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Contest entry: Eric Cyber by metalzaki Contest entry: Eric Cyber by metalzaki
My contest entry for :iconufalien: Hacker Contest.  Character Design Contest!So I've got a nice little collection of computer program characters, and a handful of friends who have some too. That's great and all, but you know what we need more of? HACKERS!
Hence this contest! It is very simple. Design an awesome hacker character with 1337 skills and enter it for the chance to win a prize! Rules are as follows:
-Must be an original character created for this contest, not an existing one, even if it's redesigned
-Cannot be a fan character - no Sonic-style hedgehogs or Shadowrunners or Mass Effect species or anything like that
-Must exist in "meatspace" - i.e., not looking for AI programs or malware characters
-Other than that, character can be any species you want, or even a robot if you feel like it
-Since I'd be inherently biased against females, being a total gay, I figure it's more fair if I require the entered characters to be male
-Character must be submitted as an illustr

I decided on using a old race of beings I made in my earlier art days know as the Cyber-Track Clan. There basically Night Elves but they like to tinker and upgrade any weapon or each other tenfold.

As for this character. This is Eric Cyber a Hacker and head of the Electrical Weapons department of Cyber-Track Foundery. His job is to oversee development and Spy on competitors tough hacking and such. His body is 43% robotic mostly his right arm two legs, wrist and pointer finger on the left hand, and his right ear. His pointer finger acts as a hacking tool well as uploading info on to his visor to see the data. and his right arm has a built in dual laser in the knuckles.

Personal info about Eric Cyber is he Gay tough he doesn't show the Stereotype of it.

Era-Cyber and art belong to :iconmetalzaki:
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April 26, 2017
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