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Neyrath illustration 2021 by Light262


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Neyrath illustration 2021 by Light262


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Emilio - VEP character.

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The year was 2404. A year where technology and humankind had advanced better than ever before. Flying cars were more common and normal, wars and natural disasters barely occurred, and a new type of metal was used for basically all parts of machinery that existed in this world. This metal was known as nanometal, a silvery like indestructible material. Basically, nothing could damage it. Bullets shot from guns, flame throwers, even bomb blasts are not enough to damage this metal. To put it simply, nothing can destroy it. It was used to construct new armors for soldiers in wars, and to help build advanced technology for the human race to use. Nanometal was truly mankind's greatest discovery, however, it would also be used to become it's greatest downfall... It was around nighttime in the city of Tokyo, where a woman sat at her desk in the inside of one of the city's biggest laboratories. She had long brown hair and blue eyes, whilst also wearing a lab coat and a black skirt. Her eyes

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ARCANE - Warframe Fan Concept


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