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Published: November 25, 2016
hello my lovely friends! it's time to make wishes! :star:

so i've been thinking on this for a while, and i've decided to open the :star:Wishlist:star:! it's not for me though, it's for you!
like any artist out there, i've been asked for requests more times than i can count; and while i can't fulfill everyone's requests all the time, i CAN open the floor to all of you to leave your wishes or suggestions here! this will be my official request thread, open for posting anytime (much like my art trades journal).

-->IMPORTANT! - posting here does not GUARANTEE art! just like my trades journal, posting here expresses an interest, and is not a binding contract. please do not post here and then proceed to ask me when your request will be done (doing this will only ensure your request will never be done)


:star:How will this work?:star:

  • to make a wish, post in this journal with a reference picture(s) to whatever you would like to see me draw! canon characters are welcome too (refs not necessary if i've already drawn them lol)
  • feel free to describe pose, outfit, expression ideas as well
  • you may post as many wishes as you want, within reason (don't spam this journal pls). if you have multiple characters/requests, it's best to condense them into one post if you can, but you can always make another post later if you think of something else
  • i will pick from these whenever i am feeling up to it and see something i wanna draw
  • common sense but--please be kind. do not be rude, demanding, nitpicky, etc. that's a one-way ticket to the blacklist


oh! another thing - the art types will be RANDOM! most of them will likely be sketches, but some may have color, maybe some slight shading, or i may like one enough to do a fully shaded piece! (this will be very rare, but it is possible)
why am i doing it like this? mostly because it takes rigid expectation out of the mix and lets me experiment with styles :)

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask <3

Best wishes! :heart:

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NiiGHTBURNProfessional Digital Artist
.V i N C E N T.- 2 0 1 9 . R E F by NiiGHTBURN
Figured I may as well since my birthday is next month ;v;
Thought he’d be a good fit since he’s more feminine vhxurugoh

ty for the opportunity!!! This is very nice of you to do, regardless of how many you do 💕
bless!! Happy holidays!
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Techno-UniversalHobbyist Digital Artist
Well possibly a challenge could be if you drew my OC Techno as an anthro pony/horse! So even a superhero outfit that involves a high legged swimsuit as a part of it could be a good idea plus even another idea could be if you drew Techno in a tribal loincloth outfit with a massive cape and she could be possibly regally holding up a wooden flagpole with a large and long triangular flag tied to! So it could possibly be windy in the image to while Techno could be regally looking up at the flag and even including one of your female anthro OCs in the image with Techno could be an option to! :)
5b719a16-3708-4cc7-ad95-4822628c13b8 by Techno-Universal  
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BeezieBeanHobbyist Digital Artist
Might as well try my luck! Do anything you see fit with her, if you please~
Beezie the Artist by Norppa-Craze
Only rule, no pants!
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CrimsonTaggerHobbyist Digital Artist
Since I wanna commission you when you got comms open again for at least 1 of these 3
I might as well throw them in here for a chance of getting one free ;P

I’d like to wish for a pic of anyone of these three
Ref Wip W Txt by CrimsonTagger
Netti Ref Wip by CrimsonTagger
Dog By Melonstellar-db8k2l2 by CrimsonTagger
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zoultanioussHobbyist Digital Artist
Donryss  by zoultaniouss

Dallas  by zoultaniouss

Ailster by zoultaniouss

Worth a try,any one of these boys here would 
be great to see in your style and would be my wish  
however you would wanna draw them is fine because I would love it anyways!
they are all demon hunters and the first one is named Donryiss he is good but  self kept and not to friendly 
the one after is Dallas he is much more friendly and open and trys to get along wirh everyone 
after him is Ailster....he is a confident,  mature type who likes justice and courage 
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GenisayHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll give it a try.
I think these ladies would look very lovely in your style:

Refined and calm, tall and slender, mild of word, but strong of will, a healer in the port town of Merona. Species if Frilled Lizard.

