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would y'all buy prints or merch if i made them available? either through DA or elsewhere? i don't really know of a lot of other sites besides redbubble or teepublic (are these any good?)

if so, what would you be most interested in prints of? feel free to link existing pics or make suggestions!
1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators.

another 8 facts! :D luv this meme lol
got tagged this time by XTheFireFoxX for my boy pallas! ;u; thanks for tagging me!
Pallas ref 2017 by MetalPandora…

1) very short (4'11), but almost always wears heels for a lil extra height

2) most drow don't handle direct sunlight well, and he's no exception. though he's got a higher tolerance for it from being raised in a non-drow town, his hat is enchanted with a protection spell that allows him to be in the sun without consequence.

3) on a similar topic, his eyesight is not great in bright light or sunny days, but can see just fine in the dark.

4) 100% glass cannon. very powerful magic user, but physically quite delicate. bruises very easily

5) he has never personally met another drow elf. seen a scant few passing through his town or on trips to other towns, but never spoken to them

6) big soft spot for animals. god help anyone he catches mistreating one

7) works in his town's magic academy as a senior apprentice, which is basically an assistant to a master wizard. he helps with high level spell studies and research, transcribes scrolls and books, and whatever else the master demands. it's not a position given lightly and pallas is one of the youngest people to ever receive the title

8) even though his wand is a cigarette holder with a magic cigarette in it, pallas doesn't actually smoke them. he's just in it for the ~*~aesthetic~*~ LOL

anyway, i never tag in these, but if you've got a non-sonic oc, then i challenge you to do this! 
hey friends

i recently got a new computer/tablet (surface pro) and i love it very much but
i'm basically having to re-learn how to draw on it since i've actually never used a screen tablet to draw before ;; after using the wacoms for almost 15 years, it's an enormous change and i'm learning very slowly. its a lot like doing traditional art and sadly i've let that particular skill set rust terribly.

also i'm working on developing some of my non-anthro/sonic ocs for a while and practicing writing again. possibly considering rp'ing for the first time in years too, but akjhgds
this stuff will mostly be on twitter/tumblr

LASTLY, its peak season at work so its time for that good ol fashion xmas overtime song n' dance. its starting off very subdued this year, but i'm probably gonna be busy from now until like cyber monday.

SO I GUESS i won't be very active here for a while. hmu on twitter if u wanna
Tagged by gisellephants 

O: its a meme
How old are you?

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?
gurl i guess, she/they is fine w/e

Your name?   

How social are you?
hardly LOL i'm much more social online, i'm extremely reclusive IRL ;;


How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)
kjhgF if we're going by old accounts then its been....14 years KLJHGVSDJKNDS
What are your future plans for the site?
i don't really have any plans. been here this long, so i may as well stay forever lol. i've tried a lot of art sites and DA seems to be the one that outlasts them all (plus all the folks i know are here)

Do you want to pursue a career in art?
i have a degree in it...but have found that the industry is not a good a fit for me as i thought. it would be wonderful to eventually do it for a living, but i can be happy with freelance commissions for now.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?
uhhhhhh arts way too subjective for that but i like my art pretty well. always trying to learn new stuff when i can etc

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?
not unless i'm given reason to. i'm good here

Who is your favorite visual artist?
lots and lots sklfhsdjkf here's a few inspirations:

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?
tablet, wacom intuos pro

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?
longer than i wish it would. sketches are easy, but full shaded pieces take a long time (6-12 hrs) ;; i have noticed i've been getting a little quicker tho

How well do you handle criticism?

i've never had a problem with it, so i'd say i handle it well.


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?

Are you currently in a relationship?

Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)
How long have you been together?

giselle already tagged most of the folks i'd tag but
if you wanna do this, then go for it!

hey friends, i'm bored so let's have some fun!

tell me who you'd ship my characters with! -->…
Asha Ref 2016 by MetalPandora Zarubi ref 2017 by MetalPandora Athena Ref 2017 by MetalPandora Hortensia Ref 2016 by MetalPandora
Spinel the gemfox thing by MetalPandora Merlot the Bat by MetalPandora SSP R1: Nalani by MetalPandora SSP R1: Aylin by MetalPandora Pallas Feyrith by MetalPandora

