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Pygmy forest

Another one inspired by the idea of just running away from the modern world and all it's shite!
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Give him my workshop adress, I offer him my very best  "on mesure" neandertalian jewelry! 
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The trees were the highlight for me. They remind me of African Baobab's, which are one of my all time favourite tree types (how I wish I could see one for real)
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Thanks, they were inspired by the desert rose tree, which do look a bit like dwarf baobabs :)
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I had one of those :D I don't know why it died though - I planted it in a garden full of other cacti and succulent plants with the same needs which have all thrived, but I lost that one :saddummy:
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That's a shame, they seem like pretty cool little trees.
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Well done!I love it!!
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Very cool work!
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gorgeous work man, love your style :)
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Cool! I really like this one... and how the forest is hinted at in the haze. Nice!!
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Delightful colouring and texturing as always, love how yourve framed this overlapping the figure over the tree over the strongest light source. 
He seems grumpy but his life seems simplier than ours, perhaps wherever you are the grass always seems greener over yonder hill? 
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Thanks Gurch, I was thinking of making this into my next comic.
I was thinking about having this guy just turn his back on everything and just walk out, and slowly his life becomes more and more primitive the further he goes into the wilderness :)
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DO it buddy!!
If it was mine ...i would have him roaming neath purple skies and over blue hills enthusing about the greatness of free life. Up ahead he spies the wartgothha , to grasp it by the horn and to withstand its noise until you make it bend to your will is the test of true character!
He grabs it tightly by the horn, and punches it nose , its make a terrible loud long sound, he holds tighter and repeatadly punches ..again and again..

The comic frame now shows his white knuckles so tight is his grasp...but wait..its not horns he holds ..but a sterring wheel...its not a nose he punches but the horn....its no wartgothha ,  its a chevy....the comic book frame pulls back and show no open plains but traffic, grid locked....
Our daydreamer is on his way to his desk job selling boring and useless warranties for boring and useless household goods. 
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That is awesome :)
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All yours if you want it...even down to the movie rights ... cept  for the condition that i get the main role :) 
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Sadly I've already written a lot of it and it's turning into a whole big thing!
But if I lose enthusiasm for the project I can always fall back on your idea! :)
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Cool stuff! Best of luck and DO NOT lose that enthusiasm! :) 
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