress finally replied to the cow. “If you possessed intellect for anything beyond grazing all day, you would know - Princess Ardianna has already found her sister.” She continued to yank the breasts of the goat, who sucked the air through her teeth in relief.-“MOOOOOOOOOO!” -The sight of Astrida being alleviated only made her more eager for the same, despite how emotionally crippling it was the previous time. It was a simple necessity! Starlet could never truly find pleasure in something like that!-The constant trickle splashing into the large pool held inside of her jugs reduced the former human to a hot sweat. It went from flaccid to a veiny pair of breasts that she was pretty sure outweighed her human form. How was it filling up so fast!?-Starlet had just barely woken up, and already her thighs ached from holding up her involuntary lactation. Her vagina dripped as her four nipples were teased from the inside. The mere sensation of that sack’s bulbous shape rubbing against her thighs caused her to tighten and salivate, not wanting it to move, disabling her to do much more than wait for her farmer to come and squeeze it...-Eristacia set down the bucket of goat milk, before grabbing a second pail and approaching Starlet.-Starlet simply hoped for her ritual to go by quickly. She didn’t want to be a dairy cow. She didn’t want to play the starring role in this disgusting process a second time. She didn’t want her existence to revolve around scenes like this...-“Be grateful that you’re not a farmer.” Her staffers would constantly scold. “As a princess you have a carriage to bring you everywhere you need to go, and you don’t need to carry anything beyond that dress. We provide you daily meals, a bedroom, and love from the public.” They always told her about ranchers getting kicked by angry mulls, dairy farmers forced to carry milk buckets all the way to the market… -Yet now…-The sorceress kneeled down, and her palm firmly pressed against the side of her oversized, bouncy breast.-This was worse. This was unimaginably worse than anything that her dictators scared her with! Wrangling angry swine, tending to the fur of sheep, getting pecked by chickens… The sensation of that warm liquid flowing through her body, before puddling up in her boobs… and then having her nipples violently grappled in order to squeeze it out… She would take any “peasant job” over this! -Ten firm fingers around her teats, feeling up the warm milk inside…-Starlet braced…-Splat! Splrrt! Two high-pressure globs shot through the holes, before landing in the pail.-“Mooooooo…” Even knowing what would happen, the princess found it tough to not let out a bovine noise. She could have grit her teeth and kept a straight face through a single tug, but after her farmer began, her teats would be compressed and she’d be squirting out loads every few seconds.-Splut, splut, splut, splut, splat, splash…-By the time her udder’s droop had reduced, the cow’s tongue rolled out of her mouth. Her pussy was soaked and she dragged her feet across the ground. She had tried her toughest to remain dignified through this undignifying process, but her vessel was pleased to complete its role on the farm. It had no ambitions for respect, proper meals, or to keep its private parts concealed, all that mattered was getting milked.-“Mooooooo…. Mrrrrrrrrr… moooo…” Each tug caused Starlet’s vocal cords to let out a distinct, exhausted low. Starlet could hear Eristacia giggle whenever she pulled a lever. The cow was moaning on command! How she hated those animalistic screeches escaping her maw in the first place!-Even if the process had been fast, Princess Starlet felt as if she was molested for hours. When her body ceased excreting that fluid, her legs wobbled and she wished to collapse into a long nap. -Starlet lowered her head to glance underneath herself, ears drooping tiredly. -The metal bucket filled to the very top with milk… dairy that had been stolen from her… that she had been magically forced to create. -It dribbled down the side of the pail… how dearly she despised the sight. She would never consume lactose again. Without the strength to do much else, she took out her rage on the container.-Her big hoof swung against the handle, producing a metallic brung! preceding the tidal wave of its tipping. -A bunch of it splashed against her belly, and when she glanced down again, a massive white puddle engulfed her hind hooves.-She was deeply embarrassed simply over how full the bucket had been, but after two whole days of embarrassment, Starlet could not help but smile that the bucket would never make it to the market. A random stranger wouldn’t get to use her royal dairy without concern for the human it had been disgracefully squeezed from.-“That’s what you get! You are NOT going to use me as a piece of capital!” “MOOOOOOO!” Tail swatting and ears perked up, the cow let out a powerful bellow.-Starlet had hoped to see guilt or at least anger across the young sorceress’ face, but unfortunately, the pretty spellcaster only looked down at the fading puddle with a contented smirk.-The cow continued to glare, not wanting to reveal her impending fear… -“Hmm…” -Her owner quietly retrieved the bucket, which now only held drops, before standing up and smiling at Starlet.-“Looks like someone is just too excited to give her owner more and more delicious cow juice.” Eristacia’s hands glowed a deep red, and as Starlet began to back up in terror, a bolt of red energy was blasted towards her, absorbing into her.-“Mooooo!”-An ache came from the cow’s large belly, which bulged out. Seconds ago, the sickening reliance on grass was returning, but now… she was stuffed. Unnaturally stuffed, as if she had eaten an entire field’s worth of grass in a matter of seconds. Whatever the sorceress had done to her, it went straight to her stomach.-She let out a groan of confusion as her weight pronounced itself, which turned into a surprised moan when the grass shifted through her intestinal tubes towards her fat thighs… and finally, something dripped into her udder.-Her teats straightened out first, and then the water level climbed at a dramatic rate. -Once she fully processed what had been done, the warm fluid had bubbled halfway up her udder. Already, her teats were hard as rocks, with their wrinkles indiscernible. Warmth sprinkled into the pool residing in her udder like the basin of a fountain with no drain. It waterfalled in from all sides and created massive waves inside of her.-She groaned and shook her head. What was happening to her now!? Starlet had not even eaten, and her body was lactating again!? She was absolutely sick of control being surrendered to that monster!-Before she could even process it, the liquid reached the very top. The base of the disgusting pink appendage, bound it to her lower belly, began to stretch from the strain of holding up so much fluid. Her udder was completely full again, even worse than it was before!-But her uncontrollable milk tubes still had milk to stuff into her jugs. The drool-inducing, painfully encumbering experience would not cease once her udder’s capacity was crammed...-The entire thing lowered a couple of inches in order to create space for the intense pressure. Her two pairs of sore handles pointed to the sides as the bottom side of her udder expanded outwards, each half pronouncing themselves like a pair of stretching balloons.-“Moo… moo… MOOOOOOOOOO!” Tears came to Starlet’s eyes and she shook her head. She gained a gallon of liquid per second. She thought that she was going to burst from how much dairy was pushed through her intestines into that single container, but it only grew larger. The pink colour became lighter as its surface spread out.-Her bulky thighs widened in order to accommodate for her enlarging breasts, exposing her sex, which was completely wet. The cow’s legs stood perpendicular to each other to give her sack room to keep bulging out. She sucked the air through her teeth while trying to support the massive weight of white liquid.-“AGHHHHHHH… PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! TYDIANNA, ERISTACIA, ANYONE! OH MY ABSOLUTE LORD THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT! PLEASE STOP IT, PLEAAAASE!” “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”-It started to protrude behind her. Her flimsy tail ran between the two bouncy jugs. The ever-increasing tension from her crotch caused it to sink so much that her milkers contacted the very grass she stood on. It was so large that her human form would be able to fit inside. Tears were going down her completely-reddened face as she yelled for help.-“I’LL DO ANYTHING, I’M SORRY! PLEASE, JUST MAKE IT STOP! I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!” “MROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…”-“I’ll visit my hyper cow… later today.” Eristacia laughed at the girl’s globular, hyperburdening sack, before turning to leave her.-“WHAT!? NO! I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME CARRYING THIS THING AROUND!” “MOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet tried to stomp after her, but her speed was abysmal with such a massive balloon attached to her. -She screamed for help, but the sorceress refused to return, so Starlet tried to rub the side of her udder with a hoof. Though she moaned and shivered, covered in sweat, the cow failed to induce any spurts. Eristacia had left her to drown in an endless ocean of sexual edge, her four long breasts each begging to release their white, sticky contents to no avail.-At some point, she shut her eyes, focusing on nothing but the unbearable itch to slam her gigantic mammaries into something. To force out some of that weight… how much better she’d feel after it all spilled in a tidal wave… -She imagined Tydianna’s beautiful face… Then the blushing face of a white mare, equally as desirable… which Starlet would have hated to admit under normal circumstances…-In her fantasy, the horse bumped its head against the blushing cow, and a mischievous smirk grew across its furry face. Starlet imagined herself entirely at the mercy of Horse Princess Tydianna, which bolstered the craving to bend her hoof completely back and rub at her wet cow vagina… -She wasn’t supposed to desire this… a good princess never allows such disgusting thoughts to consume her in this way… -But her vision of that mare, who she begrudgingly found easier to imagine than human Tydianna, was all she could focus on as it clopped its way to stare at the humongous, hyperextended jugs of Starlet from behind. A beat of sweat descended the bovine’s face as the horse examined the heavy stretches, bulges, the girthy teats being spread across the floor, how vulnerable those giant breasts made her, and Starlet could do nothing but continue showing them off for her… mistress… -Starlet would never admit wishing for it, but the dream mare reared up, propped her feet on the cow’s thighs, before sliding forward and slamming her lower body into the cow’s rump.-“MOOOOOOOOOO!” As if it actually happened, the lactating animal yelped. -Her body was mounted and Tydianna’s fuzzy crotch grinded the backside of her bloated, full pink sack. Starlet’s hind legs staggered against the weight. It took all of the bovine’s energy just to remain stood up as each of her four teats splattered the ground.-Why would she want to think about this!? Even if the mare was Tydianna, she was fantasizing about being ridden by a horse! On top of being entirely improper, this dream wouldn’t calm the ravenous itch plaguing her system, it only made her want to--The horse smashed her own udder against the sensitive surface of Starlet’s, before pressing her weight even more violently, and the cow’s legs gave out. With the weight of a bull, Starlet’s jugs dropped to the grass, and the liquid was sent rushing through her system, giant spouts exploding out of her teats in opposite directions. -“Mrr… hhh… mroooooooooo…” Starlet let out a resounding moan as the sudden squirt sent her cross eyed with pleasure. She kicked her hinds, but her owner refused to set her free.-Even worse, her imaginary captor would continuously grate her large body against hers, blissfully using the cow for her own relief like she was a royal concubine. Every few seconds, Starlet released a heavenly groan as more hot liquid was sent spraying out in response to the mare’s thrusts.-“Come on… who’s a good girl… I could tell how dearly you wanted this… let’s drain that big ol’ udder of yours.” Starlet dreamed of the horse’s voice, graceful as she rigorously humped the cow over and over, squishing her into the ground. The mere thought of Tydianna’s whispers made the cow stick her tongue out, gasping for breath.-Tydianna used her sporadically, sometimes taking long rests before slamming her into the ground again and causing splatters to go everywhere. Her pink sack emptied some of its contents each time she was thrust against, but it would not return to its original size. Its capacity remained several times greater than that of a normal cow.-She was like a fountain, jetting out geysers at her owner’s command, without a single say in the matter. All that Starlet could do was moan like the heavy, mammoth-breasted animal she was.-And for a moment, she loved every bit of it… For a moment, she was finally happy with herself, happy with her place in the world, at Tydianna’s hooves… No more ruthless commands from her staffers, no more speeches composed of silly human words… For a moment, she hoped that it was real. They would be together forever.-----Her tongue was drenched in the taste of dairy. -With her teats droopy and relaxed again, the cow rested on her belly, in the small white lake.-This was primarily out of soreness, and any comfortable expression across her face was only the result of residual pleasure. In reality, the way her weighty body rested against the ground was always a source of disgust for the poor princess. -“Tydianna…” “Mooo…” She should have known, that beautiful mare was nowhere to be seen. A single tear went down her muzzle as she turned to look behind her.-Her legs went beneath the metal bars of the gate, and her tail hung over the top. The iron portion of the fence was covered in specks of black and white fur, and the pool spread to the other side.-Struggling with her prudish tendencies, the cow blushed. When she was struggling with that bouncing, bulging thing, she must have backed up against that wall. Tydianna was never there to grind her, to make her a happy pet cow… Starlet was rubbing herself on the fence. Was she seriously that desperate to please herself, that she’d masturbate on the door of a dirty animal pen? Her rump even faced the cabin, so Eristacia could watch the entire scene with a great view of her damp sex.-As a human, she never had an urge to spend her private time fingering herself, yet now that she had no soft hands, that fatass rump itched more times than not! What kind of cruelty was this? -Eventually she would prop herself up to all fours, knowing that she’d need to shake the liquid from her fur. The taste of dairy was not undesirable, but the cow was way too embarrassed to drink from her own bodily fluids, afraid that it would somehow make her lactate again in a cycle. -The afternoon breeze swept overhead, marking 48 hours trapped in this bloated body. The blistering sun pushed the pleasure out of her mind, and Starlet let out a sad low.-Her black and white fur, soaked, started to itch. When she was a princess, a single day spent without brushing her hair would be bothersome, and now her entire body was covered in it without a single way to tend to it, thanks to these bulky hooves. She almost considered backing up and grinding her body against the fence again to solve those itches… -The sameness of this pen was beginning to make the former human crazy. Her human life was always fast paced - diplomatic speech to royal dinner to party to carriage ride towards the next kingdom. Starlet always thought that she’d enjoy the time to rest, but now to be an animal left in the same place all day, expected to laze around and do nothing as bugs crawl through her fur, she was bored and lonely out of her mind. Her episodes of being teased by the sorceress usually only lasted a few minutes of her day. -Had she been ungrateful? Were her staffers right? Was this a punishment for failing to follow their orders one time, to be stuck as an animal whose body follows orders on its own? Did she not even deserve to serve Tydianna? Was she fit for nothing but a loveless life as a mooing piece of property?-Starlet’s eyes bagged.-As a princess, she never had the time to think this much… -----An hour later, the cabin door opened again, indicating the return of Starlet’s captor.-Her first instinct was to kick again, but she vividly recalled the punishment for spilling that bucket. While they were at her knees before, those four empty teats now tickled the grass. Her new udder size much resembled that of the goat, though Astrida’s was currently full.