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Black Jack Cosplay by MetalshadowN64 Black Jack Cosplay :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 1 0
A Final Tale Chapters 23-26
Chapter 23: The Duel
The two warriors exited the castle and walked out towards the garden in front. "This is it." Link said with a sigh.
"Nervous?" Slone asked jokingly. Link shook his head as he took a few steps back away from Slone, drawing his sword as the King did the same.
"Nah, I'm excited actually." He responded as he positioned himself into a ready position. Slone smiled as well as he raised his sword. It took a minute for Link to realize what he was suggesting; when he did he raised his own sword and the two warriors clanged the swords together, not in a form of attack but as a symbol of their bond as warriors and the signal of the clash of their swords and their souls that would soon ensue. The two warriors lowered their swords and stood there in battle ready positions, suspense building within them, every fiber of their beings were awaiting for the other to make the first move. It seemed like forever just to wait but there was no rush, there was no crowd to interfere with th
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A Final Tale Chapters 19-22
Chapter 19: Home has Changed
"Wow…" the three Terminians uttered in unison as they gazed at the open, lush green Hyrule field as the two carriages slowly made their way towards the Castle Town. Link also gazed at the passing scenery in wonder, but not the same wonder as his family. No, he was surprised on how much Hyrule Field had changed. It looked almost nothing like what he remembered about 25 years ago, but the field still had that scent that Link somehow never forgot within his sinuses. It seemed similar to Termina's as he had expected several weeks ago, and even more did it make him actually miss Termina even more… but for some reason he was happy to be back in Hyrule even though he didn't understand why. He didn't want to come back here within the remainder of his life-time and as much he relented the idea of coming back to fulfill this personal mission he was happy to be… could he even dare to say the four letter word? Home.
He looked around at the field as
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A Final Tale Chapters 13-18
Chapter 13: A Queen is still Human
"Is Raldo okay after what happened yesterday?" Zelda asked Romani as the Queen handed a plate with scrambled eggs on it to Romani. She took the plate and then nodded and smiled in thanks.
"Yeah, he's a more or less okay now, but he's still shaken up some." She said as she sampled the eggs.
"Well, that's good." Zelda commented as she took a seat on the bench in the lobby of the Stock Pot Inn. It was early in the morning and no one else was yet up. The only reason Romani was up was to check on her son; Zelda was up by chance to watch the sunrise from the Inn's roof. "I'm not surprised really; Raldo is strong willed for his age." The Queen complimented and Romani smiled it.
"I know; he's very strong; much like Link was at his age… just with more of my anger issues rather than his father's rationality; Marin inherited that trait."
"Your anger issues? You don't seem like the type to have them…"
"Oh, I do; I've just learned to deal with them v
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A Final Tale Chapters 7-12
Author's Note: There will be a bit of singing in this chapter. Now I am no musician, so I didn't actually come up an actual melody. These are my own alternate lyrics to the song "Suicide is Painless" that was from the TV show; M*A*S*H. Here's a link to an instrumental so you can follow my lyrics: watch?v=H9bYnzs7Zaw Also; my lyrics are more hopeful as you will see. I have always enjoyed the song, but I do not support the idea of killing one's self. I personally don't see a reason for it. I won't drag on the subject in this Author's Note or in any other. I will just offer this question to those whom maybe reading and ARE contemplating suicide: What do you really gain from Suicide? If you die, you'll never accomplish your dreams if you're dead. When you are dead, you're dead. There is no second round at this life. Consider that next time you plan to kill yourself, because suicide is just a form of selfishness; nothing more.
Chapter 7: The Daughter's Talent
As they had planned, when they
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A Final Tale Chapters 1-6
Chapter 1: The Hero of Time
Hyrulian calendar: Summer of 414 A.H.
"In the land of Hyrule, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy. A boy who after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that made him a legend. Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a secret and personal journey. A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend. A friend whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends.
But when his journey came to a close, and he had given up on his friends, he found new ones. These friends always loyal, always trust worthy, and that would never, ever leave him alone again."
Link paused and leaned close to his children – Raldo who was 6, and Marin a toddler of 4 years old. "And that is the legend of the Hero of Time, kids." He finished with a smile, now awaiting the questions that would soon follow, as they have always done.
"What happened
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Okabe Rintaro Cosplay (need new pic) by MetalshadowN64 Okabe Rintaro Cosplay (need new pic) :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 1 0
Loneliness's Foe
Is this rational thinking or madness? Is this a dream or reality, and if it's a dream is it a nightmare? Is this desperation or obsession? Is this a crush or is it love? Right now I can't tell or make sure of anything. Everything seems so blurry and nothing seems to be getting clear. The world feels fake, false and dream like, but I can't wake up or find a meaning to this. My heart is racing faster than a formula race car on the fastest track in the world. My train of thought is now a bullet train that has its brakes broken and on a loop; my brain aches from the speed of it all. My body pulses hard and loud from the beating within my chest and I'm overly conscious of it. My thoughts go to recent days and weeks and I try to find a meaning or an answer; hell a hint would suffice! I reach out a hand asking for aid or a soul to talk to, to let this all out.
These words hit deep but they don't go far enough to sooth. A mortal human must reach my heart and calm it for it is out of the pathet
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Gin Costume (Finished) by MetalshadowN64 Gin Costume (Finished) :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 1 13 NEW Laptop Desktop by MetalshadowN64 NEW Laptop Desktop :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 0 0 Paint it Black by MetalshadowN64 Paint it Black :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 8 3 My Gin Costume 2 (Unfinished) by MetalshadowN64 My Gin Costume 2 (Unfinished) :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 1 5 My Gin Costume (unfinished) by MetalshadowN64 My Gin Costume (unfinished) :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 2 11
Give A Reason (Whole Story)
Chapter 1: A Dream?
Hyrulian Calender: 401 A.H.
"You call yourself a hero? You're nothing but a small child!" a male adult voice screamed at the Young Hero.
"I am a hero! I saved the world-" the boy began.
"Silence! You did not save the world on your own! Do you not forget who aided you?"
"But I can control you!"
"You only think you control me! My power is beyond your comprehension and strength!" the entity screamed as it raised its massive sword that was double or triple the boy's height and brought it down; ripping through the boy. The boy screamed in defiance, but the being continued regardless. The boy tried to reach for his sword and shield but neither was on his back, he then tried to move to avoid the onslaught of pain, but he found himself bound by some unknown means. The being continued his battle cries as he continued slashing at the boy, constantly ripping the boy into halves, only to be reconstructed. The young hero screamed on without end.
Link awoke screaming, sweat dripp
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Egg-face by MetalshadowN64 Egg-face :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 1 0 Conan And Jimmy by MetalshadowN64 Conan And Jimmy :iconmetalshadown64:MetalshadowN64 11 6

