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Welcome to the #Metamorphosis-group!
If you are here, I suppose you like transformations (or TF for short). Maybe you like to look at them or maybe you enjoy creating them; it's for people like you that this group was created :)


Some rules about this group:
Already, nothing against the rules of DeviantArt.
After, we accept all kinds of transformations even if there isn't a folder for them (see below). But, there are some transformations we cannot accept because of their content. Those are:
:bulletred:"ADULT" NUDITY AND PICS FORBIDDEN! If you want Adult content, FurAffinity is for you, not this group.
:bulletred:We don't accept Human to Human TF. So if you did a TG, for example, it should be a TFTG (not only transgender!) or it cannot be accepted.
:bulletred:We have a limit of 10 submissions per deviant each week.
:bulletred:Please only contribute your OWN deviations to the group's gallery. If you wish to submit others' artwork, please suggest it to the group's Favorites instead.

We classified the Transformations by kind:
:bulletblue:Shapeshifting, Latex, costume: for a single picture (No stories)
:bulletblue:Story: Well for TF stories
:bulletblue:Photomanipulation: For all kinds of TF based photo manipulation
:bulletblue:Comic/Sequence: For comic and multiple picture transformations
:bulletblue:Character ref:For you Ref. Sheet of OC with transformation abilities.
:bulletblue:Animation: All in the title.
:bulletblue:Photography: Not real TFs, but really close in meaning
If you think your deviation doesn't apply to these folders, don't be afraid to ask for a new folder. We will see what we can do :)

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As contributor, you can:
:bulletyellow:Be in the "about us" page
View the back room and vote on submissions.
:bulletyellow:Put atleast, 10 transformations in the group
:bulletyellow:Do regular art updates (You will not be a contributor if you just add 10 deviations and hide)
:bulletyellow:If you think you can be one, send us a note to talk about that!

As member, you can:
:bulletwhite:Submit art in the group and get some publicity for your art :)
:bulletwhite:Have news from the group in your message center: news+deviations
:bulletwhite:YOU NEED AT LEAST 1 TRANSFORMATION DEVIATION to enter as member (plz send us the link of the deviation to help us :))

If you don't want to submit art, you can watch the group to get news and deviations from it as well as suggest a fave :)