-“Is my cow ready to be more friendly?”-“Moo…” Starlet yawned. With her breasts raw from how much they had been stuffed with, the former princess wouldn’t spare the sorceress the social energy. Eristacia only spoke to her in a human tongue to bait her into trying to talk, a millionth reminder of this wide, obnoxious vessel she was trapped in. -“Aw, something wrong? Not happy with your new role as a dairy slut?” Eristacia only chuckled. “Frustrated that the rest of your life will be spent right here, chewing on grass, making yourself fatter and giving me bucket after bucket of warm milk?” -The sorceress failed to include the worst part of being alone in this pen. While Tydianna is being pushed around and patronized by her own castle servants, Starlet just wanted to see her again… she could make do without the loneliness.-“Moo.” Starlet rolled her eyes.-“Bratty or not, you’ll be begging to have those giant milkers tugged again by tomorrow morning. Given enough time, your only aspiration in life will be having your udders emptied, again and again, without any traces of the princess you once thought yourself to be.”-Eristacia picked up another bucket, before stepping into Astrida’s pen. Starlet had been afraid of the sorceress using magic to fill up her jugs again, so the pail instead being for the goat produced a sigh of relief.-Astrida began to sigh and blush after her four teats were placed in the tub, and her owner roughly gripped their long, pink forms. Though much quieter than the sexual noises Starlet had created while fantasizing about Tydianna, the goat would gasp with every tug.-As if it was the goat’s fault, Starlet glared at her. The former princess thought back to when she first found this meadow, and that cursed doe along with it. She was horrified to see such overstretched breasts on that animal, oblivious that a few days later she’d be staying in a similar pen, with a sack just as large. The princess hated to even acknowledge herself as a “fellow animal” of that beast, but their only difference was how much more plump Starlet was, as a literal cow!-Following a few minutes of pulling the obedient animal’s spouts, Eristacia dragged the heavy bucket away and stood up.-“Now that’s how a proper animal acts, rather than an annoying brat.” Eristacia glared at the disobedient animal, before putting her hand on Astrida’s collar. She led the goat forward and opened the gate linking the two animal pens. -“Mooo?” Starlet tilted her muzzle as the goat, who gagged as her neck brace was pulled. Astrida entered the cow’s corral and Eristacia closed the entrance between them.-“Since you’re both going to be drained into a tub from now on, it’s easier to keep you together.” She walked them up to each other, and Starlet rolled her eyes. -Was the sorceress trying to insult her, or was she plain idiotic? Even if Starlet looked like a dairy animal, they were nowhere near the same. That goat had spent so long on this farm that Starlet doubted a single human thought occurred in its head anymore. She called it an it because Astrida was hardly a living creature anymore, just a mechanism used to fill buckets every day.-Perhaps that was the point. Eristacia was trying to scare her with a glimpse at her future. If Starlet spent much longer here, she’d end up in that same, eternal, monotonous loop of having her body toyed with and used.. Her mind would long for when she could step on two legs, speak human words, go a single day without her breasts weighing over a hundred pounds, and hold Tydianna’s hand, but when her life provided none of that, she’d settle for begging. Her relative moments of happiness would be when her owner molested her nipples and pinched the fluid inside into a bucket, because she’d be conditioned to fear even worse. -Just knowing this made her want to resist even more, out of spite. She hadn’t known what Astrida was prior to her animalhood, but Starlet was a princess and Eristacia was a gardener living alone in the woods. -And yet, there seemed to be few options. Fighting back only brought the human one step closer to Astrida with that hyperextended milk sack, and running from the farm would magically circle her back to this pen. As a human she should be smart enough to evade another human! -When Eristacia stepped out, the pen’s latch wobbling closed behind her, Starlet sighed. In her fantasy of Tydianna mounting her, the pickets of the fence hardly bent. Using her overweight thighs to knock it down both sounded embarrassing and impractical - Eristacia would certainly hear the noise. And she already tried both jumping it and hoofing at the latch, both rejected thanks to this heavy body. -Starlet’s pondering was interrupted by Astrida, who was staring at her rump. Very quickly the cow turned, flabby udder bouncing with her, and glared at the goat. The animal must have thought Starlet was another of her kind, due to the size of that ugly sack affixed to her crotch. -The princess stomped her feet and snorted, making Astrida whimper. If she was going to share a pen with this goat, she wanted to establish herself as the dominant force. They were not two animals in a corral, they were a human and her pet.-“Mooooo!” Starlet backed Astrida into a corner. The goat cowered and kneeled, saddened. The princess felt bad for disappointing her, but she needed to assert her strength before getting any closer. She could not survive the blow to her dignity otherwise. It was similar to how her older siblings pushed her around, to gain a sense of power while commanded left and right by the staffers.-Astrida stood out of the cow’s way, obedient by nature, and Starlet lugged her slow body to the opposite end. The former human’s head lowered with wet eyes, the brief moment of competence draining away with a glance at the ground.-“Don’t, don’t, don’t…” -The cow’s belly grumbled.-“Mooooo…”-She couldn’t keep this up. Her throat was already gagging. No more sipping on wine and picking from a royal buffet catered to her personally. Only chewing the less wet pieces of grass from the ground and drinking from a nasty old water trough. -Just like before, the princess swore that she could never reduce herself to such a life, only to find herself grazing on a big mouthful of grass within seconds. Nothing was her choice. This vehicle started up and moved on its own. How would she escape when her body moved at Eristacia’s command before her own?-Though it was barely evening, a belly stuffed with grass was enough to make the princess sleepy. She laid her lethargic, unathletic body down to nap, thrust into another dream… -----Clop, clop, clop… -Air rushed through her mane as the white horse galloped. All four of her hooves gracefully stamped the grass, as a sign that the mare had grown used to circling the field. Handmaids observed the charging animal, admiring her rider for training such a steed… -As the horse tired her body out, continuing to strut the same laps over and over, it was straining to even focus. She was too exhausted to even let tears flow from her bloodshot eyes. Not only was she forced to run on all fours, but she also had to endure the weight of the human princess, comfortably resting on that leather saddle Tydianna was never allowed out of.-Marks on the animal’s rump, and even on her pink udder, indicated that her owner had lashed her into behaving this way. Her jaw was also forced closed by the bridle, and burn marks formed on her lips from how many times Ardianna had tugged her reins. Starlet wondered whether the horse ran out of threat or whether her human mind had taken a backseat to allow a set of equine instincts to endure the pain. Tydianna, the girl that Starlet dreamed of being dominated by, had been beaten into submission.-The girl bouncing on that poor horse’s saddle did not have a happy face either. Ardianna’s eyes were even more watered up each time Starlet dreamed about her, yet no tears would be shed due to royal formality. The girl hung her head as she rode her steed, quietly mumbling to herself.-Ardianna looked as if she were about to burst. It had been over a week now since she saw her sister in her human form.-The dream continued, and though Starlet winced each time the poor princess’ reins were yanked, there was something… attractive whenever her tail swatted, and she got a glance at Tydianna’s udder and swollen vagina. Starlet told herself that she was simply lonely without the girl she loved, but there was something special whenever she watched those flopping breasts and that moist, hot slit… -At some point, Ardianna pulled the reins the other way, and with an unexpected “NEIGHHHH!” Tydianna went barreling down a forest trail.-“Where… where…” The teenage princess breathed heavily to herself as her horse slowed down. She glanced back and forth in intense panic, making sure nobody followed down the path.-The clothing and jewelry that Starlet and Tydianna dropped on their rapid dash from the farm was gone. When the princess-riding-princess encountered the side path where Eristacia’s cabin was supposed to be, Tydianna perked her ears up in confusion, which was mutual with Starlet. The meadow was intensely overgrown by beautiful bushes of roses, obscuring any traces of the way the two women had gone. Ardianna made the horse continue past the ordinary-looking shrubbery, oblivious to the cursed farm’s existence.-“Let’s… let’s hope that nobody can hear us out here…” Ardianna spoke to herself, and the mare winced in fear. Was she about to be whipped so hard that her yelps would normally prompt the handmaids to pull Ardianna away? Was her own sister going to abandon her out in the woods?-They came upon a dead end, and her rider scooted forward on the saddle until her legs lined up with Tydianna’s fronts.-Starlet’s blood spiked… she wanted to step in and save Tydianna from whatever… cruel thing was about to happen to her…-“...” Ardianna sighed, before tightly wrapping her arms around the white horse’s neck and burying her head in her long mane. Long-suppressed tears soaked the long fluff.-“WHAT AM I EVER GOING TO DO!?” Young Ardianna kicked her legs like a child. “I CAN’T BE THE RULER OF DRERIAN! I DON’T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT RUNNING A NATION! ALL I KNOW IS COMBAT!”-The younger sister sobbed and squeezed her horse’s neck as tight as she could.-“...Brrrr…” Was all that the steed could manage, as her scruff was being smothered by the human’s arms. She turned her head and weakly rubbed her nose against Ardianna’s arm, unable to do much to comfort her crying sister while stuck as a horse.-“Please… please come back, Tydianna… You’re the only friend I have… They’re expecting me to pass laws and lead soldiers into battle… I just want you back… I would give anything to bring you home…”-Tears began to drip from the horse’s eyes as well. Eristacia had sentenced her to watch her sister’s descent into despair while helpless to do a thing about it. Day and night she tried to convey a single human word, only to lose it all in translation… -“I… I…”-Ardianna slowly sat up on the horse’s back.-“I-I’m going to destroy whatever subhuman miscreant is responsible for this, Tydianna…”
Together Forever (4/7) (Cow TF + Udder Play + Humiliation)Starlet’s eyes slowly cracked open, and she let out a frustrated snort. This was the third day she woke up with a furry muzzle obscuring her sight, plus hooves replacing her hands, yet she still looked forward to the end of this bad dream. Eventually she had to escape this cursed farm and wake up on her beautiful royal bed, in her proper body that didn’t weigh a literal ton, have stubby caps on its four legs, and a squishy pink udder grown from its lower belly… Either way, that relief would not be spared to her today.-The pre-sunrise stars shone down on the lonely cow as well as her pen-mate, the goat who continued to lay in the opposite corner, where Starlet had told her to stay. The bovine must have slept for over twelve hours, and her lazy body encouraged her to drift back to unconsciousness.-That goat remained asleep as the cow slowly got up on her fours, and she was surprised to spot an activated lamp from Eristacia’s cabin. Was that sorceress up early, actually doing farm work? After having her breasts violated by her so many times over the past few days, Starlet got a kick out of imagining her doing manual labour. She wondered what happened within those walls...-Really, Starlet wondered what was going on anywhere beyond the boundaries of this fence. Without any of the royal entertainment the princess had enjoyed all her life, and her soul thrust into a large body that spends most of its time grazing on disgusting grass, she had little to do but ponder. Had the diplomats from her kingdom already gone home, assuming her death? -Did they even care to establish a bounty for information on her? How much money were they willing to pay to find the princess?-“My cow is up so early.” Suddenly, the sorceress’ voice sounded from behind her. The cow jumped, wincing as her udder bounced. With a second glance at the cabin, the lamp was now deactivated. -Starlet slowly turned around, doing a puzzle to maneuver her four hooves in such a way.-“Your kind isn’t meant to graze until the afternoon. Someone must be especially anxious…” Eristacia hummed “ produce another udder-full of sweet, fresh dairy for her owner.”-Starlet shuddered at visions of the day prior, when this enchantress caused her breasts to inflate to three times their normal capacity, and decidedly shook her head.-“Don’t you dare! I am so absolutely sick of having my private parts violated just so that you can have a bucket of white fluid!” “MOOOOOOO!” “I am nothing like that submissive goat over there that lives for nothing but to have her boobs filled up and wringed.” She weakly tried to point her hoof at Astrida.-“Quite a bold statement from the fattest animal on the farm.” The sorceress giggled, walking around to get a nice look at Starlet’s big, squishy pair of jugs. As a human, Starlet would have quickly turned around to hide it again, but now her body was so slow that such movements only put more emphasis on that flappy thing. “...of course, I have not visited you at this hour to use you. While under most circumstances, a cow doesn’t need to know what happens among humans, Princess Ardianna has made a decision that directly involves you…” -“STOP TREATING ME LIKE A BIG FAT COW!” The big fat cow let out a self-contradictory “Moooooo!” “You’re only showing me these visions of Ardianna torturing Tydianna so that I get angrier! You want me to cry as I watch Tydianna get whipped and gagged by her own sister!”-“Silly pet, this one has little to do with Once-Princess Tydianna…” The hand of the elegant spellcaster suddenly gripped onto the cow’s tail, preventing Starlet from walking away while showing off her wide ass “...take a look for yourself, hm?”-Starlet’s furry tail was yanked, and when the cow stopped yelping, she was swarmed in a cloud of red gas.-----“Humble citizens of this… pathetic, nameless kingdom…”-“The party that previously ruled over this province have been convicted for their grand, unfortunately-successful assassination attempt towards our lovely ruler…”-“Princess Tydianna.”-When Starlet shook to life, there were people surrounding the small pen that she was trapped within. She recognized the stalls and large crowds of the market, citizens stepping aside to allow the Drerian-sealed carriage up to the stage.-This was the central square of Starlet’s city state, where the princess often gave speeches, but this time she was an observer. From inside of an animal pen beside the stage, disguised as an ordinary dairy cow available for purchase.-“A representative of this kingdom was sent into our territory, feigning innocent intentions, before taking our princess into the dark woods, hiding the corpse and fleeing.” The Drerian noble glared down at the peasants. Citizens in Starlet’s kingdom were not allowed to carry swords or crossbows, so there was little to fear. The one person in the crowd who could disrupt the pronouncement was trapped as a common bovine…-“Any government official that Drerian suspects of involvement is now a permanent resident of our dungeons, along with the relatives of the rogue who did this… Starlet III.”-“MOOOOOO!” The cow stomped her hooves. Did they seriously think that she took the Drerian princess into the woods to kill her!? She wanted to devote her life to serving Tydianna! Starlet was too scared to even hold Tydianna’s hand! -“Regardless of whether the assailant is located, the previous rulers of this land have proven themselves undeserving of such power, so on Princess Ardianna’s orders, this place is now a substate of Drerian and will answer to her. Anyone found disapproving of the princess will be brought away and all local farm animals will be branded with the Drerian likeness.”