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Hey long time no see. Me and some online friends from a site called MaiOtaku have decided we got tired of how poorly run the site was and how overwhelming the drama was there. Seriously; I was getting hack threats, death threats, ect. Fucked up shit.

So we made our own forum called Blargaria.

Well our forum is now a little over 2 weeks old and we're thriving pretty damn well right now!
We are currently at 7,310 posts
62 registered users
the most we've had online at the same time was 38
We have a working chatbox on our the site.
A music player with currently 92 songs from various anime, tv shows, movies and such.
A ranking system to show how active one is on the site
A reputation system that the people decide on to who to deem good peeps and ignorant trolls
and now we got set rules for the site!

We also bought our own domain and we were able to get the ads removed for all members!

We are mostly thriving off word of mouth. We tell our friends, they tell theirs and so on.
So here's again my attempt to spread the word.
It's Blargaria and we are a geek forum. We specialize in all forms of geekish things.
Anime, Manga, Video Games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Comics, Cartoons, ect.
Please come, join, have fun and tell your friends and spread the word of our awesomness!

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Bryan J. Sheehan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
First off I’m obviously MetalshadowN64 (call me Bryan, KiNG, or Metal if you wish) I’m 22 (23 in a few months from the time this is being written) and honestly I sorta want to be a writer, but I’m a bit lazy in the department so I’m still sorta figuring where my talents lay at this point. I often fall off the face of the planet with updates on anywhere since I mostly just ride on my moods. If I’m in a writing mood I’ll likely post a few chapters of something (currently my Zelda fanfic series, but its almost over now…), but usually I’m just doing my own thing and I only really make an appearance on the net when I see a need to.

I’m pretty big into games, but I’m also a big anime/manga geek. I’m not gonna really bother listing all the games and animes I like since it’s a good sized list and it’s something I’d need to pointlessly update later. So basically the only major favorite games I have are LoZ: Majora’s Mask, Megaman Legends, Doom 3, Battlezone (1998), Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Tales of Vesperia, and Skies of Arcadia. Animes are as follows: Steins;Gate, Eden of the East, FMA: Brotherhood, Case Closed, Ghibli movies, and various others. I don’t watch much “regular” TV anymore but I’ve been a Star Trek fanatic since I could walk, and I like M*A*S*H a lot. Favorite movies are as follows: Back To The Future trilogy, all Star Trek movies, and Castle in the Sky.