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A HailFire Change,The sun blazed upon a forest as though Groudon amplified its rays. Plenty of Pokémon hid underneath branches, underground, or behind trees. A few Stantler stalked near a tree, reaching for a berry within reach. Just as the fruit was only inches away from a Stantler’s mouth, she paused and wiggled her ears. A car’s roar came closer, coming from the dirt path. Perhaps the human or humans driving it were passing through and not approaching for their antlers, but it best not to leave it to chance. The Stantler group leaped away from the road into the forest’s shadows.A light-green convertible car drove by just as the last Stantler disappeared. Besides its engine, the car made no sound nor emitted toxic fumes. The driver hung his arm out the door with ill regard for danger. His long, golden hair flapped from the air flowing past. He held a grin, shining just as bright as his purple eyes.“Nice weather we’re having,” the driver, Thomas, said. He adjusted his rearview mirror to see his two best Pokémon in the world, Flareon and Glaceon. They curled up in a ball next to backpacks filled with clothes and games. “Wouldn’t you agree?”“Hmm? Oh, yes.” Lloyd turned away from the side with regret. After all, various Caterpie and Joltik crawling up and down trees were too beautiful to turn away from. “Lovely Bug Pokémon here.”Thomas raised an eyebrow before he grinned. “Have they caused you to fall into a sl-ember?”The Glaceon and Lloyd winced. “Look, I know it’s a bit hot for a spring day, but I think that was stretching it.”“Are you suggesting that I should chill out my puns instead?”This time, the Flareon winced with Lloyd. That was the thing with spring, slammed against summer and winter. The two polar-opposite seasons fought it out, with the heat giving way to cold in autumn and the cold giving way to heat in spring. As such, they were absol-utely perfect for temperature-related puns.“OK. I get it.” Lloyd rolled his eyes. It was a common reaction after being with Thomas for a while. “But you better stop. You’re hurting your poor Pokémon back there.”“Maybe. Or maybe they’re enjoying it.”“You’re hopeless.”“Why, thank you.”The car drove onward, reaching the camp within the forest. The Pokémon Academy Thomas and Lloyd attended opened up for a four-day weekend camping trip. It was only open for senior students that are eighteen years old and even offered extra credit for their classes. They both signed up for it, along with thirty other students.“I mean, you know all the right puns to say,” Lloyd said. He turned to the side where a couple of Kakuna hung on branches. “Even if some of them are a stretch.”“Hey, I can’t help it if I was burn this way.” Thomas laughed when his Glaceon winced again. “Or maybe I’m just the frozen one.” The Flareon winced at that. “Those were pretty good, huh?”“Sigh. You really are hopeless.” Lloyd flopped back against his seat. He reached into the back for his backpack. Once he grabbed it, he pulled it up front and unzipped it. He smiled and pulled out his Nintendo Switch attached to an external battery. “I’m going to play Picross for a while.”“Have an ice time, though I prefer Sudoku myself.” Thomas winked. “They fire up my brain.”“Do you ever stop?”“Nope.”“Sigh. This is what I have to deal with. At least this will be a good distraction.”“Just don’t let Professor Osage see it. I bet he’ll throw a fit. ‘This is the natural wood yonder, not a town or a city. I don’t want to see any unwarranted technology on this camping trip, including your infernal games. Why, when I was your age, we made our own Pokéballs instead of buying them. You have no clue how hard it was!’ I can hear him throwing a ton of heat at you for it.”“You can talk! I saw you sneak your Nintendo Switch in your bag as well!”“And so will at least half of the students in this. But at least be smart about it. We don’t want to freeze in place as soon as he found out.”Lloyd sighed and rolled his eyes.# # #“Alright. Looks like everyone is here,” Professor Osage announced. His silver hair rubbed against his shoulders. His camo vest and jeans hung loose on him as though built for a heftier man. The wooden walking cane he leaned on strained against his weight. “We are at least twenty miles from any nearby civilization in the beauty of nature.”Half of the class became bored, anticipating the incoming speech. Thomas’s Flareon and Glaceon pressed their sides against his legs out of protection and love, such as catching him in case he grew tired of that speech. Lloyd stood next to him, struggling to not break into a yawn. His fingers twitched toward his backpack for his game, though he stopped himself.Professor Osage turned to the trees above. “Do you smell that? That is the Sleeping Powder Dustox showered in the forest, hoping to catch prey.” Most of the students jolted to attention in a panic. Lloyd, on the other hand, pulled out a camera and aimed it at the sky. The professor chuckled and wagged his finger at the students. “Got you, didn’t I? There’s no Dustox in this forest. I said that just to make sure you were paying attention.”Several of the students became red in the face out of embarrassment. Lloyd lowered his camera out of disappointment. Thomas, one of the few who did not panic, laughed to himself.“Here we are,” Professor Osage said. “In the heart of nature. I’m certain that most of you never set foot at the edge of this forest until now. As a boy, forests like this were plentiful, and my parents allowed me to travel in them. They taught me valuable lessons about Pokémon, including how to craft Pokéballs.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Pokéball that, instead of a button, held a latch that kept it shut. The Apricorn part is evident at the bottom, but the top half was made from crystal or heavy steel. “And unlike your electrical, self-guiding Pokéballs, we must have a good arm and aim to catch Pokémon. You kids have little idea how fortunate you are to live with such technological advances.”The student campers glanced at each other with a couple annoyed at being called ‘kids,’ though they said nothing about it. Thomas, though, was not offended by the label at all. He still felt like a kid at heart despite being a legal adult. His Flareon wiggled against his leg.Professor Osage lifted himself off of his stick. “Now then, let’s set up the tents while the sun is still up. And I don’t want to see any of you kids slack off. After all, it may rain, and you don’t want your video games to get ruined!” Several of the students flinched. Who leaked that little information to him? The professor sneered. “When you’re surrounded by kids all the time, you know they’ll do the opposite of what they’re told. Especially if they believe that they know better than us old folks. Now, get to work.”The students nodded and carried their backpacks to the camp clearing. They split off into groups of twos or threes. Thomas and Lloyd were one such group, with Flareon and Glaceon following. The Pokémon took being in the wild quite well, much better than half of the students there.“I should’ve figured that the professor would’ve seen through us,” Lloyd said. He lowered his half of the stuff on a flat clearing. Nearby, a couple of groups had already pulled out their tent supplies. “He’s a clever old geezer.”“Yeah. At least we’re not in hot water.” Thomas chuckled for a few seconds. “But we don’t want hail to break loose.”“Less puns, more work.” Lloyd reached into one of his packs and pulled out a tent. He handed one end to Thomas. They stretched and spread it out until it was flat on the bottom. “So far, so good.”Thomas unfolded the tent poles until they stretched out long. He inserted them through the slits until Lloyd caught them. He did the same with the other corner until the rods were through the tent’s slits in an X. The two pushed on the tent poles, with them bending upward while carrying the tent. They hammered the tent into the ground so no heavy winds could blow it away.“Now for the cover.” Lloyd reached into the bag and pulled out a waterproof cover. He unfolded it, and it took a couple of attempts before it hung over the tent. Thomas reached for one end and grabbed it. They stretched the cover out until it lay on top of it, preventing rain from leaking in. They tied it onto the ground and stood before the zipper door. Lloyd rubbed his chin, somewhat thoughtful. “Hmm. Maybe I should’ve brought a tarp for underneath. Now the tent may get soggy underneath and we’ll likely step out into the mud.”“Too late for that now. Let’s hope that no problem ar-ice.” Thomas reached into his pack and pulled out a couple of inflatable beds and a battery-power inflator with a hose. He kicked off his shoes before stepping into the tent. He inserted the hose into one of the beds. “Now, fire away!”“Really?” Lloyd leaned inside the tent. “That’s stretch even for you.”Thomas chuckled to himself, pleased with his ability to make puns. Meanwhile, his Flareon and Glaceon glanced at each other in annoyance. If they could speak, they would warn him that a chilly heat combo was incoming if he kept the puns up. Not that it would stop him; he would likely keep firing puns that would freeze the skin.Thomas grinned at the two inflated beds. “Should be all ready to go. Icy come, icy go.”Lloyd winced along with Flareon, but he nodded. “As long as it’s good.”Lloyd gave their gear and bags to Thomas, who set them on the corner. He kicked off his own shoes before stepping in as well. He tested one of the beds by sitting on it and smiled at its soft yet firm hold. Meanwhile, Thomas pulled out a pair of grocery bags and placed their shoes inside. He took them in, the bags holding any dirt the shoes accumulated.“Whew. That was good work.” Thomas lay on the other inflatable bed. “Almost makes me want to fall into sl-ember.” Thomas laughed when Glaceon and Lloyd flinched. “That was good, wasn’t it?”“Y-yeah. Real good.” Lloyd tugged on his black hair. “Even if your puns are too much.”“Why, thanks again!”Lloyd paused for a few seconds before he sighed. “There’s nothing that can kill your good mood, is there?”“None! I’m just too fired up for that. Or maybe I have a cool enough head.”Both his Flareon and Glaceon glanced at each other before staring at the tent. Using their fire and ice attacks on him was simple, but that could damage the tent. Instead, they shook their heads. Lloyd, meanwhile, rubbed his nose’s bridge. He glanced out the zipper door toward the forest. Already he spotted several Bug-type Pokémon along the way but did not take any pictures. He rubbed against his camera while an idea formed within his head.“Say, now that we have set up the tent, shall we go hiking?” Lloyd asked. “I know our professor wants us to go on a group hike tomorrow for the start of the river, but I want to see the surrounding area.”“As long as we don’t go out too far, sure.” Thomas rolled up from the inflatable bed. He reached over and patted both Flareon and Glaceon on their heads. “And we have the two best buddies who can lead us back here.”Both Flareon and Glaceon murred in response. Though their trainer often annoyed them with his puns, they loved him regardless. Even if they did have to remind him of their limits.“Great!” Lloyd slung his camera around his neck. He grabbed his shoes out from the bags and slipped them on. He stepped out and waited until Thomas stepped out along with his Pokémon. “Ready?”“Always.”# # #An hour of hiking passed by. An hour of traveling through the woods around them. An hour of taking pictures of Bug Pokémon. It was a glorious hour for a Bug lover like Lloyd.He smiled at a pair of Caterpie crawling up a tree in a cute-like fashion. He lifted his camera up and took pictures of them. Meanwhile, Thomas picked up a stick a head shorter than himself and used it as an improv walking stick. He sometimes made arrow markings on the ground, reminding him where the camp was.Thomas stood above a steep path with his Flareon and Glaceon close by. A couple of Combee flew by, their buzzing causing him to flinch. Behind, Lloyd aimed his camera at them and snapped some shots of them. Their three faces smiled for the camera before buzzing away for nectar.“Jeez, there are a lot of lovely Bug Pokémon out here,” Lloyd said. He slid down the steep path while not jogging his camera too much. “They are such gorgeous creatures, aren’t they?”“Are they?” Thomas rubbed the back of his head. He took cautious steps down the steep path, using a stick to steady himself. “I’m not as hot about them as you are. They’re more like an ice-sore.”“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” Lloyd said. He reached behind a bush and found a Weedle crawling there. He took a couple of pictures before walking back to Thomas. “I still can’t believe you aren’t interested in them.”“Everyone has their own interests.” Thomas shrugged. “And mine are—”He stopped and blinked. Ahead walked a figure in green between the trees. At least, it looked like it wore green, but its texture flowed like fur. It carried a long stick that extended taller than its height. Thomas closed and opened his eyes in bewilderment.The figure already disappeared in that fraction of a second.“—What’s that?”“What’s what?” Lloyd twisted around, his eyes searching for the spot Thomas was staring at. “I don’t see anyone or anything but us.”“I saw something. I don’t know what. It’s not like any Pokémon that I’ve ever seen.” Thomas scratched his head. “All I could see was green, almost like fur.”“You mean like a Sprigatito?”“Something like that, but it was tall like a human.”“Then maybe a Meowscarada.”“With multiple tails?”The two remained silent for a few seconds. Flareon and Glaceon glanced at each other, worried about what those two may decide. At the end of the final second, Thomas tossed away his stick and sprinted toward where he last saw the figure. Lloyd followed close behind, just as eager.“Must be a new kind of Pokémon!” Lloyd said. “If it is, we’ll get credit for finding it!”“Yeah! I’m all fired up for this discovery!” Thomas grinned wide. “And we’ll fight tooth and hail to get it!”The Flareon and Glaceon flinched, not from the puns, but from the humans’ sudden movements. They held their mouths open in disbelief at something silly for a few seconds. The two turned to each other as though determining a plan within their minds. They nodded at each other and followed Thomas and Lloyd. After all, they could get into trouble, and the two Pokémon needed to be there to bail them out.Thomas and Lloyd sprinted further into the forest. Pawprints lay before them, shaped like a Ninetales if they held bigger paws, at least quadruple in size. The prints became lighter on the ground until none lay anymore. They stopped at that point, panting with their tongues out. Behind, their shoe prints lay plain, not becoming lighter like the other set.“Som-somehow, thi-this Pokémon made their prints dis-disappear,” Lloyd said. He bent down low.“No-not just di-disappear,” Thomas said. His Flareon and Glaceon caught up with them. “S-somehow made its prints li-lighter. Li-like it was f-flying or fl-floating.”The Flareon and Glaceon reached the two humans. The two Pokémon realized that Thomas and Lloyd had lost track of this unknown creature, so they sniffed the ground for any scent. They also held their ears open for the lightest sound and scanned the entire area. After several seconds of searching, they gave up with nothing to track this creature down. They turned to Thomas with their ears low, disappointed in their failure.Thomas smiled at them and petted them. “Don’t worry. We may get another shot next time. For example, tom—”A twinkle of pale yellow and light blue came from ahead. Thomas stopped talking and instead stared at them. Curiosity tugged at him, almost begging him to discover what they were. Perhaps that Pokémon was not running away but was leading them here. For what reason, he could not tell.“Thomas?” Lloyd asked. “What is it?”Thomas, instead of answering, headed over to the twinkling lights. Lloyd blinked and followed, confusion covering much of his face. The two Pokémon sighed with each other, exhausted with their trainer. Still, it would be best to follow. They nodded and ran, catching up to Thomas.Thomas, for his part, let curiosity lead him on. The mysterious objects burned within his mind, almost like a burst of ice and fire. Whatever they were and whether or not the unknown Pokémon planned for this, there was one way to find out. To leave this moment behind would be like missing a chance to say a pun of some sort.Once he got close enough, Thomas kneeled down at the objects. He swallowed, feeling a sense of anti-climax building up within him. Both items were stones, though nothing to sneer at since they cause evolution to some Pokémon. He knew them by heart, remembering how he used similar ones on his Flareon and Glaceon. The left was a pale yellow stone with an orange and yellow flame pattern. The right was a light blue stone with a white snowflake pattern.“What is it?” Lloyd asked. The Flareon reached beside Thomas on his left and Glaceon on his right. “You were in a rush.”“Was I? Sorry. I guess I had a burning curiosity over these.” Thomas rubbed his chin. “But they’re just a Fire Stone and an Ice Stone. That really froze me stiff.”“Uh-huh. Glad that you’re alright.” Lloyd rubbed the back of his head. “Still, let’s head back to camp. You know that the professor wants us all there to set up a fire and make dinner.”