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Hi my name is terra, you can call me that or any form of my username lol

31 || she/her || MN, USA || pan

I love bright colorful cute things and sexy ladies

am a Sally Acorn enthusiast

i don't rp, so don't ask




Who are you?

Just a gal who loves art and video games way too much, been around the block for a long time.

What program/media do you use to draw?

For digital works, I use Clip Studio Paint and a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Do you take requests?

Not outright, no. Sometimes i will ask for suggestions in journals or statuses tho, see also: The Wishlist, a request thread you can add to anytime.

How about an art trade?

See my journal for info.

Do you take commissions?

Sometimes. I will announce in a journal or status when they are open.

Will you be my friend?

...that's really not how friendship works. I love to meet new folks and chat about shared interests tho! Just don't be creepy or beg for art and we'll get along just fine.

Can I draw your characters?

Of course! I adore any and all gift art I receive! :heart:

Why do you draw ___ and not ___? You're doing it wrong!

I draw what i want and how i want it. I ship what i want and how i want it. you are free to leave and make your own if you don't like how i do it lol

Do you draw NSFW?

Yes. But not here.

I made a coloring book!

I made a coloring book!

hey y'all! been working on this for quite a while, but i've assembled the lineart of 21 of my previous pieces and made them available for purchase! $11 USD for 21 large .PSD files; color digitally, or print them off and color traditionally! if interested, you can buy it >>HERE<<!

Princess Sally 30 Outfit Challenge! -IN PROGRESS-

Princess Sally 30 Outfit Challenge! -IN PROGRESS-

  SPONSORS ~MangaFox156 ( Cure Black (Precure) -Anonymous- Shantae :iconmightymorg: AU Sally design :icongermanname: Jani-Jak (Archie Sonic) :icondarksonic250: Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet) Bianca (Spyro 3) :iconraceprouk:Reiko Nagase (Ridge Racer) :iconepicelijahspeedy: Jane Porter (Tarzan) _______________________________________________________________________ THE LINEUP 1. Super Sally Moon 2. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 3. Princess Nina (Breath of Fire 3) 4. 2B (NieR:Automata) 5. Lina Inverse (Slayers) 6. Rouge the Bat (alt outfit) 7. Ballerina 8. Hilda (Pokemon B&W) 9. NICOLE the Holo-lynx 10. Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

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Feral-SpiritHobbyist Digital Artist

Do you take point commission? I’d love to get a commission from you.

MetalPandoraHobbyist Digital Artist

sorry, commissions are paypal only!

Feral-SpiritHobbyist Digital Artist

Ah okay ^^.

hello how are you would make me an erotic drawing of sonic and sally

MetalPandoraHobbyist Digital Artist

i don't take requests

FOXnROLLProfessional Digital Artist

Why wasn't I watching you yet? Oh well, fixed! :heart: revamp

MetalPandoraHobbyist Digital Artist

oh snap! right back at'cha! ;D