-In all sincerity, the princess had hardly known her family as much as the group of handmaids and organizers that dictated her entire life, but she knew that they were innocent in this entire ordeal! The royal family was raised to be friendly, domestic puppets! Her brothers couldn’t talk without formal requests! Nobody related to her would ever hurt anyone! -Her mother, father, six siblings and million cousins… who already had nothing… imprisoned because of her reluctance to declare her love when she had a chance!?-“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” -She couldn’t let this happen! Starlet had to have more power than that! Besides serving Tydianna, Starlet’s entire purpose in life was to promote diplomacy with her kingdom…-But before she could take another step, the smoke began to consume her again. Starlet begged to stay, to at least see if any royals escaped, but from her little cow pen, she was helpless to meddle with any human affairs.-Starlet had assumed correctly in one aspect.-There was indeed a bounty on her name...-----“I can explain! Please, just let me talk! I’m not a cow! I’m not a cow!” “MOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet bellowed as she woke, disappointed to find herself once again within this pen. Eristacia remained in front of her and the goat, who was now awake also, grazed beside her.-Her belly was bloated, and her breath smelled of grass, as if her body was munching on the field while she was tortured with the sight of her kingdom’s downfall.-The sorceress smirked, and as she turned to leave, Starlet snapped again.-“MOOOOOOOO!”“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!? My entire kingdom is suffering because of you! Ardianna is mourning her sister without any way to know she’s riding on Tydianna’s back! How can you be so sadistic!? You are evil, you are less than huma-”-Eristacia snapped her fingers, and the cow’s stomach shifted downward. Within seconds, her entire intake of grass drained through her system, and Starlet’s hind legs wobbled as a massive weight of milk was slammed into the walls of her udder. It was like a cannonball suddenly dropped into her sack.-“I love my two dairy-producing pets~” Was all Eristacia said as the cow grit her teeth and kicked her legs. Her sensitive, rubbery sack was filled to the very top and rapidly expanded outwards. In all her rage, Starlet struggled to hold still despite how jaunting it felt for that heavy thing to move. “Once again, my pets will be emptied upon my return from the market.”-The enchantress stepped out of the corral, and though Starlet tried to follow, she was stopped by her long, hot teats dragging against the ground, squirting out fluid. They stung as if she had needed squeezing for hours.-As Eristacia left, walking down the forest path, the pen door creaked... -Starlet, face red hot, could not believe her eyes. -The sorceress had left the gate open! The cow had spent the previous few days observing the latch, growling in anger at how useless she was to open it with hooves, but now Eristacia had forgotten to close it!-It was an unfortunate time, though, as Starlet had a humongous bouncing milk tub affixed to her crotch. Taking a single step was rough, as Starlet’s udder grinded against the grassy floor... -...but after having her body used as a dairy generator for so many days, she would give anything to escape. Even if it meant carrying twenty gallons of warm liquid inside of that sensitive, pink sack half a kilometer through the forest… -One hoof at a time, the warmth splashed and bubbled up through the interior of her drooping breasts, but she made it to the pen’s exit. As careful as her body could manage, the cow put her muzzle over the fence and pulled back to draw the gate open. After slowly turning around, veiny udder getting squished against one of her legs, the exit to the pen was held open by Starlet’s large thighs.-She was free to step out. One step closer to escaping this big, lactating lump of meat that she was trapped inside.-“Aaaaaa…” As Starlet was about to let the gate shut behind her, the goat let out a small yell. -Astrida stood still, as if hesitating, but with a glare from the cow, it hobbled up to her. She rubbed her face against the bovine’s rump.-Starlet sighed, still rather disgusted with the beast, but moved aside to hold the door for it to leave. She supposed that even if Astrida acted more animal than person, there was still a human mind suspended deep within that tortured creature’s mind. If they escaped Eristacia’s hands, perhaps Tydianna and her could rehabilitate the thing… or keep it as a pet. -After both animals were completely free, the princess’s first thought was to hurry back to the Drerian castle, but after being magically transmitted back to this place twice, she would need to be bullheaded to try again. And as much as it hurt to consider, returning to Drerian would likely just land the cow and goat at the marketplace, where Ardianna now legalized branding.-So instead, she dragged her inflated udder towards the cabin entrance, grunting as she got up onto the porch. Every step upwards caused her to groan and pant, the base of her jugs ready to burst, but after a few seconds she maneuvered all four hooves up. Astrida, meanwhile, was sniffing at the red roses. -Though the front door was yet another obstacle made impossible by her stiff body, she was fascinated by the sight through the windows.-The comfortable bed in the side room was pure mockery for the former princess, who’d now been forced to sleep on grass for three days. There were also plants growing within pots, as if the large garden circling the house was not enough.-In the main room, there were shelves stacked with potions, each sparkling a bright colour, some labeled with the painting of an animal. Beakers of liquid were on the table, and there was a boiling cauldron with an hourglass beside it. Starlet was concerned over how she would open and use a potion bottle with her hooves, let alone read a spell tome and combine ingredients if she needed to… -The cow raised her hoof to the window and braced for impact, hoping that her leathery skin could withstand broken glass, but then there was a gust of wind.-She shivered, and the front door squeaked. As if it had not been hooked up with a knob at all, the entrance swung open.-“What? How is that possible!?” With a “Mooooooo,” the cow tilted her head, only to watch the goat hurry up the porch and into the cabin before her. -Starlet’s heart raced, a million times less easy than before. She knew that Eristacia’s power was the only way to turn them back, so despite her nerves the cow stepped through the magically-unlocked entrance and huffed. Just barely did her thighs fit through the doorway.-Moving through the house was an embarrassing series of bumping into tables and knocking down oil lamps. Eristacia deserved to have a wreck made of her home, but Starlet was simply embarrassed to have a butt so big. In her castle, servants would be up in arms if a disgusting animal got inside. On a couple steps, her jugs would go swinging too, causing her teats to squirt onto the previously-clean floor. Flashbacking to when the princess’s staffers scolded her for the smallest mess, she was ashamed to stain the floorboards.-After an excruciating period of pulling her heavy body through the room, Starlet was faced with the wall of potions.-Even though their goal was to find a reversal potion, Astrida’s eyes were glued to a bookshelf. More strangely, she pried a specific tome from the stack and hoofed through it, clearly trying her best to flip to a certain page. Starlet was confused why the goat had not looked at the bottles first, but the humanlike ability to read a book was a good sign. How long has Astrida been waiting for an opportunity like this?-Donkey potion… sheep potion… pig potion… “milk puppy” potion…-Starlet stomped her hoof in frustration. Not a single one was labeled as an antidote! Had Eristacia ever even turned someone back into a human?-Was it… even possible for Starlet to escape this blubbery form? Surely she had not… truly lost everything because Tydianna and her decided to walk up to this cabin, right? It… it couldn’t be! Their human lives were worth so much more than that! This was supposed to one day be a silly memory that Tydianna and her look back on!-Teeth nervously grit, she looked to the ground, where Astrida stared at her book. Starlet was not going to trust drinking a random potion, so she hoped this parchment would help her.-Mandate of Drerian It read at the top.-Going down, Starlet was faced with an extensive list of names, coupled with animals.-Imperatrix Arle’lusa - Cow - Gifted upon rival kingdom as a symbol of peaceImperatrix Darne’lusa - Sheep - Fleece formed the dress of following three rulersImperatrix Dame’tryda - Donkey - Carried property of fleeing peasants during regime changeQueen Myliath - Milk puppy - Personal companion of following ruler-And the list went down… for a long time. Starlet was confused as to the meaning, before swallowing as she came across a familiar name amongst the rest.-Warlord Frashia - Cow - Personal pet of royal handmaid following regime changeWarlord Dylantha - Sheep - Personal pet of royal handmaid following regime changePrincess Tydianna - Horse - Riding steed of following rulerPrincess Ardianna - UndecidedPrincess Skye - Undecided-Astrida hooved to the following page, clearly more accustomed to an animal’s body than Starlet.-Other animals:Princess Astrida - ̶C̶o̶w̶ Goat - Abandoned people over personal egoPrincess Starlet - Cow - Too desperate for Princess Tydianna. Transformed out of kindness-Out of kindness!? What was kind about robbing two princesses of their dignity and separating them!? Tydianna was forced to watch her sister’s downfall into tyranny while carrying her around, and Starlet’s breasts had now squirted out more dairy than she’d need in three lifetimes! To top it all off, Starlet couldn’t even share this sorrow with her love!-As the cow kicked her bulky stubs, with a level of rage that would have her mistaken for a bull without the udder, Astrida just… let out a firm sigh.-The goat was not upset to have her story reduced to a few lines amongst a hundred more. She didn’t sniffle to think how unlikely they would escape if so many before them had failed… Astrida appeared… to smile. To see another name on the list, or perhaps… to not see it on the list.-Starlet, leaving the goat to have her moment, sighed and turned back to the rows of vials. Eristacia was rarely out longer than an hour, which meant that they needed to solve this quickly.-...but… how would they!? Starlet was a pampered royal! - She didn’t know the first thing about alchemy! To her, each of these bottles contained nothing but different colours of shiny juice. It was impossible to discern which would undo the transformation and which would cause a second udder to sprout from her chest.-The cow sighed as she watched her reflection in the glasses. Her human decency demanded a simpler answer than knocking the bottles off the shelves and licking the contents from the ground, yet nothing came to mind. Perhaps she should be guzzling random potions while she can, before Eristacia returns… -When she turned her head to look at Astrida, hoping that the goat was snooping through the sorceress’ spellbooks, Starlet was confused to see it staring at her widespread rump. As always, the goat was quiet and pensive, simultaneously appearing brainless and infinitely wise. -By now, the aching feeling from her bountiful udder had returned. Just as the cow stood there, glaring over the line of potions, those four faucets had made a white puddle between her legs, each drop making her cringe.-Annoyed with the goat staring at that heavy, nearly-bursting appendage that she so despised, Starlet started to turn away, only to be surprised as Astrida reared her hooves and propped them on the cow’s thighs.-“MOOOO!?” Starlet yelped as the two goat feet pressed her ass, trying to hold her in place. Astrida’s weight slammed down on her backside, forcing her to let out a second “MRRRRRR!” when her legs spread and each of her teats expelled their contents all over the floor. -The goat’s hooves slid up her back, and its breasts rubbed against hers, generating even more heat. Was this goat trying to mount her!? Was that how far Starlet had sunk, that actual animals wanted to grind against her wet crotch without even asking!?-Out of self-defense, the cow shook her ass, sending her leaking breasts bouncing up and down with vigor. One of the goat’s hooves was bucked from her backside, but the other remained. When Astrida regained her balance, both of her front feet were on the left side of Starlet’s body, and the cow was tipped over by her weight.-“Mooooooo!” Her body slammed sideways into the wall, creating cracks in the logs and causing the room to shake with the sound of potion bottles hitting the floor. The thundering sound of her heavy body sliding to the ground was embarrassing, as if a chandelier had fallen in the royal foyer and everyone turned their heads to look.-Glaring upwards, the cow’s eyes met those of her assaulter. Instead of the goat’s eyes featuring the animalistic lust she expected, they were full of tears.-Her vision went blurry as Astrida slammed her hoof down again. As hard as she could. Against Starlet’s bulging udder.-“MOOOOOOOOOO!” Her loud, involuntarily-pleasureful bellows caused the room to shake again. As her quartet of spouts now pointed horizontally, four thick gushes of lactose came blasting out from her nipples with enough pressure to douse the wall opposite of her. -The goat pulled her hoof back, and as the cow’s sight returned, Starlet saw her ejaculations dripping down the wall. Once her teats had refilled, Astrida pummeled her a second time.-“MRRRRRRRR!” The cow began to cry as four more geysers came spilling out of her. A single splat filled her with exhausting, orgasmic pleasure, but Starlet was squirting out four at once, over and over, on Astrida’s command. She was being ravaged harder than her prudish brain could even comprehend as a possibility. Her mouth was full of saliva and her vagina was tightened. Agh… hhh… moooooooo…-After about half of that udder was drained, Starlet was able to gather enough energy to raise her hoof and push against Astrida’s before she could slam it into her again. When the goat tried raising her second foot, Starlet was able to block that as well.-They wrestled against each other for a few seconds before Starlet rolled over, now completely on her back with those spouts pointed up in the air. The goat’s gigantuan dairy pocket once again pressed against hers, now pushing her against the ground.-Starlet glared up at the goat, hooves aching as she hoisted against the other animal.-“What is wrong with you!? We’re supposed to be escaping! That witch is going to be back here any minute!” “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”-The goat would do nothing in response but sniffle. -Starlet began to overpower her, hoping for a chance to stand back up, only to get caught off guard as the bulbous, second udder started to hump against her. -“Mooooooo!” Her eyes rolled back in her head as the goat’s violent grinds caused the flaps in her own udder to bulge up and pressurize. Not only did her own four teats squirt their contents with each cycle, but the cow’s upper chest was blasted with a load of goat milk as Astrida oscillated herself. She very quickly lost focus and her hooves released their hold on Astrida’s.-“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!? WE COULD BOTH ESCAPE THIS PLACE!” In angry, fatigued tears, the cow tried to say, but as always it could only escape her mouth as a low “Mrrrrrrrrrrr!~” -The goat only shook her head and sniffled, before smashing her pendulum against her faster. Astrida’s cowbell sounded as her body shifted up and down.-“TELL ME-” “Moo-” Starlet was cut off by one of Astrida’s teats spurting into her face. At this point, both the two animals and the entire room were covered in their lactation.-Every few seconds, the wrecking ball of Astrida’s udder would push itself into hers, and they each would let out resounding, animalistic moans. Starlet was gasping for air so much that she found herself unable to even gather her thoughts, and her world began to blacken. Each time one of her teats filled up, before being squished again, her mind would blank. It wasn’t the pure, passionate bliss that her groans made it appear to be - simply, her human brain could not fathom how much pleasure was being thrust upon her. How much warm liquid came spilling out of her body. How large the puddle surrounding her had grown…-“Why… please… at least tell me…” “Moooooooo…” Her body was now almost empty, and the cow was stressed to even keep her eyes open for a couple of seconds. The opportunity to escape was now completely soiled thanks to Astrida! -“We could have gotten out… you idiotic, disgusting animal… WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?” “MOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet had thought that animal had person-level intelligence trapped within its lactating coil, but what kind of human acts so barbaric!? -As Starlet’s pink sack only contained a few drops, and Astrida was rubbing herself against its squishy, empty shape… the goat leaned in closer. -Astrida was distraught, ashamed, revolted with herself. Their noses touched, and Starlet saw right into her sorrowful eyes.