“Right.” Thomas, without thinking about it, picked up both stones. He stood up while smirking. “Don’t worry. I’ll be bringing the he—”Before Thomas could complete his pun, both stones glowed brightly. He froze and stared at them in wonder and confusion. Lloyd took a few steps back, startled to the bone. Both stones fused into Thomas’s palms, dissolving like a lump of salt in freshwater.“Wh-what?” Thomas flipped his hands over. “What just happened?”“I-I have no freaking clue!” Lloyd rubbed his eyes. “B-but from what I saw, th-they almost look as though they tried to evolve you.”“Like I’m a Pokémon? Why, that’s ridiculous!” Thomas shook his head. “As if—”The hair on Thomas’s hands grew longer and thicker, changing color. On his left hand, golden-white hair rose, and on his right, pale blue. His fingernails grew longer and sharper, becoming white claws. The palms thickened, becoming thick paw padding that could grip stuff hard like a walking stick. He turned to them and paled.“—The stones reacted,” Thomas continued in an uncertain tone. “Like I’m a Pokémon?”Lloyd, Flareon, and Glaceon gasped and took a step back in horror. The fur on Thomas’s hands spread up his arms, becoming thick and plush. That alone would freak anyone out, but that was not what horrified the three watchers. It was how Thomas’s head stretched wider, like playdoh splitting apart. His head stretched out broader and, to their surprise, a third eye formed in the middle.“Wh-what’s g-g-g-g—” Thomas stopped asking when his stretching mouth prevented him from speaking well. The third eye itself stretched wider until it split into two. His nose became wider, with a third nostril forming in the middle. His mouth spread out with new sets of teeth growing, sharper than before, though that did not last long. Much like his eyes, his nose and mouth split apart to develop their own separate mouth and nose. He twisted his chins, his two faces on one head at a sixty-degree angle. He spoke with both mouths. “W-why am I seeing two things at once?! I-I can barely see you!”“Wh-what in the name of Giratina is happening?!” Lloyd tripped and fell on his rear. “Your-your face!”“Wh-what’s wrong?” Thomas asked before he gritted both sets of teeth. His faces pulled farther away from each other. His eyes morphed with the left face’s eyes red and the right face’s eyes blue. Their faces split further, with new skin, bone, and muscles helping them separate from each other. The splitting went as far down to his neck until it stopped. He stood there, his head becoming two with their own necks. “That’s—”“—better.”Both Thomas blinked and turned to the other, their red and blue eyes meeting. They gasped and would have pulled away from each other if they were not attached to the same body. Instead, they reached with their fuzzy hand-paws to check on the other’s head.“Wh-what?” the red-eyed Thomas asked. “Wh-who are you?”“I’m Thomas! Who are you?” The blue-eyed Thomas asked in turn.“Bu-but I’m Thomas too!”They stared at each other for a few seconds before saying, “Did-did we split our minds into two?!”Before they could say anymore, they both grunted in discomfort. Lumps grew just underneath their arms, pushing against their shirt. Their torso stretched taller, pulling out their shirt from their pants. The bumps pushed further underneath the shirt, pressing against it until they ripped through. They stretched farther, with more flesh, bones, and muscles forming and taking shape. The bones cracked as though getting ready for hard work. At the end of the new bumps, five individual lumps stretched out, one becoming opposable to the rest. Thick padding formed, becoming leather-like, at the bottom of them. New claws grew at the very tip of each digit, ripping through the skin while not dropping a single drop of blood. Both of Thomas’s heads gasped while turning over their new set of furry arms.“W-woah! Thi-this is freaky!” The red-eyed Thomas flexed both golden-white hand-paws. “I have a burning question about this.”“Yeah. I’d like to speak to my adv-ice-er!” The blue-eyed Thomas wiggled both light blue arms. “Because this is crazy!”Both Thomas glanced at each other in stunned realization. Though split into two heads, two minds, they still felt a connection. Perhaps they felt what the other thought because of some neural connection or by heart. They found that, though distinct from the other, they thought much of the same.Before they could verbalize that realization, their torso kept stretching taller into the air. Their jeans ripped from their expanding thighs with fur poking out from the holes. Their feet stretched out, splitting through their shoes like paper. Thick padding formed underneath their feet-paws, with long thick white claws replacing their toenails. Fur also sprouted all over their body, with the left side golden-yellow and the right side pale blue.The pain came to them from their rear with nine lumps swelling, which pressed against what was left of their jeans until they ripped through. Bone, flesh, and muscles stretched into nine tails with fur covering them. Four of their tails on the left side held golden-white, bushy yet smooth fur ending with orange tips. The other four tails on their right side had pale blue fur, each flowing like mist and ending with white tips. The very center tail, meanwhile, was different between its left and right halves, half golden-white and orange, half pale blue and white, half smooth, half wavy. Each tail stretched long, at least half the length of their stretching torso.At that point, their torso stopped stretching, and instead, their back shifted. Much like Thomas’s new set of arms, a pair of bumps formed near the midway with bones, muscles, and flesh growing. The bones cracked as though out of reinvigorating them, taking shape. Digits formed at the bottom with thick padding and brand-new claws. Much like the rest of their body, the left front leg was golden white, and the right was pale blue with the foot-paw white. A final snap from their back later, they landed on their front feet-paws effortlessly as though born for it. Their back stood upright, their body in taur shape.Their faces morphed, with each of their noses blackening. Their mouths and noses elongated in an acute way. Their noses shifted, each becoming moist to the touch and having roughly an upside-down triangle shape. Their teeth became sharp, especially their canines, which they tested with their tongues. Their original ears moved up their head as they morphed. Fur covered them as they became long, pointy, triangular shapes. A new ear grew on the other side of each head, becoming the same shape as the original ones. Their hair changed color and shape, their already long hair growing longer. The left head held golden-white fur, its hair-fur becoming crescent shaped and flowing behind the head. The right head instead had pale-blue fur, its hair-fur becoming wavy like the mist and ending with white.Thus, Thomas stood before Lloyd and their two Pokémon as a four-armed, two-headed Ninetales taur.“W-woah!” The Alolan Thomas said. He held his upper arm up and breathed into it. Frost covered it. “This is way cool!”“Or rather, I look pretty lit!” The Kantonian Thomas breathed out fire.Lloyd scootched back a few feet, afraid. Flareon and Glaceon hid behind his back. They all shook in fear. Meanwhile, Thomas glanced all over their body, from their feet-paws to their tails. One of their tails extended to rub against one of Thomas’s heads. Despite the changes that occurred to them with only the tattered remains of their shirt on, they took it well.“W-wh-what are you?” Lloyd asked. Both Thomas turned to him and took a step forward. Lloyd held his arm against his head. “Stay back!”“Lloyd?” The Alolan Thomas tilted his head. “It’s us, Thomas.”“A little strange looking, but still the same,” the Kantonian Thomas added. “We’re kindling spirits.”“Hehe. We’re a living icicle built for two.”“Haha. At least Flareon is my favorite fiery friend.”“Meanwhile, my Glaceon is too cold for you.”Lloyd shifted from one Thomas head to the next. They did not notice him, instead bantering and exchanging puns. Lloyd’s breathing relaxed somewhat, his nerves becoming steady. Flareon and Glaceon poked their heads out from behind before approaching. They sniffed on both Thomas’s feet-paws before, with a yip, hopping onto their back.Lloyd blinked before he laughed. “OK. OK. That proves it. You’re Thomas. Or you’re Thomas.” He got up and scratched his head. “Not sure which one I should call Thomas. Both of you acted as him when you were, well, together.”“Perhaps we’re both and neither at the same time,” the Alolan Thomas replied. “We’re still—”“—connected,” the Kantonian Thomas said. “I can feel his thoughts and—”“—I can feel his. I guess this is the ice of life.”“Haha. And I have a bright spark.”Both Thomas laughed for a few seconds. Lloyd smiled and joined in with their laughter. Flareon and Glaceon glanced at each other before firing out Flamethrower and Freeze-Dry at the opposite element Thomas. Despite that, they both laughed harder.“They get that way when they have enough of my puns,” the Alolan Thomas said.“Still, it’s getting late and we should rejoin the camp,” the Kantonian Thomas said.“The camp. Oh, right!” Lloyd rubbed his chin. “Though, how will we explain this? Should we try to hide you?” His heart slammed against his chest. “Would they see you as a freak like I did?”“Eh, let them,” the Kantonian Thomas said.“Yeah.” The Alolan Thomas shrugged. “If they don’t want to accept us, that’s OK.”“And there’s no point in hiding. They’ll find out sooner or later.”“We might as well reveal ourselves to them.”“Um, OK.” Lloyd nodded. He exhaled for a few long seconds before he nodded. “You’re right. There’s no way we can explain your disappearance and hide you. Might as well face the music while we can.”“I prefer the phrase ‘facing the fire’ myself.”“Why can’t it be ‘facing the blizzard?’ That sounds much cooler!”“Because it’s not a hot enough name.”“Eh, good point.”# # #“You know, in all of my years of research,” Professor Osage said. “The decades of lab work, observing evolution and Pokémon behaviors, I have never seen or heard anything like this.”When the Thomas taur and Lloyd joined back with the camp, they made a point to meet with Professor Osage first. The other camping students poked out and stared at Thomas from his tails to his two heads as though he was some kind of freak. If they wanted to approach, they would have if it were not for Flareon and Glaceon guarding him.Thomas allowed the professor to step forward to check on him. Osage poked Thomas’s new front legs; and with his walking stick, the professor poked the Alolan tails. He even had both heads open their mouths to rub their tongues and teeth. Despite that, Professor Osage scratched his head in bafflement at the impossibility he faced. He knew all about Pokémon biology, but the idea of a human somehow turning into this was beyond him. In only one case, he heard of something like this happening in Kanto; even then, it was a transporter accident.“And you said that this happened because you touched a Fire Stone and an Ice Stone?” Professor Osage asked. Both Thomas nodded at him. “If it wasn’t for my tests seeing if what I was seeing was real, I would’ve taken it as one elaborate prank. The idea of evolution stones turning humans into Pokémon-like creatures is not something I heard in my long years. And yet, I’m aware of how magic-like Pokémon are. So perhaps this is a new discovery!”“Yeah. That Fire Stone set my heart on fire!”“While that Ice Stone froze my heart!”“I bet I’m too hot to candle!”“Words hail me!”The other students became relaxed at both Thomas firing out puns. One of the students took a step toward him. Flareon stood in front of him, but Thomas waved her back. The student cautiously stepped closer until he was only a foot away. He reached for both of their cheeks and rubbed them. Both Thomas responded by hugging him with all four arms.The students laughed and joined in the hugging. Both Flareon and Glaceon smiled at each other.“Alright, alright,” Professor Osage said. The students backed away from Thomas, letting the professor through. “This gives me an idea. A unique opportunity, as it were. You don’t have to accept this very second, if at all, but I believe it’ll benefit us all.”Both Thomas stared at the professor. “Explain.”“How about, once you graduate, you can work for me as a volunteer. A T.A.” Professor Osage winked at them. “You grant us a unique chance to show us how Pokémon live, far more than anyone would. Like battling and other stuff.” Both Thomas flinched. “Just kidding. Still, your existence shows us a unique way of researching Pokémon. Want to accept?”Both Thomas looked at each other. “We’ll have to think about it.”“Very good. I was certain that you wouldn’t accept it this very second, Thomas.”“Yeah, though I don’t think ‘Thomas’ is a good name for us anymore,” the Alolan Thomas said.“And while on the way here, we thought up new names for us,” the Kantonian Thomas said.“Yeah!” Both Thomas spread out their arms. “From now on, we’re Thermis Coldflare!”“And if you want to refer to only one of us, you can call me Friizandro,” the Alolan Thermis said.“And you can call me Flaemandre,” the Kantonian Thermis said.“If that’s too long, call me Freezy—”“—Or Flamey!”“Together, we’ll bring in the party!”At that point, every student laughed before they hugged Thermis Coldflare close. They hugged back as much as they could. Flareon and Glaceon smiled before they hopped onto Thermis’s back. The two Eeveelutions climbed onto their shoulders. Professor Osage nodded to himself before he walked back into his tent.“Well, that’s that,” Lloyd said. He patted Thermis on their back. “That went better than I expected.”“Yeah,” Freezy said. “This was a cool party!”“But let’s bring in the heat!” Flamey breathed fire into the air. “Ah, yeah!”“Good.” Lloyd rubbed his chin. “Though, what happened to the Pokémon we saw? And did it leave behind those stones? Did it even know what would’ve happened?”“I have no idea,” Flamey said. He shrugged. “But if I see it again, I’m thanking it.”“Same here!” Freezy said.# # #“Well, well, well. That is fascinating.”A five-tailed kitsune sat on top of a tree near the student camp. His green fur ruffled from the evening breeze, his golden hair joining as well. His mysterious blue eyes glanced down at the newly christened Thermis with interest. He rubbed his brown staff from the brown and white yin-yang symbol on its head to the bottom.“That is a curious experiment,” Glorfindel said. He rubbed against his red shirt. “Curious indeed.”He recalled encountering those two students while exploring this Pokémon world. A prank formed in his mind then, which he set out. He began by letting himself be seen and let them follow further in. With the help of a levitation spell, he got onto a tree and hid behind them. While they looked for pawprints, he summoned the Fire Stone and Ice Stone, each enchanted to transform the first one that touched them. It went well outside of one thing.“Who would’ve thought he would’ve taken both stones instead of one? And maybe had the other take it as well?” Glorfindel rubbed his snoot. “And the extra arms and head were not planned for. Perhaps it was because both spells reacted at the same time.” He shrugged. “But I’m not complaining. In fact, it gave me a few ideas on other pranks.”Glorfindel sat there, watching Thermis practice a few tricks for their audience. It almost made him want to join in as well. He remained in the shadows though, hidden beneath them. The shadows grew long from the setting sun. He did wonder how Thermis would live and travel at this stage.“Hmm. Perhaps I should watch and see. And perhaps help if they needed it.”