Bullet; BluePick any one of my characters (or multiple if you're feeling real shippy lol)
Bullet; BluePair them up! can be anyone: your characters, my other characters, canon characters, etc.
Bullet; BlueStraight or gay is fine (most of my characters are bi or pan, so anything goes really)! 
Bullet; BlueTell me why you think they'd make a good couple! even if it's just 'they look good together' lol 
Bullet; BlueThis is just for fun, so don't take it too seriously :D
Bullet; BlueBuuuuut if i like the pairing enough, i might just draw them! :heart:

feel free to steal this and make a shipping journal for your own characters! <33


AAAAAA look at this lovely ship art!
:iconmarthevampwolf: Hello My Flower by MarTheVampWolf
:iconartysoul2:<da:thumb id="702733872"/>
:iconrasbipac: Aylin and cupid doodles by Rasbipac
:iconsapphired: Jewel Foxes by SapphireD
:iconxthefirefoxx: we are now pronounced gay and gayer by XTheFireFoxX
:iconapricotthevixen: Merloticot (CRACK SHIP) by Apricotthevixen

lol if any doodles spawn from this, i will happily feature them here and fawn over them 4ever :love:
its that time again
i'm opening up a couple art trades slots to work on in the next few months. my last art trade journal is rly old, so i'm just going to start fresh!
for those that don't know, this is how my trades work--

Bullet; Blue Leave a comment on this journal that includes:
Character(s) you'd like drawn:
Examples of your work:
Preferred styles (sonic, anthro, anime, etc):
Type of art you're willing to do (sketch, flats, full shaded):
Bullet; Blue I'll pick from those who have posted here by sending a note
Bullet; Blue Like the last journal, you can post here whenever you like, even if trades are closed. you never know when they might open again lol
Bullet; Blue If you posted in the old journal, you can repost here
Bullet; Blue Please, Please, PLEASE, DO NOT NOTE ME FOR A TRADE. leave a comment here!
Bullet; Blue Please also keep in mind that posting here DOES NOT GUARANTEE a trade. It is merely an expressed interest, not a binding contract!

feel free to ask me any questions you might have! thank you and happy posting! :heart:
R4banner by MetalPandora

Pastelpurple-orb WINNERS!! Pastelpurple-orb 

our 2 winners of the Redraw-Reboot-Redesign Raffle are....

Win1 by MetalPandoraWin2 by MetalPandora
Mazzz94 AND TrueColors612!!!

and our ad raffle winner is....
Win3 by MetalPandora


please send me a note with the character you'd like me to draw for your prize!

well guys, that's a wrap! thank you everyone for entering, you've all improved so much and i'm proud of you!! :heart: this was so much fun seeing everyone's artistic growth, i hope you had as much fun as i did, thanks again for making this a success! 
been a while since i've done a raffle or anything huh? i debated on making this a contest, but i wouldn't feel right judging people's personal improvement, so i leave the winners to RNG lol
so without further ado:

Pastelpurple-orb WHAT IS THIS Pastelpurple-orb 

THIS is a raffle, my dudes! this is not only a chance to win some art from me, but to see your own growth and development as an artist!
if you've got some old art laying around and ever though 'hm, maybe i should revisit this sometime...'
your old art may make a lot of you cringe, but i'm right there with you (my old stuff is SO BAD), but it's also a huge source of inspiration for me. knowing i now have the skills to do what i couldn't back then makes me feel accomplished, even at my most stagnant points! i'm hoping with this raffle you may feel the same inspiration i do :D

Pastelpurple-orb OK HOW DO I ENTER Pastelpurple-orb 

bust out some of your old art and remake it! the older, the better :D
REDRAW an old piece, REBOOT an old character, or if you don't have real old stuff--REDESIGN a more current character! 
here's a few examples of my own:
Pastelpurple-orb   REDRAW: Winged Princess by MetalPandoraPastelpurple-orb  Gen by MetalPandoraPastelpurple-orb  sed by MetalPandoraPastelpurple-orb  rougeredoComparison by MetalPandora Pastelpurple-orb 

there will be a SECOND RAFFLE for advertising! link to this raffle in a poll, status, or journal, then comment here with a link to where you advertised, and you'll be entered! :D
note: you may enter BOTH raffles, but you can only win ONE!

Pastelpurple-orb ENTRY GUIDELINES AND RULES Pastelpurple-orb 

--you must be watching me--
--ONE ENTRY per participant--
--the redone pics must be IN COLOR but backgrounds are optional--
--the redone pics must be NEW (as of May 12th) and entirely drawn by you (i.e. no bases, templates, etc..)--
--the OLD pics you are redrawing, CAN be bases, recolors, etc... but they must still be your own art--
--the old art should be at least a year old (if you don't have anything that old, pick something of yours you want to redo)--
--any subject is welcome: fanart, OCs, anthro, sonic, anime, human, etc...--
--...with the exception of R-18 stuff. please keep it clean--
--pictures only (sorry lit writers :()--

:DarkRed-orb: DEADLINE :DarkRed-orb: 