My Favorite books are “The Killer’s Cousin”, “And Then There Were None”, “Doom 3: Worlds on Fire”, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, Sherlock Holmes stories, and “Metal Gear Solid” (yes; the book adaption)

I can be pretty opinionated, but I always try to keep an open mind to anything. I tend to swear on occasion (I used to do it a lot more, I think) and this is reflected in my stories. I don’t drop F-bombs everywhere, just in parts I feel that could use it (usually in times of anger and such). I consider myself agnostic with a touch of fatalist (belief in fate/destiny) mixed in.

In terms of my writing style I notice I don’t write that much action and I tend to focus on drama and very little fantasy - so no characters who can go “OVER 9000!” at any given moment from me. Lately I’ve been writing shorter stories since I lack the patience and concentration to do long stories. I like to focus on family – especially relationships between fathers and their sons. But I also like to dabble in some romance and tragedy.

Like some fan-fiction writers I do have some original story ideas floating around in my head but nothing really worth mentioning atm. I am primarily sticking to game fan-fictions, but I am expanding my range to animes.

My stories that are currently in-progress at this time are:

“Final Memories” – this will be the final entry in my Zelda fan-fic series. The first chapter is the only one posted till the story is completed and looked over. It will be short though. I will admit right now I think I was partially inspired by Assassin’s Creed: Revelations with this one. There will be NO action in this story; it will be a drama focusing on family from start to end… the bitter sweet end that I hope you will enjoy when it is completed. Interesting note that all the chapter titles will be names of songs.

“The Unwalked Path” – This DBZ story is pretty much the telling of Goku’s life if he was raised on Planet Vegeta instead of Earth. As it is told to Goku by Kakarot (I may do a Goku VS Kakarot fight at the end) It will mostly cover the Bardock movie, some aspects of young Kakarot’s life and the Frieza saga. I don’t know if this will exactly fit everyone’s bill due to how I intend to have Kakarot’s character… let’s say he’ll be an idealist and leave it at that for now. I have most of the story for this set in my mind so it hopefully shouldn’t take very long to complete – 6 months to a year considering the rate I’m writing this and my usual speed.

“Doom: Heroes Rise” – I’ve been writing and rewriting this story (very slowly I may add) since High School (that was over 4 years ago). Its currently on hiatus till the Zelda story is done and when I have enough interest to work on it. It will not be dumped though. It will be done. Oh there is a few chapters here already, but most of what’s already done is only on my site. When I do get back to it I will be going over it and fixing it up.

“Megaman Legends” – a novelization of the game simply. Its on a strictly “work on it when I feel like it” basis. I consider this in the back of my priorities so it doesn’t get updated very much.

“Drifters” – an original story made by a friend. Me and another friend plan to help out in starting this story back up from scratch whenever we get a chance to sit down and talk about it. I’m not sure what’s the plan regarding where it’s gonna be posted though.

Completed works:

3 original short stories – these are only on my site and DA. I wrote them in High School, most of them are set in WWII (I’m a history buff you see). Nothing to really write home about.

“Give a Reason” – did this almost within one day when I took a break from “A Final Tale” at the time. Its short, very little drama and action. You can read it here, on my site, and DA. Its set after Majora’s Mask but before “I Reach Out a Hand”, “A Final Tale”, and the to-be-completed “Final Memories”. So if you’re gonna be reading my Zelda stuff start from here.

“I Reach Out a Hand” – I finished this recently. This is set in-between GAR and AFT. It’s also shortish (mostly caused I rushed the ending) but it is longer than GAR. So read this second.

“A Final Tale” – my first major story that I have ever finished. I like to think this is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of my Zelda fanfic series. (I need to come up with some type of name for it I swear). This is the second-to-last entry for my little series. Ironic since it was the story that started this whole series. “Final Memories” will be following this.

Planned for the Future:

“I Have Learned” – this will be a crossover story between the animes “Steins;Gate” and “Eden of the East”. I only have prototype ideas at this point for the plot which will be basically; that on a timeline in which Taki failed at stopping the deaths of thousands on Careless Monday, he later by chance meets Okabe and co, learns of their text-based time machine and tries to convince Okabe to let him send a text back to himself to prevent the deaths. The title of the story is also WIP actually, its from the song “I Have Learned” by Barenaked Ladies which I happened to use for a mediocre Steins;Gate AMV some time ago. If I ever do this idea is still up in the air.

“Stronger Than Me” – Its an original story idea that is based on a dream I had. Basic plot idea is that a young man encounters an older man that claims to be him that has traveled back in time. The older man wants to help his younger self avoid a fate so terrible. Title is WIP, taken from the song “Stronger Than Me” by the band Hardline.


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