All For Foxgers,Some days, all the pieces fell into place; on other days, some pieces became lost. That was on Grant’s mind when leaning back in a game shop with various books for tabletop RPGs and board games. His tail, cyan which turned purple halfway and ended with a white tip, twitched as he adjusted his half-moon glasses. His glasses helped make his blue eyes shined.The missing piece, in this case, was the third player. Grant sighed while leaning forward, picking up a couple of letters with the folded crease almost undone. The right one was a response from Ari, who agreed to come today, but the left one’s response was a decline without any explanation. Perhaps it was because of something Grant did in the past, something that he couldn’t escape from. Or he might be busy. Regardless, it still left the part with one short.“This is lame,” Grant said to himself even as he rubbed his cyan muzzle. “Who else can I invite on such short notice?”Grant shook his head in disappointment, his cyan hair-fur wiggling with the motion. His ears, which held purple fur with cyan tips that went over his eyes, folded back. Though the temptation was great, he shouldn’t be angry. Instead, Grant inhaled and exhaled in a rhythmic pattern, his white furry chest and stomach expanding and retracting. He still felt that low anger, his finger inching closer to the letter. He realized what he was doing and stopped, his claws inches away from ripping that letter in half.Grant pulled his hand-paw away, a twinge of guilt flowing through. “A close one there. And I may have to cancel this unless I find someone on short notice.”Soon, Grant twisted around, skimming through the various visitors of this game shop. A bunch of them he encountered over the years, though they were more or less acquaintances who just liked being in this shop. Despite the urgency, he remained seated. His eye soon caught a unicorn and a wolf playing a tabletop RPG, and he flinched. A few years back, Grant asked to join them in their game, but they gave him such a cold shoulder that he hadn’t bothered asking anyone else or played a tabletop RPG. Instead, he stuck with board games. Time was short, and there might be another who would join.And then Grant spotted someone he had never met before.This person was an anthro fox, with bright red fur and a white torso, though only his muzzle and neck exposed it. It’s odd for someone wearing some kind of clothing that covered much of his body in this place. His red headfur parted down the middle, his sea-blue eyes shining as he read a book. Soon, he rubbed his eyes, his hand-paw down to the muzzle covered in black fur. Despite that sudden burst in drowsiness, his red with a white tip tail wagged. His clothing, except for his blue jeans and dulled white wrappings around his left forearm, was bright with a red unbuttoned aloha shirt over his tucked-in green shirt. The golden A on his belt shined in the light as he turned the page.Grant raised an eyebrow at this newcomer before turning to Ari’s letter, with him promising to come at the agreed time at noon. He nodded before reaching behind him, where his hammerspace was, and pulled out his smartphone. Grant pressed it, and it displayed the time 11:34 AM. His stomach tightened, and his head grew hot from the stress, but he exhaled and swallowed. And, before he knew what he was doing, he found himself standing beside this newcomer.“Hi there,” Grant said, leaning a bit.“Hello,” he replied, not looking up from his book.Grant felt stress building from the back of his head, but he continued asking, “How are you?”“Trying to recover,” he replied, sighing and shaking his head. “I was hunting a dangerous object last night, which I succeeded at in two in the morning. Even now, my body felt sore from running so much.”Grant blinked, tilting his head. “I don’t fully understand what you’re talking about, but OK. Sounds like you want to relax.”“Yup.” He nodded before setting his book down and turning to Grant. He raised an eyebrow and rubbed his chin. “Hmm. I have never seen anything like you before.” He stood up, striding around Grant, who blinked. “Your facial structure suggested a badger, but your tail is far longer and bushier. Plus, badgers have short, round ears, not long, triangular ears.”“Oh! That’s because I’m not a full badger,” Grant explained, grinning as he fidgeted with his red collar. The black and white tag with a 1 and a triangle next to each other on it wiggled. “I’m part badger, part fox, so I’m a foxger instead. Though Ari suggested that it should be box instead.”“Huh. Intriguing,” he said, pulling out a long metallic device with a light at the end of it. He pressed it, with the light shining orange while it buzzed, waving it before Grant. The piercing buzz echoed in Grant’s ears, with them twitching. “Zelda will be interested in this data.”“Um, OK,” Grant said before rubbing the back of his head, having an embarrassed smile. “In any case, the name is Grant. What is your name?”“Call me Daren,” he answered, putting the device back into his aloha shirt before sitting down. “Daren Crevan.”Grant nodded and, ignoring the building stress, asked, “Say, Daren? Could you do me a favor? I’m trying to set up a group, and one of the members dropped off. I need a replacement on short notice and, if you’re willing, I like you to join.”Daren blinked, tilting his head while his left ear flattened to the side. “A group? Could you elaborate?”Grant winked at Daren. “It’s a surprise. Just know that it requires at least three people.” He rubbed the back of his head. “I mean, I could rearrange it so it could be done with two, but it won’t be as fun. So, care to join us?”Daren hummed for a few seconds, leaning back on the chair. “I’m not sure. I should be heading off soon, especially since I completed my job here. I’m just here to rest and relax.”Grant felt his heart sink, but he continued, “Does it have to be right now? Or can it be held off?”Daren sighed, rubbing each individual of his hairfur. “I guess I can put it off for a couple of hours. But I don’t want Zelda to get too worried.” His left hand-paw flinched, and he flexed it. “She can get so worried, and rightfully so.”Grant’s right ear folded to the side for a moment. “So, does that mean you’ll join?”“Just that I’ll consider it,” Daren answered, stretching his arms. “Let me complete this chapter first, and I’ll show you my answer.”Grant blinked, adjusting his glasses. “Um, OK. Thank you.”Soon, Grant stepped back, with Daren picking up the book and continuing where he left off. Grant sat back down on the table, sighing even as he felt a sense of dread. He reached to his smartphone and pressed it again, the time reading 11:40 AM. The seconds ticked, with the minutes changing from 40 to 41, and he placed it back into his hammerspace. Soon, he turned to Daren, feeling a sense of hope. His heart froze, his tail puffing up.Though no words came to Grant’s ears, he could already guess what that wolf was talking to Daren about. After all, he pointed at Grant several times and made a few broad gestures. Daren, for his part, kept reading without a response or even looking at him. His face was unreadable as he rubbed his left forearm, almost as though it fell asleep and he was trying to bring it back to life. Soon, the wolf stopped and returned to the unicorn, and Daren sighed while squeezing his left forearm.Grant’s ears flattened down to his shoulders, his frozen heart not warming up. He turned back to the letters, one of his claws ripping into one of them but only a half-inch while digging into the wood. He wanted to continue tearing into it, watching it slice into bits. Instead, he lifted his claw up and instead stuffed both letters back into his hammerspace.Time passed by, though it felt slow to Grant. The other anthros chatted like friends even as he sat alone. The room felt so cold, yet he knew it wasn’t. In fact, it was hotter than usual for a summer’s day. His fingers rubbed through what bits of cyan headfur he had and when he turned to where Daren sat, he wasn’t surprised to find it empty.There wasn’t anyone he could blame other than himself for this. If he was better, wiser, even-tempered, and other stuff, he wouldn’t be alone.“Hey there, Grant!”When he turned up, Grant blinked as Ari set his hand-paw onto Grant’s shoulder. Ari the coyote held pale blue fur all over his body, with a deeper blue color down his elbows and knees. His ears, deep blue with bright yellow inner, wiggled. He tapped on his chest where a bronze star fur pattern that dominated much of it, before he tapped on Grant’s cyan’s forehead. He wagged his tail, red with a yellow stripe down the top. His red eyes shined even as he grinned, giving Grant a noogie.“How are you doing, dear buddy?” Ari asked, sitting across from Grant.“Um, could be a lot better,” Grant admitted as he shifted on his seat. “We’re down to just the two of us.”“That’s a bummer,” Ari said before turning around. “Still, there are a lot of folks here. Why not ask one of them.”“I’m not sure if any of them would join us,” Grant answered, sighing while shaking his head. “You know how annoying I can be.”Ari tilted his head. “I guess, but that’s only because they haven’t got a chance to know you. So just give a chance.”“I did, and it’s with one I never seen before,” Grant said, turning his head down. He felt emptier with as another table cheered in a DnD game. “I did my best to tone down my annoying side, but he still disappeared.”“Are you talking about me?”Grant blinked and, when he and Ari turned to the source, he gasped. He widened his eye at Daren, who lost a good chunk of his foxiness with a shorter muzzle that moved at a higher angle to his forehead. Dark red-brown fur surrounded his eyes, moving up and back his head until it reached his ears, the tips remaining black. His muscles seemed more defined and his claws longer, though he still wore wrappings on his left forearm.“Daren?!” Grant stood up, blinking. “Wh-what happened? Why are you—”“A foxger?” Daren completed, and Grant nodded. He shrugged before answering, “Truth be told, I want to try out the style before starting whatever you invited me for.”Grant’s eyes widened as large as plates for a moment, taking a step back even as Ari tilted his head at Daren. “So then, y-you accept joining this group after all?”“Of course. Why shouldn’t I?” Daren stepped around the table and sat beside Grant.Grant blushed, turning away. “W-when I saw you chatting with that—” he was about to say a harsh word, but he stopped himself before continuing, “—that wolf, I thought for sure that you declined. And when I saw that you disappeared, I lost hope.”“It’s natural to feel fear,” Daren said, patting Grant on the shoulder. “It’s something that Zelda said to me more often than I can count. But one shouldn’t lose hope without reason, especially if you don’t know everything going on. If you do, you’ll grow miserable, fearing that the next one will bite just like the last one did.”Grant’s face flushed even as Daren continued. “As for that guy, he tried to discourage me from joining you. Calling you annoying and stuff like that. And while I appreciate getting warnings like that, I’m more bothered that he only bothered to approach to ‘warn’ me after you left. Yes, I was aware that he eyed me when you chatted with me. I find such behavior to be distasteful. In fact, it only made me more interested in joining.”Grant nodded before turning over to the wolf some tables away, with him and his unicorn buddy looking at them with distaste before returning to their game. “I always wanted to join them, but they never let me. Though it’s more than likely because I can be so annoying.”Daren sighed and shook his head. “There will always be circles you won’t be able to join, no matter how hard you try. As such, it’ll be best to form your own circle. In fact, I noticed that you do have a member already.” Ari reached over to Grant, grabbing his hand-paws, and clung tight. “And if you find yourself with problems regarding certain folks, it’ll be best if you cut your losses and find others, no matter how afraid you’ll be. Besides, you came across as insecure rather than annoying.”Grant nodded before turning to Daren, having a small smile. “Thanks. But that didn’t explain why you left your table for so long.”Daren gave an embarrassed laugh, rubbing the back of his head. “Truth be told, I didn’t mean to disappear for that long. I was in the restroom, trying out the foxger look. It was tricky to find the right fur pattern on my face.” He rubbed just below his right eye. “I tried having them all black while keeping a red ‘stripe’ down the center of my face, but it didn’t look right. So next, I made them have a peachy color, which didn’t work. Then I realized that the red ‘stripe’ down my face was distracting, so I made it white while making the ‘mask’ a dark red-brown color, which is when I’m satisfied. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise you, showing you my answer.”“Oh, wow,” Grant said, setting his arm over Daren’s shoulders and pulling him close. “That sounds cool. Though you should’ve asked me if you wanted to be a foxger first.” He winked before reaching into his hammerspace behind him and pulling out a sword with the colors of a pencil and a pentomino-style shield no larger than their chests and pure white. “I could’ve helped you.”Daren raised an eyebrow even as Ari snickered. “Looks like our new buddy has no idea about the pencil sword and pentomino shield.”“Yup!” Grant handed both over to Ari.The sword and shield glowed white at once, though it took a while for Daren to notice the glow. The pentomino shield changed shape, with colors filling it up with each new change. A bronze star formed at the center, with the surrounding shapes turning into a mix of red, yellow, and dark blue, and Ari grinned wider. As soon as the shield’s colors stopped changing, Ari’s facial fur changed, with the ears’ tip becoming light blue and the dark blue moved forward, surrounding his eyes. His muzzle moved back a few inches, the angle to his forehead becoming higher. Daren tilted his head at him, his tail wagging.“You can probably guess what I am now,” Ari said, setting both pencil sword and pentomino shield to the side.“Interesting,” Daren said, getting up and moving all around Ari before sitting back down, his muscles also more defined than before. Soon, he turned to Grant. “I didn’t realize that you could use magic.”“I guess, though I don’t call it ‘magic,’” Grant said with a snicker. “More like the power of mathematics!” Daren’s eyes half lowered, his ears folding back. “Kidding, kidding, but only half so. I learned that, by forging complex math and pencils with steel to make a sword, they will become the deadliest of weapons, for a pencil is mightier than a sword!”“I thought that was a pen,” Daren said even as Grant pulled out another pencil sword and pentomino shield. “I still need to remember that this place is a more too—”“As for the shield,” Grant continued, handing both to Daren, with the shield changing shape and colors so that it’s bright red with a white A at the center. “I apply logic puzzle on metal forged into shields until they took that shape. Of course, not everyone can wield them. Only those skilled with mathematics and puzzles could, turning into a foxger as a nice bonus. If the shield doesn’t change and you didn’t turn into a foxger, they become brittle enough that even a gentle tap would shatter them.”Daren nodded, tugging on his hairfur. “So, I am worthy then?”“Yup!” Ari gave Daren a thumbs up. “You’re a bright one.”“In any case,” Grant said, standing up, “shall we begin?”“Sure,” Daren said, though his tail twitched. “Though, what were you planning that requires at least three people?”Grant grinned as he winked.# # #“You know,” Daren said, leaning back as he held up some cards. “When you said you needed an extra person for this group, I didn’t think you meant a board game.”“Why not?” Grant asked, shifting his cards as his eyes shined. “This is a game shop, after all.”“Yeah. What were you expecting?” Ari asked as well, setting down a card.Daren tilted his head, the three playing a game of Saboteur. Despite Grant helping him with the rules, he felt lost in this game, only earning a couple of gold nuggets even as the other two made more. He felt frustrated, though he kept it contained and instead sighed.“To be honest,” Daren answered, setting down an unhelpful path card. “I was expecting something like DnD.”“Fair point. I still feel burned out from my last attempt at playing it,” Grant said, setting down a path card against one of the three blank spots. He flipped it over, showing a gold nugget and he grinned. “Looks like the saboteur failed again!”Daren sighed and flipped over his character card. “That’s me again.”“That’s a shame, buddy,” Ari said. “Though it looks like Grant wins again.”Grant jumped with joy, and, at once, a pair of massive blue wings with white tips popped into existence, with Daren falling back. “Yay!”“I didn’t detect any wings on a foxger!” Daren said, standing up before pulling out the long metallic device again, pointing it at Grant. “Are these natural for a foxger?”“Oh, these? Nah,” Grant answered, blushing as Daren stepped all around Grant, the device buzzing even as its light glowed orange. “They’re a magical gift from a friend, though more like a former friend.” He sighed, his ears folded forward. “He disagrees with my beliefs, despite me trying to be nice. But, I kept them because of how cool they are.”Daren nodded, putting the device back even as the wings disappeared. The wolf passed by, having a frown, even as Daren turned away from him, his left hand-paw tensing. He sat down, rubbing his left forearm as sweat formed on his forehead. Ari and Grant tilted their heads at him.“Any reason why you’re wearing those wraps?” Ari asked, his tail wagging in anticipation.Daren paused, shifting his eyes before sighing. “I-I can’t explain.”Ari tilted his head even as Grant reached over and tugged the wrappings. Daren twitched but didn’t protest or even resist as Grant unraveled it, but he winced with each layer undone. Soon, the wrappings landed on the chair, exposing his forearm, with no injuries or even blemishes.“Strange. There isn’t anything wrong with it,” Ari said even as Daren picked up the wrappings.“Again, I can’t explain,” Daren said, his face becoming pale. “And, in any case, I need to head out. I don’t want to make Zelda too worried.”“Um, OK,” Grant said, though one of his ears flattened back.With surprising quickness, Daren stood up, leaving the pencil sword and pentomino shield behind as he rushed out the door, the bell ringing as he swung the door. Soon, he stood outside, panting with his left forearm flinching as he gritted his teeth. His tail puffed up along with his fur, and stress overwhelmed him.Grant and Ari turned to each other and nodded, with Ari picking up his pencil sword and shield. Grant took the ones Daren held, the shield still bright red, and soon the two stepped out, the bell ringing again. Daren’s ears twitched, and when he spun around, Grant and Ari stood there, with Grant giving him the sword and shield.Daren blinked, holding both sword and shield as Grant reached out behind himself. “Huh?”“I want you to keep them,” Grant said before pulling out his pencil sword and pentomino shield with the shield light gray with a dark gray 1 and triangle. “While I’m not sure if we count as friends, I like you to have them in memory of me.”Daren nodded, gripping both sword and shield tight. “Thanks.”“Then let us mark this occasion!” Ari said, pointing his sword up.Grant and Daren turned from the sword to each other before nodding, pressing their own pencil swords against it and each other, both saying, “All for foxger,”“And boxes for all!” Ari concluded, having a cheeky grin.Grant rolled his eyes as Daren lowered his sword, a sheave forming on his belt. He sheaved the sword, with it melting into mist into the belt even as he set his shield against his back, melting into steam as well. Both Grant and Ari waved at Daren, who waved back as he walked away, all smiling.“Shall we start another game?” Ari asked, setting his hand-paw on Grant’s shoulder.“Sure. Let’s get another one, though,” Grant replied, with both stepping back into the game shop.As soon as Grant and Ari entered the shop, Daren’s grin faded, and he reapplied the wrappings onto his left forearm.