Friday, July 21st!
(lots of times, but extensions can be made if needed)

Pastelpurple-orb PRIZES Pastelpurple-orb 

the part you're here for amirite? TWO WINNERS will be selected via a random number generator!
though depending on how many entries there are, i may draw additional winners!
*the advertiser's raffle will have ONE WINNER!*
winners will each receive a full body colored pic (style examples below) of a character of their choice from yours truly!:heart:
Sanctuary by MetalPandora  Kisha-Li by MetalPandora  Wish Granted: Kiwisharku by MetalPandora

please ask if you have any questions! happy drawing! :D


Ultrablue Orb ENTRIES Ultrablue Orb 

1. TheVampiresRose Contessa's a Star! *COMPARISON* by TheVampiresRose
2. DJ-Duskie RE - Original DJ Dusk redraw by DJ-Duskie
3. xLunarSurgex Luna With Ford Thunderbird Redraw :Raffle Entry: by xLunarSurgex
4. TrueColors612 RE: Pinkie Pie redrawn by TrueColors612
5. blissfulangel1994 RE-Marissa's Transformation -Redrawn- by blissfulangel1994
6. XTheFireFoxX ::Redesign:: by XTheFireFoxX
7. Apricotthevixen Stereo Hearts 2011 - 2016 by Apricotthevixen
8. EntomaVI +Tranquil Unity 2013 to 2017+ by EntomaVI
9. ChokyGin Time flies by ChokyGin
10. Kathy-the-echidna .:Panda Kathy:. by Kathy-the-echidna
11. lunelsa Untitled Drawing by lunelsa
12. PaddlePudds The Snows Delicate Touch by PaddlePudds
13. shadikal101 Before and After by shadikal101
14. TheDexterminator Gavin swim duds redraw by TheDexterminator
15. SassyMelvin - Waiting For Superman by SassyMelvin  Waiting For Superman :Redraw: by SassyMelvin
16. Sam-NerdINC Redraw Raffle 2013 to 2017 by Sam-NerdINC
17. PendulumWing Draw It Again! Kirby Edition by PendulumWing
18. Nubliinq .: C.E - MetalPandora :. Long Distance bff's by Nubliinq
19. Crystalline-Fantasy [Redraw..... Of A Redraw! (Raffle Entry/with sp)] by Crystalline-Fantasy
20. AstraAurora ViceRevamp2 by AstraAurora
21. Remmis-AppleMaster Sad lil Linda :Redraw Raffle: by Remmis-AppleMaster
22. RaveLegend Comparison by RaveLegend
23. tavaris234 Drawing in 2007 vs Drawing in 2017 by tavaris234
24. Smileverse - <da:thumb id="684771356"/>
25. Carnivore2Die4 Nightshade redraw by Carnivore2Die4
26. elisonic12 Remake from 2010 by elisonic12

27. ShawtyWhiite Rasha Yannel Swirl by ShawtyWhiite
28. EvieGalaxy Jen Hart Progression by EvieGalaxy
29. 3kkio Redraw-Reboot-Redesign RAFFLE: Entry by 3kkio
30. astroshadow Sarah Comparison 2014-2017 by astroshadow
31. AngieR3741
32. TotallyTits
33. TheSparklyMisfit
34. GloryKittyChan
35. Mazzz94
36. GG-The-Artist
37. KagesCupcake195
38. PurpleRings
39. delilah02
40. Rainbow-X-Ambipom
41. x-Miss-Mango-x
42. Fudgy-Trees
43. Hanasekoi
my friend WindyCityPuma did this and it seemed fun so i'm doing it too (was originally on twitter)

ask me my "top five _____"!
pick any subject and i'll answer as best i can :D
Commissions are open again! please order by filling out the form linked below!

and will be worked on in the order they were paid for


-cleaned up sketch overlayed with a gradient-


half-body: $15
full-body: $20

-Detail Flats-

-colored lineart with flats and very minimal shading (eyes, jewels, etc)-
-choice of transparent or plain white bg-


half-body: $35
full-body: $50

-Full Shade-

-Fully colored and shaded piece-
-choice of transparent or simple color bg-
-more complex bgs will warrant an extra charge-

half-body: $60
full-body: $90

:new:I am now accepting NSFW commissions:new:
however, please be aware that explicit stuff may warrant an extra charge depending on complexity (basic nudity will not)
*no extreme fetishes (inflation, scat, vore, etc)
*absolutely no underage characters for NSFW
ALSO, this content will NOT be posted here. NSFW art will be posted to my FurAffinity.