       Jacket Layer by Genisay Comm   Genisay By Papercutvii-d7ekuop by Genisay

Tiny and Fiesty, bold and talented, the leader of the Sand Sanctuary Guardians inspired by the Egyptian gods Anubis and Set. Species is Jackel.
ToM: Da'nubi by Genisay Melody of the Sands by Genisay

Sweet and cheerful, smart and brave. The healer and a respected figure amidst an isolate island people. Pay attention to the overly large ears and longer than normal tail
.:Malka Bluu:. ::COM:: by BunnyVirus Special Offer-On the Hunt by Fly-Sky-High

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mihodragxnHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much! here's the reference sheet of my first character i i wish for you to draw:
  Collieee by mihodragxn  

you can draw in literally any pose you want (preferably a sassy/naughty(?) like one), i don't mind uwu.
here's the second one;

Untitled72 by mihodragxn  
any flirty/attractive pose is fine ^w^
and now here's my last wish character!!
Untitled69 by mihodragxn  
any elegant pose is perfect for her ùwú
thank you for your time! ♡
(oh yeah, and sorry if the comment "formatting" is a bit odd, i don't use features like this often)
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dragonheart07Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm..I have an updated idea here you can try with some of your characters. Could you do a group pic of my fursona Louie with your character Zarubi(both of them as merfolks) with her teasing/having fun with my fursona. You can use these pics  Com: Fish pond Pride by MetalPandora   MerMay Month Commission - Merfolk Louie by dragonheart07  . That could be my wishlist there. ^^ :) If it is inked or sketched, I'm okay with it. :D
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DeadDog2007Hobbyist Digital Artist

Mature Content


Mature Content

Madam Marsupial Breast Cancer by DeadDog2007
My Wishlist is very short, all I want is my OC Madam Marsupial as a sonic/anthro type marsupial in a similar pose like this sharky by MetalPandora tail can be whipping in front of her nips as to hide them if you prefer doing non naughty bits or in this type of pose Com: Chill Zar by MetalPandora with her tail curled like a spring to make it look like she's resting on it.   If it's ok, I would love it inked so I could color and make a comic book cover out of it, but only if you want to and if you don't mind inking it.... if your sketches are tight pencils i can even try to ink it if you don't want to. Thanks in advance wether you draw her or not... I appreciate you ever wanting to do us guys a wishlist option!
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GG-The-ArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
i wounder if you can draw non sonic stuff- 

maybe some of my fanchilds ( you can pick witch one im just going to link some here

i really do wounder what they would look in your style ;3;

Candy Pop by GG-The-Artist another fanchildd by GG-The-Artist Another Fanchild by GG-The-Artist
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TreeofLife911Student Digital Artist
Maybe I can suggest this character: Minerva FlashSpark *Reference Sheet* 

Only with transparent background.

Oops, and I posted a journal:  Wishlist Requests! (Not Mine)

You should check this out!
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As many as I want?
I only really have two wishes. Maybe three.

First wish:
AT: Ethereal Waltz by MetalPandora
A standalone drawing of Amy in this beautiful dress.
Preferrably with one hand on her hip and the other on her breast.

Second wish:
Sonic Flutterbunny By Immissm-dcjrlem by Flutterbunny76 Daw9bxk-6f108294-178c-42bb-af53-a534cb4fc7c6-1 by Flutterbunny76
I would love to see Astrid in your style.
I do want some slight tweaks to her design. Mainly her shoes being more pointed, her hair being longer, and her turban being bigger, kinda like this one:
  DQIX Mage Female by Flutterbunny76

My third and final wish:
A gift for Crovirus on DeviantArt/FurAffinity…
His beautiful Gardevoir, Ellena, drawn in your style, curtseying.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope you have fun drawing everyone's wishes.
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AzurellyHobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds interesting!
As you wish I could suggest this lovely character of mine

OC fan art - White Mage by Azurelly Healing Magic by Azurelly

It's simple, I let you the freedom to decide if you want to draw her in human or Anthro form.
About posing ... hmm, when she's casting a spell it can be anything from a normal pose till a little dance. I let the freedom to you :)
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blissfulangel1994Hobbyist General Artist
 I always been the shy type but can't harm to try, So I will leave some references.

.. ...~Insect Buddies...~Shannon and Yulia by blissfulangel1994 These two are best friends and live in the same kingdom. Yulia is a headstrong and gentle soul while her companion Shannon is confident with a heart of gold. A possible scene could be getting flowers from their favourite floral shop or any activity friends would do together. Just a little rough idea
Gift:Starry Sky by blissfulangel1994 My friend :iconcoffea-tea: is such a lovely person. I drawn her characters in the past and I thought I would request her character Emma :aww: this is one of the first pictures I did for her but gives you a rough reference of Emma.]