Michiko's Transmogrifying Birthday (Plus A Story) by DanteVergilLoverAR
A Fatty Recruit,When Eisen walked home from work, he held his nose high at those walking with them. Once black and polished to a mirror’s shine, his shoes got bits of disgusting dust on them. Though the sun blared hot sunshine onto his dark dress coat, he refused to compromise and remove it. Those ahead of him turned back at the sound of his approach, only to pick up the pace when they spotted him, their coworker. This, of course, was fine with Eisen, for they clashed with him down to their plain clothing.Eisen shook his head, thinking they would’ve enjoyed each other more if they only had a shred of his genius. For example, they would’ve dressed more professionally for an esteemed programming company. Yet, like the mechanics who dared tell him to use antifreeze for his car in the middle of summer, they wore casual attire. Likewise, they wouldn’t need Eisen to double-check their work if they only bothered to look into the code deep enough, finding obvious errors like missing parentheses and extra semicolons. His work, though, never needed double-checking.As the congregation reached the bus stop, Eisen walked onward without a word, and the group sighed in relief.Even as his inferior peers relaxed, Eisen pulled out the latest and most expensive iPhone and pressed it on. Soon, he opened the map app, and, after tapping in the address of his home, it suggested that he turn back to the bus stop. He gritted his teeth and shook his head, thinking about how stupid the app was and wondering if he could replace it. Then, it beeped and vibrated, displaying a couple of text messages. The first one was from the mechanic, saying that they had just towed his car to the shop to be fixed. The second one was his boss mentioning something about Chevis, his hated rival, and he dismissed the message.Soon, he pocketed the iPhone, narrowing his eyes as his face turned white, and he walked down the sidewalk.Eisen paused, turning his brown eyes to a path through a forest. His slim stomach tightened, and he desired to walk around the forest, less his suit and shoes required dry cleaning. Yet, if he did walk through it, his travel time would be cut by thirty minutes. He stood for several moments, a duel playing in his mind even as he brushed his long hair and sighed in defeat. He then stepped forward to the forest path, a perilous yet lucrative shortcut.It felt much cooler being in the shade, yet his face only became whiter. Already, some mud got onto his shoes, and he thought about how much he will be spending by the time the day ended. At least a thousand, and it’s so early in the week. Yet, he shook his head even as a branch rubbed against his hair, knowing that his expenses could afford to fix his broken car, which was only six months old, and clean his dirty clothes.Branches snapped, and he turned his head at the source. An animal, maybe? His fists clenched, and his stance firmed as the bushed wiggled and snapped closer to him. Finally, his gaze steeled, and his teeth exposed.A long acute muzzle, made from blackened metal, poked out from the bush, with eyes of a pair of small screens that glowed yellow. It spotted Eisen, who blinked as it stepped out from the undergrowth, exposing more of its blackened metal though its torso was painted white. Soon, it stood before him, its trio of tails, tipped white, wiggling behind.Eisen’s right eye squinted, yet he remained firm even as the strange thing shifted its triangular ears and its head shifted up and down. An image of a fox appeared in his head, though this was larger, at least double a fox’s size, and it sat down, its tails pointed at the sky. It made a shrilled whistle, and he resisted the urge to cover his ears, instead tightening his grip. It stopped whistling, and it spoke French at him.Eisen sneered and let out a laugh that made the fox-like machine pause. “Oh, I see, Clevis. You’re distracting me with this toy of yours so you can add flaws to my code, just to claim that you ‘found’ them to our boss. In fact, this farce is proof that you broke into my car and broke it!” His hands shook in rage even as he pulled out his iPhone once more. “When I call the boss about this, your career is ov-”“Oh, I apologize,” the robotic device said, cutting in. “I thought you spoke French.”Eisen rolled his eyes, setting the iPhone up and snapping a picture. “Nice try, Clevis.”“This machine has no recollection of his Clevis,” the fox robot replied. “I am Manasu-8, created from another sector in the galaxy. I have come seeking aid for the Kitsune Federation.”“Charming, Chevis,” Eisen said, picking up a stick and walking around this Manasu-8. “This ends now. I’ll disassemble your toy, and once the boss sees this, you’ll be fired.”“I am not stating a falsehood.” Manasu-8 turned its mechanical neck so it could look at Eisen. “As I said, I came here to this planet you called Earth, seeking help. An invasion force is attacking—”“Enough!” Eisen stabbed his stick into the seams of Manasu-8’s back.“Stop. This is beyond you.” Manasu-8’s eyes turned red.Eisen’s expression darkened. “There is nothing beyond me.”He pried the panel open—A mass of smoke poured out, hovering in the air before it flew to Eisen’s hand. He blinked, shaking his hand, yet the smoke clung on somehow. It gave out a blue glow for a second even as the smoke moved up his arm.“Oh, dear,” Manasu-8 said, its head moving up and down even as Eisen stepped back, shaking his arm. “That was all the nanomachines I was supplied with.”“What are you— GAH!” Eisen coughed, bits of the cloud entering his mouth and nose. He dropped the stick and iPhone, the smoke thinning out as it encompassed his entire body. His body itched, both outside and inside, and he heard something buzzing within his ears.“Nanomachines, specifically the kind that can edit the genetic code of a species.” Manasu-8’s eyes turned green even as Eisen slapped his ear a few times. “I can see that they are rewriting your body as we speak.” The eyes turned red. “I was supplied with enough to transform five volunteers to join my makers. But since you absorbed all of the nanomachines, my mission is now almost a failure.”“You’re not making sense!” Eisen’s back popped a bit, and he winced, falling to his knees. His back snapped, yet he felt no pain before it relaxed. The hair on his hand thickened and blackened even as more sprouted, pushing the cuffs away. He wiggled his feet, which felt too large for his shoes before they ripped at the front. They stretched longer, with his toenails thickening and turning whiter even as the same black hair formed on the top and his socks ripped into shreds. His ears moved and stretched upwards, becoming triangular even as black fur grew on the exterior and white fur within. “What is going on?!”“I told you.” Manasu-8 snapped its jaws onto Eisen’s coat even as his nose blackened. “You are transforming into another species, one in the image like my creators. Due to this, and because this mission almost failed due to you, you are conscripted.”“No!” Eisen tugged against Manasu-8 like a trapped fox, but its hold only strengthened. Then, with ease, it twisted around and dragged Eisen against the ground, with him grunting. His stomach turned and groaned from the changes before pressing against his clothes. Then, the buttons on his shirt, coat, and pants popped off even as the sleeves and leggings became loose. Finally, it tugged on Eisen; his eyes widened with horror. “Let me go!”“I must complete my assigned task, regardless of your desire.”Eisen groaned and swallowed before sliding out from the loose clothing. Manasu-8 paused even as he tried to stand on two, only for his back to scream out in protest, and he fell on all four. His mouth and nose pushed forward, with bones snapping, and fur grew on his face. Whiskers sprout out just behind the nose even as his limbs changed shape and length, with his little toes moving up on his back paws, yet his hand-paws remained hand-like with opposing thumbs, though with thick white claws. Fur grew on his back, as brown as his hair which remained long, even as his torso sprouted white fur. Yet, his belly swelled like a balloon, its fat pressing against his limbs.“This must be a dream!” Eisen flipped his hand-paws over, with thick pads forming on them. “It can’t be real!”“Psychological issues and discrepancies are irrelevant.” Manasu-8 snapped its jaws onto Eisen’s neck scruff, fast enough that he couldn’t react and slow enough that it didn’t cause pain. His limbs went limp, and, though Eisen was larger than it, it dragged him with no issue. “Come now, conscript.”“Stop!” Eisen tried to move his now four legs, yet they only pulled closer to himself. His belly fattened up before it spread up his neck and limbs. His cheeks puffed up, paws thickened, and belly jiggled with every sway. “Why am I SO FAT now?!”“Analyzing data,” Manasu-8 said, its eyes turning green, even as they came into a clearing, which contained nothing. But then it beeped, and countless hexagonal shapes flickered, its distortions clear, before disappearing. Within was a steel ship, painted blue and shined cold in the light. Its wings, feather-like, spread out at a hundred twenty-five feet, even as the vessel lay midair. Its tails, five in number, pointed back in a square with one at the center, its tips glowing red. A fox-like head stuck out on the front, its eyes closed, and a door opened when Manasu-8 approached with his conscript. “Hypothesis: Three factors, perhaps only one but likely all three, contribute to this development. One: the nanomachines use all the energy that it has been supplied with, and any unneeded energy will turn into adipose tissue on the recipient. Two: the data was flawed, with the nanomachine being programmed with and given excessive energy for the task. Three: By absorbing all the nanomachines meant for five humans, you are given more energy for the task at hand, and thus the excess energy the nanomachines were left with turned into fat.”“Stop it! Turn me back!”“I’m afraid that I cannot do that.” Yellow solid lights formed before them, much like stairs, and Manasu-8 stepped on them with Eisen in tow. The door closed behind them, and it dragged Eisen down a hallway with white walls and white light. Eisen continued changes, with a black triangular mark forming on his white muzzle with the whiskers. His hair, once smooth, became shaggy, and Eisen groaned a bit. “The nanomachines are programmed to transform you and maintain your form, even helping you in sickness and injury. Unfortunately, it is impossible to restore you without disabling them, which we cannot afford to do at this time.”The two went into the room where the ship’s ‘head’ would be, and Manasu-8 released Eisen. But, even as Eisen stood up and lumbered to the door, which shut when he approached, it went to the controls. He rubbed and scratched against the steel door, his mouth wide, even as he groaned, with lumps forming on his rear. They extended out, three in number, and became covered in thick brown fur. He stopped and stood before it, and when he turned back, three tails extended as long as his body, tipped in white. He blinked at the new tails, and he thought about moving them when they did on their own.“What am I?!” Eisen rubbed against his muzzle even as the ship shook a bit. Manasu-8 stepped away from the controls, its eyes turning white as it sat in front of him, only six inches shorter from the shoulders. Eisen grabbed Manasu-8 against the shoulders and tried to shake it, only to shake himself. “Answer me!”“You are in the form much like my creators,” Manasu-8 answered, tilting its head. “They called themselves Kitsune.”“Kitsune?” Eisen blinked, turning to his tails. “But that’s just a Japanese myth!”“This is not the first time I come to Earth,” Manasu-8 replied, ignoring Eisen’s gasp. “I, other robots, and even Kitsune have come here. Sometimes to observe, others to spread knowledge. Our records of Earth went back millennials when we discovered a species much like Kitsune in looks.”Eisen shook his head, stumbling as he walked since his belly rubbed against his stomach. “This must be a dream. Yes, just a dream.” Manasu-8 twitched its tails even as Eisen sucked in his lips. “There’s no way this is real. After all, what kind of universe is this if there are magical foxes in space? Especially since they look so much like foxes!”“I thought I confirmed it to you,” Manasu-8 said, and Eisen’s ears flattened back. “This is no dream. We came here first because Earth has foxes. We even took a few in for study. But they do not have the same brainpower as Kitsune. They even say that the universe was playing a practical joke for that. So we settled with you humans because you were nothing more than a consolation prize.”“No, no, no.” Eisen’s eyes widened at Manasu-8. “This is all a lie. Magic isn’t real!” Eisen flopped onto his belly, balance even as he pressed his paw pads against his face. “This is just a hallucination. That’s it!” Eisen pointed at Manasu-8, glaring. “Those ‘nanomachines’ are nothing more than some kind of gas! All planned by Chevis all along! He damaged the engine, forcing me to swallow my pride and walk home, even through the forest, where I met you, his creation!” He waddled over to Manasu-8, who stared back with glowing yellow eyes. “And you tricked me into thinking you were glitching out, getting me to open the trap door and exposing me with some hallucinate gas!”Manasu-8’s eyes dimmed. “I cannot compute your logic.”“But it makes perfect sense!” Eisen lunged at Manasu-8 and gripped its neck. “When I wake up, I’ll be in a forest. People, likely doctors, will find me, only to strap me into a jacket and stuff me into a room. Then, Chevis’s plan to replace me at work will be complete!”Eisen’s face turned red even as his eyes widened, and he exposed his teeth, with wrinkles around them. He tried to bulge or even squeeze Manasu-8, but it remained still. Finally, Manasu-8’s eyes turned green, turning its head up and down before grabbing Eisen’s front legs. Then, without any effort, it pulled Eisen off of him, tossing him onto his back.“I detect that your stress levels are high,” Manasu-8 said, and Eisen struggled to roll himself back onto his paws. “I suggest that you calm down. And it is time.” Its eyes turned yellow as it turned back to the controls, pressing some buttons and pulling some levers. “Engines are warmed up. Sensors cloaking particles activated. Visual cloak activated.”Eisen gulped, finally rolling back onto his belly, yet his back legs hung high. “What are you doing?”“Completing preparations.” Manasu-8 pressed a button. “Artificial gravity at full power.” It typed on the control panels. “Course is set for the Kitsune Federation, within the Kitsune Sector.”Eisen blinked, with his fur standing straight even as he pushed his front legs up, back on all fours with his belly rubbing against the floor. He opened his mouth, only for a jolt from the ship knocking him onto his side. He wiggled his legs; a whirling sound reverberated on the bridge. He sucked his lips once more, his tails tucked under his legs.“Oh, no.” Eisen’s voice was small. “This is real.”“Correct,” Manasu-8 said even as holographic screens turned on, showing either the outside or radar. “I am satisfied that you have not lost all reason.”“I am being taken by some kind of robot.” Eisen’s ears folded down to his shoulders even as he pushed himself back up. “And I have turned into a Kitsune.” His face then turned blue. “Take me back! I’ll do anything!”“I cannot do that,” Manasu-8 said, stepping back from the controls. “Your change, as I told you, is irreversible. Your nanomachines are programmed to keep you in that form.”“Then tell your creators or leaders that it was all an accident!” Eisen lumbered over to Manasu-8. “That I haven’t volunteered to do any experiments you were set out to do!”“Even so,” Manasu-8 turned away, its eyes turned blue, “the Kitsune need help. The Sobaka from the Inu Sector has been invading for some time. From your comprehension of time, for about a century. Few new Kitsunes are born, with most fighting a fruitless war, and though robots, such as I, are fighting on the front lines, resources are growing thinner. Not helped by the Sobaka consuming any resources they take their paws on.”Eisen shook his head. “I don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about. But if you want a fighter or a soldier, I’m not your guy! I’m a programmer! So put me in a computer or robotic or whatever department, and I’ll assist far better that way!”Manasu-8 tilted its head, its eyes turning yellow even as they dimmed. “I cannot make any promises. However, I can give you the background of this conflict if that is what you’re confused about.”Eisen slapped both hand-paws against his face, his belly splaying underneath him. “Not what I meant, but sure.”Manasu-8’s eyes brightened, turning blue. “To explain, the Sobaka is much like what you call canines or dogs. However, they are easily at least three times larger than your largest one.” Eisen gulped, sweat forming on his face. “Their empire consumed many resources to fuel their machines, and they invade planet after planet since their own supply was running thin. Though the Kitsune have technology that seemed like magic to you, such as our cloaking and holographic devices, we never faced a force that could overwhelm us with pure power until a century ago. Their ships have automatic targeted and firing systems for miles, which can even detect an attack and even block and counterattack in turn. For every one ship we managed to take down, we lost five at the best of times. So, the Kitsune sent me to your planet to see if the experimental nanomachines can transform your kind into Kitsune.”