-In the quietest whisper…-“She promised me a single day… hhh... if you were subdued…”-----As the drained, in every meaning of the word, bovine laid on her back, in the white lake, she tried to stand back up, but her body was completely locked up. When having her full breasts squeezed into a bucket was enough to make her drool, a large goat pleasuring herself against them left her paralyzed.-“We… we could have… we could have both gotten out…” She repeatedly says, her voice reduced to a long, quiet “Mrrrrrrrr…” -The bright shine of potions glared from the shelf above her, out of her reach no matter how desperately she wanted them. One of them held the power to free her from servitude to that evil witch, but she lost her chance…-Tears leaked from her eyes. She doesn’t want to stay like this, lugging around twenty times the weight she was meant to. Starlet didn’t want to spend the rest of her life fattening up her body by grazing on grass, plus being periodically violated to have her bodily fluids squeezed out. The previous three days were complete torture, she just had to get out… -It wasn’t even about the grass and milking… -All… all that Starlet wanted was love. Her real family was always restricted from seeing her, staffers only used her, and the citizens who applauded her speeches only loved the version of Princess Starlet that the kingdom manufactured. -She wanted Princess Tydianna…-Astrida turned away as the former princess began to cry, now just using her oversized body as a bed. The Taun’fur brand, displayed on her attacker’s ass, was shoved in the cow’s face.-Today, she really did have a chance to get out, only to get knocked down again, not even by the sorceress this time. She dreaded what Eristacia would think when she found her, having left her pen and trashed her house… -All because that damned doe decided to… decided to give up Starlet’s chance at humanity again for… one day as a human!? That dumb, selfish beast ruined everything! Starlet should have left her behind in the pen! Now they would definitely not have another chance to escape! -If it took so many days simply to leave that smelly, rickety cow corral… that was it. Her opportunity to leave this place was dashed. It would be easier for the cow to jump over the moon than flee this farm.-Her anger with that ratty old goat was immeasurable. She basically threw away Starlet’s freedom on her behalf! Even if there was a minuscule chance that the cow would find the correct potion… even if escaping through the forest would likely cause the two animals to teleport back to the cabin again, even if Eristacia had a level of magical power unmatched by anyone else… it was entirely unjust to reduce another human’s dignity to something so insignificant! If it had never been for that goat, Tydianna and Starlet wouldn’t have investigated this mysterious cabin in the first place!-Before long, footsteps echo through the forest… those of the red-robed woman, who now permanently held their souls as toys to be played with, who entertained herself with the embarrassed and angry looks of former human women.-Just like she had with several princesses before her… -“Oh, Princess Astrida…” Her songlike voice stepped up the porch and she smirked over to the goat. She barely even acknowledged the moaning, sobbing cow underneath, as if Starlet was just an ordinary animal incapable of comprehending human speech. -“After your last escape attempt, I wondered if an extended stay as a public fountain would be fit for a brat such as you, but you passed the test. Only two years, and that rebellious personality has been reshaped into a beautiful, perfectly obedient pet.”-Tears remained in the goat’s eyes, and she shook as the sorceress’s hand went beneath her chin, but Astrida remained silent. Starlet knew that beast was capable of talking, but had come way too far to mess up now… how long had she willingly restrained herself to gain the alchemist’s trust?-Passed the test? What was Eristacia talking about? They had almost escaped this captivity!-“Allow me to remove your collar, Astrida.”-On command, the goat leaned forward.-Click.-When that metal brace was taken from Astrida’s neck, and her cowbell relieved along with it, the horned mammal lifted her head in bliss. Considering Starlet had seen the animal wearing that uncomfortable collar from the moment she discovered the cabin until now, she doubted that goat was ever able to remove it.-And from there… Starlet’s catharsis from the poor goat steadily morphed into envy… -The two, hard toes that made up the hoof that had pounded Starlet’s udder would grow out and split into five fingers, with the rough covering turning into fingernails. The nails featured a colourful polish, as if not a day had passed since she lost her proper form.-Astrida’s insultingly-happy expression remained as the goat’s muzzle receded into her face, along with her horns. The once-again-human hand glazed over her soft, no-longer-furry cheek and a tear went down her face.-The animal’s bulky thighs shrunk into a rather small figure. As she continued to sit on the cow’s chest, Starlet watched up close as the goat’s tail vanished and, more importantly, her massive udder shifted upwards and receded into a big pair of human breasts.-Starlet’s udder, meanwhile, gained a few extra inches of capacity. Tears went down her furry face as well, but not those of joy.-When Astrida’s body was entirely returned to normal, though still rather overweight and with larger than average chest mounds, she finally attempted to stand up. Her legs wobbled, before she stumbled back down to a kneel before Eristacia, ironically looking like a puppy excited for its owner to return home. -“P...please, Lady Eristacia…” Astrida cupped her hands in each other and looked up at the sorceress with big, wet eyes. “I-I am… n-nothing but… your property, I beg of you humbly, with… w-whatever I am worth… d-don’t let this be a trick again. M-My heart has been broken so many times… b-being momentarily gifted a human form just to be trapped i-in an even more worthless animal form…” She breathed heavily. “I-I don’t want to flee this forest… o-only to wake up back here again… I-I don’t want to make it back to town… j-just to turn into a fat, ugly b-beast in front of everybody again… y-you promised me t-twenty four hours of humanity if I-I stop another princess from trying to leave… A-And all I want is to visit the queen again, t-to express my sorrow for leaving her behind… for letting Taun’fur ravage our kingdom… t-that’s all I want, I beg no more tricks.” She weakly hung her head. “I-I have no more will to break. T-That privileged brat is gone. I’m only yours. And I’ll be your goat forever.” She twitched, seriously trying her hardest to seem innocent.-With a long silence, Starlet began to understand. -Eristacia had used her as a tool to test her other pet. That sorceress had trapped dozens of princesses as farm animals before, why would a submissive, shy puppet who was “Too desperate for Princess Tydianna” ever be the one to escape? As always, Starlet was just an object to be manipulated… -“You’ve learned quickly, haven’t you?” Eristacia stroked the head of the crying Princess Astrida. “Perhaps some humanity is just what you need… in order for your will to be broken again.” She waved her hand, and a large dress quickly covered the former goat’s body, covering up her breasts and crotch for the first time in a very long while. “Go, enjoy your day as a human. When this collar once again finds its way around your neck, your 24 hours will be over...”-As Starlet stood back up on four hooves, Astrida stared at the cowbell in the enchantress’s grip, face containing more fear than Starlet had ever seen her express as a goat. All of a sudden, she had something to lose again. She didn’t even seem to believe this was happening.-“Thank… t-thank you."-Astrida attempted to stand up, but toppled to all fours. After a couple of attempts, her feet wobbled so much that she needed to crawl out the door. Starlet tried not to be mean, but she could not help but snort at the sight of a human walking like a goat in a dress. How long had she been stuck as an animal?-As the former human sat on the porch, reteaching herself to operate a human body… Eristacia turned her glance towards the cow, whose big heart dropped. -Perhaps Starlet could attempt to drink a potion before--The sorceress waved her hand, and the puddle underneath where Starlet stood featured a faint glow. The portions of the wall that had been splattered during her wrestle with Astrida shined similarly. -“Without my goat here to provide, it seems my big ol’ cow will be picking up the slack. It would be a shame to leave all of this fresh dairy to waste...” -Starlet glared back, confusion in her large bovine eyes, which only went wider as pleasure struck through her empty teats.-“Moo!?” She gasped. All four of her elongated nipples stretched from the pink jug, and dipped into the large pool beneath her. It was nice and warm for a short moment, but then she found herself salivating when… the four spouts began to suck up the contents of the puddle.-“What in the world!? What’s-” “MOOOOOOOOOOO!” Her front hooves stomped as her breasts expanded and familiar liquid sloshed back and forth within them. The cow attempted to yank her body away, but those breasts were magically glued to the ground. -The small, white lake shrunk as her sensitive udder sagged, and Starlet continued to uselessly push away as her nipples were teased in a completely new, uncanny way.-She struggled for breath as her body uncontrollably slurped up the fluids. The entirety of the physical pleasure that the cow derived from having her tubs slammed drained from her body, replaced with a chastising tease as if her breasts were being roughly massaged but never squeezed. Starlet was being unmilked!-Astrida, still recalibrating her body with the ability to walk, peaked her head back into the cabin in surprise. Though Starlet was moaning too much to watch her, a faint giggle sounded from the now-human girl, and the cow wanted to clobber that pretty face in with her hooves. Her and Tydianna had pitied that poor, pathetic creature all for it to laugh at her being toyed with!? -Her sack was very quickly as large as before, and… there remained a painful amount left to drink up. The spurts of white liquid that vandalized the cabin walls dribbled to the ground, before sliding along the floor to join the large puddle as if it was a sentient entity. Not only was Starlet reabsorbing the fluid that she had squirted out of her breasts, but also the goat’s! -“Stop it stop it stop it!” The angry bovine’s hooves nearly cracked the wooden floor. As her tongue fell from her mouth in response to the edging tantalization, she could taste the constant stream of lactose being absorbed into her body. -The quartet of handles grew thick and heavy. She shook her head, begging for the pressure to stop rising, but Starlet’s body was not hers to use anymore. Even though she hated having this udder, even though she hated being forced to produce unnatural levels of dairy on command of another human, even though she hated how sensitive that pink sack was whenever that fluid leaked out or into it… Eristacia smiled, and the princess would be forced to lug twice her body’s capacity like the fat, obedient animal she was.-Starlet groaned and sobbed for the entire duration, but after a couple of minutes, the cabin was completely clean, leaving the bovine to stand out. An ugly dairy cow standing in a peaceful, civilized, human house… never again a beautiful princess that brightened up every room she stepped into.-Besides being a large, uncomfortable, crying farm animal, Starlet was now burdened with a giant sack between her legs. Her nipples were unbelievably erect, her body begging for the sweet release of simply one tug into a bucket, but… they would not even leak.-Starlet kicked her leg, expecting to shamefully spurt another gush onto the floor, but the contents of her breasts would only splash back and forth chillingly. As if the holes of her teats were sealed shut, not a single drop would escape her. -“No more wasting your milk, my pet.” Eristacia hummed, before putting her hand under the cow’s long, fuzzy snout. “Back to your pen to have your body used properly, and you will not be leaving for a long time…” -The cow wanted to kick the sorceress, turn around, and chug one of the vials while she still had the opportunity, but Starlet was groaning so desperately that the promise to be emptied was all she could focus on. She absolutely never wanted to have her breasts fondled nonconsensually, nor have them drained into a bucket, but what else could she do now!? It sank all the way to the ground and her hind legs had to bend so much that their hooves hardly scratched the floor!-Eristacia led her through the cabin, pinching underneath her chin, and in tears the cow followed, breasts dragging helplessly. Her single chance at escaping this repetitive, degrading hell of animalhood was gone, all because of Astrida, who was now given the chance to watch her stumble on all fours with a twice-as-full anchor behind her.-That former goat sat at the porch, looking at her soft human hands until the cow peaked her head out. Starlet glared at her with red, furious eyes, which only returned to their teary state when she took another step and the large bulge was caught in the entrance. She tugged again, and it wouldn’t budge, only causing her to groan and whimper.-“L-Looks like somebody wouldn’t even be able to fit through the pen door if M-Master actually forgot to close it…” Astrida smiled, getting a firm look at the former human’s drooping breasts as she dragged her hooves against the wood. It was the same patronizing glance Starlet and Tydianna shot that goat upon their first discovery.-Now that same goat was the human chuckling at a helpless freak of a farm animal… and she, who used to be an adored princess, was a literal laughing stock… . -“Shut your mouth, you treasonous-” “Moooooooooooooo!”-Starlet’s vagina moistened again as the goat reached over and laid her hand against one of those stiff breasts, running her fingers over the sealed holes to tease the impossibility of anything coming out. The warmth from her human hand psyched her with the anticipation with none of the payoff, as if she was rubbing her drippy cow sex against a scratching post but never orgasming.-Beside the physical sensation being extremely uncomfortable, Starlet’s blood ran hotter than the sun to know who was teasing her. Having her udders gripped and squeezed by a poor, young sorceress was already disgusting for a former royal, she didn’t want that goat to tease her too! Especially after having bossed that goat around all morning!-The princess tried to yank her body back into the house, away from the human bending and massaging her long nipple, but now that she had attempted to leave, her sack was completely lodged in the doorway. Both the sorceress and the goat laughed at the stuck, blushing animal as she kicked and moaned, trying to push herself out, unable to do a single thing about their shameless teasing.-It took a couple of minutes, full of giggles from the other human, for Starlet to finally lug herself through the door. Another series of chuckles came from Astrida as the cow’s large body bounced across the porch, and she struggled to stifle her salivation as her hooves descended the steps and her four teats grazed against them.-“S-She’s so fat and silly! T-The Gildqui animal garden had hippos that were more athletic than t-this milkmaid!”-Starlet’s heart burned. What was that goat talking about, calling her a fat dairy animal!? Astrida had the heaviest sack she had ever seen, and the princess watched her get used by the sorceress several times! And now that she’s become a human again, she thinks that she has any right to talk about Princess Starlet like this!?-Even Eristacia let out a small laugh at the comment, as if they were two observers poking fun at a circus animal. Starlet knew that Astrida was only speaking like this out of revenge.