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No, it's the tomato demon
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That works better.
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Everybody likes cacodemons. >:3
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this is awesome! did you also did the model? i remember seeing one that wa really nice and looked like this one
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I heart you for this.
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Dont mess with the Cacodemon, or else you'll get the horns, or probably get your torso bit off... or get blasted!
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Or all of the above! XD
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"We got Cacoes! Where the heck is my rocket launcher!?"
Respect!Srcacodemon eat plasmacud:)5/5
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Best monster IMO other than the Cyberdemon.

Classic death sound. blu-blu-blu-blu-bluh.
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In fak, da Cacodeeman def crai radur sawndz liek a deemunik but chaildush chukel. lissun 2 it inna DooM Sawndbourd, yall noe wut im tawkin abawt.
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Cacodemons are absolutely the best enemies to exist in any game.
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Ah happy days! Particularly like the one in the distance.
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one of my favorite cacodemon fan arts.
the cacodemon is my fave doom monster.
I love your pinkydemon as well
check out my cacodemon if you like.
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Crazyamazing!!! Yay cacomemon! :boogie:
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Damn, this turned out to be one popular turd nugget. Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate them.(too lazy to reply to each and every one)
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Pretty good, keep it up!
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Haha, awesome. The cacodemon was always my favourite monster on Doom. I'm glad to see you do them proud in this!
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Man, I love and fear Cacodemons. This picture is awesome! :peace:
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These guys have tasted my fist.
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