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About Us, Rules and Other Crap


Apocrypha [uh-pok-ruh-fuh], noun: Writings, statements, etc., of doubtful authorship or authenticity.

Metal [met-l], noun: The most brutal substance known to man.

Metalocrypha [met-l-ok-ruh-fuh], noun: Possibly the stupidest word ever to be coined for any purpose.

The Metalocrypha was originally founded as a place for Metalocalypse fan-characters to call home, but it's also a fine spot to showcase your metuhl original characters and fan-characters from any other thing your sick twisted mind enjoys.

What we like:

>> All your original, metal, rock, punk, goffik-enoby, marysue and/or fan characters
>> Crossovers and spinoffs
>> Alternate universes
>> Cosplays & RP logs (that include original content/characters)
>> Parodies & Crack
>> Cocaine

What we're not too keen on:

>> Canon characters/settings by themselves without any otherwise original content
>> Artwork or stories that are unfinished or of poor quality
>> Items that otherwise do not follow dA's set of rules

>> No drama of any kind. You suck and your life sucks. Nobody cares.

>> No shipping wars or other dumbass internet shit. If you bothered to join and post to a Metalocalypse OC group, congratulations, you're just as fail as the next guy in this club. None of us is as dumb as all of us.

>> No photos, drawings of, or allusions to real people. As an example, draw all the Nathan slash you want, but leave Brendon Small out of it. We'll get sued and I'm not going to court because people on the internet are awful. Again.

>> Cosplays are okay -- if you like to dress up as cartoon characters, have fun showing us your mania... but please, don't post photos of yourself manipulated to include a screen shot you ripped from the show. Also, your Marysue self-insert is welcome here, but don't manipulate a picture of people other than yourself (unless you have permission from the other party) to showcase in our galleries as a representation of her.

>> No dolls or character-generator images. Learn how to draw.

>> No "Dethbabies". Seriously. be updated as necessary. Feel free to harass the admin with questions.

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Hey goofballs:

If you haven't heard about it yet, our affable affiliates at :icondeviantklok: have started their own twist on dA's "Presents from Santa"...

Now, we all know Christmas is totally lame and just another reason to get wasted beyond belief, but this could actually be pretty badass coming from the ever-so-talented Metalocalypse community. Those of you who are old as fuck like yours truly and have been with this fandom a way-too-long-goddamn-time may remember a similar event over on CLDK called Hearts and Guts, which happens at Valentine's Day. Same idea, different holiday, new jackoffs to get presents from.

Sound good? Check it out, here:…

And then go kill yourselves!

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Hey there :D

I'm the owner of :icontaller-than-a-tree: and I was wondering whether you would be interested in affiliating with us? 
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Sure - if you have permission to post for them of course
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What the hell is a dethbaby?
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Your fucking face!!! No -- really... look it up and see if you can find some of them and prepared to be horrified. o.O
ThatRedHairedDevil Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Oh what the hell. No. This is a bad idea and they should feel bad.
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