-And back she was led, towards the pen…-The sorceress opened the gate, and even though the princess dearly wanted to run, her four hooves automatically walked through the entrance. -Starlet was simultaneously embarrassed from the comments, uncontrollably groaning and kicking in response to the doubled contents of her bulging sack, and saddened that it was over. Her attempt to escape was all a ruse… Eristacia had truly seized ultimate control over her life… -The latch closed behind her, and when Starlet glanced backward, Astrida was eyeing one of the empty buckets.-“M-May I milk her?”-“Absolutely not, you smelly goat!” “MOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet dug her hooves into the ground, and more than ever she was overwhelmed with the need to cover that oversized, veiny blemish on her dignity. She hated that it bulged out so unbearably that everyone could witness how desperately her handles needed to be pulled.-“Of course, dear. You are free to bring as much of her fluid as you are able to carry to the market.” Eristacia answered for her, volunteering Starlet’s body to be molested… -Astrida stood up, legs shaking but enough to manage walking, and entered the pen behind the sorceress. Happiness went across the new human’s face as her hands demonstrated their ability to operate the latch and carry Starlet’s milk bucket. -“Not in a million years are you going to touch me! I’m more human than you are!” Starlet tried to stomp to the other end of the corral, only to yelp as her furry tail was pulled, as if her breasts weren’t already pinning her enough. “MROOOOOO!” -Tears came to her eyes. How did Astrida’s perception of her change so quickly!? Did that goat not remember that she was also a mega-uddered animal less than an hour ago!? Didn’t she know how bizarre it felt to have that tail yanked!?-The bucket was placed, and the former goat kneeled down beside her. Starlet’s mind swarmed with the thought to run, but with only a brief glance from Eristacia the cow found herself completely frozen in place. -“Moooo...” -Astrida’s fingers were much smaller and more silky than Eristacia’s, and just as they slid up and down her throbbing, rigid lengths it felt like the goat was mounting her a second time…-They gripped halfway down. Starlet breathed heavily and prepared for her bodily fluids to come blasting out of her body, flooding the giant pail underneath her. It hurt even worse to think about that cursed goat having this power over her, instead of Eristacia. Their roles were swapped! Not only was Starlet about to be handled as an animal equal to that disgusting goat, she was now beneath her!-“Not so scary now, are you!?” Her hands clenched.-“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet drooled and her legs wobbled as the pair of breasts had their pressure concentrated to the bottom, before the magical seal on the nipples was breached and a pair of jets squirted out so quickly that most of it splashed back into her. - “When using a cow, do not just squeeze her boobs like that.” Eristacia crossed her arms at Astrida. “Wrap your fingers around the base and slowly run them down to wring every last drop out….”-“Right… this cow is so full! How do they make so much milk?”-Despite her size, the cow never felt so small and insignificant. Now Astrida was just practicing on her body as if she were a normal dairy cow! Why did she even need to learn how to empty a cow if she would be back to her goat form tomorrow!? And why was she pretending that this was new for her!?-“Mooooooo…”-Astrida’s warm fingers rubbed where her teats extended from the udder and squeezed again. The cow’s hoof kicked up grass as the human followed Eristacia’s advice, using Starlet’s breasts as a constant, high pressure fountain that sprayed out geysers of dairy for over ten seconds until they reached the very bottom. So much was spurted through such a tiny hole that Starlet thought they’d shoot holes through the pail.-“Good. Now continue that process. If the cow starts to drool and her sex contracts, it means that you are doing it correct.”-Out of spite, Starlet tried to resist groaning, but it was difficult to even breathe. She tried to swat at the human with her tail, which degraded into a slow wag in the heat. Everything the cow attempted to maintain her dignity as more than an ordinary animal was overwritten by her body, and after a few more long, white eruptions from her nipples, she was releasing orgasmic lows, and her pussy indeed felt like it was getting pounded, just like Eristacia said.-For several minutes, the cow’s face was more red than Eristacia’s hood. With that udder twice as big, Astrida required a second bucket halfway through tugging and clenching her breasts. Just barely did all of their contents even fit within the second tub.-Even after her teats were squished up and flabby, alleviating the tension of being stuffed with twenty gallons of milk, Astrida continued to toy with her four handles. She shook the base of her sack back and forth, ensuring every bit flowed into her spouts, and fingered at her nipples to drain every drop, smiling throughout the entire thing. Astrida seemed to hope that more liquid would magically bloat the cow’s breasts, just so that she could have more time embarrassing her.-As Starlet basked in relief, trying to pull her large cow tongue back into her mouth, Eristacia and Astrida poured her fluids into jugs. The former goat was able to carry a pair of gallons.-Astrida was given directions from the forest all the way to the market, where she would sell the fresh animal product and order a carriage ride to Taun’fur. Eristacia could not answer whether her family survived the end of Gildqui, but the goat wished to spend her time searching regardless. There was little hope for her to visit her old castle, which was now resided by a new princess, but she would be able to visit the town square where Eristacia once turned her into a public fountain… -Starlet watched her leave through that path, buckets in hand. Part of her hoped that the treacherous goat would immediately find herself back here, forced to carry that milk in her breasts rather than buckets… but Astrida was gone. It was truly not a trick this time.-One princess had entered this meadow, and one left. One animal suffered in these lonely pens before, and one animal resided here now. Starlet now stood exactly where that goat had been, still trapped in this bulky, itchy form, lugging a squishy udder that periodically needs to be emptied, no beautiful clothes to cover up her shamefully exposed sex and asshole, no elegant voice to talk to peasants with, and no hope to escape…-Starlet laid on the ground and sobbed. When her staffers were bossing her around day and night, the princess dreamed of a new life, hardly even considering how much freedom she truly had… to at least be a human princess. When she found this farm, and Eristacia decided that she’d be better as her fat, ugly pet cow, almost everything was stolen from her.-How dearly she wanted to have smooth, clean human skin rather than thick, uncomfortable leather covering her body…-Being able to walk on two legs, in expensive shoes, instead of hobbling around on all fours, big hooves instead of hands and feet, getting covered in grime wherever she goes…-Not long ago she would be looking in the mirror to see her cute face, complete with a petite nose and delicate mouth, beautiful and confident enough to get on stage in front of the entire kingdom… But now, she would be met by a long, giant muzzle obscuring her eyesight every waking moment of her life, snorting and letting out low-pitched moans like the overweight piece of cattle she had become… -Just simply being able to run and jump around freely had become a distant dream. Her limbs were now all stiff, fingers and toes unmalleable, neck so fat it's practically just a portion of her torso, which in itself is now as big and stubby as a barrel of beer, a meter wide, heavier than two pianos… AGH! She hated being so gigantic! She hated the constant urge to grind her overweight body against the fence because her joints make it impossible to scratch herself! Her body wouldn’t even fit inside of her royal carriage anymore without snapping the wheels! Nobody could ever love her like this! Starlet spent so long preparing to impress Tydianna, and instead she’s now stuck as a lethargic dairy cow that looks nine months pregnant and constantly scarfs down enough grass to maintain that unwanted weight! -Tears flowed from her eyes. Just as Starlet thought she had already lost everything, each passing day robbed her of even more, from silly mundane things like clothes and beauty, all the way to her human rights.-Starlet had wanted to escape to Drerian and explain to Princess Ardianna that her sister was still alive, despite being a horse, so she could reinstate the peace treaty with Drerian, but instead, Ardianna was currently wreaking havoc on her kingdom and neither princess could do a thing.-The only bit of dignity that lactating pet had left after her kingdom’s downfall was her superiority over the other animal that lived in these pens, which had now been taken from her too, in the most shameful of ways. -Now she really believed it. She wouldn’t be escaping. The second that she walked onto this farm, the princess had accidentally forfeited her soul to Eristacia. She dreamed of someday waking up, in a human bed, to the kiss and embrace of Tydianna, but now those ambitions were ridiculous. They would never be more than a dream and, even then, she risked having the love of her life forever replaced for a horse even in the safety of those dreams. -The only human thing left to do was cry.-----That night, she had no strength to even delay the urges from her rumbling belly. Before long she would need to be tended to by a farmer again, and she would find that the magical seal on her nipples was not a one-time affliction. -She waited around, legs spread wide and jugs bulging, for over an hour before Eristacia’s return. The cow cringed, eager to have that weight alleviated from her, only for the sorceress’ hand to rub the side of her pink sack and pull away teasingly.-“This thing isn’t completely full yet, and I am too exhausted to handle you right now .” And before she turned to leave, the sorceress smirked. "Maybe tomorrow..."-She was exhausted!? Starlet had been blamed for Tydianna's death, lugged ten gallons into that cabin and back, been mounted, forced to slurp up both animal’s milk, had her body molested for the umpteenth time, and her boobs still had liquid sloshing within.. This was probably the worst day of her life, and Eristacia had the audacity to subject her to an entire night with full breasts because she didn’t feel like relieving her!?-About an hour after the sorceress left the cow behind, to rest upon that comfy bed that Starlet had briefly seen, the cow admitted that she should have begged while she could…-Starlet could not lay down that night. The slightest movement caused the warm liquid to slosh back and forth within her airtight sack, and she didn’t want to rest that new G spot against the ground. She instead laid awake, mooing and sniffling, until the sun returned.-Eristacia still waited until the early afternoon, after Starlet had gnawed down on more grass and hence expanded her udder twofold, before coming back out. By then, the cow’s breasts sat on the ground, and instead of mooing, all she could do was stare at the sorceress with puppy dog eyes.-“Is this pet happy to spend the rest of her life as her owner’s personal milk dispenser?”-Despite it being a lie, Starlet nodded her head as vigorously as she could without shaking her veiny udder. -“Mooooooooooooooooo!~”-“That’s a good girl.”-As always, the cow sighed and blushed as the sorceress’s hands gripped her teats and squirted each drop out of her. By now, that flopper had been massaged and groped by those hands so many times that Starlet had grown more familiar with her owner's smooth fingers than her face . The cow's breasts weren’t even her own property anymore - none of her body was.-Over the next few days, Starlet would realize that her new status as “personal milk dispenser” held a great deal of emphasis on the personalized portion of the matter.-Sometimes Eristacia would milk her immediately, while on other occasions Starlet would stand for over half the day with her bulging jugs half the size of her body, sobbing the entire time as her teats beg to shoot a load. Sometimes her sack would be empty, only for Eristacia to walk into the pen, wave her hand, and within a couple of seconds the former princess’s hind legs would be lifted off the ground by the hyper amounts of dairy she had just loaded her udder with.-Her instincts had developed to beg whenever the sorceress entered the pen, knowing that within seconds her ass may not be the heaviest part of her body. From an observer’s point of view, she had truly become the sorceress’ obedient pet. The cow still hated every moment of her existence in this hefty, bovine prison, but she knew that acting cute was the only way to get emptied earlier. Her life had been reduced to physical needs, without dreams or ambitions.-One morning, she woke up to feel a pair of mounds on her upper chest. For a second, the princess thought that she had been turned back into a human, only to realize that her normal cow body had sprouted two oversized, H-cup breasts to compliment the udder. They dripped throughout the entire day, delivering an unending stream of pleasure even when her normal udder was empty. The next day, they disappeared. -On one occasion, when Eristacia came to tease her, she used a spell to force all of the liquid in her sack directly into her teats, barraging them with a hundred times the usual pressure. When her hands clutched the teats, and she drained the princess’s entire udder in one tug, the pleasure from the unholy geyser was so great that she could barely stand up for the rest of the day. -After 24 hours had passed since the goat’s departure, Starlet had hoped for the embarrassment to once again be split between the two animals, but… Astrida would not return. She would try to ask Eristacia about her, but the sorceress hardly even talked to her anymore. Their exchanges consisted of the red-robed woman entering the pen, occasionally casting a spell on her udder, and hopefully emptying it on the way out. She was basically a tap for her to draw dairy from whenever Eristacia pleased. Whatever had happened to that goat, it was clearly not within Starlet’s right to know. -Besides the lows produced whenever her body was toyed with, Starlet stopped trying to talk either. She learned that Eristacia would not help her sooner if she spent the entire day bellowing those embarrassing bovine noises, so she instead resorted to being quiet and polite for her mistress.-Her mind had started to short out as well, after so many days of forced dependency on being abused. Starlet knew that this woman deserved to be imprisoned for life after having so many royals turned into fat animals, but when the cow’s breasts were now filled more often than not, it was much harder to think “Free me from this infernal form, you witch!” than “Please… please just come empty me, I’m so full and heavy… I’ll do anything, my owner…”-Eristacia seemed to appreciate this submission, because after four days of using Starlet as a circus act, she finally spoke with her again.-“You have been a very good pet recently. Much better than that brat that pretended to be a human princess.” The sorceress scratched under the cow’s chin, which admittedly was nice, but Starlet was still not going to admit it.-“Moooo…” What was the wizard going to do now? Would she have magical suction tubes attached to her teats? Would Starlet be turned into a hippopotamus? -“Which is why I believe that you’ve earned a present.” She smirked. “A new friend to share the pen with. Someone that I know you’ve been dreaming about for a long time…”-“Moo!?” And suddenly, Starlet’s heart rushed with hope again. After the dream of Princess Ardianna annexing the neighbouring kingdom, the nightmares about Tydianna being tortured began to blend together. Every day was the same for the other former princess, being molested by handmaids, forced to eat straw, grinding her rump against a scratching post, and most commonly, being rode through the field by her own sister.-“Over the past month she’s spent trying to pleasure herself with horseshoes, poor Princess Tydianna has grown to miss you…” Eristacia’s red robes fluttered in the wind. A month!? Starlet had only been a cow for a week!-“...and how could I keep you two lovebirds apart? That would make me a monster…” Eristacia hummed, stepping out of the corral. -After Eristacia briefly stepped down the forest path, and Starlet heard the familiar clop, clop, clop from her dreams, she was saddened to realize that the surprise was not back in its human form...-“Neigheigh!” Starlet heard, before watching Eristacia emerge, yanking a rope.-And then the horse stepped out. Starlet’s eyes locked with those of her true love.-“Tydianna!” “Mooooooo!”
