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Hi my name is terra, you can call me that or any form of my username lol

32 || she/her || MN, USA || pan

I love bright colorful cute things and sexy ladies

am a Sally Acorn enthusiast

i don't rp, so don't ask




Who are you?

Just a gal who loves art and video games way too much, been around the block for a long time.

What program/media do you use to draw?

For digital works, I use Clip Studio Paint and a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Do you take requests?

Not outright, no. Sometimes i will ask for suggestions in journals or statuses tho, see also: The Wishlist, a request thread you can add to anytime.

How about an art trade?

See my journal for info.

Do you take commissions?

Sometimes. I will announce in a journal or status when they are open.

Will you be my friend?

...that's really not how friendship works. I love to meet new folks and chat about shared interests tho! Just don't be creepy or beg for art and we'll get along just fine.

Can I draw your characters?

Of course! I adore any and all gift art I receive! :heart:

Why do you draw ___ and not ___? You're doing it wrong!

I draw what i want and how i want it. I ship what i want and how i want it. you are free to leave and make your own if you don't like how i do it lol

Do you draw NSFW?

Yes. But not here.

Standard Price Commissions OPEN!

Standard Price Commissions OPEN!

Just as the title say's I'm opening my standard price commissions! All info can be found on my website here: You can order either by noting me here, or filling out the form on my website! SKETCHES -Cleaned up sketch with a gradient overlay- Starting prices: ✨Halfbody: $50 USD ✨Fullbody: $80 USD AVAILABLE SLOTS: 3 ----- DETAIL FLATS -Flat colors with colored lineart and very minimal shading- Starting prices: ✨Halfbody: $120 USD ✨Fullbody: $180 USD AVAILABLE SLOTS: 2 ----- FULL COLOR -Fully colored and shaded piece- Starting prices ✨Halfbody: $300 USD ✨Fullbody: $400 USD AVAILABLE SLOTS: 1 ----- *Additional characters for sketches and flats are +50%, +70% for full color --------------- I WILL DRAW: -Anime & cartoons -Humans -Furries/Anthros -Fan Art / Fan Characters (Sonic, Pony, Pkmn, etc) -18+ Content** (see below for details) I WILL NOT DRAW: -Realism -Portraiture -Full mecha

I made a coloring book!

I made a coloring book!

hey y'all! been working on this for quite a while, but i've assembled the lineart of 21 of my previous pieces and made them available for purchase! $11 USD for 21 large .PSD files; color digitally, or print them off and color traditionally! if interested, you can buy it >>HERE<<!

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KraangSubprimeBRNew Deviant

best work, but you Microsoft Surface Pro, is great for you?, and i love the chacacters like Nicole, Sally, and many others from the comics and congratulations on your work, it makes a colorful world and very full of fantasy, I would love to have you as a big team, to work with you know?

MetalPandoraHobbyist Digital Artist

thank you!

and yeah, i use a surface pro; it's great, especially for mobility, but one day i'd like to get a larger tablet and computer for my desk lol

KraangSubprimeBRNew Deviant

but will you continue to work on your arts ?, I always think it's cool, but I would like to make TailsXNicole one day, it would be really cool for me, but I respect all kinds of chips, and now there's a new PC and a Tablet to draw, wow cool and do you still use Surface just for basic things to keep it?

Thell-VallockHobbyist Digital Artist

Hey dude, saw your Twitter and just wanted to say hang in there, hope the break serves you well. <3