“And it worked.” Eisen set his hand-paws on his belly. “With some massive glitches. Can’t you at least get those nanomachines to burn away this fat faster?”“I am afraid I was not programmed to do that,” Manasu-8 replied, and Eisen screamed in horror.# # #A couple of days passed, with Eisen lying on a bed, his face pale and refusing to eat. Manasu-8 didn’t comment on it when checking him up, instead returning to the controls to make some adjustments each time. It explained to Eisen before that their ability to bypass the limits of light’s speed is done by hopping through what they called hyperspace. The engines could only jump into hyperspace, a dimension without time, space, or matter, for a few moments before returning to regular space. Yet, this simple technique allowed traveling across the galaxy, hopping from system to system.Yet, all Eisen could think about was back home. He betted that his hated rival Chevis had already taken his place at work, which caused him to clench his fist. Unfortunately, that prank or sabotage of his car worked, resulting in him being lost in space. His eyes narrowed even as he plotted a way to get revenge on him.Soon, the monitor within the room turned on, displaying a greenish planet, though with a sizable brown spot on it. When the door slid open, Eisen lifted his head at it, and Manasu-8 stepped in. He sighed, getting up from the bed even as Manasu-8 approached.“We will reach the designated planet within an hour,” Manasu-8 said, its yellow eyes bright. Then, they turned green, turning its head up and down at Eisen before they turned yellow once more. “It is best that you get ready.”“What do you mean?” Eisen asked, and before he received an answer, Manasu-8 reached up to him. It bit into his scruff, and his limbs went limp. He blinked even as Manasu-8 dragged him out of his room. “What are you doing?”“Making sure that you get ready,” Manasu-8 replied, dragging him down the hallway before tossing him into a room.Eisen rolled a bit, dazed before the door slid shut before he got up. He waddled over to it, scratching against the door before he heard a click. He blinked, turning around at the room and feeling grate underneath him before water sprayed on top of him.“What?”A thick foam poured out from the top, soaking his entire body. He wiggled before a series of scrubbers extended out from the walls and scratched against his body. He yipped, covered his mouth, and blushed as the scrubs rubbed his body from head to toe to tails. Then water sprayed once more, from all angles this time, washing off the foam and causing his shaggy hair to cover his eyes. Finally, air blew through the room, his fur fluffing up as he and the room dried up.Eisen pulled his hair back as the door slid open, Manasu-8 stepping in and grabbing his scruff once more, pulling him out. “This isn’t necessary, you know!”“I have concluded that it is,” Manasu-8 replied, pulling Eisen into another room with some kind of clothing. “You have been neglecting your health.”Eisen growled, flattening his ears back.# # #An hour passed, with the ship orbiting around the planet. Its antigravity systems, which ‘repelled’ itself through space, readjusted as it entered the planet’s gravity well. Soon, its wings extended out as it hovered above lush forests and fiends, even passing over farmlands. An occasional Kitsune looked up at the ship, sometimes shaking their heads while others beamed with pride.Soon, the ship stopped a few feet above a flat field, where a group of three Kitsunes waited. The ones with white furs with black underbellies, like twins if it weren’t for one having one more tail than the other, tapped against their hovering tablets. The centermost one, with green fur and a white torso and five tails, typed into his own, with a holographic keyboard projected underneath it. One of his tails twitched as he read the brief message, and he sighed, readjusting his pale green uniform and cap before putting the tablet to sleep. He shook his head, and the other two Kitsunes turned to him.“Got a report from Manasu-8,” the green-coated Kitsune said. “It said that the first human it approached misunderstood its intention, thinking it was a hoax, and opened the nanomachines compartment. So now, instead of five humans turned Kitsunes, we only have one.”“That isn’t good, General Hiroto,” the rightmost Kitsune said, shaking her head while her three tails puffed up.“Even so, this is proof that the nanomachines we programmed work, right?” the leftmost Kitsune to General Hiroto said, rubbing his chin while swaying his two tails. “We can send it to another mission with more nanomachines and even keep a stock of them if it wants to recruit more.”General Hiroto turned to the leftmost one, one of his ears flattened back when the ship’s door slid open. Manasu-8 came out, dragging a whimpering Eisen while the two Kitsune gasped. Eisen’s pale green shirt strained against his belly, with the buttons at the breaking point and the vest left open. Soon, it dropped him in front of General Hiroto, whose ears flattened back, and before Eisen could say anything, both white Kitsunes stepped forward and poked his belly.“This is most unusual,” the left one said, with Eisen blushing. “What do you think caused this, Nari?”“Likely extra mass from the change, Ji,” Nari replied, typing into her tablet. “After all, the matter needs to go somewhere.”“Oh, I haven’t thought of that,” Ji said, typing into his tablet. “With that in mind, the next batch will be most improved.”Eisen’s ears flattened back. “I didn’t ask for this.”“OK, son,” General Hiroto said, standing before Eisen. “What is your name?”“Eisen,” he replied, his ears flattened back to his shoulders.“Eisen. Strange name.” General Hiroto shrugged, and both white Kitsunes stepped back, stuffing their tablets into their coats. Manasu-8 stepped forward, removing a card from the back of its head and handing it over to him. “Glad that you freshened up and dressed. We have Sobaka invading this planet. It’s the last inner planet before they reach the capital planet. We need you on the front lines. Manasu-8, take him there.”“No! Wait!” Eisen said even as Manasu-8 bit into his scruff once more. “I’m a programmer, not a soldier!” Manasu-8 dragged him back to the ship; Eisen’s eyes widened more. “Take me anywhere but the battlefield!”The ship’s door shut, and, in a few minutes, the vessel vibrated a bit, with a blueish glow from each of its tails. Soon, it repelled itself forward, back into the sky even as its wings gave bluish waves. General Hiroto sighed, taking his hat off for a moment to wipe his brow before turning back to the other two, who had already pulled out their own tablets and typed into them, staring at each other.“What are you two doing?”“We’re making a bet,” Ji answered, not looking back. “About how long this Eisen will last.”# # #Eisen lay on the brown ground within the next hour, his hand-paws pressing against his helmet even as the unbuttoned sleeves clung against his front legs. His eyes were wide and shaking, with a laser rifle floating next to him even as Manasu-8 sat next to him. One of the several Kitsunes within the trench poked his massive belly, causing him to grunt.Ahead and above were a few massive ships, spherical in shape. Six dog-shaped heads were on the edge of each vessel, designed like a Belgian Tervuren, which glowed red. Eisen sighed and, swallowing, poked his head up from the trenches. Manasu-8 pulled him back down, and a second later, a red laser fired out from one of the heads, piercing through the dirt behind Eisen for several feet.“I have told you during the travel,” Manasu-8 said, its eyes red. “The Sobaka designed their ships so that their turrets fire upon anything they see for miles.”“Our new recruit isn’t very bright,” the one poking Eisen said, shaking his own head. “Maybe it was a mistake to recruit humans, even if they can turn into Kitsunes.”Eisen’s face turned red even as he took off his helmet. “I didn’t want to be here.”“You’ve been saying that for the past hour,” the other Kitsune said, smacking Eisen’s head. “Quit whining and help us!”Eisen sighed, putting his helmet back on while rubbing his chin. “OK. OK.” Eisen closed his eyes. “Anything that you know for certain about those ships?”“That they’re near impossible to stop,” the poking Kitsune said. “Their automatic turrets react quick and fire hard. Thick steels give away to them as though they were cloth, and even energy shields only last minutes before their powers get drained or overheated.”“What about speed?”“They move slow. As in, if that group there break up and meet up at the other end of the planet, it’ll take years kind of slow,” the smacking Kitsune said, who shook his head. “But those turrets react faster than our fastest ships, and they have several layers of armor. So, what is the need for speed when nothing last against them?”“And they can hit anything more miles, even detecting any incoming attack,” Eisen said, sweat forming on his brow.“Exactly,” the poking Kitsune said. “What is the point of asking these questions?”“I’m trying to think of a possible weak point,” Eisen admitted before he sighed and flopped his back against the trench’s wall, with one of the buttons popping off. “But, so far, I have nothing. If it was some glitch in a program, I would fix it, but I have no clue on the battlefield.”“Great.” The slapping Kitsune slammed his face against Eisen’s belly, causing it to jiggle and Eisen to blush more. “Just what we needed.” He pulled his head off and pressed a button on his collar. Soon, a tablet zoomed over to him and Eisen, floating before them while coming to life. “A programmer who has no clue on our technology and less of a clue on warfare.”Eisen’s face turned white. “I’m one of the best, if not the best, programmer in my world.” Then, without warning, he grabbed the tablet and typed into it. “Even if others contest it, especially Chevis, I know exactly what I’m doing with computers.”“Hey! Our technology is beyond you!” The slapping Kitsune shouted at Eisen, who ignored him even as he typed and opened stuff more. “And besides, that is—” He paused, blinking as the display showed the battlefield from above, with red dots all around, sometimes moving. “What did you just do?”“Given that those ships have an automatic targeting system, I figured that they have a kind of computer within each of them.” Eisen grabbed his floating rifle and poked it up from the trenches. At once, one of the red dots turned green, and a red laser pierced through it, slicing it in half and digging into the ground. “See?”“But-but how?!” The poking Kitsune said, his eyes wide even as Manasu-8 leaned over, its eyes green. “We’ve been trying to hack into their computers for decades! How can someone like you do something that is beyond you!?”Eisen’s expression darkened. “There is nothing beyond me.” He typed into the tablet some more. “Besides, even though you and those Sobaka use a different system from my world, they rely on logical patterns. All that is needed is finding the right pattern and exploiting it.”’“Huh,” the slapping Kitsune said even as Manasu-8’s eyes turned yellow. “That is impressive.”“Finally. Someone who appreciates my genius.” Eisen tapped into the tablet some more, his brown eyes shining. “And now, since those turrets rely on communications with the ship’s computers to run, if I do this—” He tapped on each ship before poking his head out once more. “And now the test.”Manasu-8 pulled Eisen back down, yet no response from the Sobaka’s ship came. Instead, Manasu-8’s eyes turned green even as the other Kitsunes blinked, with one poking her head out.“What did you do?” she asked.“I disconnect the turrets from each ship’s computers,” Eisen answered, showing the tablet to her and the others. “And then I set them on a loop. Those Sobaka will have to reset each system to get it back running once they find out.”“Giving us a chance to fight back,” the female Kitsune said, her muzzle forming a grin. “Brilliant!” She pressed her collar and said, “Everyone, the enemy’s ships’ weapon systems are disabled. Take them down!”She grabbed her hovering rifle and fired upon the Sobaka’s ships. One by one, with heavier firepower, more Kitsunes came out from their own trenches and fired up them. Finally, a few Kitsunes ships came in, firing plasma volleys at the Sobaka’s ships, with the turrets exploding off. Soon, more explosions came from each of those ships, bursting into flames as they crashed down, the ground shaking.# # #Eisen walked down a hallway, wearing a more fitting uniform, and had a proud grin while Manasu-8 led him. Though only a day passed from the battle, multiple Kitsunes cheered his name. The surviving Sobaka from the fallen ships surrendered and took in as prisoners, each demanding how their turrets were disabled, but they were asked questions instead.Soon, they entered a room where General Hiroto, Ji, and Nari stood behind a desk. General Hiroto nodded at Eisen, who grinned back, even as Ji and Nari glanced at each other and shifted a bit. General Hiroto gestured with one of his tails, and Nari pulled up a box, carved and printed as though it was running water. She opened it, revealing a metal, and General Hiroto pulled it out and wrapped it around Eisen’s thick neck.“For your ingenuity on the battlefield, we offer you one of our highest rewards,” General Hiroto said, and Eisen nodded. “It seems that we underestimated you human programmers.”“It’s no worries,” Eisen said, his teeth shining. “Most of my fellow coworkers underestimate my genius too.”“Indeed,” General Hiroto rubbed his chin, one of his hand-paws pressed against a card. “We’ll be sure to recruit more humans as soon as we figure out what caused your tubby form. In the meantime, we have another planet under attack by the Sobaka. We want you to deal with them just like you dealt with this invasion.”Eisen’s blinked, no longer grinning. “But-but sir, I told you! I’m a programmer who never wants to be in a war!” Manasu-8 bit into his scruff again and dragged him out. “I have a better use than being on the front lines!”The door slid shut behind Eisen and Manasu-8, and General Hiroto sighed, shaking his head. “What do you think of him?”Ji blinked before answering. “Not as stupid as I thought, but not as smart as he thinks.”General Hiroto nodded a bit, picking up the card once more. “Eisen mentioned someone called Chevis, who he seems to think created Manasu-8 before realizing otherwise. If Eisen thinks he could do something like that, we should recruit him for our science labs.”“Consider it done, general,” Nari said with a grin.
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Cliches - ''TF'' Stories
On Literature:
Most "TF" stories have a tendency to include the abbreviation "TF" somewhere in the title, in conjunction with what the transformee/victim is turning into.
Rarely will a TF story give much character development or expanded plot prior to the transformation.
Rarely will a transformation-themed story carry on beyond completion of the transformation.
In those that do (particularly short stories), the aftermath is typically brief in explanation, and often closed.
TF stories involving author-inserts are frequently derived from role-plays.
If present, TF stories tend to describe genitalia in:
deliberate 'kiddy' terms (i.e. manhood, woman-parts, member, etc); or
deliberate anatomical terms which seem out of place within the rest of the story.
This is especially common in transgender-themed TF stories.
On Settings:
The most common setting for a TF story is a generic non-descript locale.
if it is modern fantasy, it is usually Anytown, USA.
Transformations generally o
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Oooooohhhhhhhh.....~ Halloweeeeeeeeeen!
Yup, it's that time of year (at least in North America), time to celebrate all things creepy and spooky. What better month than October, where candy flows through the streets and you can wear your fursuit around and be normal for the night. Yup, I'm talking about the night of All-Hallows Eve. But This month holds perhaps one of the most interesting contests we have ever held.
The contest will be like any other on length, with a 2-3,000 word minimum and maximum length. Final day for submissions will be Friday, October 26th, just in time for our totally punctual judges to judge for the spookiest day of the year. The species list is unlimited, for the first time you will actually be able to do what ever you want (within reason of course). So open up Word to start writing, but Alt+Tab back over here for juuuuust for a brief moment.
Our wonderful members and writers all know our admins better. This is TFTales after all, the awesome club that always has one thing that will put your nose
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Hello TF people!
It's time to do some news. After all, last journal was like... nearly 2 years ago... o.o
Time flies by! And so, I'm sorry I didn't made one before today.