Together Forever (1/7) (Princesses to Cow and Horse TF)“Finally, a chance to relax…”-The two fatigued princesses sighed as they walked through the quiet grove behind the Drerian castle, enjoying the peace while they could. In only a few hours, Princess Starlet’s royal staff would have her board that carriage to return home from Drerian, signalling the end of the diplomatic visit. This was her final opportunity to be alone with Tydianna.-Starlet had been delighted to leave the stuffy, nauseatingly-clean castle of her own kingdom, let alone for a chance to visit the humble but beautiful kingdom of Drerian, ruled by the great Tydianna, but this diplomacy mission very quickly proved to not be the type of bonding she had hoped for. She would often get to see the other princess’ face, but not as much as the staff from her own kingdom, ordering her to stand up tall, wear tight dresses and read speeches that she would get in trouble for mispronouncing a single word of.-“Absolutely appreciated.” Starlet responded in her own sigh. “However I do hope that my organizers do not raise their irritation. They always dislike when I am off their leash…”-Her kingdom was a well-functioning city-state run by staffers, and though Starlet bore the title of princess, her rights were more constrained than most peasants. She was twenty years old and her entire life had been spent looking as pretty as she was ordered to, with her studies, clothes, and living space entirely dictated without her input. -“They don’t really seem to have your interests in mind.” Tydianna told her, wiping the sweat from her forehead. “I’ve always seen them pushing you around. I’m just glad we can see each other for a little bit.”-She was nothing but a figurehead, a piece of entertainment, an obedient model that staffers took to other kingdoms simply for her cute face and soft speaking voice. Just like with any trip, in Drerian she had been disallowed from spending her time as she pleased, but this moment was a rare exception.- “Indeed.” She replied, instinctually speaking with formality despite Tydianna’s tendency to use more ‘peasant’ language when in private. “Though I… do wish that we had more time…” Her cheeks reddened and she looked away. “ get to know each other better.”-Starlet breathed heavily, the words “since you’re so pretty” on the tip of her tongue, but too scared to embarrass herself in front of the other princess. The amount of friendships and young love interests that her staffers cut Starlet off from left her with a longing heart. Tydianna was an actual monarch, while she was just a dumb puppet… -Starlet deeply admired the princess of Drerian, but the other princess was well out of her league. Tydianna was the same age as her, yet ruled an entire kingdom on her own, with a demeanor both demanding and understanding, and her beautiful appearance reflected that. -Tydianna’s policies, from the tax reductions to the establishment of public support organizations, were admired throughout the entire continent, and though Starlet’s staffers were too conservative to follow her example, Starlet had always been personally drawn to the other princess. They had only met at gatherings such as this one, always with a guard keeping an eye on Starlet, leaving her to quietly adore the other woman’s beauty. Usually, in her free time, Tydianna would be taking care of her younger sister, but today they had finally managed some alone time.-“Yeah, no kidding… I’m so… exhausted from these meetings. Poor little Ardianna’s been worried about me.” Princess Tydianna put a hand on her head as the two princesses walked, neither paying attention to the direction they were going through the forest. “It’s so much to juggle. I wish that I had more than two hands...”-The Princess of Drerian wore a much more comfortable dress than Starlet, but between the pair she absolutely suffered a greater fatigue. Starlet had never seen someone working so rigorously in her life, spending every second from dawn to dusk improving her kingdom all by herself. She wearied herself trying to please everybody, but always put up a smile in public.-“And I have to leave your wonderful kingdom soon.” Starlet murmured. Even if she were given reign over her own life, Tydianna’s royal work would take up too much of her schedule for a relationship to ever be viable. She wondered if the other princess would even be interested in romance with Starlet, when she had handmaids that were more refined... She hardly even had time for Ardianna. “Not to mention, when I get back home, they will no doubt have chosen a prince… for me to be married off to.”-Starlet winced, the sight of Tydianna’s face making her heart weak as she knew that she would instead find herself sharing a bed with a stranger. Probably out of a flimsy trade agreement with another kingdom. Her dreams of sitting by a beautiful waterfall with her true love, kissing her cheek… only made her yearning more painful.-“Yuck.” Princess Tydianna scoffed. “I wish you the best of luck with your new life, apologies that I cannot do anything about it. If I had more personal time, I would love to have you… as a friend.”-“Right… yeah… friend.” Starlet sighed, wishing that things could be different. Wishing that there was a way for them to be together, without being so heavily burdened by royal duties all the time, simply able to relax and hug each other. But they would need to turn around soon, and as far as Starlet knew, this may be the last time she ever saw Tydianna’s face. Her prince may decide to keep her to himself… -To distract herself, she finally took a glance at where the pair had ended up, since they had taken some indistinct side path. To Starlet’s surprise, they had reached a wide, open meadow, and before them there was a mysterious yet cozy-looking log cabin that neither of them recalled on the forest map. Her hand felt slightly numb, which she simply assumed was due to the cold breeze of the woods.-The princess of the neighbouring kingdom looked at Tydianna nervously, but they both shrugged and decided to continue, looking for any excuse to stay out a bit longer. Worst case scenario, whoever lives out in this forest wants to be left alone, but they would probably be honoured to be visited by two princesses.-Starlet wanted to hold Tydianna’s hand as they stepped closer to the log cabin, but strangely, she found it difficult to pry her fingers back, as if they were meant to be in this stiff position. The other princess was having trouble wiggling her phillanges as well.-“Eristacia,” The address marker said.-The windows of the cabin were closed, and the smoke in the chimney let them know this place was not abandoned. There was a small garden at the front, but the quaint smell of roses and poppies was overshadowed as both princesses discerned the stench of animal pens behind the house. -“MYAAAAAH!” Bleated from one of the pens, the anamorphic, ugly yelp terrifying Starlet so much she wanted to hold Tydianna’s hand even more, as hers started to feel rough and hard to move. The two princesses were prompted to walk around and investigate the other side of the cabin.-They had expected to gaze upon a large variety of animals locked in the small, wooden pens behind the log cabin, but to their surprise, the screaming sound had come from the sole animal to be found out here, all alone in a large corral.-And the second that they laid eyes upon the hideous beast, chills went down their spines.-Almost entirely, it appeared to be a normal goat. Ratty, thick, white fur covering its body, quite obviously with bugs in it, or buzzing around its ass. Its head featured long horns and around its neck was a metal collar with a large bell.. Its hair was strangely human-like, but nothing totally peculiar. In all of these regards, Starlet and Tydianna were glaring at nothing but an ordinary animal that the poorer farmers in their kingdoms would often take care of.-Except, there was one large, bloated, bright pink thing that set this goat apart from any other. Its back legs were greatly spread apart by a bulging, full udder that dropped all the way down to the ground, displaying four long, dripping teats instead of the usual two. It was much bigger than any milk sack that a cow ever bore between its hind legs, let alone a goat. -The goat’s eyes were wet with tears, and its drooping dairy jugs, which were heavier than its entire body, seemed to prevent it from even being able to walk around in its pen. The poor, pathetic animal was crying from how much warm liquid it was forced to carry, and its begging eyes glanced to the princesses as they fearfully stepped up to the fence it was helpless to escape from. Its face acquired a blush, as if it had not wanted to be seen by them.-“Is… this creature real?” Tydianna could not help but ask as they observed the veining bulges in the goat’s massive bloated breasts. They greatly pitied the overburdened creature as it sat in the grassy animal pen, covered in flies, forced to lug around its body weight in that pink thing. A mere sight at its sobbing made Starlet glad to be born a beautiful human princess with small breasts, instead of an unhealthy farm animal like the one in front of her, even if her kingdom was bossy…-Starlet reached over the fence to pet the lonely goat… only to immediately freak out upon the sight of her own hand. -“What the-!?” She stammered, pulling away as Tydianna also looked at the black, hard husk that had covered Starlet’s fist. Her fingers, now even more stiff, had fused into each other, leaving her hand with only two rigid toes. The texture was similar to her former fingernails, except instead of the pink and yellow polish it was a gross, black keratin coated her entire hand. It was given a strangely flat end.-To add to the concern, her wrist had sprouted a patch of short but thick black hairs, even though Starlet always made sure to shave.-Her focus shifted as Tydianna also screamed. Just like Starlet’s, the Drerian princess’ fingers had merged into a single bulky, useless appendage that she was unable to maneuver a single bit with the rough, black material covering. Unlike Starlet, though, Tydianna’s hand only had a single, circular, flat toe, and the fuzz that she was sprouting had a white tinge to it.-When Starlet looked back at her own wrist, her panic rose to find the black fur spreading up her arm. As her expensive bracelets started to slip down her wrist, she tried to hold them back with her other, still-normal hand, only to be alarmed to find that one beginning to fuse into itself as well.-“W-What is happening…” She breathed heavily as more of her smooth, soft skin was coated in black fur, or rather a patch of white fur in the case of her left hand. The ratty hairs were alarmingly similar to the hide of the poor goat they had just pitied.- -“Are we turneighng into animals!?” Tydianna also panicked, her voice slowing and softening to an unnatural level. Useless attempts to flex anything beyond her wrists would prove how impossible it was to sign a treaty or even hold a glass of water with her hands replaced with these dumb, clumsy things. -“I-I don’t knooooow!” Starlet’s eyes went wide as her softspoken voice was replaced with a deep, lowing boom. “Why can’t we taaaaaaalk nooooormally!?” The princess growled and tried to stress her vocal cords back into her proper voice, but as time went on they would only feel more and more strained into a series of low, unladylike bellows. “Mrrrrr! Moooooooooooo…”-“S-Starleigghhhhhht…” Tydianna mumbled, observing the black and white splotches of fur that had spread down her friend’s arm. “You… you soundeighhhed a bit like a cow theighreee...”-“Whaoooot!?” Starlet stammered in denial, but could recognize the deep lows from the times that her carriage passed by local farms and she stared at the herds of cattle grazing. She was always cathartic of seeing them out in the fields, grateful to at least be a pretty, slim princess rather than one of the poor farmers who had to tend to such disgusting beasts. Did her life crush seriously just compare her to one of those ugly, overweight farm animals!? “I woooould neverrrrr…” -She desperately tried to force her normal human voice from her mouth, but her tongue and neck suddenly felt fatter, and all of her words were interlaced with horrible cow-like sounds. -Starlet stomped her foot in embarrassment, and the reminders of those fat, gross bovines would not cease with Starlet’s voice. Her dress would begin to tighten up against her torso, patches of fur also growing underneath it. Her body bloated and slowed with her muscles stiffening, as if she was losing her human moveability. The princess’s ass expanded, her wide thighs growing rounder, putting more and more stress on her clothes.-Tydianna, meanwhile, was distracted with her own hands that she refused to acknowledge as an animal’s hooves. Their flat shape reminded her of the armoured steeds that her knights would ride, but the princess of Drerian didn’t want to think that she was seriously turning into an animal that people rode on and kept in stables. The fact would be forced upon her, though, as she witnessed her nose and mouth extending outwards, morphing into the big, ugly snout of an equine. -“No, no no- neigh!” She shook her head back and forth adamantly, but that would only cause the long muzzle to sprout from her face faster, and Tydianna was overwhelmed with panic as the long muzzle would not leave her vision. The Princess of Drerian couldn’t become a horse - an animal that people keep as pets, feed only hay instead of proper human food, and force to wear saddles and bridles! She was the ruler of this kingdom, this couldn’t happen to her!-“Sooomething abooout this cabin mooooust be cursed!” Starlet cried out, the panicked tone in her voice overridden by the involuntarily deep, lazy moo of a cow. “We need tooooo get out of here!” After so many years of being pushed by staffers to use an elegant, soft tone, the mooing sounds made her want to shove her head into the ground.-Tydianna, annoyed with the sight of her own muzzle, nodded in agreement before going to grab Starlet’s hand. -Finally! Starlet’s eyes lit up with glee! So many nights had been spent dreaming of the moment she could feel this woman’s fingers interlocked in hers! This was everything that she ever wanted!-Very happily, the princess accepted the offer… -…only to be reminded with a loud clop that neither of them possessed digits capable of intertwining like proper lovers. They only thumped into each other as a pathetic reminder of the animals they would turn into if they did not escape quickly. Starlet felt her heart tighten like her fattening body did beneath her big dress. She wanted to cry. That was her greatest dream, to actually display her affection for Tydianna, and this unexplained spell interrupted it!-Starlet wanted to rip these dumb hooves off of their hands! That stumping sound of their keratin-covered hands was the most painful thing she ever experienced. If there was more time to wait, the heartbroken woman would have broken down in sobs.-Regardless, they would run as fast as their changing bodies would let them, leaving the cabin and giant-uddered goat behind them. Both of the princesses were fairly fit and athletic, and the walk through the woods barely tired Starlet before, but as she felt her body steadily gaining weight, mostly in her thighs, she would find herself falling behind Tydianna, panting for breath. After being such a nimble princess, she was angry at herself for slowing down, and her exhausted groaning came out as moos.-She was running as fast as she could, but with her body transforming into an animal that spends its entire life eating grass and standing around in a field, carrying her own weight grew cumbersome. Starlet was not only annoyed to have her strength sapped so quickly, once prideful of being so thin and athletic, but also degraded to have Tydianna watching her grow so fat and fuzzy, the black and white fur now covering both of her arms and starting to spread up her neck. She already weighed several times what she did before, feeling her fat folds bounce as she pushed herself to hurry along the path back towards the castle.-This was their only chance together and she was spending it like this!? After using her best perfume and clothes this morning, longing throughout the entire visit for this chance, Tydianna instead got to look at her in this state!? Starlet had never felt so frustrated in her life! She fought the urge to not break out into tears knowing how badly her reputation with Tydianna would be stung, and she was grateful that her dress at least partially hid her shame...-A beautiful princess couldn’t be an ugly, grass-chewing cow! -“Ardiann-neigh! is goeighhhng to be so scared…” Tydianna mumbled.-Starlet had hoped that their transformations would stop following a couple of minutes of running from Eristasia’s house, but her body kept sprouting fur. Tydianna was having trouble watching the path over her long horse snout that was now developing a hard, keratin tip, and before long, Starlet’s body had become so fat and slow that she was met with a loud RRRRRRIPPPP sound upon taking a step forward.-The entire back of her expensive, pretty dress tore open, the tatters exposing her bare, widened ass that was now covered in the same black and white fur. Most of the added weight had gone directly to her thighs.-Tydianna turned to look at the other princess, who tried to reach around and hide her naked ass, only for her stiffened muscles to prevent her hooves from even reaching her crotch. -Starlet hung her head in shame, wanting to cover her eyes. She had just destroyed her beautiful new dress that she had picked today to impress Tydianna. Beside her fat being shown off, her rump was also bearing the same fuzz of a cow, signifying how she was turning into one of the most ugly domestic creatures in the kingdom. The fur now spread all the way to her feet which were starting to morph into a pair of bulky, useless hooves as well.