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Hi my name is terra, you can call me that or any form of my username lol

34 || she/her || MN, USA

I love bright colorful cute things and sexy ladies

am a Sally Acorn enthusiast

i don't rp, so don't ask

glad to see a few people coming back to dA. i know it's not under the best circumstances, but it's nice to see familiar faces here again ^^
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Who are you?

Just a gal who loves art and video games way too much, been around the block for a long time.

What program/media do you use to draw?

For digital works, I use Clip Studio Paint and a Huion Kamvas tablet.

Do you take requests?

Not outright, no. Sometimes I will ask for suggestions in journals or statuses tho.

How about an art trade?

See my journal for info. Random trades are rare these days and usually reserved for close friends.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, prices can be found on my website.

You charge too much!!!

Then don't buy my art. I have no issue selling commissions at my listed prices so I don't need any unsolicited advice, thanks.

Will you be my friend?

...that's really not how friendship works. I love to meet new folks and chat about shared interests tho! Just don't be creepy or beg for art and we'll get along just fine.

Can I draw your characters?

Of course! I adore any and all gift art I receive! :heart:

Why do you draw ___ and not ___? You're doing it wrong!

I draw what I want and how I want it. I ship what i want and how I want it. you are free to leave and make your own if you don't like how I do it lol

Do you draw NSFW?

Yes. But not here.

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Are commissions still open?

I gave snacks that fit Tails and Mandy’s personalities. Tails is cute and wholesome so he got butter popcorn, while Mandy’s loud nature lent itself to a bold, extreme flavor like honey mustard. Radical grub dude! Like?

Wanna redraw this at all?

[GIFT] Neptiana ponytail alt.

I bet you can make it look amazing. Pretty please?

i appreciate your kindness in drawing me gifts, i really do, but please don't beg me to draw stuff. If you really want me to draw something, it has to be a commission.

i got the new Mandy pic right here!

[GIFT] Mandy babysitting Tails

sorry, tails looks messed up. like what i did with mandy?

i made something to support pride month!

Dulcy x Lupe- Pride Month 2022

ain't it cute?

I’m going to make a picture of your character Mandy hanging on a couch with Tails, but before I do, are there any glowy effects when Mandy uses her metalbending powers? I’ll have her levitate a soda can.