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The Line Issue 10

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It's been a while since I've drawn anything, let alone try to draw a woman. It's good to be back in the swing of things. I'll be trading off with Daniel Chon (whom I'm not worthy of being in the same sentence with, let alone the same project) on doing covers for this show. The Line is on a one month hiatus and is only 10 episodes long, so listen to it (18 and up, please) if you aren't offended by frank views of religion.

Counting what you see here, I went through 4 different versions of Steph Davies (the female character you see here) either because I wasn't satisfied with how she looked, or I effed up the inking process. This was so down to the wire that I didn't put the extra details on the feathers or add proper shading to the pic at all.

I will return with Season 2, episode 2 May.



The Line, Arc 1 - "Living on a Prayer"
Episode 10 - "Revenio, Part II"

Hundreds of lives hang in the balance as Steph confronts a crazed angel!

"The Line" is a full-cast, fantasy maxi-series serial drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

iTunes link:

Podcast feed:

Download link:

Featuring the voice talents of:

Tanja Milojevic as Stephanie Davies
Kristen Bays as Dee Lathang
Kathryn Pryde as Kitty Shadow
Christopher Stadther as Thomas Davies
Xander Mobus as Joe Holt
M sieiro Garcia as Sahi
Chris Hackney as Lance Gaengeevn
Perry Whittle as Theo
Richard Casto as Jean-Pierre Calice
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the Figure in Black
Michael Bergonzi as David Anastas
Julia Linthicum as Dawn Hall
and M Sieiro Garcia as Verity Patricks

Written by Chris Brittain and M Sieiro Garcia
Directed by Chris Brittain
Edited by Bernadette M. Groves

Opening Theme, “The Hunt”, composed by Kai Hartwig of
Additional Music from as follows:
Music Box Mandy
Additional Music from Josh Woodward at as follows:
Motionless Land from Ashes
Additional Music from Kai Hartwig of as follows:
Medium Track Six
Medium Track Thirteen
Sonia's Theme
Christmas 2009 Track Two
Additional Music from Kevin McLeod at as follows:
Long Note One
Blue Feather
Additional Music from Zero Project at as follows:
Epilogue from Earth

Cover Art by Carl Glassmeyer
"The Line" created by Chris Brittain
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges


Thanks for listening!
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This isn't really a good critique, but I think you should do more black and white stuff. I think it shows off your strengths better, and plus this just looks cool.