-“I-I… ploooooease doooooon’t loooooook at i- YEOUCH!” As the blushing Starlet tried to spare her dignity with Tydianna, there was a shift down her back and she was pushed into a slouch. She yelped as the hide split for something to grow out.-Starlet felt something furry burst out of her skin, right above her furry ass that now waved in the air. She screamed and grit her teeth as it painlessly sprouted, curving up into the air before dangling between her legs.-“S-Starleighhhhhhhhhhht… i-is that a…teighhhhhl?” Tydianna continued to stare, and Starlet’s shame rose through the roof as she felt the new furry appendage swatting against her thighs. It was long, thin, and had a particularly fuzzy bit of fur at the end. She didn’t even need to look, the constant sensations of it dangling through the air were enough… -Without even answering, just wanting to escape this situation as quickly as possible, Starlet would continue to run as swiftly as her fattening body would allow, which was pitiful. The blushing would be constant, as every step she took would cause her new tail to bounce and swat against her ass, reminding her that she was losing her pretty human body for one of an overweight animal. -When a light shone at the end of the forest trail, indicating that they were about to re-emerge in the courtyard of her castle, Tydianna began to hurry. The long, furry muzzle made it difficult to focus, and her torso was beginning to grow fatter, her neck longer, and limbs stiffening towards the proportions of the same steeds her knights saddled and mounted. She rushed ahead as quickly as she could, her footsteps beginning to sound more like clopping, and with her muzzle preventing her from being able to look down at the ground… -Starlet watched Tydianna’s hoof get caught on a root, and the other princess tumbled.-Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip! As she landed on her front hooves, the flat ends of which laid comfortably on the ground, Tydianna’s dress ripped as well, and the grey fur beneath was shown to Starlet, who was lagging behind thanks to her body’s sudden slowness. -“Neighhh… neighhhhh… come onnnnnn!” The embarrassed human-becoming-horse would promptly rush to push her hooves against the ground in attempts to stand up, but the muscles in her legs - or rather, her hind legs - would not bend backwards enough to stand. Her torso’s weight was distributed evenly for her to walk on all fours, and with her feet now also replaced with large, black, hard hooves, she could barely even manage to balance when pushing herself against the ground.-“WHY CAN I NOT STAND UP!?” Tydianna’s panics were replaced with a series of neighs and whinnies as her body proved useless to stand in the way she had always walked. “Neigh! Brrrrrrrrrr!” She shook her head in anger, not wanting to walk in the same degraded way that farm animals did, but she was condemned to four legs. Her neck, which she could feel particularly long bits of grey hair growing on the back of, shifted upwards so that her head now comfortably stared ahead. Her body was forcing her to walk like an animal!-The clopping, neighing mess of her horsified crush trying to stand up on two legs was painful for Starlet to watch. The remnants of Tydianna’s dress had fallen off as she shook and stomped in frustration, leaving her body completely exposed as it grew more and more fur, now seeming more horse than human. A body she had always wanted to see in its full beauty, but not like that… She couldn't believe their first time naked in front of each other was like this!-“Come mooooooon, Tydioooooonna… we’re almooooooost… mooooooo…” Starlet, who was struggling to be able to mutter anything beyond the lows of a fat cow, urged Tydianna to continue. They were almost back to the castle, and surely whatever was happening to them would stop by then! -Tydianna stared down at her front legs with a sad look on her face, desperately not wanting to reduce herself to walking like an actual mare, but she forced herself to continue, happy to at least know that whatever curse this was would end soon. She walked clumsily down the path, now even slower than Starlet despite the human-becoming-cow’s weight, trying to manage all four legs stomping against the dirty ground. She would constantly slip and fall in the dirt, and the clop clop clop of her walking was an utter insult. The thought of her peasants seeing her walk this way was horrifying, and she dearly wished for her body to repair itself soon.-After a painful, unfamiliar bit of walking on all fours or with an ever-increasing body weight, they finally reached the light, where they were meant to find themselves standing back in the Drerian courtyard, where guards, staffers, and Tydianna’s little sister would be waiting to help them…-...but instead, when they walked into the clearing, they were only met with one sight. -Eristacia’s cabin, with the giant-uddered goat in the pen right behind it. -----“What!? Did we get turned around at some point!?” Starlet stammered in confusion, her words only expressed as “Moooo!? Mooooooo!?” Her head was experiencing the same fate as Tydianna’s and developing into a big cow muzzle, complete with a heavy, black tongue and wide, flattened teeth. -Starlet swung her new tail around and Tydianna squirmed about with her long legs capped with hooves, and they turned to start down the trail again, baffled as to how they’d been led back to this cursed log cabin. -Unfortunately, it would not be long until Tydianna was met with the terrible sensation of her spine shifting and a long, hairy horse tail erupting out of the fur above her bare, fat ass, making it even more distracting to walk - or rather, gallop - on her four limbs. The long appendage swung back and forth, bouncing against her furry ass, and the wind caused it to sweat. Meanwhile, Starlet was struggling to see with her new snout blocking the path and her field of view heavily reducing. -Both of the princesses would feel their ears widening and developing pointed, furry shapes. The horse’s ears were oriented upwards while Starlet’s dropped to the sides in shyness. They hurried down the path, both forced to hear the furry tufts of their new animal tails wagging back and forth, plus their footsteps replaced with the clopping sounds that their carriage drawers typically made.-While they retraced their footsteps down the path, ashamed to steadily watch their previous footsteps turning to hoofmarks, Starlet thought that at the least, the transformations were mostly complete. Things could not get much worse.-At least, she thought, until there was a heavy pressure from her lower chest, even stronger than the weight gain that the rest of her bloated body was experiencing. She had expected it to simply be more belly weight, only to suddenly be met with the overwhelming sensation of something bursting out of her crotch, in tandem with her human breasts shrinking down into nothingness. Her eyes went wide as the sensitive new appendage dangled down her lower torso, not rigid enough to even avoid drooping down over her crotch. It had a bright pink colour, and wobbled back and forth whenever she even barely moved her body. Instead of the furry, leathery texture that the rest of her skin had been replaced with, this pink appendage was squishy and shiny like a balloon, and every time it moved, tender chills went down the tailed spine of Princess Starlet.-When she looked down at the blubbery thing, and observed that four smaller, longer appendages were growing out of it, even over their muzzles, Starlet’s red blush deepened and Tydianna felt catharsis. Each knew what it was, because they had seen an udder exactly like it on the cursed goat in Eristacia’s animal pens. -With a snort through her flared nostrils, Starlet picked up the running pace. It was impossible to ignore the simple fact, though. Right in front of Tydianna, Starlet reshaping into a full cow. An animal that spends its entire life trapped in tiny, wooden pens, not castles with big, comfy bedrooms. Eating grass off of the dirty ground, not the delicious, royal meals Starlet had been served for her entire life. All to be literally milked of its bodily fluids so that a peasant farmer could sell it in the marketplace for a humble price...-Hurrying towards the light in the distance was much harder for Starlet when she was constantly distracted by that thing’s flopping teats, and thanks to her panic, she had not been paying attention to where her hooves were stomping.-“Look out for that root!” Tydianna had warned her as they approached the spot where she had fallen… but the caution would not be expressed to Starlet in time, with the Drerian princess’s words being reduced to “Neighhhhhhhhhh!”-Starlet let out a loud “MRRRRRRR!” as she stumbled, just barely able to catch herself on her front hooves, which was hard when her limbs moved so slow and stiff. As she quickly went to stand back up, straightening her legs with her torso, her thighs ached. Her peckered sex swelled up, moving up to her ass, accidentally shown off to Tydianna. All of a sudden, the princess was much more comfortable standing with her hands on the ground.-“No no no no no! Let me stand back up!” As the fattened princess stomped her hooves against the ground in protest, trying to stand up on her hind legs, the bellowing “MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” from her muzzled mouth only teased her.-Princess Starlet had been entirely turned into a cow, and could not even air her grievances without the deep, ugly sounds from her fat throat reminding her even more of how gross that fate was. She cursed out the unknown, evil force that now quadruped both of the former humans, but her mooing only twisted the knife.-Her new standing position forced her udder into the air between her fattened thighs, and Starlet pathetically tried to hide it from Tydianna’s sight. She was lucky that the other princess had been distracted with her own mostly-transformed body.-The horse was simultaneously relieved and terrified that the changes were almost complete with her human breasts receding into her chest. While walking on four hooves, tail swishing behind her was uncomfortable, it meant that no more unfamiliar appendages could surprise her. They were now a hundred percent domestic farm animals.-The two princesses’ only hopes were to escape this forest, heading towards the light that had already fooled them once. They had no other idea. All that they could hope was that a return to the castle, now as a pair of animals, would cause these changes to recede.-Starlet turned her muzzled head and looked back at the large, pink, fleshy thing between her legs, desperately hoping that this magic would be undone once they made it through the trees. Her face was hot with embarrassment simply to know that she had grown an appendage designed to hold lactation. The other former princess was almost happy to know that she was turning into a more athletic animal than a cow, an animal that doesn’t have to deal with a big, obvious milk sack spreading its legs apart to put its vagina on full display...-“We need to hurry and get out of- EEP!” Tydianna tried to urge the fat cow along, only for a heavy whinny to escape her maw as something sprouted between her legs. Huh!? She had thought that her changes were already complete!-The Drerian Princess, shocked and confused, turned her maned head to look at what had grown right below her shamefully-exposed sex. It was flabby, and drooped very obviously down her hind legs. Starlet had never seen a more surprised horse in her life.-What in the world!? Why did she have a bloated, two-teated udder if she was turning into a mare!? No steed she had ever seen had such an indiscreet, saggy milk sack! This floppy thing was twice as large as her human breasts, and with its dark purple colour against her white fur, it stood out heavily.-Tydianna thought back to the goat they had seen, and how its full, leaking breasts were ten times larger than any other goat’s udder, and wondered what type of witchcraft had created such a hideous creature. They needed to escape soon, before they’re forced to spend even longer in these hoofed, uddered animal bodies!-Both former princesses stomped their hooves down the path as quickly as they could, which was not great considering that they were now both walking on four bulky, inflexible hooves that were more clumsy than any pair of expensive heels. Seeing over their long muzzles was a problem too, and their hair, which was the only part of their human bodies left intact, would get in their eyes as their limbs were too stiff to possibly reach up and brush it away. -The slower, heavier walking speed that their lazy bodies forced upon them made the two princesses more observant of their surroundings. They could both see the torn remnants of their expensive dresses and jewelry, which had fallen off the first time they went down this path. They thought to pick up the tatters to cover their private parts, or at least to save the jewelry, but those clothes would never fit on their new, fattened bodies nor be loadable by their hooves.-The sight of their former footsteps morphing into hoofprints was discouraging, and they both knew that this path had led them astray before, but… this was the proper path! Both former princesses were sure that the castle courtyard was up ahead! They had not gone in a circle, knowing how hard it was to rotate on all fours, and Tydianna had walked this path on several previous occasions!-When the dirt turned to grass under their hooves, Starlet could recognize it clear as day. The castle courtyard was at the end of this path, complete with large gardens, water features, and unforgettable Drerian architecture that she knew belonged to their proper destination. The cow, feeling her tail flap back and forth as they walked, now dearly wished she had not suggested going out in the forest alone with Tydianna, and instead relaxed out in this grassy courtyard. -Armed guards stood by the castle walls, and other humans were in sight, but Tydianna’s glare had been glued to one in particular…-Ardianna sat there, atop a wall, staring down the path they approached from. The younger princess featured a concerned smile across her face, and her older sister hated to see her upset. Tydianna was literally kicking herself over leaving the teenage girl alone like that, knowing how much she loved her and was scared to ever not be by her side. As the ruler of Drerian, Tydianna quite often needed to attend private meetings that the kid could not come along for, but Ardianna was always promised when she would return. -Except for today. Not even the guards had been told where Tydianna snuck off to with Starlet. Only her little sister knew that she was always fond of this forest path, which was why she had been staring directly at the two animals when they nearly reached the castle yard. Her expression barely even seemed to notice them, and Tydianna wondered whether it was because she had not recognized her own sister trapped in the form of a clopping horse… or if it was disappointment.-The poor thing must have been worried sick. She always cautioned Tydianna not to overwork herself as much as she did. Ardianna must have assumed that something bad happened to her sister. Or even worse, Starlet, the princess of the neighbouring kingdom, had brought her to the woods to hurt her… -Even if their return would cause these transformations to reverse, both Starlet and Tydianna were ashamed to know that they had left this courtyard as a pair of beautiful, elegantly-dressed humans… and returned as a cow and horse, both with large udders swinging between their legs and their furry sexes shamefully unveiled. -Starlet wondered what her staffers, her kingdom as a whole, would think if she was seen in this fat, mooing form instead of the thin human body she had been ordered to visit other kingdoms in. She would be a laughing stock! No other kingdom would ever allow her to visit for another diplomatic venture! Whatever prince they had decided to marry her off to would refuse out of disgust at her obese, udder-bearing bovine body! Her dignity would permanently be struck dead even after her body is restored.-Either way… -Both of them stepped out into the courtyard with muzzled faces full of shame...,-...only for the bright sun, no longer obstructed by the trees, to strike them both blind. -And when their vision finally returned, Ardianna was no longer there watching. -Because they were back at the cabin. -“No, no, no! Not here again!” They both independently thought, lowing and whinnying out a “Moooooooo!” and a “Neigh neighhhhh!”-Just like they had done last time, both princesses turned their heads and prepared to barrel down the dirt path a third time… but would instead face a fence.-They were behind Eristacia’s cabin, beside where the cursed goat stood, and instead of their furry rumps facing an escape route, there was nothing but a short, wooden barrier. A fence that they would quickly realize entirely surrounded them in a rectangle of grass. An animal pen. Just like any corral on a peasant’s farm, where cows and horses lived.-----After realizing that they had been trapped in a pen, and were still stuck as a pair of mere farm animals, Starlet and Tydianna looked at each other in panic. They were helpless to even communicate a possible plan of action with their degrading loud MOOOOOOs and NEIGHHHHs. Starlet was hardly any more capable of talking with her crush than she was with the freak goat. -The goat in question was kept in the pen adjacent to them. It was an insult simply to be placed beside such a horrifying yet hilarious creature, especially now that their bodies sported big, gross udders of their own. It looked over at them with a scared expression, probably seeing them as its fellow animals instead of the beautiful humans they were meant to be. They were princesses that wore beautiful dresses and were served feasts!