97. Dakota by blissfulangel1994 Here's another simple ref picture. This is Dakota, I would imagine her as a toy maker so maybe something centred round that. I would also imagine her personality to be playful, cheerful and creative.

99. Aurora by blissfulangel1994 And lastly I thought I share a reference of Aurora. She is the eldest daughter to one of my oldest couple (Dating back 2003-2004 at most) She's one of royal blood and does her best at being her people's princess. She is sweet, energetic, brave and a little naïve due to her young age.

Anyways, thought I give it a try :aww:
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Official-StargazerHobbyist Digital Artist
It would be an honour to see Eclipse or Stargazer in your style ;o; :heart:
Thank you for the lovely opportunity! <3

Comm: Eclipse Unicorn by Mistyvns
Eclipse is shy, very nervous and unsure of herself. Fearful of loud noises.

COM: ~OfficialStargazer~ by CNWgraphis
Stargazer is confident, equipped with ice powers. Freezes water and uses ice ramps to skate :D
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KenotheWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Almost feeling bad for doing this ^^'

Keno the Wolf [Reference 2018] by KenotheWolf Keno Revamp [2018 Design] by KenotheWolf
Aylon quick REF [Late 2017] by KenotheWolf Aylon the Wolf :2018: by KenotheWolf

Thank you so much for the opportunity!  Hug 
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Mazzz94Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I'm gonna try my luck again. Why not?

My concept I got in mind for quite a while now is your character: Asha doing jogging in company of my character: Kate.… I also love to see your interpretation of something/someone/scene, so I'm not going to describe this scene with much more details

Also, as a second option I got is more of an open question, because I wonder how would you illustrate this: How would you imagine the first meeting between my character: Terra… and some of your characters?
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SacredFennekinHobbyist Traditional Artist
How About This Dragew Queen Remake by SacredFennekin   
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VictoryRinaHobbyist Digital Artist
It would be nice if my chars inspire you ^^Nice idea you have here! Here they are, check them out :3

1. Rina the Tiger Rina the Tiger Reference by VictoryRina  She's very tough and NEVER SMILES >:C Really phlegmatic, inside her thoughts. Sexy and dangerous tigress :3

2. Dendaar the Vampire  X D575e924 Copy by VictoryRina  He's fall in love with Rina, but #foreverfriendzone. He always protects her, but she never replies to his feelings. Though seems ok for him.

3. Nandess the Jellyfish  Ref: Nandess the Jellyfish by VictoryRina  The main villain of Rina in my AU, loves everyone (males/females) and loves to kill everyone >3 Very cunning, birtchy, sometimes silly.
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DJ-DuskieHobbyist Digital Artist
You've pretty much drawn all OCs I can think of... so here's a bit of a unique request!
If y'ever feel like it, I wanna see you draw Kaguya Houraisan from the Touhou Project Series (Touhou 8: Imperishable Night in particular)! I just... wanna see her in your style honestly… (Link to official artwork of her in IN)
(Also don't worry the items around her aren't usually there it's pretty much window dressing PFF)
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Just to going discarding options, how complicated would be this character to draw?
Deathlinkz the dark lord by FrxPlanner   Deathlinkz by FrxPlanner
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xLunarSurgexHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I'll throw in a wish.

I'd wish for Luna with either her normal attire or her cupcake dress.

Normal Outfit: Luna Reference Sheet by xLunarSurgex

Cupcake Dress: Lineless Luna Dress by xLunarSurgex
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MangaFox156Student Digital Artist
Well, I'll give it a shot! Here's my Red Velvet cake fox, Rena~ I'm thinking she could be in a battle pose, like she's swinging her sword.
Cake Characters: Red Velvet by MangaFox156
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Hi there.  I actually did have an updated idea with Freya and Zarubi that’s parallel to the idea from this commission:  Com: Fish pond Pride by MetalPandora

Frwya and Zar have a moment together as Zarubi snuck a beer on their adventure and has split it with Freya (so long as she doesn’t say anything). But as soon as Zar has the can she remarks “ downed the whole can?”  Freya simply belches.  
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