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Just wanted to mention that a couple of my pieces have been featured in groups.

Firstly, my cover for Martian Manhunter: Strange Visitor for Pendant Audio is featured over at martianmanhunterfc.deviantart.… *Sorry for posting about this one late, guys.*

And, my Billy Mays icon is featured over here billy-mays-forever.deviantart.…

Yay for features!
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So, are you TOTALLY AWESOME but the community at large in dA won't recognize?

The first 15 people to leave a comment here will get featured 3 pieces of work to the whole 5 people that actively visit my dA page.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! *You* will have to feature a 15 person list yourself with me occupying your number 1 slot. So, jump on it and leave a comment!

Now, if only I was cool enough to know how to put people's icons up instead of their name. :/ *edit, I figured that part out*

1. :iconblackbeardpirate: -,, and for good measure, THIS -














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Yeah, that's right. The first time any of you've heard from me in forever and I make a Pearl Jam reference.


Anyhow, I was looking through my stuff (both on dA, and what I haven't posted) and realized again how much I *suck* at drawing women. It's miserable. "How miserable?", you ask. Well if looking through what I have here doesn't convince you, then I don't know what will. Go ahead. Look around. If you don't shudder, then you're a better person than I.

The point I'm trying to make is that I will be looking at tutorials (preferably non-manga) and practicing my ass off to make a halfway decent looking female. Then, after that, I'll probably Powerslack and practice more afterwards. Along with the tutorials, I'll probably fave and follow more women drawings/photos (nude and non) to help me along. So don't go around thinking I'm a perv or something. ;)

I just need to get more motivated in general to draw more.

I'll be taking some extended time off from drawing for Pendant (for reasons not related to Pendant), so that should give me time to practice.

Anyway, enough about me. How are *you*?
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I, along with the other artists contributing to Pendant Productions, have started a new blog which can be found at

While I will still be posting my cover art and show descriptions here, you can visit The Art of Pendant blog where you'll find commentary by myself and the other artists  whom contribute to Pendant.
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I just added some more school projects, a drawing, and some manips I did when I was bored.
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I updated my page with a shit-ton of projects I've been doing for school. So, check out my gallery and enjoy.
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That's all that really needs to be said, so, GO SEE IT!!!
You may remember me from such films as "No, Johnny. That's not where it goes" and "Cyndi Mendell Must Die"

Anyway, I just joined dA and will post more work when I get the time. Meanwhile, enjoy the one drawing I already posted.
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