-The opposite side of the pen was lined with water troughs that did not look clean enough for human consumption, much less for a princess. There were also several buckets of different sizes, which Starlet assumed to be milk pails, intended for cows… but why was one the size of a royal bath tub?-And finally, facing towards the cabin, there was a simple pen gate shut by a basic, understandable latch that either princess knew how to operate. However the door quickly proved its purpose of keeping a pair of hooved animals trapped in their pen… -Starlet slowly stomped over to it first. The top of the fence was just below her muzzled head level. She would attempt to raise the leg that previously had been her arm, but her muscles were stiff. Raising her torso to reach was also out of the question, as her weight turned out to be far too hefty for the cow’s hooves to even touch the latch. -The horse had better luck raising her front legs, but still failed to tackle the fence, and while her bulky, big hooves would clink against the metal, opening the gate was a fool’s effort. The simple precision required for lifting the latch, sliding it aside, and unlocking the door had stumped both Tydianna and Starlet, but the stubborn horse would continue heaving herself upwards in a desperate attempt to combat the pen door. -Even as animals, Starlet admired how dedicated the Drerian princess was. Always determined to figure out a way to help others, while Starlet was feeling exhausted… like the lethargic bovine she now was… -As the horse repeatedly forced herself up into the rearing position, Starlet was given a full view of her furry rump. She knew that she should have glanced away, especially knowing how infuriated Tydianna had been to have gained an udder while losing any means of covering her sex, but the cow could not bring herself to look away. -“Neigh! Neigh! Neighhhh!” Every time Tydianna thrust herself upwards, she let out a bellowing horse sound, and Starlet’s eyes followed her flopping sack as it bounced back and forth. Not to mention her wet slit, right in front of her, exposed and vulnerabl--The bovine shook her head in confusion. Where did that disgusting, dehumanizing inkling come from!? Starlet had always secretly admired Tydianna, but her staffers always told her that a princess is not meant to have any depraved thoughts. Her wildest fantasies were always limited to wholesome kissing and warmth, not sexual intercourse! Why had she suddenly been entranced by the sight of her friend’s ass, especially in such a serious situation!? They were supposed to be back at the castle by now!-Tydianna winced in response to the feeling of her milk sack bouncing with each thrust, all the while oblivious to the show she was giving Starlet. She knew that opening the gate would be impossible for a horse, but her human stubbornness prevented her from giving up. Eventually, both animals could hear another door opening.-The resident of the log cabin quietly hummed to herself as she watered the beds of roses beside the entrance. There was an aura of calm confidence about that woman in a bright red robe, swaying methodically. The two princesses could hear the goat cease its quivering in response to her gentle hums. -“You there, humble gardener! Please, we beg your help! Some sorcery has trapped us in this pen!” Starlet would try to plead in the elegant, royal tone that she always used with peasants, only for her politeness to come out as yet another bellowing cow sound that she was starting to get absolutely sick of hearing. “MOOOOOOO!” -“Oh, you poor pets... together at last~” The short but confident sorceress would sing to herself as she twirled her red robes over towards the pair of princesses. Her face was clean, eyes red, and a glowing aura seemed to follow her. The elegance of the young woman made Starlet even more embarrassed to no longer possess the ability to speak in proper, royalty-fit sentences.-“Pets? We need to get back to the castle, and out of these hooved bodies! My little sister must be crying in fear!” Tydianna would chime in with a desperate whinny, her long face red at the suggestion that they were to become “pets.” This woman had to know that they were not truly animals, right? They were princesses! Princesses owned animals, not get mistaken for them! Eristacia had to understand that there were two humans trapped inside of this fat cow and clopping mare!-It was hard to express their humanity, admittedly, when any attempt to speak a single word came out as the deep low of a bovine or the bellowing bray of a horse. Starlet was embarrassed to be stripped of her voice while Tydianna was infuriated that she couldn’t be understood. Usually peasants were happy to listen to them!-“I will tend to my new milk-making maids shortly…” The red-robed woman smirked at the two of them, eyes a bright red, before retrieving a bucket and continuing past them towards the goat’s pen. “However, little Astrida here has prepared her owner a big udder of milk that I am absolutely positive she would love to have you both watch her squirt out. Just like you both will in due time...”-“MOOOOOOOOOO!” Starlet angrily stomped her hooves as she stared over towards the goat’s pen. Milk-making!? She would never submit to something so disgusting in her life, even if turned into a fat, uddered cow! This oversized, four-teated sack dangling between her hind legs was already annoying as it flopped back and forth with her movement while it was empty - why would either of them ever want to feel it full? No princess would ever allow something so ridiculous to happen! Never!-The comparison between the two former princesses and the mega-uddered goat, Astrida, was even more insulting as the large pale was set down between that animal’s hind legs and it prepared to be drained. -Its udder was absolutely massive. The leaking drops of milk, now sprinkling into the metal bucket, were a testament to its feral subhumanity. This was an animal that clearly lived for nothing more than to produce milk for its owner to sell. Starlet may have been bossed around by staffers fairly often, but she was far more dignified than a dairy goat!-Once the bucket was positioned beneath Astrida, Eristacia kneeled down behind her, and the goat winced and gasped in pleasure as the human’s hands gripped her erect udders. -Starlet had expected the goat to lazily stand there as her owner started to clench her teats. Surely, an animal like this would be delighted to have her body used for its intended purpose, proud of each load of milk as the bucket grew heavier and the splatters began to hit a pool instead of the bucket’s metal floor…-...but instead, the goat looked at her with eyes full of shame. She flinched every time the red-robed woman tightly squeezed one of her four large breasts, moaning unhappily with each spurt, and disappointed as her teats almost immediately would refill with the contents of the rest of that humongous, globe-like sack. -Astrida was not proud, she was humiliated. As if she hated everything about this situation, a sentiment shared with the cow and horse on a human level despite none of them being more than farm animals anymore.-Plus, Starlet could swear that she had heard that name before, during another diplomatic visit...-“We are PRINCESSES, not animals! You cannot simply expect us to degrade ourselves to such a demeaning level! A princess producing milk like a common piece of cattle!?” Starlet bellowed a low “MRRRRRRRRRRRR!” while trying to forget her own current status as a common piece of cattle. Trying to disregard her large muzzle, dangling tail, overall bulky weight, big hooves...-“One of my beautiful pets is eager to have a full, bouncing udder, I can tell.” Eristacia would reply, carrying the goat’s bucket of milk out of her pen. Astrida simply stood there, now with a flabby, emptied udder much bigger than Starlet’s, as Eristacia left. -Tydianna was mentally screaming to the goat to escape while the gate was briefly open, but she would only look down at the grassy ground, like the domestic beast she was. -“I am absolutely delighted to have you both here to give me lots of fresh milk for the rest of your lives…”-Starlet was frozen with embarrassment thanks to Eristacia’s teases, even worse to know that her replies would only come out as an incessant series of a lows, so Tydianna bellowed instead.-“For the rest of our lives!? Are you insane, witch!? We are princesses with royal duties! People DEPEND on us!” The horse clopped her hooves up onto a lower rung of the fence, in an attempt to make her shameful equine form seem taller. “NEIGHHHH!” “Poor Ardianna’s likely already pacing the castle halls I was meant to return to half an hour ago! I need to get back to my castle NOW, and that is an order before I have you tried for animal abuse, peasant!”-The onlooking cow could almost swear that she witnessed smoke snort from the angry horse’s snout as she perked herself up against the fence. -Tydianna’s entire rant was overwritten into a string of whinnies, which led her to stomp her hooves in even more fury. She had only ever been this mad when a sore comment was made about her little sister. The Drerian Princess reserved her anger for moments of pure passion. Yet now that she finally was expressing it, it appeared no more menacing than a common mule not wanting to leave its stable. -And the entire thing was witnessed over a muzzle. When Tydianna propped her front legs on the fence, her udder was put on display, further reducing the intimidation in her attempts at speech. It was hard for the princess to feel assertive when that ridiculous, floppy appendage was bulging out above her crotch, making her wince at its touch.-Eristacia’s invincible smirk back at the horse as she gently set down the bucket of goat milk was proof that Tydianna’s royal power carried no weight anymore. Very calmly, the red-robed woman picked up a long rope and marched back over towards the mare.-“Oh, my poor darling Princess Tydianna…” Eristacia sang, tying one end of the rope into a loop. “If my horse so dearly wishes to return to her castle, I will happily accept the few pieces of gold that a mare may be sold for in Drerian.”-The rope was forced over the horse’s head.-“WHAT!? No, that is NOT what I meant! Return both of us to our proper forms!” With a loud bray, Tydianna tried to shake the lead out from around her neck, but Eristacia tightened it effortlessly. The uncomfortable, thick lead pressed down the long hairs of her mane, and she dug her hooves into the ground in disdain.-Eristacia stepped over and quite easily opened the pen gate that the two princesses had been restrained by, just to keep them reminded how useless their new bodies were at dealing with the human world.-“NEIGH!” Tydianna let out with her muzzle wide when the rope was roughly tugged, momentarily choking the former human until she stepped forward, following Eristacia and clopping her way out of the animal pen. -Starlet attempted to race out behind her, but her heavy body was embarrassingly slow even with the added adrenaline. Sold!? Was the princess of Drerian about to be put on the market in her own kingdom!? -Seeing Tydianna outfitted with a rope, and then forced to follow their captor towards the forest path…-Starlet could not help but seeth with the rage of an untamed bull. Attacking her own dignity was bad enough, but reducing an independent ruler to a steed on a rope was infuriating!... And she could only snort and stomp her big hooves against the grass. -“MOOOOOO! MOOOOOOOOOO!”-The cow cursed out Eristacia in every way she could, but every animalistic low escaping her maw would only make her cheeks burn redder. Tydianna was a figure she looked up to throughout her entire life! Someone that she adored at the deepest level! The neighbouring princess would have given anything to live at Princess Tydianna’s side, even as a powerless Lady’s maid! Every night she had spent fantasizing about her embrace was impaled as she witnessed that very princess nakedly walking off with a rope around her furry neck. -Tydianna was a powerful princess that worked hard for her kingdom! How could she be reduced to a common mare!? She was a figure universally associated with independence and power, yet now she was indistinguishable from any other horse being led by its owner! What kind of quarrel did that evil sorceress hold with her? Why was she doing this to them!?-The horse briefly glanced back at the cow, tears in the corners of her eyes, long face even more red, and without words the feeling was mutual. After the rope was pulled again, forcing the horse to face away from the pen, Starlet watched the mare’s tail angrily swat, her udder bounce, and her wide, moist slit between her fattened thighs. -She was flushed to have such a lewd sight as her final exchange with the other princess…-The cow’s eyes grew more longing when the clop of her friend’s hooves started to fade, signalling their departure. -“I will be milking you upon my return, my bountiful new bovine~”Next chapter:

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Hello TF people!
It's time to do some news. After all, last journal was like... nearly 2 years ago... o.o
Time flies by! And so, I'm sorry I didn't made one before today.


Let's start by the obvious!
Artist of the month thingy was a good idea at the start, but it quickly became difficult to find time for the contributors to vote for their favorite artist of the month and so, the idea was stopped.
We can, for sure, continue that, but it would be a little... "unfair" if I am the only one to choose. To you to tell me if it's okay or not to you!
However, if you have any other suggestion, please do share!

For the second part of this journal, it's about submissions!
DA recently changed the way the group galleries work and it became REALLY time consuming if someone submit in the wrong folder.
Before, I was nice, and could accept a mistake or two and changing the folder manually. It was only taking me two clicks.... now it's 5 with 3 pages to load!!! Reason being mostly that the edit bouton was replaced by a fav button, and the only place where the edit button is, is now in the settings pages of each folder.
Yes, it's annoying!
That's why I will no longer accept submissions in the wrong folders from now on. Mistakes happen, and I will notice you if you did one. However, it will be up to you to correct the mistake. No longer me.
I hope you understand. It may seems a little, but with 20-50 submissions a week, it can become really chaotic if everybody do the mistake :)

And that's all for today!
Be sure to comment or share anything you want to add to this journal. I read all the answers.

Thank for reading!
Oh my, the time passed so fast! We skipped two monthes, and I'm sorry about that. Exams are near here, and time is short, haha.
Anyway, our contributors voted, and this month, the featured artists are :

Illustrator : :iconmistressmissingno:

I don't really know what to say about MistressMissingno except maybe the fact that her gallery and TFs makes me feel a little vibe of these early horror movies with their transformations.. but... this time... with Pokemons.  The thing which is interesting with MistressMissingno, is how she made all the TFs happen around her character and this way, makes us think that there is certainly a reason, maybe a story behind all of that that will maybe one day, be revealed totally as some part of it seems to appear here and there on some of her TFs.
I can only suggest you to see her gallery to follow that!

Writer : :iconvinomath:

Vinomath is a big writer. And by that, I mean... look at all these deviations! The best thing is, they are mostly TFs, lucky you are! You like TFs with famous characters? Well that's even better, since Vinomath has a lot of story related to them. To help you, he sorted them via the type of TF : feral, anthro, TG etc... as well as a "Fan favorite" folder. You can bet his most popular stories are here.
So, if you like all of that, go check his gallery, you got a ton of text to read to occupy yourself, haha!
Sorry, we are a bit late this month, but you know what time it is!
Our contributors voted, and this month, the selected artists are :

Illustrator : :iconnolhyaa:

How to start with Nolhyaa... well, she is a talented artist, and by that I mean, she is REALLY talented. Only a look in her gallery will make that clear. She has something that the others don't have in the art of TFing and my little idea is that, she jsut always find the right percent between human and the aniaml or creature that make her TFs so impressive, enjoyable, like if you could actually feel the changes yourself. However, TFs aren't the only thing she is good at. If you are a fan of Transformice, you, for sure, gonna love her gallery too!
Go check her awesome gallery!

Writer : :iconclancy688:

Clancy is here from some time now, helping the group when I'm still not awake sometimes, haha. But he is also a awesome writer. If you know him, I pretty sure you already know about his awesome series : Trust Machines, where he TFed already a lot of people. I also think he knows how much people do love his TFs as he put his time to help you find THE TF you want by arranging his stories in useful folders! Animal, mythical, TG, strange, others, you will definitely find what you search and with the quality!
GO check his awesome stories!
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