Let's start by the obvious!
Artist of the month thingy was a good idea at the start, but it quickly became difficult to find time for the contributors to vote for their favorite artist of the month and so, the idea was stopped.
We can, for sure, continue that, but it would be a little... "unfair" if I am the only one to choose. To you to tell me if it's okay or not to you!
However, if you have any other suggestion, please do share!

For the second part of this journal, it's about submissions!
DA recently changed the way the group galleries work and it became REALLY time consuming if someone submit in the wrong folder.
Before, I was nice, and could accept a mistake or two and changing the folder manually. It was only taking me two clicks.... now it's 5 with 3 pages to load!!! Reason being mostly that the edit bouton was replaced by a fav button, and the only place where the edit button is, is now in the settings pages of each folder.
Yes, it's annoying!
That's why I will no longer accept submissions in the wrong folders from now on. Mistakes happen, and I will notice you if you did one. However, it will be up to you to correct the mistake. No longer me.
I hope you understand. It may seems a little, but with 20-50 submissions a week, it can become really chaotic if everybody do the mistake :)

And that's all for today!
Be sure to comment or share anything you want to add to this journal. I read all the answers.

Thank for reading!
Oh my, the time passed so fast! We skipped two monthes, and I'm sorry about that. Exams are near here, and time is short, haha.
Anyway, our contributors voted, and this month, the featured artists are :

