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ATG: Fruit

More pony prompts! :dummy: This one was 'Draw a pony eating fruit'
I think Rarity prefers the refined way to get her daily serving of fruit lol

Character belongs to Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Do not alter/edit/recolor.
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dylanghost16's avatar
cool picture dude 
kxp71's avatar
a fine wine for a fine mare :love:
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
*grabs a glass, pours me a drink, and drinks with her*
SQuietSonamy's avatar
Graceful as ever, Rarity =p
indigokitty99's avatar
Nice job on the hair! 8D I always make it look way too red...
Pia-sama's avatar
oh my... how did i dare miss this one! it's simply perfect! awesome work there!
fluffy-pwincess's avatar
she's very beautiful, her eyelashes. She's elegant
dacakeisnotalie's avatar
ATGF's avatar
I am really F*cking confused about those 3 first letters... D:
MetalPandora's avatar
lol they stand for 'Artist Training Grounds'. It was an event held on a while ago
blueshadows0404's avatar
i love how you drew rarity, every detail seems to fit so well
MadCarlovesSonic's avatar
Ohhh... Someone's fancy tonight.
rusbrony's avatar
только меня настjjраживает что она пьёв в одиночку?
FurFighterFaux's avatar
I hate asking people things like this, but I'd love to see a Pinkie Pie from you!
Aracage's avatar
You know, it kind of makes me wonder how Earth or Pegasus ponies do anything without unicorn powers.
mikuhime's avatar
worth a DD lol <3
Siansaar's avatar
i know i saved this image some time ago, but i never caught the artist. i love it! there's something about the way she drinks it that drives me crazy :drool:
CandiedJellyfish's avatar
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just love the coloring!!! D:
V1KA's avatar
She looks so graceful and pretty in your style. :heart: Well she is always pretty, but you make her prettier! XD
rowanne-bee's avatar
Where's Berry Punch? :3 great work.
TheDragonWarlock's avatar
I would so share a bottle of wine with her in a heartbeat. Good job here! :D
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