--->CLICK ME!!<---


some quick notes:

-prices are per character (2 characters=double price) 
-i cannot accept points as payment at this time, please do not ask
-i must receive full payment up-front before i will start working on your commission 
-extra detailed characters, large wings, mech parts, etc.. will cost extra depending on level of detail
-you may only claim one spot at a time. if you want second commission, please wait until your first one is finished

-this really shouldn't have to be said but please don't complain to me about my prices?? not only is that incredibly rude and disrespectful, but art is a luxury, not something you're entitled to. you are not being forced to buy anything. i spend a LOT of time and effort on my art and price accordingly. please treat all artists with respect. thank you.

lastly, instead of commenting that you have no money but wish you could help, a signal boost would absolutely be appreciated!! journals, polls, activity updates, anything.
hello my lovely friends! it's time to make wishes! :star:

so i've been thinking on this for a while, and it's the giving season and all, i've decided to open the :star:Wishlist:star:! it's not for me though, it's for you!
like any artist out there, i've been asked for requests more times than i can count; and while i can't fulfill everyone's requests all the time, i CAN open the floor to all of you to leave your wishes here! this will be my official request thread, open for posting anytime (much like my art trades journal).

-->IMPORTANT! - posting here does not GUARANTEE art! just like my trades journal, posting here expresses an interest, and is not a binding contract. please do not post here and then proceed to ask me when your request will be done (doing this will only ensure your request will never be done)


:star:How will this work?:star:

  • to make a wish, post in this journal with a reference picture(s) to whatever you would like to see me draw! canon characters are welcome too (refs not necessary if i've already drawn them lol)
  • feel free to describe pose, outfit, expression ideas as well
  • you may post as many wishes as you want, within reason (don't spam this journal pls). if you have multiple characters/requests, it's best to condense them into one post if you can, but you can always make another post later if you think of something else
  • i will pick from these whenever i am feeling up to it and see something i wanna draw
  • common sense but--please be kind. do not be rude, demanding, nitpicky, etc. that's a one-way ticket to the blacklist


oh! another thing - the art types will be RANDOM! most of them will likely be sketches, but some may have color, maybe some slight shading, or i may like one enough to do a fully shaded piece! (this will be very rare, but it is possible)
why am i doing it like this? mostly because it takes rigid expectation out of the mix and lets me experiment with styles :)

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask <3

Best wishes! :heart:

wasn't tagged by anyone this time, but doing one of these for merlot really helped get a little more depth to her character, and i wanna do the same for athena!
Athena the hedgehog by MetalPandora


1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

1) athena loves food. like, REALLY loves food. she loves eating it, making it, talking about it. she's got snacks on hand at all times

2) unsurprisingly, she has a monstrous sweet tooth. all the local bakeries know her by name

3) she lives with her mother, an accomplished (tho retired) professional chef

4) athena is generally very chill and a little silly. she's got a big sense of humor and never takes life too seriously. the only way to get a serious bad rise out of her is to insult her mom. she ain't here for yo mama jokes

5) also best not to get her upset, as she's extremely talented with a number of sharp kitchen utensils, and is not above making threats with them

6) she's a big fan of music. catch her jamming out to all kinds of music while she's cooking, singing and dancing dramatically without a care

7) if she's not eating or cooking, she's probably napping.

8) her dream is to become the next mayor of flavortown; traveling the world eating food for free and telling the cameras "YEAH THIS IS A TOTAL KNOCK OUT"
TRIPLE D by MetalPandora

again, not tagging anyone specific for this, but i highly recommend doing this if you've got a new character you want to expand on! if you do it, link it here, i wanna read it! :D
hey i was tagged in a meme!
tagged by WerewolfConfess, they asked for 8 facts about my newest character, Merlot!
Merlot the Bat by MetalPandora


1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

1) merlot loves the finer things in life and has very expensive taste. you won't catch her buying anything off-brand

2) she absolutely hates getting dirty and is a bit of a germaphobe

3) despite her name, she doesn't actually drink wine all that often, or much alcohol at all. only at fancy dinners or parties etc.

4) gourmet chocolate is her weakness. she always seems to have some kind of chocolate treat on hand..

5) she's a huge lesbian

6) being a bat, she CAN fly, but she doesn't care for it because the wind messes up her hair

7) she's very charismatic; there's hardly a situation she can't somehow talk her way out of. physical fights are messy and she HATES messes.

8) because of her way with words, merlot is an accomplished writer. she doesn't talk about her work much, but she writes fiction novels for fun and for profit.

there you go! i don't have time to tag anyone specifically at the moment, but if you're reading this, i tag you and your newest character :)
Working on: pokemans
Music: ON

come on in and watch, chat, lurk, etc! stream rules can be found in my channel description.