Illustrator : :iconmistressmissingno:

I don't really know what to say about MistressMissingno except maybe the fact that her gallery and TFs makes me feel a little vibe of these early horror movies with their transformations.. but... this time... with Pokemons.  The thing which is interesting with MistressMissingno, is how she made all the TFs happen around her character and this way, makes us think that there is certainly a reason, maybe a story behind all of that that will maybe one day, be revealed totally as some part of it seems to appear here and there on some of her TFs.
I can only suggest you to see her gallery to follow that!

Writer : :iconvinomath:

Vinomath is a big writer. And by that, I mean... look at all these deviations! The best thing is, they are mostly TFs, lucky you are! You like TFs with famous characters? Well that's even better, since Vinomath has a lot of story related to them. To help you, he sorted them via the type of TF : feral, anthro, TG etc... as well as a "Fan favorite" folder. You can bet his most popular stories are here.
So, if you like all of that, go check his gallery, you got a ton of text to read to occupy yourself, haha!
Sorry, we are a bit late this month, but you know what time it is!
Our contributors voted, and this month, the selected artists are :

Illustrator : :iconetsalar:

How to start with Nolhyaa... well, she is a talented artist, and by that I mean, she is REALLY talented. Only a look in her gallery will make that clear. She has something that the others don't have in the art of TFing and my little idea is that, she jsut always find the right percent between human and the aniaml or creature that make her TFs so impressive, enjoyable, like if you could actually feel the changes yourself. However, TFs aren't the only thing she is good at. If you are a fan of Transformice, you, for sure, gonna love her gallery too!
Go check her awesome gallery!

Writer : :iconclancy688:

Clancy is here from some time now, helping the group when I'm still not awake sometimes, haha. But he is also a awesome writer. If you know him, I pretty sure you already know about his awesome series : Trust Machines, where he TFed already a lot of people. I also think he knows how much people do love his TFs as he put his time to help you find THE TF you want by arranging his stories in useful folders! Animal, mythical, TG, strange, others, you will definitely find what you search and with the quality!
GO check his awesome stories!
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